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Appzilla For Android:A Suite Of 40 Apps In One

Appzilla previously available for IOS is now available for android OS.Developed by Fossil Software appzilla is a one shop for 40 wonderful apps.Most of the time we spend our time in searching particular apps on android market,this wastes our time because you have to first authorize ourselves and then we are able to download from the android market.To save our time appzilla provides 40 apps in a single app.These apps are arranged in different categories.You will find appzilla a suite of 40 apps with different categories.These categories include following.

1.Life Style Apps.
2.Reference And Journal.
4.System Info
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These categories include further more apps,that is a single category includes different apps.You will like to download this because of its high productivity and functionality.You can download it here.Click below to download.


You can compare appzilla with a mechanic's toolkit.In a mechanic's toolkit you will find different tools of different sizes.The mechanic has a set of specialized tool which increases his functonality.Having a set of toolkit the mechanic need not to purchase tools separately.Same case is with appzilla,you don't need to download apps separately,because you already have a set of different apps.

Appzilla is curently available on android market for just $0.99.Unlike 2 IOS versions which has 90 and 120 apps appzilla for android has 40 apps.The interesting app is fully customizable that is it will look as you like.You can arrange apps in any order as you want.Appzilla is similar to android homescreen where you can arrange apps in different order.So just save your time by downloading this app.Here is the list of 40 apps provided by appzilla.
  • Crystal Ball                     
  • GPS Locator                  
  • Journal 
  • The Saurus                       
  • Random Jokes       
  • Coin Flip
  • System Info  
  • Horoscope       
  • Sleep Sounds Generator
  • Spell Check  
  • Concert Lighter       
  • Surface Level  
  • Sale Price Calculator  
  • Bubble Level       
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Rhymes Dictionary  
  • LED Flashlight       
  • Language Translator
  • Random Number Generator  
  • Holiday Reference            
  • Unit Converter
  • Reverse Dictionary  
  • Random Facts                 
  • 50,000 Famous Quotes Reference
  • Price Calculator  
  • Group Sms                    
  • Police Scanner
  • Plumb Bob  
  • Group Email                  
  • Area Code Lookup
  • Password Generator  
  • Dictionary       
  • Auto Camera
  • Moon Phase Calculator  
  • Currency Converter       
  • Game Buzzer
  • Battery Life Monitor             
  • Big Button                   
  • Checklist

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