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Craze For Iphone 4s Led To Scuffle In China

iphone 4s

In china during the first day of launching of iphone 4s , the normanl environment was turned into a fighting one because a large number of people was present there to get the iphone 4s, they were standing in front of the store which was a very cold night to get the apple's iphone 4s, but unfortunately when they heard that store would not open for sale. then the environment turned into a crazy scuffle, they thrown eggs on the apple store and beaten up the security gaurd. After this Apple stopped the selling of iphone 4s in china. It's amazing that how people are crazy about there gadgets, they are ready to pay any amount to get these gadgets. A similar incident occurrer when apple launched ipad-2 in may last year , that time there was stampede. The craze for gadgets is high for gadget geeks also if you a have enough money to buy them then you will be more crazy about iphone and ipad. As we know iphone is a smartphone developed by apple , everybody wants it due to its smartness , for this they are ready to pay any amount. Today people are much more dependent on gadgets and may involve in such kind of incidents. To avoid these incidents the gadget stores should not fake promises for sake of human safety. Technology is for everybody who wants to buy it. 

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