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How To Save Your Facebook Account From Being Hacked

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Now a days hacking is common.The email ids are the primary targets.Most people are losing heir email ids due to hacking because their email ids are being hacked.But today we are using facebook more than our email ids.So,there is a chance that our facebook account will be hacked one day due to our carelessness.Here are some tips that will save your facebook account from being hacked.

1.Difference Between Original And Fake Facebook Login Page: If you are using facebook then you should be aware of fake and original facebook login page.Here is the address for original login page.


the addresses other than these are totally fake and if you use them for login purpose then you will be sorry.Below is the example of fake facebook login page.


or anything like these addresses which is different from original address.So beware because once you are trapped there will be no chance to get your account back.The problem is that the fake login page is much similar to the original login page.The only way is to check the address always before logging in to your account.Below is the pic of fake and original facebook login page.


The fake login page works as follows.Suppose you are under an eye of a hacker then one day you get an email that your facebook account is accessed from somewhere else,please change your password,then he sends a fake login address.When you login on this fake address,a javascript code embedded with this fake page cathces your login name and password and stores it on the hacker's website server in a notepad file and your account is gone.So always check your facebook login address before logging in.

2.Suspicious Links And Spam: You can see many links on facebook that show themselves tempting.For e.g. "click this link and win an ipad",however this is only an example the links can be different from this.Othe is "Lets video chat which automatically shows up in the chat box in your friends name",a zip or rar file attached on the link which automatically downloads itself on your pc and when you scan this file you will get a virus.Other spams are "win free facebook t-shirts",and hacking your account by tempting you to show sensitive data,but actually it is not so.They might ask you to enter your user name and password and if you do this you will be hacked.To avoid this you can do two things i.e. firstly never click on these links and secondly use a good antivirus with internet security which will scan the malicious links and tell you which is safe,but it is not guranteed safe.You can use AVG and Norton Internet Security.To download click below.

download AVG Internet Security
download Norton Internet Security

3.Increase Your Facebook Security And Make It Stealth: Here are some tips to increase your facebook security.
   1.Never login on public computers.
   2.Never share your user name and password.
   3.Don't store passwords on your pc.
   4.Always clear the cookies after session is over.
   5.Don't allow third party apps to access your basic info.
   6.Increase your facebook security by managing "how you connect with others".
   7.Do not accept friends requests from unknown people.
   8.Control your personal information to be shared.

However no system is 100 % secure but by following these above tips you can greatly reduce the risk of being hacked.You can save your account from being hacked if you are alert and aware.

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