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Amazon's Kindle Fire:Should You Buy It

amazon's kindle fire

Recently launched by amazon named as kindle fire seems to be an alternative to apple's ipad 2.Kindle fire is perfectly suited to ebook readers and android enthusiasts.It is serving to two purposes,first one is that it fullfills the wish to use android on a tablet and other one is that it is easy and interesting to read ebooks on it.Kindle fire runs on  android os which is android 2.3.4 a gingerbread variant.It has got built in amazon store to download wide variety of amazon apps and is equipped with silk technology for faster browsing experiences.One interesting thing about kindle fire is that amazon is providing cloud storage for their users to allow them to store their data on amazon's cloud drive,if any user feels that it's kindle fire is running out of storage.It is powered by dual core processor for performance and powerful video playback.It is a powerful tablet for ebook lovers and android enthusiasts.It will suite any age group for example,students,gadget lovers,office guys and many others.Here are some reasons for 'why you should buy amazon's kindle fire'.
  • cost : kindle fire is the latest affordable android tablet costing you just only $199.It is much cheaper than apple's ipad 2. 

  • screen : it has bright screen with gorilla glass display protected with multitouch IPS display.It has 7 inch wide screen giving the resolution of 1024x600 and has capability of delivering 16 million colors.

  • processor : kindle fire is powered by texas instruments OMAP4 dual core processor.

  • battery : battery backup is good and can last upto 8 long hours,for continuous use.Battery backup depends upon usage style.

  • OS : it runs on android 2.3.4 gingerbread os.It supports ebook and document reading.

  • ebooks : you can explore more than one million books from amazon's bookstore.Paid titles are also available which are more than 800,000.

  • cloud storage : amazon offers storing your content on its cloud drives.You can store a huge amount of data on amazon's cloud drive.
that was the specifications and some advantages of this device but it also has some disadvantages which restricts it to be called a proper tablet.

Disadvantages Of Amazon's Kindle Fire.  

However kindle fire is available only for $199 still it has some disadvantages.There is no camera on it,no 3G which means you won't be able to be clicking images around.Lack of 3G means there is no way to browse at faster speed.Only wifi is there on kindle fire.You can't even connect to the android market to download apps.You have to download them the other way,only amazon store is accesible from this device.These device can't run all the 200,000 free android apps,it can only run 10,000 apps from total of 200,000 free apps.It is forked version which means google will not provide any update to this device only amazon will do this for it.


Besides it's disadvantages this kindle fire will suite many people according to their needs.For hardcore ebook readers this would be a good device at cheap price.Also it will allow users to use android os at a much low price.However it can't be compared to apple's ipad 2 or samsung tabs,but still it has its significance for many users.The users which are unable to buy expensive tabs can fullfill their thirst for android at much lower price if they buy this kindle.Technology can be high or low,but it always benefits the humanity,just the ways of taking it are different.For example for ipad 2 users kindle fire would be nothing but for people who have never used tabs in their life,kindle fire is a great success.

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