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How To Encrypt Messages On Facebook


here is a cool facebook trick to increase the security of the secret talks between you and your friends.Because you don't want the secret talks to leak out.One advantage of encrypting the facebook messages is that no one can view that message unless you wish them to view.So what basically encrypting is and how can we encrypt facebook messages.

Encryption means encoding the source message in a random arrangement of characters which is hard to understand.The encrypted message is associated with a key which serves as password for that encryption.No body can view that message without the key.So when you send encrypted message to your friend on facebook then he will need that key to decrypt the message in order to understand it.Now how can we encrypt our facebook messages here is the trick.

1.firstly goto place a bookmark of this on your browser's bookmarks bar. login to your facebook account.
4.just type any message you want to send to your friend.

facebook message click encipher it on the bookmarks bar.It will ask you an encryption key.Just type in the key and you are done.
encipher send the message to your friend.He/She will receive the encrypted message.He/She will need the decryption key at his/her end to view the message.Just tell him the decryption key and he will be able to view the encrypted message on facebook.

End Note: this is a cool and useful trick for various facebook users because we know that any time the security of our identity may be compromised any time on the web by many intruders.So while sharing sensitive information we should use this facebook trick in order to achieve maximum security if you are in public places like cafes.You are not aware that who is monitoring you on the network and is waiting for a correct chance to break into your accounts and steal your sensitive information.So it's better to take precaution if you are doubtful about your network security.However this facebook trick also works on gmail as well.The procedure is same,type your message and encrypt it with the key.But remember to mail the key also otherwise it will not be decrypted.Choose the key smartly.Use characters,uppercases and special symbols to increase security of your message.

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