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How To Group Chat On Facebook

Facebook recently launched video chat and is becoming more popular day by day.We use facebook to connect with our friends so if we find our old pals on facebook then we start chatting with them.But if we want to chat with multiple friends then we have to open multiple facebook chat boxes.Opening multiple chat boxes and answering them separately is a time consuming and messy work.Suppose you take time to reply one person through facebook chat box then the other friends have to wait for your reply.So this method of chatting is time consuming and messy.However if every friend of you knows each other whom you are chatting with then it is advisable to use group chat because you all know each other and there is no need to open a separate facebook chat box for every person.Once you started a facebook group chat then you will be able to talk with multiple friends at once and all of them can see what each friend writes in the chat box.So here is the procedure to initiate a facebook group chat.Here is the web trick.

  • login to your facebook account.For quick login click below.
facebook login
  • after login open the chat box.

facebook group chat
  • click the middle button on the top of the chat box.A set of menus will open.

  • now click add friends to chat

facebook group chat
  • then a facebook chat box will open in which it will ask you to enter your multiple friends name with whom you want to chat.

facebook group chat
  • after adding friends click done.

facebook group chat
now a new chat box will open showing all friends you selected for facebook group chat.

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