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How To Make Android OS Run Faster

how to make android os run faster many people find their


phones not running fast enough to satisfy their needs.This may low down the experience of using the phone.If the phone is slow then it is difficult to install any application and running any application.Most people advise to root android,but the phone can be made faster by using simple tweaks.Don't root your phone because it voids the warranty of your android OS.Here are some tips and tweaks to make your android faster.

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1.Disable screen animations.These animations add interactivity to your phone but also consumes memory.If you want your phone to run faster,then disable these screens.If you can work with normal screen then it can save your phone's memory.

2.Disable auto-sync function.You can use it whenever it is needed,but if it is not needed then you can disable,thereby saving approx 8 to 9 percent of your phone's ram.This function make heavy use of memory.So it is advisable to disable it.

3.Disable browser plugins in android.

4.Use of task killers is a better option because they automatically free up the ram by killing unused processes and tasks.In froyo (android 2.2) it is built-in,so you do not have to download a third party task killer.

5.Do not install such applications that you do not use,because these applications keep running in the background and slow down the phone.

6.Store your applications and games in the memory card rather than your phone.

7.If you are using android 2.1,then do not install such applications that make heavy usage of resources.In this case the OS will automatically shutdown that process.

8.Disabling the live wallpapers can make your phone a little bit quicker.

9.Update the phone software whenever required,because updating the phone can provide extra functionality and extra performance to your android.

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