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How To Remove Autorun.inf Using Winrar

how to remove autorun.inf using winrar Autorun.inf is a virus that can corrupt all the hard drives on your windows computer.Most antivirus programs may not be able to recognize it.But you can remove it manually.It's symptoms are when drives are not opened or they open in a new window.We can use winrar to manually remove that autorun.You can do this as follows. any drive with winrar in which you want to search the virus.

2.Winrar's explorer shows all hidden files stored in that drive.

winrar's explorer

3.look for autorun.inf and autorun.exe.

4.if you can't locate exe file then open .inf with notepad ,it will have a link to that .exe file.

5.if you can both files present in the drive then delete them.

6.repeat the above steps if that virus has infected your entire hdd.

7.restart your computer.

now your pc is free from that virus.

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