Google Photos Adds New Image Filters, Effects, Collage, Animation, Movie Maker, and a Video Editor

Google just updated the Photos app to the version The new Google Photos app for android is now coming with new image filters and effects. Also you can find a basic video editor which allows you to trim and rotate a video clip. A hidden feature known as 'Deep blue' is also added in basic adjustments. Deep blue option lets you saturate the blue color in your photos. So, if your photos have sky in the background then you can use 'Deep blue' to darken the color of the sky to give it a more rich look. Using this option won't affect other colors of the image, only the blue color gets tweaked.

Apart from these features, you can also make collages, animations and movies from your photos. But for this you will have to sign in with your Google account. And another hidden feature is that if you have bought a new android phone then Google photos will let you upload full resolution photos from your phone for two years.

How To Get The Two Years Free Storage In Google Photos

  • Update the app to the latest version from play store.
  • If you have already signed in then a pop up will appear asking you for 'Backup & Sync'. If you haven't signed in then tap the menu icon on top left and tap 'Sign In'. A popup will open like this below.
highest resolution picture google photos storage   

  • Tap 'Change settings'. Then select 'Original (free for up to 2 years)'. You can select 'Use cellular data to backup' if WI-Fi is not available. Finally tap 'SAVE'.
  • Now tap 'DONE'. You can now use your 15 GB storage to upload highest resolution picture to your account for up to 2 years.

How To Edit Photos and Videos With Google Photos

  • Open the app. Now tap any image or photo to view it. Tap the 'pencil' icon to start the editor.
  • Tap any filter to apply it to your photo. Swipe the filters towards left to access more filter. Tap the three vertical dots on top right and select 'Undo edits' if you want to remove the filters.
  • Tap the basic adjusts button Basic adjustments and adjust the 'Light' and 'Color'.  Tap the arrow next to 'Light' and 'Color' to access more options.
  • If your image or photo has light blue color in the background and you want it to make richer then tap the arrow next to 'Color'. Swipe the 'Deep blue' slider towards right. You can see the blue color difference in the following images. The edited image has richer blue color.

Original image

Deep blue edited

  • Now tap 'Crop & Rotate' button Crop & rotate. Now drag any one corner of the box to increase or decrease its size for image cropping. After setting the crop size, long tap the image inside this frame and drag it put in place for a perfect crop.

  • Tap the rotate button to rotate the photo. After cropping and rotating the image tap 'DONE'. Finally tap 'SAVE' on top right.

→ To Edit a Video

  • Open the video then tap the edit button the 'pencil'.
  • You can only trim and rotate a video. 
  • To trim a video drag the circles on both sides and bring them closer. You can also drag this region over the video.

google photos video editor

  • Long tap these circles and drag them left or right to trim the video frame wise.
  • If you want to rotate the video then tap 'ROTATE'. Keep tapping the button until you get your desired rotation.
  • Finally tap 'SAVE'.

Google Photos is a nice app for managing your photos and videos on your android smartphone. It lets you upload high quality and original resolution photos to your account for up to two years. And you can access these uploaded photos on any other android or iOS device by just adding your Google account in the Google Photos app on these devices.


Download SONY Album 8.0.A.1.12 APK Free for Xperia Smartphones

Sony Album 8.0.A.1.12 APK has been released and is available to download for your Xperia Smartphones. The Sony album app now comes with a search button on the screen that vanishes if you scroll down. This search button provides shortcuts to your screenshots, favourites, videos and camera. So you don't need to find them from a huge collection of photos and videos. Just one tap on this search button will directly take you to your desired image or video folder.

  SONY Album 8.0.A.1.12 APK  

You can now directly view images and videos from a USB storage device connected to your Xperia phone. Tap the menu icon and then tap 'USB storage' to access media files on your album app.

The app is just 15.6 MB in size and requires android 4.2 and above. After you download this app make sure 'Unknown sources' is enabled in android 'Settings' to install this app on your Xperia smartphone.

SONY Album 8.0.A.1.12 APK Free Download


[Updated] Cheap Chinese Android Phones Sold In The US Have Spyware Says Kryptowire

Kryptowire is a Virginia based security firm that has reported spyware on the cheap Chinese android phones that were being sold in the United States via amazon.com. Kryptowire reported that software tools collectively called Adups which came pre-installed on phones like BLU R1 HD and sold in US have spyware capabilities. In its security analysis Kryptowire found that Adups collects personally identifiable information (PII) from a users phone and sends the entire data to a Chinese company name Shanghai Adups Technology. This data includes text messages, call logs, IMEI numbers, number of installed apps, contact names, and IP addresses. The data is transmitted every 72 hours on this company's server.

blu r1 hd spyware

This Spyware software can be found on phones manufactured by Huawei and ZTE that are also available in the US market. According to Kryptowire Adups has created this spyware intentionally and installed on the phones to monitor people's usage behaviour. On this spyware Adups defends itself by saying that it is a 'big-data' company and helps smartphone manufacturers to know about their customers like and which part of the world do they belong. According to Adups, this spyware runs on 700 million devices.

Blu R1 HD manufacturer 'Blu products' immediately released a software update to remove this security flaw from its 1,20,000 mobile phones. Most popular android antivirus apps are unable to find this spyware. This raises a question why should we use or buy an android antivirus which is unable to secure our phones.

Right now the complete list of affected phones is not clear. But if you have Blu, ZTE or Huawei android phones then you should check for latest OTA updates to remove this backdoor.

Update 16/11/2016: ZTE cleared that they didn't install the Adups spyware on their phones at least not in the U.S. Here is their official statement below.
"We confirm that no ZTE devices in the U.S. have ever had the Adups software cited in recent news reports installed on them, and will not. ZTE always makes security and privacy a top priority for our customers. We will continue to ensure customer privacy and information remain protected"
Source: Kryptowire


Nintendo Classic Mini NES Will Bring Back Your Old Retro Gaming Days At Just $59

Nintendo has just released the classic mini NES console which is an exact replica of the Nintendo's most popular retro gaming console the NES. NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System and we all have played NES games at least once in our life. NES was a popular in the 80s and the 90s and we have seen some of the best games on it that were also released for the Wii U virtual console. Due to its popularity the Nintendo Classic Mini went out of stock after just some time of its official launch. The mini NES is now out of stock on amazon, bestbuy, walmart, target and gamestop. But it will be back on stock soon. Its retail price is $59.99 but some sellers are selling this mini NES console at higher rates due to limited stock.

nintendo classic mini nes

Well actually there are many ways to emulate NES games on android and Windows PC. You can check this tutorial to play NES games on android. But if you want to enjoy these games on your TV then you can purchase this console and due to its small size it can be carried anywhere. Its a nice console which will take you back in time to enjoy old 8-bit retro games.

List Of Games Pre-Installed On Nintendo Classic Mini NES

Below is a complete list of games that are pre-installed on this console.

  • Super Mario Bros. 
  • Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Donkey Kong
  • Mega Man 2
  • Pac-Man
  • Final Fantasy
  • Metroid
  • Kirby's Adventure
  • Castlevania
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Dr. Mario
  • Punch-Out Featuring Mr. Dream
  • Balloon Fight
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
  • Excitebike
  • Ice Climber
  • Kid Icarus
  • Double Dragon 2: The Revenge
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Tecmo Bowl
  • Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
  • Mario Bros.
  • Super Contra
  • Galaga
  • Star Tropics
  • Ghosts'N Goblin
  • Gradius

These games come with 4 save state slots each. So you can save any game's state and later continue from where you left. This new mini console doesn't have the original NES hardware but it emulates the 8-bit games and emulation is bit fast as compared to the original console. Also you can enjoy these 30 games on a Full HD TV and there would be no loss in image and video quality because of HDMI port that this console has. You will get a HDMI cable, Wall charger, micro USB cable and a full size controller.

Additional controller can be purchased for just $9.99 so that two players can play simultaneously. However you can still enjoy most NES games on your android, PC and MAC. By downloading their respective emulators and playing the roms.

However some of the popular games are missing like the Contra, Jungle Book, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project. However you can play these games on your android phone or tablet by reading this tutorial.


Review: Cisdem OCRWizard 4 – Easily Edit and Convert Scanned PDF Documents On MAC

In our day to day life, we use text documents for various purposes. Since this computer age has gone paperless, most of our text related work is highly dependent on digital documents. Using these digital documents not only saves paper but they are easy to share anywhere in the world through email. We can edit these documents whenever we want. But when it comes to security then we prefer PDF documents because of their portability, reliability, quality and security.

Unlike word or text documents a PDF document is not easy to edit. So you are somewhat assured that no one is going to edit the information without using some special PDF editors. Such PDF editor is Cisdem OCRWizard 4 which is a PDF editing software for MAC OSX. With the PDF OCR technology, it can recognize text in scanned PDF images too which makes the text easy to edit.

Features Of Cisdem OCRWizard 4 For MAC

  1. Edit PDF files with ease. 
  2. The software UI is very simple and doesn’t have any confusing tools.
  3. Perform OCR on scanned documents.
  4. Convert PDF documents to virtually any format like PDF, RTFD, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, HTML, TEXT, ALTO, FB2, EPUB, ODT, PAGES, KEY, PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPG and GIF.
  5. Easily create eBooks from scanned PDF documents with OCR.
  6. Split or merger multiple files.
  7. Process business card to add it to MAC contacts.

Quick Tutorial on Using the Cisdem OCRWizard 4 For Mac

  • First download Cisdem OCRWizard 4 for MAC.
  • Install it and open the editor. Click the ‘Add’ button and add files. You can select multiple PDF files at once. You can also drag and drop multiple files in to the editor.
  • The document pages will be visible on the left pane in the program window.
  • You can use ‘command+right click’ to select multiple pages and press the ‘Delete’ button to remove them.

How to Perform OCR in Cisdem OCRWizard 4 For MAC

  • Load the PDF file in the editor and click the ‘Prepare’ button then click the button just next to ‘Crop’ button. Clicking this button will give you options like adjusting brightness, sharpness, contrast, and saturation.
Cisdem OCRWizard 4 for mac

  • Then select the language by clicking the language button.
  • You can also crop or rotate the specific page for OCR preparation.
  • After preparation click the tiny arrow in the ‘Recognize’ button and select ‘Document’ from submenu.
  • Now Cisdem OCRWizard will automatically perform OCR and will mark different portions of the document.
  • Texts would be marked in green, pictures would be marked in red, tables would be marked in purple.
  • You can access the marking options on top left for marking text, images and tables. After selecting these regions you can edit them or simply delete them.

Convert Edited PDF Document To Other Formats

After editing the PDF file click the export button and select the format in which you want to convert the file. The list of formats is given above. If you only want to save the current file as PDF only then select Compress image using MRC, Produce PDF/A compatible document or Enable tagged PDF.

Converting a Business Card to vCard or CSV

If you have a business card then you can use the Cisdem OCRWizard to save the information from the card a contact on your MAC. The OCR performing procedure is same as given above. But while clicking the tiny arrow button next to ‘Recognize’ button you have to select ‘Business Card’ from submenu.

You can also check the information as recognized by the OCR. If you find any errors then you can manually enter the right information. Simply click the ‘+’ button to add it as a contact on MAC or click the share button to share it via email, iCloud or airdrop.

Click the ‘Export’ button and save the business card as vCard or CSV.

What We Say About Cisdem OCRWizard 4

So this is the Cisdem OCRWizard 4 review for MAC. We have to say that this is indeed a good PDF editing software for Apple MAC users with simple user interface and powerful features especially the OCR. You can always try this software on your Macbook before purchasing. You can purchase this software by going to their official website. The software comes with 30-day money back guarantee.

Everything You Need To Know About The WhatsApp Two-step Verification

WhatsApp now houses several useful features that were not available some time ago. Every few weeks we see a new feature in WhatsApp which improves its usability and functionality. Recently we have seen the WhatsApp video calling feature in the android and the Windows beta apps. Now who wants to install other video calling apps like Skype or Google Duo if one app is performing all the required tasks like text chat, voice and video calling.

WhatsApp beta v2.16.349 is now coming with an additional layer of security known as Two-step verification. Two-step verification has been a part of Google account security since a long time now. It can also be applied to Microsoft accounts, Yahoo mail and now you can secure your WhatsApp account with two-step verification. Currently it is only available for android and Windows phones but WhatsApp two factor authentication ios will be released soon.

But before securing your WhatsApp account with two-step verification you should be aware of its working, how will it affect your account, how to disable it and how you can re-verify your WhatsApp account after enabling this security feature. 

Everything You Need To Know About The WhatsApp Two-step Verification

1. How Does The WhatsApp Two-step Verification Works

When the two-step verification is enabled on your WhatsApp account then you will need to enter a 6-digit code while re-verifying your mobile phone number on a newer phone. This 6-digit code is asked by WhatsApp during the two-step verification setup process and you should remember it. This protects your account from unauthorized verification. No body can use WhatsApp with your mobile phone number even they receive the verification SMS or call. Because they need to provide the 6-digit security code during re-verification process.

2. How To Re-Verify WhatsApp Account And Remove Two-step Verification When You Forget The 6-digit Code

In case if you forget the 6-digit security code then during the WhatsApp setup you will need to enter your cell phone number to verify. You will receive a SMS for verification. But in the next step you will need to enter the 6-digit passcode. But if you don't know the passcode then you can tap the option "Forgot passcode". WhatsApp will then send a link on your registered email address. Clicking on this link will take you to the WhatsApp mobile website and it will ask you to confirm before removeing the two-step verification and you will not be asked to enter the 6-digit passcode. The setup process will proceed and in the next step you can restore your messages from local or Google Drive backup.


turn off two step verification whatsapp  


3. What If You Didn't Provide Any Email During Two-step Verification Setup And You Forgot Your 6-digit Security Code

If you didn't provide the email address during the setup of this security feature and also forgot your passcode then in this case you can't install, re-install or migrate WhatsApp on any other or the same phone for the next 7 days. After 7 days WhatsApp will automatically remove the two-step verification from your account and you can again take charge of your account without needing to enter that passcode.

If your number is reverified on WhatsApp after 30 days of last using the app, and without your passcode, your account will be deleted and a new one will be created upon successfully reverifying. Also note that during this 7 and 30 day period all your pending messages will be deleted on reverification.

So, if you are going to use this security feature then don't forget to add your email address. Also note that WhatsApp is not verifying the email address that you enter during the setup process. So, be careful while entering the email address because WhatsApp will directly send the two-step verification disabling link to the email address that you provided.

4. Will 2-step Verification Delete Your Chat Backups?

Its a wise decision to have backup of your WhatsApp chat history. I suggest you to have offline and online backup of your chat history. You can save the chat history file on your phone's internal storage in the 'WhatsApp>Databases' folder. Also you can save the chat history to your Google Drive account. Having the Google Drive backup is the best option because it is available to restore your chat history anytime and it doesn't get deleted accidently. So as far as you have the chat history backup on Google Drive you won't face any issues while restoring your messages even  when the two-step verification is enabled on your account.

5. How To Change Email, Passcode And Disable Two-step Verification On WhatsApp

Go to 'Settings>Account>Two-step verification'. Here you will find options to disable, change email and passcode. See the image below.

So, finally you now know everything about WhatsApp Two-step verification. So lets see how you can enable this security feature on your account.

6. How To Enable Two Step Verification On WhatsApp

  • Here tap the 'ENABLE' button and enter a 6-digit passcode. Then enter the same passcode again for confirmation.


  • Then add your email address and tap 'NEXT'. Then re-enter the email address and tap 'SAVE'.

  • Finally tap 'DONE'.
  • Now this security feature is enabled for your account.
  • By going to 'Settings>Account>Two-step verification' you can disable it, change passcode or email address anytime.

So this article explains everything that you need to know about the WhatsApp's two-step verification before applying it on your account. If you still have any questions then ask via comments and if you like the article then do take 2 minutes to share it.


Review: Able2Extract PDF Editor Pro – Create, Convert and Edit PDF Documents

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most common document format used to take high quality paper prints. Unlike other document format the layout of a PDF document is fixed so it appears the same on any application that can open it. Having the fixed layouts has an advantage as we can print the hard copies of any PDF document exactly the same as they look on your PC’s screen. Other printable formats may change their layout and formatting on different PCs.

Since a PDF document has a fixed layout it can’t be edited easily. A PDF documents can contain anything from text to images including tabular data. So if you want to edit the text or add new images then an PDF editor comes into play. One such software is the Able2Extract PDF Editor Pro which allows you to create, convert and edit the PDF files. It is available for Microsoft Windows, MAC OSX and Linux.

Important Features of Able2 Extract PDF Editor Pro

1. Easy to Use: After installing this software you will find that it is so easy to use. You won’t be having any difficulty while using and finding the right option during editing.

2. Conversion Options: You can convert a PDF document into any other document format like text, word, ppt, excel, autocad, image, html, open office and CSV.

3. Security: You can anytime secure your edited documents with a password to prevent unauthorized access to it.

4. OCR: It supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition). So if you have scanned soft copies of your documents then you can also edit them with ease.

5. Batch Conversion: Convert multiple PDF documents at once with batch conversion.

ÚDownload Able2 Extract PDF Editor Pro

How to Use Able2Extract PDF Editor

  • Download the install the software from the links given above.
  • After installing the software click ‘Open’ and load your PDF file.

  • Now when the file finishes loading then click the ‘Edit’ button. A text editor will open on the right side in the main window.
  • Here you can customize the font. You can also access the basic options like the delete, extract, rotate, resize, scale, or move.
  • To delete any text first click the 'Delete' button on the right side of the editing window. Then click on the text you want to delete.
  • Now click any text in the PDF document and then delete it to add new text. You can also drag and drop the text anywhere.

  • After editing the text click save or choose from any other format for conversion.
  • Make sure to select the text before making conversion to a different file format.
  • If you want to convert multiple PDF documents then click the “Batch” button and select all the files for conversion. You can also select the file format for conversion.
  • You can click the 'Create' button and load any text document to edit and save as PDF.

Able2Extract PDF Editor Pros

  • Easy to use editor.
  • Allows multiple file conversion.
  • Converts any other document to PDF.
  • Allows you to password protect your documents.

Able2Extract PDF Editor Pros

  • It doesn’t have any option to edit images.
  • Can only edit text.
  • No option to select entire paragraph for editing.

Able2Extract PDF Editor costs $99.95 for single user license. However it is suited for only text based editing. If you want to edit images then their is no option for doing that. You can buy this software by going to this link. You can also try iSkySoft PDF editor if you want to edit images and want more advanced options at just $69.


WhatsApp Gets Video Calling Feature on Android and Windows Phones

WhatsApp has released the video calling feature in its latest beta app. Now we can make video calls through WhatsApp on android and Windows phones. This feature is yet to be released for iOS. In the WhatsApp video calling we can switch the cameras. You can also use the rear camera for video calling but by default the front camera activates during a video call. A button on the screen will let you switch cameras instantly.

For this feature to work you should have installed the latest WhatsApp beta on your android and Windows phone. Both the caller and the receiver should have the latest beta installed, otherwise while placing a call to that person will return an error in WhatsApp. The download links are given below.

1. Latest WhatsApp Beta v2.16.333 APK - Download
2. WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone - Download

Note: After installing the beta version on your Windows Phone you will see two versions of WhatsApp. So test the new features in the beta app and later you can choose which app to keep.

How To Make Videos Calls on WhatsApp for Android

  • First install the latest beta version from the above link.
  • Then open the app and open any chat.
  • Tap the calling button and select "Video Call".

  • Tap the camera key during a video call to switch between front and rear camera.

For Windows Phones

  • Open the app and then open any chat.
  • Then tap the telephone icon and select video call.


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Moto G4 and G4 Plus Start Receiving Android 7.0 Nougat Update

Motorola has officially announced the release of the android 7.0 Nougat update for the Moto G4 and G4 Plus smartphones on their website. Following the soak test in Brazil the android 7.0 Nougat update is now being rolled out in India. So if you own a Moto G4 or a G4 Plus then you will soon receive an OTA update notification on your phone. However the android 7.0 Nougat is not officially released for any of the Moto G4 and G4 Plus. Right now we just have release notes of this latest update.

Warning: There are news in several forums that the official OTA file for android 7.0 Nougat has been out for Moto G4 Plus. So, we don't recommend anyone to flash this OTA file manually on your phone via update.zip method from the recovery mode. This file can't be flashed on standard Moto G4 otherwise it will result in broken Wi-Fi or broken cellular network. We still don't recommend to flash you G4 Plus with this OTA file as this may result in unexpected results.

Android Nougat is still new for android devices. So, just wait until its official launch.

moto g4 plus android 7.0 nougat update

Both the Moto G4 and the G4 Plus received a security patch update on 9th September 2016. This security update has a build number MPJ24.139-63. This security update has many bugs like low notification sound, 4G SIM slot not working, battery drain etc. So to fix these problems as soon as possible Motorola announced the release of android 7.0 Nougat for Moto G4. But you may receive it anytime before 31st December 2016.

Now people who have already updated their Moto G4 and G4 Plus to MPJ24.139-63 will start receiving the android 7.0 OTA update soon. But who didn't update to this build version then they may not see the latest notification. Only the older notification will keep popping up on the screen. However, we are not sure about this whether the MPJ24.139-63 can be skipped to directly update to android 7.0 Nougat or not.

You can view the full release notes of the latest update here.


WhatsApp 2.16.293 Adds GIF Image Support, Quick Media Sharing and a New Video and Photo Editor

WhatsApp beta 2.16.293 apk is coming with a two new features. One is the support to GIF images and another is the all new image/photo and video editor with scribble function. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, these type of images were not supported by WhatsApp previously. If we send GIF images then they will appear as normal still images. But WhatsApp 2.16.293 has an added support to GIF images. Also we can edit any image or photos before sending them to any contact in WhastApp.

The image editing tools include a scribbling function in which you can write in any color on the photo. You can also add text and increase its size with the pinch zoom function. Then there is an option to add emoticons in the image and finally you can crop the edited image. The video editing tools only provide scribble, emoticons and text tools. Though you can’t crop videos. The image and video editing will only show up when you tap the camera key in the textarea and share the photos and videos from there. Before sharing an image/video editor will automatically open up.

Download WhatsApp 2.16.293 apk with GIF support and new image and video editor.

How To Send GIF Images In WhatsApp

  • Download and install the app from the above link. 
  • Also ensure that your friends have installed the same app otherwise GIF images won’t work on their side. You can share this link with your friends so that they can download and install it.
  • Before sharing make sure that you have GIF images on your phone’s storage.
  • Now open chat with any of your friend. Then tap the attachment icon and tap “Gallery”. Then tap the “GIFS” tab and select the image to share.
  • You can add a caption before sharing. Then tap the green button to share.
  • These images will show a GIF tag on them. You can tap them to view within the chats.
  • If someone receives a GIF image on an older version of WhatsApp then app will automatically convert GIF to video mp4 format.
  • Watch the video tutorial below.

How To Use Quick Media Sharing

In this new app version there is a new feature added which is quick media sharing to multiple contacts at once. Suppose you received an image or a video that you want to forward to other friends then you can do it with quick media sharing. Every image or a video in WhatsApp chats has now a forward button next to it. This button is for quick sharing and you can skip selecting, copying then forwarding to multiple contacts. To use this feature tap the forwarding button next to any media file then select multiple contacts to share.

How To Use Image and Video Editor in WhatsApp

  • Open any chat with any friend. Then tap the camera icon in the textarea.
  • You can either capture a photo, selfie or select an image from your phone’s gallery.
  • Swipe left on the image strip to see and select the desired image. Then an image editor will open like this below. See the tools.

Whatsapp photo editor
  • Click the pencil and choose your color and start writing or scribbling.
  • Tap the ‘T’ text icon to enter the text which will appear on the image/photo in color you selected previously. Tap the pencil icon to change the text color anytime.
  • Tap the emoticons icon to add emoticons and smileys. You can use pinch zoom to increase and decrease the size of the emoticon/smiley. The same thing goes with text.
  • Tap the crop button to crop your image and tap the undo button to undo edits.
  • Finally tap the green button to share the image. See the final edited photo below. You can also create your own WhatsApp meme.

Watch The Video Tutorial

Note: For editing videos the procedure is same as above. You can either record a video or select it from the image stripe. Videos have a video camera icon on them. For editing videos only three tools are available that is scribble, text and emoticons.

Important Note: The image or video editor will not show up if you use the attachment icon to share media in WhatsApp chats.

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