Jun 9, 2017

WannaLocker: Mobile Version of WannaCry is Affecting Android Smartphones in China

WannaCry was the biggest ransomware cyberattack of 2017 which affected 3,00,000 computers worldwide. The WannaCry worm used EternalBlue exploit to enter a Windows PC and takes advantage of the Microsoft's SMB protocol. After taking control over a Windows PC the WannaCry worm starts encrypting the files stored on the hard drive with the help of DoublePulsar. After encrypting the files the virus asks for a ransom which is to be paid within few days. If not paid the files will be deleted forever.

Microsoft released the MS17-010 patch which fixes the SMB vulnerability in Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008. If you have not installed this patch yet then read how to install MS17-010 update. After installing this patch your Windows PC can't be easily exploited by WannaCry. WannaCry spread at a faster rate but it only got a ransom of $82,000 with less than 200 payments. Now after the WannaCry cyberattack, hackers are targeting android smartphones in China with a new android ransomware known as WannaLocker.

The WannaLocker is spreading through Chinese game forums. The ransomware tricks a user by imitating itself as a plugin for the Chinese game King of Glory. When this plugin is downloaded and installed on the targeted android phone then it comes into play. First it hides it app icon from the app drawer and then changes the android home screen wallpaper to an anime image. After this it starts encrypting the files stored on the phone's external storage.

wannalocker android ransomware

After encrypting the files it asks for ransom which is 40 Chinese Renminbi which equals $5.88 USD. The thing here to note is that the hackers behind WannaLocker are not using any kind of crytocurrency like bitcoins. The ransomware can be paid via QQ, Alipay and WeChat. Since the money sent via these services can be easily tracked then a question arises why the hackers are not using any cryptocurrency. Either they have made a mistake or they are a group of some notorious hackers that want to make quick money.

So if you haven't encountered this ransomware yet on your android smartphone then we suggest you to immediately install Avast Mobile Security. Avast Mobile Security detects and blocks this ransomware. Avast has already blocked the WannaCry ransomware 1 million times in 150 countries. So, it is advisable to keep your device safe by installing Avast Mobile Security.

Source: Avast Blog

May 22, 2017

How to Install MS17-010 (KB4012212) Security Update on Windows 7

The world is now facing the biggest cyberattack known as the WannaCry ransomware. The WannaCry Ransomware has affected more than 2,00,000 computers worldwide. The WannaCry ransomware targets the computers running the outdated Microsoft Windows operating systems like the Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7/8. After getting in a computer this malware first tries to connect to a domain name which is hard coded in its source code. If the domain name is not found then it encrypts the entire hard drive and asks for ransom from the victims. This domain name actually acted as a kill switch and was discovered and registered by Marcus Hutchins of malwaretech. This kill switch greatly reduced the spread of this malware.

Before the WannaCry cyberattack, Microsoft patched the vulnerability in its Windows 10 OS by releasing a critical software update known as MS17-010 in March 2017. At that time MS17-010 was not released for other Windows OS'. After the WannaCry ransomware attack, Microsoft aggressively released security updates for all its Windows operating systems including the Windows XP whose support was ended by Microsoft in April 2014.

The MS17-010 is your computer's first defense to prevent the WannaCry ransomware attack. If you haven't installed this security update then find this post useful as we are going to teach you how to install this patch either via Windows update or standalone update package.

How to Install MS17-010 (KB4012212) Security Update on Windows 7

  • Download the MS17-010 (KB4012212) update package 32-bit | 64-bit
  • Download the update package according to the operating system you are using, that is 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • After downloading the update package, double click it to open an install.
  • Installation may take few minutes.
  • Restart your computer after installation.
  • To verify the update go to 'Control panel>Windows update'. Click 'Installed Updates' and look for 'KB4012212'. If it is listed then MS17-010 has been successfully installed.

Now after installing the security patch update make sure to scan your PC with a good antivirus. We suggest you buy Avast Internet Security 2017 because it detects, blocks and remove all malware strains of WannaCry ransomware including WNCRY, WCRY and Wana Decryptor 2.0. If you are still using Windows defender then I must tell you that Windows defender is unable to defend your computer against WannaCry. You can install Avast Internet Security 2017 which comes with a 30-day trial. Avast is the only antivirus which provides the highest security against WannaCry and DoublePulsar. Below you can find a screenshot in which Avast antivirus blocked the WannaCry virus.

avast wanacry

Download Avast Internet Security 2017

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May 4, 2017

How to Password Protect a Western Digital [WD] My Passport External Hard Drive

Western Digital My Passport is one of that external hard drives that come with 256-bit hardware encryption. As external hard drives can store large amounts of data then it is necessary for us to protect the data stored on them. Some years ago external hard drives were like USB flash drives with no encryption. Nowadays external hard drives come with built-in hardware encryption for data security.

Taking backups of your precious files is not enough, you should also secure it everywhere you are storing it. One such way is to install a password on your external hard drive. WD My Passport uses 256-bit hardware disk encryption encrypted with a key. The security of the drive is locked with the help of a password. Without the password, the drive can't be opened to view files. Whenever the WD unlocker software registers 10 invalid password attempts it gives you the option to erase your My Passport. In this situation, if you erase the drive then it will be a secure delete operation. No file can be recovered when you erase a password protected WD My Passport. What happens actually is that the software permanently deletes the key used for encrypting the data stored on the external drive. Technically it is impossible to recover any file after this scenario.

So if you have locked your WD My Passport then you will stay assure that if someone gets your drive then he can't unlock and view your files. However, he/she can use it as their own after a full erase. But your files can't be seen and recovered at any cost. So you see why it is necessary to password protect and encrypt your WD My Passport, the answer is sheer data security.

How to Set Password for WD My Passport Ultra

  • Download and install the WD security software.
  • Connect your external drive to your PC via the USB cable.
  • Launch the WD security software.
  • Enter your password carefully. You can also enter a hint, but I won't suggest it.
  • After entering the password click 'Set Password'. Wait for few seconds and the password will be installed and saved on to the ROM chip of the WD My Passport.

set password wd my passport

  • Now exit the software and disconnect the drive. Then reconnect it.
  • A popup will open as wdunlocker.exe. Click it to launch. 
  • To unlock it enter your password. You can also select the auto-unlock checkbox for the computer you use your drive mostly with.
  • To remove password launch the software again.
  • Select 'Remove password'. Enter your password. Then click 'Update Security Settings'.
  • Your WD My Passport password will be removed.

➜ Warning: There is no way to reset the password on a WD My Password Ultra. So always remember the password and keep it safe by writing it somewhere. If you forget the password then it will be technically impossible to unlock the external hard drive. In this situation, you can only erase it by entering a wrong password ten times. After that, you will have an option to erase it. After erasing your WD My Passport you can use it again but the previous files can't be recovered.

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Apr 26, 2017

Moto G4 Plus Gets March Security Patch Update (NPJS25.93-14-4)

Good news, Motorola has just released a minor update for the Moto G4 Plus. This new update is the March Security Patch update with build number NPJS25.93-14-4. It carries a size of just 40 MB. This new update is not the android 7.1.1 update. It is just a security update that fixes android security vulnerabilities up to March 1st 2017. Battery performance has been improved a little bit. This update doesn't fix the screen burn issue. We hope that Moto G4 Plus get a screen burn fix in the android 7.1.1 update because screen replacement is not a solution and the problem comes back within a month.

To update you Moto G4 Plus go to 'Settings>About phone>System updates'. When you see the OTA update tap 'YES, I'M IN'.

Moto G4 Plus March 2017 Security Patch Update (NPJS25.93-14-4)  

Wondershare TunesGo Review: The Best Android Manager for Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ Plus are upcoming flagship smartphones from Samsung. These two phones are the best Galaxy phones ever with infinity screen, an iris scanner, and on-screen navigation buttons. With the launch of Galaxy S8 Samsung has bid farewell to the hardware navigation buttons. We may not see the physical buttons in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy flagships. The Galaxy S8 also comes with massive 64 GB internal storage which can be further upgraded to 256 GB via a microSD card.

So you can see there is lots of storage available on the Galaxy S8 smartphones. If you are a photoholic then the internal storage may soon run out because the camera is capable of taking high-quality images and 4K videos. 4K videos and high-resolution photos take up a good amount of storage space on your phone. So, if you run out of space on your phone then you should move them to PC by using an OTG drive. But this method is not the best one because when you are dealing with a large amount of data then you may face problems because of duplicate files. So it would be difficult to find the duplicate files and delete.

The above problem applies to video and audio files. Nobody wants duplicate files because they waste the storage space. So managing the data on your Galaxy S8 is extremely necessary when you have a large amount of data. To manage such large data you should use an android manager software. An android manager is a software that allows you to manage all the data stored on your Galaxy S8's internal storage and microSD card. An android manager can let you manage every single bit of user accessible data that other software applications fail to manage. With an android manager, you can manage your photos, videos, music files, contacts, call logs, calendars, apps, SMS messages, and android apps data. Such an android manager is Wondershare TunesGo which is currently the best android manager for Samsung Galaxy S8.

What is Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGo is an android manager that lets you manage your data stored on your Galaxy S8 or any other android smartphone. With this software you can copy your personal data from phone's internal storage and external storage to PC or can also transfer to other android phone. With this software you can manage all the data at just one place.

What Can Wondershare TunesGo Do for You?

Wondershare TunesGo is a smart android manager software that is available to download for Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. This software runs on your PC and lets you manage your Samsung Galaxy S8 data easily at a single place. It provides following functions listed below.
  • Manage photos stored on your phone microSD card.
  • Manage videos stored on the phone and microSD card.
  • Manage contacts, add new contacts, delete or take backups (Windows version only).
  • Backup calls logs and SMS messages.
  • Uninstall or backup android apps and their data.
  • Take entire backup of your data stored on the phone in just one click. This backup includes photos, videos, messages, contacts, call logs, music, calendars, android apps and their app data.
  • Restore data from previously taken backups.
  • Root your android phone in just one click.
  • Transfer data from one android phone to another with the phone to phone transfer feature.
  • Transfer iTunes media to your android device.
  • Use the inbuilt file explorer to explore the internal and external storage (Windows version only).
  • Make ringtones from a song, audio or music file.
  • Make GIF from photos and videos.
  • Capture screenshots (Windows version only).

Wondershare Tunes Go Review: The Best Android Manager for Samsung Galaxy S8

Lets talk about the main functions of the Wondershare TunesGo. First of all you have to download the software from their official website the link has been given above. After downloading install the software on your PC. After installation launch the program and connect your Galaxy S8 to PC via USB cable. Make sure that you have enabled 'USB Debugging' in 'Developer options'. On connecting to your phone to PC your phone will show a popup asking you to grant access over USB. Tap 'OK' to proceed. After granting access a successful connection will be established between your phone and the TunesGo software. Now we are ready to manage the data. After making the successful connection you will see a screen like this below.

There are four main functions on the home screen. These functions are 'Rebuild iTunes Library', 'Transfer iTunes Media to Device', 'Backup Photos to PC', and 'Phone to Phone Transfer'. Lets see what these functions do.

1. Rebuild iTunes Library: Suppose your PC/Mac got crashed and some files from iTunes got deleted, Wondershare TunesGo can rebuild your entire iTunes library from Android device quickly. It allows you transfer Android media and playlists to iTunes. The good thing is that it will automatically detect the missing media files and copy them from your android phone without making any duplicates.

2. Transfer iTunes Media to Device: This function transfer the iTunes media to android phones with just one click.

3. Backup Photos to PC: This is the shortcut to take the entire backup all photos stored on your Galaxy S8's internal storage and SD card. The backup can be stored on PC's hard drive.

4. Phone to Phone Transfer: If you want to transfer your data to a new android phone then use this feature to move data to a new phone. To use this function you have to connect two phones to your PC.

Easily Manage Photos and Videos

Wondershare TunesGo is the best android manager for Samsung Galaxy S8 and with this software it is easy to manage photos and videos. Photos and videos are the most common type of data that you come across more frequently on your Galaxy S8. So, it is necessary to have them managed. So first of all connect your Galaxy S8 to PC and launch the Wondershare TunesGo. Then head over to the 'Photos' section. Here you can manage all the photos stored on your phone's internal storage and microSD card. You can transfer them to PC, rename them, delete them, add new photos, and convert them to GIF. On the left panel you access the directories of the photos from internal and external storage. It is quite easy to use. The same way you can manage videos.

Wondershare TunesGo Review

Easily Backup Contacts

With Wondershare TunesGo it is easy to manage your contacts. You can export your contacts to a CSV, or a vCard file. You can also import contacts from a vCard, CSV file or from Outlook or Windows address book. You can merge, delete or add new contacts from the software to your Galaxy S8.

Backup Music, Playlists and Use the Ringtone Maker

This is one of the useful features of Wondershare TunesGo. With this you can backup your music stored on your Galaxy S8. You get managing options like add, delete, de-duplicate and export. The de-duplicate function lets you identify duplicate songs and allows you to remove them to save storage space. The other best feature includes a ringtone maker. You can make a ringtone from any music file or song that you see in this software. The ringtone length is 40 seconds or less and you can select any 40 second part of a particular song to make a ringtone. The ringtone is created with a fade in and fade out effect which is essential for ringtones.

Easily Manage Android Apps

To manage android apps installed on your Galaxy S8, head over to the 'Apps' section. Here you will find options like install, uninstall, and export. With the install function you can use an apk package to install it from your PC to your phone. Export function will backup your android apps to PC as apk files.

Use the File Manager

You can use the Wondershare TunesGo file manager to manage files on your phone's internal storage and SD card. This file manager also shows hidden files. You can add or delete files from PC to phone. You can also add a folder or export individual files or folders to PC.

Wondershare TunesGo Toolbox

The Toolbox contains the necessary functions all at one place. The one-click root option can be found here. You need to root your Galaxy S8 if you want to take android app data backup. Another option you can find here is the 'Backup' and 'Restore'. With the 'Backup' feature you can backup the entire data of your Galaxy S8 in just one-click. This backup includes photos, videos, music, contacts, calendars, call logs, messages, apps and app data (requires root).

Wondershare TunesGo Advantages

  • The best android manager for Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • Lets you easily manage large amounts of data stored on your Galaxy S8 or any other android smartphone.
  • Provides one-click backup, one-click restore and one-click root functionalities.
  • Easily rebuilds iTunes library from your android phone's data.
  • It is the all in one manager for photos, videos, music, contacts, android apps and their data.
  • Lets you make GIF from photos and videos.
  • Easily transfer data from your old Galaxy phone to your new Galaxy S8 with phone to phone transfer feature.

Wondershare TunesGo Disadvantages

  • It is a paid software. To use its full functions you have to use it. The free version is useless because you can't use its full functions. But Wondershare TunesGo is worth your money.
  • The iTunes library rebuilding may not come out as a success if you do not have the required data available on your android phone.

Should You Buy Wondershare TunesGo

If you have just bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ then Wondershare TunesGo can be a must have tool for your phone. If you click photos, shoot videos or store large amounts of data on your Galaxy S8 then you are definitely going to need an android manager. And the best choice is the Wondershare TunesGo which lets you manage all the data of your phone at just one place. With this android manager it is quite easy to manage data on any android smartphone. If you use Wondershare TunesGo then you will never face problems related to data loss or duplicate files.

How to Completely Uninstall Wondershare TunesGo

It is your prime decision whether to buy this software or not after using the trial version. So if you are uninstalling this then you should remove it completely. To completely remove this software from your PC just uninstall it from the control panel and remove its registry entries by using a PC cleaner software. On your android go to 'Developer options' and 'Revoke USB debugging authorizations'. Turn off the 'USB debugging' mode on your phone and also turn off the 'Developer options'. An app is installed on your Galaxy S8 by this software called the 'TunesGo connector'. Go to 'Settings>Apps' and uninstall this app if you are not using this software again.

How Much Wondershare TunesGo Costs

Below is the complete list of prices of its different software versions that comes with additional PC support and lifetime licenses.

1. Annual Subscription (1 PC only)

➜ TunesGo (Suite): $49.95
➜ For iOS Devices: $39.95
➜ For Android Devices: $29.95

2. Lifetime License (1 PC only)

➜ TunesGo (Suite): $59.95
➜ For iOS Devices: $49.95
➜ For Android Devices: $39.95

3. Family License (2-5 PC with lifetime license)

➜ TunesGo (Suite): $159.95
➜ For iOS Devices: $134.95
➜ For Android Devices: $107.89

So if you are having a Galaxy S8 or any other android phone then you can go for the android device lifetime license that only costs $39.95 and is totally worth your money.

So, this is a review of the Wondershare TunesGo the best android manager for Galaxy S8. If you liked the article then please share it.

Apr 25, 2017

How to Capture Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8+ Plus are the two first flagship smartphones that are coming with an infinity display. The infinity display gives a richer user experience because the display doesn't have any bezels this time. The screen size of the Galaxy S8 is 5.8 inches and that of S8+ Plus is 6.2 inches. But with the infinity display the phone feels larger but actually fits in your hand perfectly without giving you a feeling that you are holding a large phone.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ Plus are the two best ever flagship smartphones from Samsung with awesome features the one being the infinity display. In this tutorial we will talk about on taking screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. This tutorial will work on any model of Galaxy S8 from T-Mobile, Verizon or international variant. Read restart a frozen Galaxy S8.

To capture screenshots follow the steps below.

  • To capture the image of any screen just press and hold the "Power" and "Volume Down" key simultaneously.
  • A screenshots folder will be created automatically in the Gallery app where you can see all the captured screenshots.

Palm Swipe to Capture Screenshots

You can use the palm swipe to capture screenshots on your Galaxy S8 if you don't want to use the button combination. The palm swipe is faster and easier than the button combination. To capture a screenshot just swipe the edge of you hand across it, side to side while touching the screen. To enable this feature go to 'Settings>Advanced features'. Enable it from here.

Enable Smart Capture

Smart Capture allows you capture an image of any scrollable area of the screen that is currently hidden, as well as the area that is visible. You can also crop and share the screenshot immediately. To enable this feature go to 'Settings>Advanced features'.

Apr 24, 2017

How To Restart a Frozen Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the upcoming flagship android smartphone from Samsung. The Galaxy S8 comes with a non-removable 3000 mAh battery with fast charging technology. The battery is non-removable which means that if the phone is frozen or hangs occasionally then there is no way to reset the phone. The phone may hang during a software update. The battery of Galaxy S8 and S8+ is now safe and doesn't explode or burn. The phone also supports reverse charging support with USB type-C 3.1 connector.

Well it isn't so, as the Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus comes with a safety feature as when the phone freezes and becomes unresponsive then it restarts automatically within few seconds. This feature can be found in almost every Samsung Mobile or tablet having a non-removable battery. This automatic reboot is present to save your phone's battery and from unwanted hardware damage.

restart a frozen galaxy s8

However some situations may arise in which you will find that the phone is completely frozen and the touchscreen becomes unresponsive and the Galaxy S8 isn't restarting itself besides having the safety feature. Then in this situation manual override comes in to play in which you will restart the Galaxy S8 on your own, however this is not Hard Reset which is done only when the phone doesn't perform well even after restart and fixing everything.

How to Restart A Frozen Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+ Plus

  • If your Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+ Plus is frozen and the touchscreen becomes unresponsive then wait for few seconds at least 40-50 seconds to see whether automatic restart is initiated or not.
  • If your frozen Galaxy S8 doesn't restart within few seconds then its time that you have to do the manual override.
  • Just press and hold the "Power Button" and "Volume Down" button simultaneously (at the same time) for more than 7 seconds to restart your Galaxy S8.
  • After restarting, the phone will boot to home screen thereby fixing the frozen Galaxy S8.
Read restart a frozen Galaxy Note 7.

How To Hard Reset Your Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Plus

You should be aware that Hard Reset is only done to reset the phone to factory settings and is only done to reverse any software problems, cache problems, full storage problems and partition problems. Also be aware that in a Hard Reset the entire data stored on your Galaxy S8 will be wiped out and you can't recover anything from your phone's internal storage later. So its a wise decision to always have a backup of your data stored on your phone. To hard reset your Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus follow the steps below.

Warning: Doing a Hard-Reset will initiate factory reset protection on your phone. After this you can't use your phone for a whole day or 24 hours. Make sure that you should only perform hard reset after removing all the Google accounts from the phone. Read more about Google's 24-hour lockout. To be on a safe side go to 'Settings>Backup & reset>Factory data Reset' if you don't want to initiate FRP.

galaxy s8 recovery mode

  • Turn off the cell phone. 
  • Press and hold "Bixby" button, and "Volume Up" button first followed by the "Power" button simultaneously for few seconds until you see the splash screen.
  • When you see the splash screen, release the "Power" button while keeping the "Bixby" and "Volume Up" button pressed.
  • Release the buttons when you a blue screen with android logo.
  • Now your phone will search for any updates or commands. If no updates or commands are found the Galaxy S8 will automatically enter the recovery mode.
  • Use volume up/down to navigate and press power button to select the option.
  • After a factory reset the phone will take a long time to boot to home screen.

You have successfully learnt to restart a frozen Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus and doing a Hard Reset on it.

Apr 17, 2017

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Secrets

Xiaomi Redmi 4A is the ultimate budget android phone which offers some high-quality hardware and software features. We have recently reviewed the Xiaomi Redmi 4A and found that it is the best value for money android phone. At such a low price of 5,999 INR we were impressed by its camera performance, satisfactory gaming performance, a decent battery backup, HD screen and most of all the MIUI v8. So this android smartphone is also an ideal option for first-time buyers. The phone runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 chipset which is a 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU. The CPU is powerful enough to handle multitasking and app switching smoothly. You can also find a unique feature on this phone known as the 'Dual apps' which lets your run two android apps on the same phone.

It runs the MIUI v8 UI over android 6.0 Marshmallow. MIUI comes with pre-installed themes and wallpapers and gives you many options to customize your phone's home screen. MIUI is not like stock android UI there is a lot more to learn about the MIUI. The Xiaomi's MIUI provides some good quality features that you should know in order to get the best out of your Redmi 4A phone. So in this post, we will talk about tips, tricks and hidden secrets in Xiaomi Redmi 4A. Read Xiaomi Redmi 4A review and unboxing.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Secrets

1. Take Screenshots

There are three ways to take screenshots on Xiaomi Redmi 4A. The most basic method is by pressing and holding the volume down and power button at the same for a second. The second option can be found in the quick toggles section. Swipe down the notification panel and find the 'Screenshot' button. Tap this button to capture a screenshot. The third option is a swipe gesture which will let you capture a screenshot with a three finger swipe on the screen from top to bottom. To enable swipe gesture go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Additional settings>Screenshot'. Here enable "Slide three fingers to take a screenshot". The screenshots are stored in 'Storage>DCIM>Screenshots' folder. Use the gallery app or built-in file manager to access these screenshots.

2. Enable Reading Mode

Xiaomi Redmi 4A comes with a pre-installed read mode app which is a system level app. By enabling the 'Read mode' you can reduce the eye strain while using the phone in the dark. To enable read mode simply swipe down the notification panel and tap 'Read mode' to enable it instantly. To customize it go to 'Settings>PERSONAL>Display>Reading mode'. Here you can find an option for scheduling the read mode for auto start and auto stop at the desired time. You can also increase or decrease the read mode screen filter's strength. In the 'SETTINGS' you can select whether to use the read mode for all apps or for certain apps only.

3. Wake screen with double tap

You may have noticed that in most android phones whenever the screen gets off then to wake it up again you need to press the power button. But in Redmi 4A you can wake the screen by just double tapping it without pressing the power button. This feature was present in Nokia's resistive touchscreen phones some years ago. To enable this feature go to 'Settings>PERSONAL>Display>SYSTEM>Double tap screen to wake'.

4. Change wallpapers

Xiaomi Redmi 4A comes with some high-quality wallpapers. There is also an option to download more wallpapers from the MI store. To change or download wallpapers go to 'Settings>PERSONAL>Wallpaper'. Here you will see two options to change the wallpapers. You can change the wallpapers for lock screen and home screen from here. Tap the 'Change' button then apply the wallpapers from offline mode. If you want to download wallpapers then tap either 'Lock screen' or 'Home screen' in Wallpaper. Then tap 'Online' to access the store.

5. Change themes

You can change themes on your Xiaomi Redmi 4A. There are five pre-installed themes. You can download new themes from the Mi store. For this, you will need an MI account. After creating the account go to 'Settings>ACCOUNT>MI Account'. Sign in with your credentials now go to 'Settings>PERSONAL>Themes'. Tap 'Get more themes for free'. You can download and apply themes now.

6. Download wallpapers, fonts, and ringtones

You can download wallpapers, fonts, and ringtones from MI store. Just go to 'Settings>PERSONAL>Themes'. Then tap 'Get more themes for free'. From here you can download many wallpapers, fonts, and ringtones of your choice.

7. Customize audio effects settings

The music quality of Xiaomi Redmi 4A is too good. The built-in equalizer is fully customizable. The music player app offers sound effects based on the type of the earphones you are using. However, the majority of earphones supported are from Xiaomi only but these sound effects work on any 3.5mm headset. To customize audio effects open the music player app then play any song. Make sure that you have connected the 3.5mm headset. Now tap the menu button (three dots) on the top right corner. From the list select 'Headphone'. Tap 'Equalizer' to customize it. Also, enable 'MI Sound Enhancer'. Now below this option choose the headphones type. For most songs, the 'Youth Edition' setting works the best. You can access the same settings by going to 'Settings>PERSONAL>Sound & Vibration>SYSTEM>Audio settings'.

8. Setup privacy protection password

The privacy protection password protects your messages, photos, files, notes and child mode. To enable the privacy protection password go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Lock screen & password>Privacy protection password'.

9. Set lock screen shortcuts

On the lock screen, you can set app shortcuts on left and right. Go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Lock screen & password>LOCK SCREEN>Lock screen shortcuts'. Under 'Left' tap 'App' and select the app which you want to use as a left shortcut on the lock screen. Do the same thing for the right shortcut.

10. Enable pocket mode

Pocket mode locks touch gestures when placed in a pocket. To enable this feature go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Lock screen & password>Advanced settings>'. Enable 'Pocket mode' from here.

11. Wake lock screen for notifications

Whenever a notification appears the lock screen will wake up if you enable this feature. To enable this feature go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Lock screen & password>LOCK SCREEN'. Enable 'Wake lock screen for notifications'.

12. Show notification icons in status bar

By default, notification icons do not show up in the status bar. You have to enable notification icons in the status bar by going to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Notifications & status bar'. Under 'STATUS BAR' enable 'Show notification icons'.

13. Show internet connection speed

You can see the internet connection speed on your Xiaomi Redmi 4A in real time in the status bar. Just go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Notifications & status bar'. Under 'STATUS BAR' enable 'Show connection speed'. This feature will show the connection speed of any network that your phone is connected to like 2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi.

14. Show/hide network carrier name

If you want to hide the network carrier name then it will create more room for various app notification icons. To show or hide network carrier name go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Notifications & status bar'. Under 'STATUS BAR' enable 'Show carrier name'. If this option is disabled then the carrier name will not be shown in the status bar.

15. Edit network carrier name

You can also edit network carrier name and change it to any name that you want. You can also show your name instead of the carrier network. To edit the carrier name go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Notifications & status bar'. Under 'STATUS BAR' tap 'Edit carrier name'. Now enter names for 'SIM 1' and 'SIM 2'. Then go back and it is done.

16. Show battery percentage

By default, battery percentage is not visible in Xiaomi Redmi 4A. But you can enable it by going to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Notifications & status bar'. Under 'STATUS BAR' tap the 'Battery indicator' option and select 'Percentage'. The other way to show the battery indicator is the 'Top bar' and another one is 'Graphical'. In the top bar, the phone will display a green line on the top of the status bar instead of the percentage. While in 'Graphical' it will only show the battery icon.

17. Use second space

A second space is a guest mode feature on android. When you enable this mode then the phone will create a second space different from your original account. This can be found in 'Settings'.

18. Randomly change color of notification panel

The notification panel can randomly change colors. This can be done by setting up the weather widget. Swipe down the notification panel and tap 'Get weather info'. Set your location and it is done. The notification panel will now change colors according to the weather in your area. To remove the weather info just tap the 'temperature' in the notification panel. It will open up the weather info page. Now tap the menu button on top right corner and select 'Edit locations'. Tap the 'Edit' button on top right. Now tap the red button just before your current location's name to delete it.

19. Use cache cleaner

Xiaomi Redmi 4A has a built-in cache cleaner. Just go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Storage'. Find 'Cleaner' and tap it to launch. With cleaner, you can remove junk files created by all other apps on your phone.

20. Use lite mode

Lite mode completely simplifies the way you use your Xiaomi Redmi 4A. In the lite mode, you will be given options to call, message, view gallery and change settings. Lite mode is very easy to use. Lite mode can be found in settings and requires a reboot.

xiaomi lite mode

21. Enable child mode

In child mode, you can restrict several apps from accessing by your children. To enable it go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Additional settings'. Here enable child mode. Now it will ask you to setup the 'Privacy protection password'. Set it up then go back and under 'ACCESSIBLE APPS' only enable those apps that you want to grant access to your child. Only those apps will appear on the home screen for that you have granted access.

22. Use quick ball

The quick ball offers on-screen navigation buttons so you don't need to use the physical keys. However, the physical keys work along with the quick ball. The quick ball has four buttons home, recent apps, back, screenshot and lock. To enable quick ball go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Additional settings'. Tap 'Quick ball'. You can also assign shortcuts to quick ball buttons. Tap 'Select shortcuts' and select the button which you want to assign a shortcut. You can assign shortcuts like 'Wi-Fi', 'Bluetooth', 'Enter one-handed mode' or simply launch a selected app with one tap on the button.

23. Customize notification light

The Xiaomi Redmi 4A comes with a notification light under the home buttons. You can customize its colors for notifications like calls, SMS and app notifications. Go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Additional settings>Notification light' and customize the settings here.

24. Backup system settings and app data

Having a data backup is the most crucial thing for and android user. Xiaomi's MIUI provides a built-in app, settings, and data backup solution which will locally take backups of your data. This will not backup files or photos. This will only backup app data. Go to  'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Additional settings>Backup & reset'. Tap 'Local backups' and then tap 'Backup'. Select the apps that you want to backup. By default data of all apps is backed app.

25. Use MI mover

You can use MI mover app to transfer data from your old phone to your new Xiaomi Redmi 4A. This app will transfer files, photos, and videos.

26. Unlock developer options

To unlock 'Developer options' on Xiaomi Redmi 4A first go to the 'About phone'. Here find 'MIUI version' and tap it several times to unlock developer options. Developer options can be found in 'Additional settings'.

27. Access system apps settings in one place

To access system apps settings at one place go to 'Settings>APP SETTINGS>System apps'. Here you can access the settings of all the system apps like camera, phone app, messaging, gallery etc.

28. Configure dual apps

You can use two same android apps on Xiaomi Redmi 4A with the dual apps feature. With this dual apps feature you can install two WhatsApp messenger apps with dual SIM or two Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts. Read the Xiaomi Redmi 4A Dual Apps tutorial.

29. Use built-in app lock

Xiaomi Redmi devices come with pre-installed system level app lock. With this, you can lock your apps without needing to download any third party app. To use the app lock go to 'Settings>APP SETTINGS>App lock'. You will first need to set a password before locking the apps.

30. Enter engineering mode

Engineering mode lets you test the hardware of your Xiaomi Redmi 4A phone. It is used to detect problems in the hardware. To enter engineering mode on your Redmi 4A first to the 'About phone' and here tap the 'Kernel version' several times. Now tap 'SINGLE ITEM TEST'. It will show the list of all hardware components at one place. Tap any hardware component to test it.

31. Change screen transition effect

You can apply different home screen transition effects. To change screen transitions long tap the recent apps button. Select 'Effects'. Select any screen transition effect to apply. Swipe left or right to access more effects.

32. Create a new home screen

Xiaomi's MIUI doesn't have an app drawer. So all the apps are placed on different home screens. To create a new home screen first long tap the recent apps button. Now keep swiping right to left unless you see a 'plus' icon in the middle of the screen. Tap this 'plus' button to create a new home screen. You can add or move apps to this newly created home screen.

33. Boost RAM/memory

You can free up memory/RAM on your Xiaomi Redmi 4A by pressing the recent apps key. On pressing this key a list of running apps will open. Tap the cross mark button to release RAM and stop unnecessary apps.

34. Hide photos in the gallery

To hide photos in the gallery app first sign in with your MI account. Then open the gallery app and select the photos then tap the 'Hide' button. These photos may be uploaded to MI cloud so do check it if you do not want to save them to MI cloud.

35. Use scanner app

The pre-installed scanner app lets you scan a QR code, a business card or scan a document. This is a very useful app because anytime we may need to scan someone's business card. After scanning the business card the details can be saved as a contact your phone. Do note that while scanning, some information may be misinterpreted like email IDs or names. But, you can correct them manually.

36. Connect USB OTG drive

Xiaomi Redmi 4A fully supports USB OTG drives. The stock file manager is very good and gives an option to manage the files on a USB OTG drive. Connect the USB OTG drive to your phone and open the file manager app. Look for the USB icon in the file manager to manage files on the OTG drive.

37. Uninstall apps quickly

To uninstall apps quickly long tap any app and drag it to the bin icon on the top of all apps. After dragging the app to the bin it will ask you to uninstall it.

38. Use one handed mode

You can use your Xiaomi Redmi 4A in one handed mode if you find the screen large to work with. The one handed mode can bring down the screen size from 5 inches to 4 or 3.5 inches. To enable one handed mode go to 'Settings>SYSTEM & DEVICE>Additional settings'. Find and tap 'One-handed mode'. Enable it and select the screen size either 4 inches or 3.5 inches. Now to enter the one handed mode just swipe over the navigation buttons from left to right. A popup will open asking you to enter the one handed mode.

39. Block unwanted calls and messages

You can block calls and SMS messages from specific numbers. These numbers also include promotional calls or messages. To block a number open the phone app. The tap the menu button just left to the dialer button and select 'Blocklist'. Then tap the 'Settings' icon on top right. Under 'BLOCKLIST' tap 'Blocked numbers'. Now tap 'Add' and add the number to block it. You can also directly block any number from the call history by just long tapping and selecting 'Block'.

40. Use built-in call recording

Xiaomi Redmi 4A comes with built-in call recording function. The call recording app is very good and records calls clearly. You don't need to download any other call recording app for your Xiaomi Redmi 4A. To enable call recording go to 'Settings>System apps>Phone>Call recording'. Enable 'Record calls automatically'. Recorded calls are saved to 'Storage>MIUI/sound_recorder/call_rec' on your phone's internal storage. You can also stop call recording during an active call by tapping the record button.

41. Customize incoming call settings

Xiaomi Redmi 4A gives you several options just like the Moto Actions app. If you go to 'Settings>System apps>Phone>Incoming call settings' then you will find some options here. These options include 'Flip to silence ringer', 'Quiet ringer when lifted', 'Flash when ringing', 'Proximity sensor', and 'Mute first ring'. So you can use these actions to silence the ringer, quiet the ringer or enable/disable the proximity sensor.

42. Enable voice call auto answer

If you want your phone to auto pickup your calls then go to 'Settings>System apps>Phone>Auto answer'. Tap it and enable the 'Auto-answer' option. Now, whenever you receive a call it will be auto answered.

43. Change dial pad touch tones to piano keys

You can set the dial pad touch tones to piano keys by going to 'Settings>System apps>Phone>Advanced settings>Dial pad touch tones'. In 'Tones' select 'Piano keys'.

44. Change missed call reminder duration

If you missed a call on your phone then your phone can notify you many times instead of just 2-3 times. Go to the 'Settings>System apps>Phone>Advanced settings>Missed call reminders'. Here select the number of times you want to get notified of missed calls.

45. Use SIP calling

A SIP call requires an active internet connection to send the voice data to the receiver. To setup SIP call on Xiaomi 4A first, open the phone app and then tap the options button left to the dialer button. Tap 'Settings'. Scroll down and select 'Advanced settings'. Then scroll down and tap 'SIP settings'. Here you will need to enter details of your SIP account. Read how to setup SIP call on android.

46. Use built-in virus scanner

The Xiaomi Redmi 4A comes with pre-installed antivirus app. This is a system level app and cannot be uninstalled. This app uses software SDKs from the clean master, AVL, Tencent, and Avast software. You can receive antivirus definition updates from any of the antivirus makers listed. This antivirus app also has options to clean junk files, manage battery life, restrict data usage and blocklist. This security app automatically fixes security issues.

47. Use MI remote app

The MI remote app can be used to convert your Xiaomi Redmi 4A into a universal remote control for all your electronic devices like TV, AC, DVD player or AV receiver. You can use your Xiaomi Redmi 4A to control these devices by using the built-in IR blaster. Read our detailed IR Blaster tutorial.

48. Set alarm to ring even when the phone is powered off

In android phones alarm doesn't ring when the phone is switched off. This happens because the alarm app also gets stopped when the phone switches off. But in Xiaomi Redmi 4A you can set alarm to ring even when the phone is powered off. To enable this feature open the clock app. Now tap the menu button (three dots) on the top right corner. Enable 'Alarm will ring after powered off'.

49. Use front camera to predict your age

The selfie camera of Xiaomi Redmi 4A predicts your age by analyzing the facial expressions. The face detection setting should be enabled. The enable this feature go to 'Settings>APP SETTINGS>System apps'. Tap 'Camera' and make sure that face detection is enabled. Now, whenever you take a selfie shot then the front camera will show your age.

50. Use hidden unit converter in the calculator app

There's a hidden unit converter in the Xiaomi Redmi 4A's calculator. To access the hidden unit converter open the calculator app and tap the apps button on top left corner.

51. Share Wi-Fi password with a QR code

You can share the password of the Wi-Fi network to which your phone is connected. To share Wi-Fi password with any other android user go to 'Settings>NETWORK>Wi-Fi'. Make sure you have connected the phone to Wi-Fi network. Now tap the connected Wi-Fi network and it will open up a QR code. Scan this QR code with a scanner app on any other android phone to configure the Wi-Fi.

So these were 51 tips, tricks, and hidden secrets for Xiaomi Redmi 4A. If you liked this post then please share it.

Apr 13, 2017

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Gets Its First Software Update With Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

Good news, Xiaomi Redmi 4A has just received its first software update. The update is not android 7.0 Nougat but is the update for the Xiaomi's MIUI. The latest MIUI carries a build number V8.2.6.0.MCCMIDL and is stable having a size of 617 MB. This latest update fixes various bugs related to the lockscreen, status bar, notifications bar, home screen and the virus scanner app. The changelog is quite big and we will post it once we update the phone completely. So stay tuned for more.

To update your Redmi 4A go to 'Settings>APP SETTINGS>About phone>System updates'. Let us know if you have received the OTA notification. This new update also install the February 2017 android security patch and comes with two new apps Google Duo and Mi Picks.

MIUI V8.2.6.0MCCMIDL redmi 4A

Apr 12, 2017

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Review: Best Budget Android Smartphone With Awesome Features

Xiaomi just launched the Redmi 4A, which is a budget android smartphone priced at only 5,999 INR. Redmi 4A is Xiaomi's first budget android smartphone to come under 6000 rupees. The ultimate selling point of a budget android smartphone is low price and great features. The Redmi 4A offers a set of decent features that you want in a budget android phone. A budget android smartphone cannot be better than this when you have to consider the design, features, and price. The only reason why you would be buying the Redmi 4A is its low price and power packed software and hardware features.

In this post, we will be reviewing and unboxing the Xiaomi Redmi 4A and will also tell you whether you should buy this phone or not.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Review: Best Budget Android Smartphone With Awesome Features

What's In The Box

The retail box of Redmi 4A is white in color and is very compact in size. On the top of the box, 4A is written. So after unboxing the retail pack, we get the handset with a USB cable, SIM tray ejecting tool, quick start guides and a charger with a rating of 5V-1A. We are not getting any earphones or headphones with this phone. Read Xiaomi Redmi 4A tips, tricks and hidden secrets.

xiaomi redmi 4A unboxing and review

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Build Quality

  • The phone is entirely made up of polycarbonate plastic. The back cover is not removable. The build quality of Xiaomi Redmi 4A is decent besides having the plastic frame. The in hand grip of this phone is very good and doesn't attract many fingerprints.

xiaomi redmi 4A 
  • The phone easily fits in a pocket and you can use it without a back cover. The phone weighs 131 grams only and is very light to hold in hand.
  • The screen is protected by some 2.5D curved glass. So the screen will prevent scratches. But it is mandatory to install a tempered glass screen protector.
  • Overall the build quality is decent at such a low price. The phone is quite slim and looks premium.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Build Quality

  • Coming to the front part of the phone you will see a big earpiece, front camera for selfies, light sensor and proximity sensor.

  • At the top, a secondary noise cancellation mic and a 3.5 mm headset jack can be found with an IR (Infrared) Blaster sensor. Read IR Blaster tutorial.

  • At the bottom, you can see a micro USB port for data cable and battery charging with the primary microphone.

  • Just above the USB port, you can find three touch capacitive buttons which do not have any backlight. Just below the home button, a notification LED is given.

xiaomi redmi 4A notification LED

  • The volume rocker and the power button are present on the right side of the handset.

  • Coming to the back part, the 13 MP rear camera with single LED flash can be seen.

  • At the bottom, you can find a dedicated loudspeaker which is an added advantage on this phone because most phones only provide a single speaker for earpiece and loudspeaker function.

  • On the left side of the phone, you can easily locate the SIM tray which can be removed with the help of the tool provided in the box.
redmi 4A sim ejecting tool

  • The Redmi 4A has a hybrid SIM slot. So you can either use two SIMs or one SIM or a microSD card at a time. The battery is non-removable.
redmi 4A hybrid sim tray

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Unboxing and Video Review

You can find an unboxing and review video for Xiaomi Redmi 4A in Hindi. This is a detailed video so do check it below on our YouTube channel.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Hardware Specifications

1. CPU and RAM

Xiaomi Redmi 4A runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 chipset which is a 64-bit 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU paired with 2 GB RAM. The CPU is good enough for multitasking. Almost about 1 GB of RAM is always free if you don't install many apps. The chipset has sensors like accelerometer, light sensor, gyro sensor, magnetic sensor, and compass. Having the gyro sensor makes this phone suitable for enjoying the VR content on a VR headset. Also, the compass makes navigation easy in Google Maps. This is good to note that we are getting gyro and compass (magnetometer) in this phone.

2. GPU

This phone has Adreno 308 GPU. The Adreno 308 is an entry-level GPU which can also run heavy android games but with frame loss.

3. Screen

The Redmi 4A equips a 5 inch HD IPS touchscreen with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. The PPI density is 296. The screen clarity is good and viewing angles are perfect. The phone also has built-in "Read mode" which helps to reduce eye strain while using the phone in the dark. Because of an HD screen, the battery performance is greatly increased. The screen is protected by a 2.5D curved glass protection. Installing a tempered glass screen protector is mandatory for this phone. The screen’s superior color production can be seen while watching a Full HD (1920x1080) video. There is an option in the 'Settings' which will let you change the screen's color temperature between warm and cool. The screen also supports double tap to wake it up.

4. Camera

The main camera is 13 MP with a single LED flash and autofocus feature. The selfie camera is 5 MP. Both the cameras are of f/2.2 aperture. The cameras do not have any image stabilization technology. So, while capturing photos make sure not to shake or move the phone.

5. Battery

Xiaomi Redmi 4A has a 3000 mAh non-removable Li-ion polymer battery. The phone doesn't support fast charging. The USB charger's rating is 5V-1A which can take anywhere between 1.5-2 hours to fully charge the battery from 0-100%. While charging the phone no heating is encountered. A notification LED below the home button lights up in red color while charging.

6. Connectivity

Xiaomi Redmi 4A has all the basic connectivity options like the Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz only), Bluetooth 4.1, portable hotpsot, USB and Bluetooth tethering, Dual 4G SIM and USB OTG support. The phone supports 4G/LTE in both SIM slots but only one SIM will work in 4G at a time the other will work in 3G/WCDMA. It also supports VoLTE. The GPS location services are managed by BDS, AGPS, and GLONASS. It also has FM radio with recording support.

7. Android OS

It runs android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS with December security patch. Android Nougat update will not come to this phone. The phone comes with some pre-installed apps that you can uninstall easily. Bloatware apps are not found on Xiaomi Redmi 4A which is a good thing.

8. MIUI v8

It runs the MIUI v8 user interface above the android OS. We can customize the MIUI v8 with custom themes and wallpapers all provided by Xiaomi. The good thing about MIUI v8 is that we get all the useful apps pre-installed on the phone. These apps include a music player, and advanced file manager app, a scanner app, an advanced calculator, security app, built-in read mode, built-in app and privacy lock. So we don't need to install third party apps most of the time.

9. OEM Apps

Xiaomi Redmi 4A is coming with some OEM android apps. These high-quality apps include a file manager, music player, calculator, voice recorder, antivirus, and scanner app.

10. Loudspeaker Sound and Call Quality

The Redmi 4A has a dedicated loudspeaker which is very loud and clear. Call quality is also very good and is free from noise. The call dialer app is good enough and automatically tells the country location of the phone numbers that you type, but they are always not correct especially when you are dialing a mobile number within your country. The calling app interface is nice with useful buttons like hold, speaker, disable mic and add a new call (conference call), call recording, add note and a direct video call. The direct video call will only work with Xiaomi Redmi phones. If you make a direct video call from your Redmi phone to a non-Redmi phone then the call will be converted to a voice call.

The call settings let you set up IP dialing, unwanted call blocking, and SIP calling. You also have an option to block spam and fake calls by using the Xiaomi's caller ID. So overall the features are beyond our expectations in a budget android phone.

11. Earphones Sound Quality

The earphones sound quality is awesome if you use high-quality earphones either from Sony or Sennheiser. The Xiaomi Redmi 4A doesn't rely upon Google play music and has its own music player app. So at this price range, I can say that the music sound quality of Xiaomi Redmi 4A is even better than Moto G4 Plus and Moto G5 Plus.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Camera Quality

The Redmi 4A has a 13 MP rear camera with f/2.2 aperture and single LED flash. The front camera is 5 MP with f/2.2 aperture. The selfie camera is just like the one that you find in most phones which come at a price between 12,000-15,000 INR. So the selfie camera is very good and takes good selfies in indoor lighting conditions. Low light photography is not good on this phone. But if you turn on the HDR then the low light images will improve a little bit but comes out to be grainy. The camera captures a lot more detail while using the flash in the night. In sunlight, the images come with high fidelity colors.

xiaomi redmi 4A camera sample photo
Daylight Photo with HDR Mode
➜ See the above image in full resolution - check here

Low light photo with HDR
➜ See the above image in full resolution - check here

xiaomi redmi 4A low light photography
Low light photo without HDR
➜ See the above image in full resolution - check here

Photo with LED flash
➜ See the above image in full resolution - check here

The camera app is also very good and easy to use. On opening the camera app will give you options like the HDR mode, enable or disable flash, real-time photo filters, camera modes, camera switch, gallery shortcuts and button to switch to video camera. You can access the camera settings by first tapping the 'Mode's button then tapping the 'Settings' icon on the top right. The camera mode includes panorama, timer, audio, manual mode, straighten, beautify, HHT and scene. The video camera can record 'Full HD' videos at 30 fps. You can also record videos in the dark or at night by enabling the flash torch. The camera supports 8X digital zoom.

At this price range, the camera is superb and has very good autofocus. The camera focuses objects accurately even in low light which helps it to take sharp and detailed images. But make sure while taking photos do not shake the phone otherwise the photos will become blurry. This is because Xiaomi Redmi 4A's camera doesn't have any image stabilization technology. At just 5,999 rupees the camera is offering some high-quality features except the EIS or OIS. If not considering the image stabilization and low light photography on this phone then you can take some high-quality photos in daylight and even in the night with LED flash. But keep your phone steady while capturing photos.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Gaming Performance

The Xiaomi Redmi 4A houses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 chipset which is actually not meant for heavy gaming. If you are an average gamer then this phone will not disappoint you. You can enjoy games like temple run, Super Mario Run without any lag or performance issues. But when we played some heavy games like the NOVA Legacy and NFS No Limits then we encountered some frame drops. These heavy games are still playable but with low frames and graphics. Heating issues were not found while gaming. Check the gaming review of this phone below.

Retro Gaming On Xiaomi Redmi 4A

Apart from regular android gaming I am a great fan of retro games like NES, SNES, Playstation, DOS, CPS1, MAME. I play these games on Redmi 4A and they run very smooth without hiccups and lags. You can read the tutorials below to play these retro games on your phone.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Heating Issues

Before buying an android phone we always think about the heating level of that phone. A phone that heats up quickly is not the choice of an android user. But Xiaomi Redmi 4A doesn't heat up. The Snapdragon 425 chipset is a battery friendly chipset and doesn't produce much heat. Even while gaming, we noticed that the phone was cool. A little heat was felt while using the 4G/LTE for download. This heat is perfectly normal and you won't even notice this heat. So the Xiaomi Redmi 4A is completely free from overheating issues.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Pros

  • 64-bit 1.4 GHz CPU with Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 chipset. This is a mid-range chipset good for nice battery backup and powerful performance at low cost.
  • Gaming on the Xiaomi Redmi 4A is satisfactory with Adreno 308 GPU.
  • 2 GB RAM is enough for multitasking.
  • The phone has a unique feature know as dual apps which lets you run two same android apps on the phone. With this feature, I can run two WhatsApp on Redmi 4A with dual SIMs.
  • Camera takes sharp photos in daylight.
  • 3030/3120 mAh battery is capable of providing more than a day's backup with normal usage.
  • IR Blaster and the MI Remote app can work as a universal remote for all your electronic devices like TV, AC, DVD player, AV receiver and set top box.
  • A notification light makes things easier on an android phone. You will never miss important notifications on this phone because the LED notification light will keep notifying you unless you see it.
  • Good call quality, music quality, and loudspeaker sound quality.
  • Comes with some pre-installed OEM apps like the file manager, music player, voice recorder and scanner app.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Cons

  • Hybrid SIM slot: For most buyers, this hybrid SIM slot may become a problem as they can't use two SIM cards along with a microSD card. But instead of using a sd card you can use a USB OTG drive which can be used to transfer data quickly from the phone. You can also watch movies and listen to songs directly from the OTG drive. So hybrid SIM slot is not a problem in Xiaomi phones because they are making their phones with it since a long time now.
  • Navigation keys do not have any backlight. So you may feel some inconvenience while using the phone in the dark. But over time you will get used to using the keys in the dark.

What You Should Not Expect From This Phone

Xiaomi Redmi 4A is an entry level budget android phone which offers some good features at a low price. You are getting more than what you are paying. So at this price point, you should not expect a fingerprint sensor, fast charging, camera with image stabilization, android nougat 7.0, and full HD screen. If these specifications are your prime requirements then you can go for Redmi 3S Prime.

Why Should You Buy Xiaomi Redmi 4A

You should definitely buy this phone if you are extremely low on budget and want some good features in an android phone. This phone is a complete android phone with all the essential features that you want in an android phone. The Redmi 4A offers good cameras, nice build quality, dual apps feature, a big battery, superior sound and music quality, direct video call support and some OEM android apps. You can also use this phone as your secondary android phone.

Where To Buy

Xiaomi Redmi 4A is an Amazon.in exclusive phone. The phone is being sold via a flash sale that hardly lasts 2-3 minutes. So if you are planning to buy the Redmi 4A then log in to your amazon account and when sale starts add the phone to your cart and checkout immediately. You only have maximum 10 seconds to purchase this phone.


Overall the Xiaomi Redmi 4A is the only budget android smartphone till date that you can purchase at a low price of rupees 5,999. Being a budget android phone it provides some good features that can't be found in other android smartphones. The best feature of this phone is the ability to run two WhatsApp accounts with dual SIM. This feature can't be found in any other android phone. This phone also has good camera configuration if you don't consider image stabilization or low light photography at such a low price.

The Xiaomi Redmi 4A is providing great features that you can't even expect at this price range from any other android smartphone. This phone provides a premium android experience, entertainment, gaming and good photography at low cost. So, if you are planning to buy this phone then it would be an okay decision.

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