Friday, September 12, 2014

Is Your Gmail Account Safe: Tips To Increase Security

Recently Google's GMAIL has been in news that approx 5 million gmail accounts credentials are hacked, leaked and posted in a forum with their respective email addresses. But according to Google only less than 2% of accounts were found to be hacked. Google officially said that this was not a breach in their system and the passwords leaked online has something to do with other resources. Most people use same passwords across various social networks like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook that is the reason why their credentials got hacked. If your gmail account is still working then it doesn't mean that you are safe. Its your duty to make your gmail more secure than ever. In this tutorial I will teach you how to increase security on your Gmail account.

gmail security

Tips To Increase Gmail Security

1. Change Passwords: First of all change your passwords on a timely basis. Doing so will add security to your account. Your password should be a combination of upper case letters, numbers and special characters. The longer and complex your password is, more it will be difficult for someone to crack or guess it. Read my Guide To Create Strong And Unhackable Passwords.

2. Enable 2-Step Verification: Google's 2-Step Verification is an extra layer of security added to your gmail account. In 2-Step verification you have to enter a verification code sent on your mobile phone via sms after entering the password and hitting enter. You can't login unless you enter the verification code, so if a hacker gets your password he can't login unless he access your cellphone to see the code. The code can be generated offline via authenticator app or you can print 10 codes for future use. Read How To Enable 2-Step Verification On Gmail

Note : After enabling two step verification you will be unable to login in to gmail for android. It will say wrong password entered every time. But don’t worry this is due to 2-step verification. You need to create application specific passwords to login into gmail android after enabling 2-step verification for Google account. You can learn by checking how to create application specific passwords for Google account.

3. Setup Recovery Options: You should setup recovery options now if you never did. In recovery option you provide a mobile phone number and an alternate email address to Google to recover your account in case you forget your password. Click to Update your Recovery Options.

Also in recovery options enable notifications for 'Password Change' and 'Suspicious Activity'. Google will notify you on your phone number and alternate email when your Gmail account's password is changed or something suspicious happens with your account.

4. View Recent Activity: Google keeps track of your Gmail account login history. You can check it here. Go to the link and click 'View all events' in 'Recent Activity'. If you find anything suspicious immediately change your passwords.

After following the above security tips you can secure your Gmail account.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How To Extend The Life Of Laptop USB Ports

Laptop’s USB ports are prone to quick damage due to over usage. A laptop has basically 2-3 three USB ports out of which one or two ports may be USB 3.0. The USB 3.0 port is extremely useful while transferring data at high speeds. The laptop’s USB ports are prone to damage because of device connection and disconnection again and again within a day. If this situation continues then the USB receptacles on laptop start to malfunction because they get loose overtime due to usage. If the port permanently fails then it needs to be changed and it is not an easy job to replace it. It is one of the costly method to get it changed also if you are submitting your laptop to your laptop manufacturer for repairing then it will take at least one week to get it repaired. So to avoid this situation we have to minimize the usage of the USB ports also you can preserve at least  one port so that it will stay alive until your laptop fails completely. I am going to tell you some tips to extend the life of the laptop USB ports.

How To Extend The Life Of Laptop USB Ports

1. No USB Hubs : Say NO to USB hubs because they use a single port to power many USB devices. This situation is like connecting many pen drives in one port. This can heat up the port and eventually it can fail.

2. Use Wireless Mouse : A wireless mouse comes with a USB nano receiver which needs to be connected to any of the USB ports of laptop. This nano receiver wirelessly receives signals from mouse. The wireless works exactly the same way as a wired mouse. After connecting the nano receiver you are actually preserving the USB port because the nano receiver can be left connected to your laptop everytime, this will prevent the connection/disconnection as you do in a wired mouse. Also the nano receiver will prevent dust from entering the port. This USB port will work until the laptop stops working.

3. Use USB Extension Cable : If you your laptop has only two USB ports then you should use a Extension cable. Just plug the cable in laptop-USB-port, now on the other end of wire you can connect/disconnect any device multiple times. This wire eliminates the wear and tear on the laptop’s USB ports and takes the damage itself. Because it is much cheaper and easy to buy a USB extension cable rather than buying and replacing a USB receptacle.

4. Cleaning : Keep the USB ports clean and remove any dust.

What Mobile Developers Have In Their Minds All The Time

The trend of mobile apps development is at the peak level. Every businessman is running to hire a creative and unique mobile app developer for their business but has anybody ever wondered what all is going through a mobile app developer for designing best quality apps which is different from all other? There are a hell lot of things that are going into a developer’s mind and they have to keep themselves updated with every new thing in their mobile world.

The job is not at all easy, though it looks very simple. Creating, designing and framing logic needs a lot of efforts and skills. Your experience and your outlook to the world and new things can only help you in designing the best. Let us have a look at what all a mobile app developer have in his/her mind that makes them in their competing spirit always.

If the mobile developer is an iOS developer and is dealing with iPhone, then Swift and the iBeacon are the two things that they must have been working with.

Swift: This new language by Apple is a big change in the working ways of iOS. The barrier towards the entry into iOS and Mac programming has gone a little high because of its objective C. Objective-C is something really of one of a kind. No developer can find an easy way as an alternate to C++ to objective C or Java to Objective C. But this new language is completely different from all these. Swift is much closer to Java therefore the programmers with Java background can enter the iOS field.

iBeacon: This was released when the new update of iOS 7 was introduced. This new Bluetooth feature offers you various possibilities for providing you proximity based content. There is something really exciting stuff that is happening with all the proximity based stuff. These devices are so fast that they are even capable of having 3D content.

Android Mobile App Developers

June 26, 2014, Google launched Android L for the developers of Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. It is believed to be working on 5,000 new APIs for a new design. Google has given a kind of different attitude in terms of its user interface and they have realized it to take more of its ownership. With Android L you can enjoy a colourful and depth based and shadow based interface and this gives us an idea that Apple seems to be going in some other direction moving more towards the flat look.

Wearable Technology : Despite of some useful efforts that Apple and Samsung have made, Google is making its way towards the wearable technology. The company has introduced a number of smartwatches at Google, though their first reviews describe them as rough drafts.
Every mobile app developer is going through something in their mind and every time they have to fight for something to make something new. The technology is evolving every now and then and there is something exciting every time to work with.

About The Author: Being a well-talented App developer& blogger from App Xperts, Macy Jones provides her readers with the best tips on App Development. She also likes to share her knowledge by writing various blogs and articles for contributing her ideas and quality write-ups to the other websites. Join Her At Google+ And Facebook.

Monday, September 8, 2014

How To Play Full HD (1080p) Videos/Movies On Android

Full HD 1080p means videos or movies having a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. This resolution is considered as Full HD (FHD) because it is intended to be played on large TV screens so that you see sharp images on a bigger screen. Most android phones have a built in feature to play HD movies because of their large screen resolution. For example Galaxy S5 can play 1080p videos in its default video player because of its large screen resolution. However other android phones doesn’t support Full HD video playback on their default media players. If you try to play the FHD movies then it will return an error. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t play 1080p videos on our android smartphones. Any android phone having a screen resolution of 854x480 that is 4 inches (the resolution depends on PPI not on screen size) can play 1080p videos, but the default media player doesn’t support FHD movies.

Watching HD movies or videos on android phone or tablet is a great fun as we can directly watch latest movies from USB pen drives on our phones if they support OTG. For OTG tutorial check this. HD movies are Dolby Digital Surround sound compatible so we can get a home theatre experience on our android phones in Full HD.


  • Android phone having a screen resolution of 854x480 with 16M colors display. If your phone screen size is small but resolution is large then it can play FHD movies.
  • UC browser 9.9.2 download here.
  • Any movie/video of Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) resolution.
How To Play Full HD (1080p) Videos/Movies On Android

  • Download and install UC browser 9.9.2 from above link.
  • Copy the movie to your phone’s sdcard.
  • Tap the file to play it. You will see two options, tap UC browser then again tap ‘Just Once’.
  • The video will start playing in UC browser. The movie shown below is Lion King at 1920x1080 resolution.
Full HD videos on android

  • The UC media player has gesture controls. You can swipe screen towards right to forward the movie.
  • Swipe Up or Down to control volume. 

1080p videos on android

play 1920x1080 movies on android

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sony Xperia Z3 Will Let You Play PS4 Games With DualShock 4

Sony has recently released its latest flagship smartphone Xperia Z3 which is the first android smartphone on which you can play PS4 games via Remote Play. You can connect the dualshock 4 (DS4) controller to your Xperia Z3, however you have to purchase the official SONY GCM10 Game Control Mount for proper gaming experience. With remote play you can enjoy PS4 games on your Xperia Z3 in any room, just make sure that your phone and PS4 are connected to same home Wi-Fi. The Xperia Z3's remote play is a strong competitor to NVIDIA shield which also delivers the same experience. Xperia Z3 compact also supports Remote Play.

xperia z3 remote play

Gaming on Sony Xperia Z3 will be high definition (HD) because of its larger 5.2 inch full HD touchscreen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Also 2.5 GHz snapdragon CPU, Adreno 330 GPU and 3 GB RAM makes it a super smartphone. It is water and dust proof with IP65 and IP68. It runs on android 4.4.4 KitKat. The rear camera is 20.7 MP with 1/2.3" Exmor RS for mobile image sensor to boost photos and videos detail. It can record 4K resolution videos. Currently it is available for pre-order.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sony Update Center 2.1.1.A.0.13.2 Update Rolled Out: Download Apk

SONY has recently rolled the latest update center app update. Now the app version changes from 2.1.1.A.10.3 to 2.1.1.A.0.13.2. The update center app is required to download all the SONY media apps and xperia system updates on your phone. This new update is required to get further newer updates from SONY.

Open update center app and tap refresh. Tap the arrow to download the file. The app size is just 1.7 MB.

Update Center 2.1.1.A.0.13.2

Update Center 2.1.1.A.0.13.2 APK Download Click Here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sony Sketch 4.2.1 App 2.0.A.1.7 Update Rolled Out: Download Apk

SONY has recently updated its sketch app to latest version 4.2.1. The app version now changes from 2.0.A.1.6 to newer 2.0.A.1.7. This app was only released for Xperia Z2 but later every Xperia smartphone was getting this app via OTA in update center. The new Sketch 4.2.1 update comes with stability improvements and bug fixes. With Sketch app you can edit photos and apply stickers and create your own masterpiece.

To update the app open update center app and tap refresh. Tap the vertical arrow to download. If you don't want to download it then download the apk. The update size is 10.2 MB.

Sony Sketch 4.2.1 App 2.0.A.1.7 APK Download

SONY sketch 4.2.1

Nvidia GeForce GT 820M Notebook GPU Gaming Review

Nvidia GeForce GT  820M is an entry level gaming gpu that is found in most notebooks today. The Nvidia GeForce 820M is a notebook gpu that can be used to play any latest windows platform game till date (2013). This notebook gpu features a 28nm architecture which makes it more power efficient and delivers awesome performance at low power. In this post I will review Nvidia GeForce 820M and tell about its pros and cons, but lets start with its quick specifications.

nvidia geforce 820m

Nvidia GeForce GT  820M Specifications

  • Core Speed : 775 MHz
  • Memory : 2048 MB DDR3 VRAM
  • Memory Speed : 1800 MHz
  • Memory Bus : 64 bit
  • Shader version : 5.0
  • OpenGL : 4.4
  • OpenCL : 1.1
  • DirectX : 11.2
  • Max Resolution : 2560x1600
  • Memory Bandwidth : 14.4 GB/sec with HDMI connection
  • Max Power : 15 Watts
  • Supported Technologies : Optimus, Physx, CUDA, FXAA, Direct Compute
  • Audio : 7.1 channel HD audio on HDMI
  • GeForce Performance Score : 2.5x which means it is 2.5 times faster than Intel HD Graphics 4000.
Nvidia GeForce GT 820M Gaming Performance And Review

1. No Lags: While playing games on a Windows based pc this gpu never lags even at max resolutions. The games runs like a charm and I can’t find a single bit of lag that can destroy gameplay experience. Gaming is smooth in most games but at 1366x768 screen resolutions only. You may see lags on a bigger 720p+ displays due to its 64bit memory bus which is not enough for HD gaming. OpenGL 4.4 is a boon to this gpu because it is the latest version of OpenGL. I have played games like NFS most wanted 2012, Call of duty MW3, Grid 2 and Battlefield 3, FIFA 14, Call of Duty Black Ops at full resolutions (1366x768) without lags. Your notebook/laptop should have at least 4 GB of RAM. The gpu temperature reaches upto 40 degree Celsius in winters and upto 55 degree celcius in summers while playing games in high resolution. You can use a laptop cooler to lower down the gpu temperature by few degrees. Its gaming performance is similar to Nvidia 720M. This GPU works best with Intel Core i5 because the CPU can be overlocked so it doesn't bottleneck GPU's performance.

2. No Overheating: While playing heavy games the gpu temperature is between 40-50 degree Celsius if the notebook is new. Nvidia GPUs are on better side than AMD GPUs because AMD GPUs run hot as compared to Nvidia. So overheating is not an issue for GeForce 820M as far as notebook is new. Overtime the temperature will increase because the (TIM) thermal interface material will dry out. Its maximum temperature is around 100 degree celcius. While playing games in summer season without a notebook cooler the the temperature may rise to70 degree celsius depending on the game which you are playing. The maximum temperature of this GPU is 105 degree Celcius.

3. Nvidia Optimus : Nvidia Optimus technology automatically switches graphics between Intel HD graphics and Nvidia’s dedicated graphics. So due to optimus technology we get best all round performance while gaming.

4. GPU Boost : GPU Boost automatically overclocks the GPU chip whenever needed while gaming, if the laptop cooling system allows it. Nvidia GeForce 820M fully supports GPU Boost 2.0 which will deliver even faster and balanced performance when required.

5. Nvidia GeForce Experience:  The GeForce Experience is specially designed software for Windows that keeps the Nvidia drivers updated. It also downloads optimal game profiles for the games stored on your notebook's hard drive. It automatically optimizes PC games to deliver best performance while gaming. Download GeForce Experience

Nvidia GeForce GT 820M Vs Intel HD Graphics 4000
Intel HD Graphics 4000 is integrated graphics in Intel Core i3 processors. Nvidia GeForce 820M is 2.5 times faster and efficient than Intel HD Graphics 4000. You can check how to change between intel hd graphics and nvidia GT 820M on any laptop.

Gaming Via HDMI Cable
If you game on HDTV’s via HDMI cable then you will get best gaming graphics on a larger screen. Nvidia GeForce 820M has 2 GB dedicated DDR3 memory which is suitable for playing games on a larger HD screen via HDMI connection between your notebook and the HDTV.

No Issues With Older Games
Nvidia GeForce 820M is backward compatible with older games that are around 8 to 10 years older. I played GTA Sanandreas on this GPU without any error. However some games will give error due to incorrect resolution. So run these games in max resolution and settings. Few games require patch fix according to the windows OS you are running, but run smoothly.

Check Out The Video
Below is a gameplay video of  Call Of Duty Black Ops on Nvidia GeForce 820M at max resolution and settings.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

How To Take Screenshots On Firefox OS

Firefox OS is a Linux- kernel based OS for smartphones being developed by Mozilla. It was first released in April 2013. The current release is v1.3.0. Firefox OS supports ARM and x86 platforms. Firefox OS is written in HTML5, Javascript, CSS and C++. Gaia is the user interface used in Firefox OS.The Gaia UI/UX includes a lock screen, home screen, phone dialer, contacts app, text messaging app, camera and gallery app. This OS contains all the necessary apps that a smartphone should have like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest.

In this tutorial I am going to teach you to take screenshots on Firefox OS. Taking screenshots are necessary as they are useful in capturing necessary information displayed on screen. Also they can be used as a step by step problem recorder or a tutorial.

How To Take Screenshots On Firefox OS

  • Press the Home button and the Power button at the same time to capture the screenshot.
  • A notification will appear and the screenshot will be saved in gallery.
firefox os home screen

How To Resolve Google Play Store Error 941

Google Play Store is a vast collection of android apps. We spend most of the time in downloading apps from this store. But sometimes you may see an error message in play store that indicates that the app can’t be downloaded due to some issues. The error message returns an error code which is a three digit number. These errors prevent download and installation of android apps on your android smart phone from Google Play Store.
google play store error 941

In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to resolve play store error 941. The error 941 can occur on any android version including gingerbread 2.3, ICS 4.0, android jellybean 4.1, android kitkat and probably android L. This error is not handset dependent and can occur on any android phone from Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, ASUS or HTC. But don’t worry I am going to tell you a permanent fix for Google play error 941 and I have previously managed to fix and resolve the error 927 that helped many users fixing the problem.

How To Resolve Google Play Store Error 941

This error is basically caused by following reasons. To fix this error fix the problems given below.

1. Data Connection : Internet data connection of your smartphone can cause this error to come up on your phone’s screen while downloading apps from play store. It happens if suddenly the data network disconnects. So make sure that your phone’s internet connection is in working state. If error occurs then restart your phone’s internet connection.

2. Clear Phone’s & App Cache : If your phone’s cache is full then this can cause this error. Because there is no much space left for play store’s new cache that needs to be stored on your phone. You have to clear the application junk files and cache. Use clean master app for this purpose. Also you should clear app cache of two apps ‘Google Play Services’ and ‘Play Store’. Go to ‘Settings>Apps>Downloaded’. Here find the above two apps open them and tap ‘Clear Data’. It will reset app to default state and clear all errors.

clear app data

Note: If ‘Clear Data’ button is unavailable in Google Play Services then go to ‘Settings>Security>Device administrators’. Uncheck android device manager then clear its cache. After clearing cache enable android device manager.

3. Keep Google Play App Updated : Keep the app updated to its latest version. The play store app automatically downloads its latest update in background when data connection is enabled. So let this app to update itself by enabling mobile data network and eave the phone idle for ten minutes. Just open the app and it will be updated.

After following the above given fixes you will be able to resolve Google play store error 941. If you any queries then feel free to ask via comments.