Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How To Convert Any Smartphone Camera Into Digital Microscope With A CD/DVD Lens(DIY)

A microscope is such a device used to magnify very tiny objects that we can’t see through our eyes. It uses two set of convex lenses to magnify objects. Would you believe if I tell you that you can use your smartphone’s camera as a digital microscope by using a DVD lens pickup which is basically a tiny convex lens. This is a DIY tutorial and you can use your smartphone’s camera to directly capture magnified photos and view them on the phone’s screen.

With this tutorial you can convert your smartphone be it iPhone, android or Windows phone into a digital microscope and explore tiny objects that we can’t see. But don’t expect magnification to level of onion peel cells as the DVD lens doesn’t have that much of magnification power.


  • Any smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.) with at least 5 MP camera having LED flash.
  • A CD/DVD lens pickup. You can get it from your non-working DVD/CD player. I got it from my non-working desktop DVD-RAM drive.
  • Transparent double sided tape.

  dvd lens

How To Convert Any Smartphone Camera Into Digital Microscope With A CD/DVD Lens(DIY)

  • The tutorial is just simple. You have to fix this DVD lens on the camera of your smartphone.
  • I used double side tape to attach the lens to the camera.
  • Don’t use any type of glue on the camera lens, as it will ruin the camera lens.
  • Make sure that the DVD lens should be fixed exactly in the middle of the Camera lens so that it can focus images.
  • You can make adjustments by looking at the screen and analyzing images to find which position suits the best.
  • Now you are all set to use your smartphone as a digital microscope.
  • Now launch the camera app and start taking microscopic photos on your iPhone, android or even Windows Phone.
  • Use the camera flash as torch while taking microscopic photos.

Microscopic Photos Taken Via a 5 MP Android Phone

Click on any image to view full size.

LED TV Panel

Surface Of A Leaf

microscopic camera photos android
Normal Piece Of Cloth

iphone microscope photos
Human Hair

Watch The Video

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Monday, July 20, 2015

How To Get 2 Whatsapp Accounts On One Android Phone, Single SIM No Root

Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging service available around the world. It has more users than Facebook or Google+. With the launch of Wi-Fi calling, Whatsapp has moved an step ahead and now everybody is using the Internet calling feature because it is allowing users to save money that they spend on mobile talktime, now they have to only pay for data plans. Today everybody is using Whatsapp which is common, and also everybody is using a Dual SIM phone. Being a Dual SIM phone, any android phone can’t support two Whatsapp accounts on a single android phone, doesn't matter whether it is a single SIM or Dual SIM variant phone.

2 whatsapp account on 1 phone

Most advanced users suggest to root the android phone and install some apps that create multiple user accounts for Whatsapp on a single android phone. But in my opinion this trick is not safe as your Whatsapp chat history may be intercepted by these apps and may get leaked online.
In this tutorial I am going to teach you how you can install 2 Whatsapp accounts on one android phone with a single SIM, however you can try it on the Dual SIM variant too. There is no need to root your android phone.

Downloads Required

1. Whatsapp Plus [Compulsory] : Download Latest Version
2. Whatsapp For Android [Optional] : Download

If you have already installed official Whatsapp then skip the step 2 above however you have to download Whatsapp+ in step 1.

About Whatsapp Plus
Whatsapp+ is the modded version of official Whatsapp for android. The modded version provides more smileys, memes and color customizations. It still uses Whatsapp servers, so it doesn’t matter whatever you are using, messages sent from any app will reach the official Whatsapp servers.

What’s The Trick
The trick behind installing two whatsapp accounts on same android phone is that, we can’t install the same app two times on android with the same name. But android OS treats ‘Whatsapp+’ and ‘Whatsapp’ as two different apps because of their names, however both these apps are exactly the same. So you can setup your second account with a new cell phone number in Whatsapp+ without rooting. See more Whatsapp tips and tricks.

How To Get 2 Whatsapp Accounts  On One Android Phone, Single SIM Without Root

  • Download and install Whatsapp+ from the link given above. Enable Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Now setup the app. Enter the mobile phone number that you want to use with the second account.
  • Now wait for verification. The SMS verification will fail on a single SIM phone, because the phone is already using official whatsapp.
  • Request a voice call for verification code on that phone number. Make sure that your new phone number is active.
  • Enter the verification code to verify.
  • Now enter your desired name and tap ‘NEXT’.
  • It done.

You have successfully installed 2 Whatsapp accounts on one android phone with a single SIM and no root required.

Important Notes

  • The tutorial has not been tested on Dual SIM phones. Updated tutorial will come soon.
  • Your contacts will be available in both apps. You should need to add more contacts to the phone from second SIM. Just import the contacts to your existing android phone.
  • Gettings more than 2 Whatsapp account on a single phone is not required. Two accounts are enough.
  • You can restore one account’s chat history on another account. Since the chat database from both apps uses crypt8 extension.
  • You cannot use 2 Whatsapp accounts with same number.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

How To Disable Google WebLight In Chrome For Android

Google WebLight is Google’s own website compression service that is designed to work on slow networks. With Google WebLight the chrome for android is able to compress the webpages in such a way that they use 80% less internet data. Google WebLight automatically activates when a slow network is detected whether it is Wi-Fi or mobile networks. However there is still an option to load the original version of the webpage on slow networks.

Google WebLight doesn’t work on fast networks like 4G LTE. It is currently not available in USA. It only works when a slow network is detected. Somehow it works like Opera Mini, but not completely. When pages are compressed in chrome for android, they may look improper because all the information is not processed by Google WebLight and only useful information is displayed.

We can’t permanently disable weblight because it recide on Google’s servers and automatically activates when slow network is encountered. We can only revert it to view original page when the compressed page appears.

How To Disable Google WebLight In Chrome For Android

  • Whenver you see this statement in chrome for android “Google detected you’re on a slow connection and optimised this page to use 80% less data.” The tap ‘View original (slow to load).

google weblight

  • That’s it you have disabled Google weblight for that particular webpage and it will reload to its original version.
  • If you wan’t a permanent fix then upgrade your internet networks and move to faster networks like 
  • Wi-Fi, because faster networks doesn’t use weblight.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wonder Share Dr. Fone : An Android Data Recovery Tool For Windows & MAC

Have you accidently deleted your precious data reciding on your android phone’s internal storage. This situation can be very annoying if you do not have the data backup of your android phone. Today’s android phones store all the data in the phone’s internal storage by default. Whether it is an application, app data, whatsapp chat history, photos, videos, contacts or sms messages. They all will be saved in the phone’s internal storage by default. However you can’t move the system apps data to and fro but you can move images, photos to external storage and may take a backup for future data restoration on your android smartphone.

wondershare dr. fone for android data recovery

But what if you haven’t took any backup and accidently deleted all the data stored on the phone. In this case the data stored in the internal storage will be deleted and you will be left with a phone with a clean storage. If this happens to your android phone then there is no need to worry for atleast some reason that the data deleted from a disk or semi conductor storage isn’t actually deleted, it still recide in the storage with deleted references. The data will be permanently deleted when over-written with a new file, that when you save new files to phone.

When you have accidently deleted the data on your android phone then make sure that you do not store new files in the phone. As doing so will reduce the chances of data recovery that is previously deleted.

Most android smartphones doesn’t allow internal storage to be accessed in Mass Storage Mode, so you can’t scan it for deleted files via a third party file recovery software.

But there is an android data recovery software from WonderShare named Dr. Fone for android. Dr. Fone for android is an android data recovery tool for android that is designed to work on Microsoft Windows and Apple MAC OS.

What Does Dr. Fone Able To Recover
Dr. Fone for android is able to recover photos, videos, documents, whatsapp chats, sms messages, call history, and contacts. But remember that recovery depends on the read/write operations done on the android phone’s internal storage. If after deletion you haven’t performed any read/write operations in the phone then the chances of data recovery will be high. So, if you have accidently deleted data on your android phone then keep it aside and d not store new files in the phone

Appeal : Please Read The Article Carefully Before Performing Data Recovery On Your Android Phone With Dr. Fone.

How To Use WonderShare Dr. Fone For Android

  • The WonderShare Dr. Fone for android is available to download for MAC and Windows.
  • Install it on your MAC or PC. An internet connection is required to install it.
  • After installation. Open Dr. Fone on your MAC or Windows PC.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your android phone.

For Android 2.3 : "Settings" > click "Applications" > click "Development" > check "USB debugging".
For Android 3.0 to 4.1: tap "Settings "> click "Developer options" > check "USB debugging".
For Android 4.2 or later versions: tap "Settings" > click "About Phone" > tap "Build number" for about 7 times until getting the note "You are under developer mode". Go back to "Settings" > click "Developer options" > check "USB debugging".

  • Now connect the phone to PC or MAC via usb cable. Let Dr. Fone for android scan your smartphone.
  • A popup will open on your android phone to install a RSA key. Tap ‘Allow’ when popup opens.
  • Now after few seconds another popup will open by SuperSU app to let you grant it root access. Do it.
  • This will root your phone for a while to access the internal storage, but after recovery it will un-root the android phone automatically.
  • The trial version will root the android phone, and doesn’t recover any file and will not un-root the phone, so you have to buy it.
  • Now when rooting is over, choose the file types and click ‘Next’.

  • Select ‘Scan for deleted files’ and click ‘Next’.
  • Let the Dr. Fone scan the insternal storage for deleted files. Wait for few seconds till all the deleted files list is shown.
  • Select the files and click ‘Recover’.

  • Its done. You have recovered the deleted files from the internal storage of your android phone.
  • Also on the left panel choose the recovery type to recover files. Click ‘Gallery’ to see deleted photos and click the ‘Recover’ button.
  • Same procedure can be applied to recover videos, sms messages, whatsapp chats and media, call history and contacts.

Why To Use WonderShare Dr. Fone For Android Data Recovery

  • Because it is currently the only software for MAC and Windows that is providing android data recovery from android phone’s internal storage.
  • Comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the product then you can get back every penny you spent on it to buy.
  • Support 6000+ android smartphones including Samsung, LG, GOOGLE Nexus, HTC, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Motorola and many more brands.
  • You have to buy it once and you'll get lifetime updates.

About The Trial Version

The trial version of the WonderShare Dr. Fone doesn’t recover any files from your android phone, but it will tell you that what files have been deleted from your phone’s internal storage. So to buy Dr. Fone any time click this link.

Also if you use the trial version, it will root your phone and install the SuperSU app. To unroot your phone use the SuperSU app. Finally use Root Checker app to check whether your phone is rooted or not.

Important Advice For All Android Users

The Android file recovery - Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android, performs very well to recover deleted files on Android devices. However, not all deleted files can be recovered from your Android device if you don't deal with the recovery properly. Before getting down to the recovery process, you must do the prep work first:

1. Stop using your Android phone or tablet the moment you find you have deleted some important files accidently or the files missing without any reason. You know, the deleted or lost files are not gone right away from your Android device, but waiting to be overwritten by new data. Because of this, if you continue to use your device, then the deleted or missing data will disappear forever.

2. Find a computer nearby, being ready to recover Android files. The sooner, the better. Download and install Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android on the computer and follow the instructions below to recover Android files.

Buy WonderShare Dr. Fone For Android, comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.