Monday, March 30, 2015

Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen Getting Android 5.1 Lollipop Soon

Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen is the budget android phones in Motorola Cell Phones series. The phone has got good quality hardware including a Quad Core 1.2 GHz Cortex A53 CPU, Adreno 306 GPU and 1 GB RAM. The Moto E 2nd Gen comes with android 5.0 Lollipop but recently android 5.1 lollipop is spotted on the Moto E XT106 model. Currently the android 5.1 lollipop for Moto E 2015 2nd Gen is under testing and there is no confirmation from Motorola when the firmware will be officially released.

All models including the Moto E XT1527, XT1511 for USA, Moto E XT1505 (Global Model) will be getting the android 5.1 lollipop once its official. We have leaked pictures of Moto E 2015 second generation running android 5.1 lollipop

Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen Running Android 5.1 Lollipop Leaked Picture

moto e 2nd gen spotted running android 5.1 lollipop


How To Unlock Daily/Weekly Challenges In Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an endless running game for android as you all know with characters like Usain Bolt, Bruce Lee, Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox etc. It has a total of 9 missions with hidden secret artifacts, idols and daily and weekly challenges. In start of the game the daily and weekly challenges are not compulsory to complete, but as you explore the game further and manage to reach beyond level 6 then you have to complete the daily challenges. Temple Run 2 gives us daily challenges every 24 hours on our android cell phones and most the of time you will complain temple run 2 daily challenge not showing. Weekly challenges appear once per week. The Temple Run App uses your android cell phone's clock to deliver new daily challenges once per week.

But who wants to wait 24 hours just to play a complete a single objective. I have a trick with which you can complete all the daily and weekly challenges in just one day, all you have to do is to sit and play the game for long hours.

Downloads Required

Trick : How To Unlock Daily/Weekly Challenges In Temple Run 2
  • Download and install the temple run 2 apk.
  • Enable the data connection. Now open the app and tap 'Menu'.
  • Now Tap 'Challenges'. Here you will see a clock that will show the time remaining for next challenge.
  • Now press or tap the home button and go to 'Settings>System>Date & Time'
  • Set the time to '11:59 PM'. Now open the game and you will see that the next challenge will start in just less than 60 seconds. After this time frame is over you will see a new daily challenge.

  temple run 2 daily challenge unlocked    

  • If the timer stops at '00:00:00' and you do not see any daily challenges then change the date to the next day while keeping the clock at '11:59' PM.
  • Again open the app and see this time you will get a new challenge.
  • After completing the daily challenge the timer again shows 24 hours. Now again set the clock to 11:59 PM to get the new daily challenge.
  • With this trick you can complete all temple run 2 daily challenges in just one day.
  • Also when you keep changing the clock the date also changes and you also see new 'Weekly Challenges'. Now you will not see 'No Challenges This Week' again.
Note : When you set the clock to current date and time all the Daily Challenge progress will be lost.

You have learnt the trick to unlock all daily and weekly challenge in temple run 2.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

How To Record Screen On Android Without Root

Recording your android screen is sometimes useful when you are creating video tutorials for apps. When you are preparing a android tutorial then sticking to only screen capturing is not enough because a video tutorial works better to convey the message. There are many best screen recorder apps available for android but most of them requires your cell phone to be rooted. But in this tutorial I am going to teach you how to record android screen without rooting. This tutorial will even work on android 4.3 Jellybean and the best performance will be achieved in android KitKat 4.4 and android lollipop 5.0. Most people want screen recorder for android no root no pc, but you need a pc to activate the screen recorder app for android.

Downloads Required

How To Record Screen On Android Phones/Tablet Without Root

  • Download and install the above app.
  • Enable 'Developer Options' in 'Settings'.
  • If 'Developer Options' is not visible then go to 'About device' and tap on 'Build number' 10 times to unlock the 'Developer Options'.
  • Now enable 'USB debugging' in 'Developer Options'.
  • Now install the activator software on your computer and follow the On screen options.
  • Now open the app on your cell phone and connect it to pc via USB cable when the activator software asks you to do so.
  • On connecting a popup will open in your cell phone showing a RSA key. Tap 'OK' to activate.

  • Wait for few seconds until you get the message to disconnect.
  • Now the app is activated. To start recording your android screen open the app and tap the recording icon on top right.
screen recording android

  • When you tap the icon a popup will open. At this time just tap the home button to start recording.

  • Now you will see a countdown from 5 to 1 which means android screen recording has started.
  • To stop the recording just open up the app.
  • To watch the recorded screen videos tap the video then tap the menu button on top right and select 'Play'.
You have successfully learnt to record android screen on phones and tablets.

Subway Surfers Paris 1.37 Android Game Download Apk Free

Subway Surfers Paris is an endless running game for android smartphones. It is one of the best android games The game is recently updated to version 1.37 which has following new additions.

Follow the Subway Surfers World Tour to France

  • Grind trains with Jake and the crew in the stunning Subway of Paris.
  • Beat your friends in Top Run to earn coveted Top Runner Awards.
  • Add some playfulness to your collection with the new Jester Outfit for Coco.
  • Go on Weekly Hunts for colorful Easter Eggs and win great prizes.
Download The Subway Surfers 1.37 APK

Play Store Link

Subway Surfers Paris 1.37 Unlimited Coins And Keys APK

If you want to download the modded apk of subway surfers with unlimited coins and unlimited keys, unlocked characters then download the Subway Surfers Paris 1.37 Modded APK.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Asus Zenfone 2 : Which Variant Should You Buy

The much anticipated Asus Zenfone 2 is making its debut in India on April 13, 2015. The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer Asus has already released the plans to launch it in Canada this spring via Staples and, now its heading towards India. Also Asus has ties with AT&T with which it has released its padfone 2, so Asus Zenfone 2 will be released in US with or without contract. Meanwhile we should be aware that Asus Zenfone 2 will be released in 5 different models. These models are given below.

  • ZE551ML (2/4 GB)
  • ZE550ML
  • ZE500CL
  • ZX550

Asus Zenfone 2 List Of All Cell Phones Models

ZE551ML : This version of Asus Zenfone 2 is the top smartphone among this series and comes in three variants under the same model name ZE551ML. The difference is only between RAM and CPU. One variant has 2 GB RAM and Quad Core Intel Atom Z3560 @ 1.8 GHz CPU and other two has 4 GB RAM out of which one variant has 1.8 GHz Z3560 CPU and the rest of the specifications are same. It has Intel atom Z3580 quad core cpu clocked at 2.3 GHz. It also has 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. Inbuilt storage is 16/32/64 GB and can be further upgraded to 64 GB via micro Sdcard. The battery capacity is 3000 mAh. The screen size is 5.5 inch with 1920x1080 full hd resolution at 403 ppi. It runs on android 5.0 lollipop out of the box. The ZE551ML is 4G enabled and supports dual SIM. The ZX550 Asus Zenfone Zoom has exactly the same specs as of ZE551ML but has a better camera with 3X optical zoom and better image stabilization and optical sensors. All models are NFC enabled.

ZX550 : The ZX550 Asus Zenfone Zoom has exactly the same specs as of ZE551ML but has a better camera with 3X optical zoom and better image stabilization and optical sensors.

ZE550ML : This model has Intel Atom Quad Core CPU clocked at 1.6 GHz, with PowerVR G6430 GPU. It has 5.5 inch multi touchscreen but the resolution is not full HD but is only 1280x720 pixels with 267 ppi. The ZE550ML has 2 GB RAM, a 13 MP primary camera and a 5 MP selfie camera. The inbuilt storage is 16 GB and is expandable upto 64 GB. The battery is 3000 mAh. It runs on android 5.0 lollipop and is 4G enabled. It has dual micro SIM.

ZE500CL : The ZE500CL is the least and cheapest performer in Zenfone 2 series. This is the only model to have a Dual Core Intel Atom Z2560 @ 1.6 GHz, other models being the quad cores. It has 2 GB onboard RAM, 16 GB inbuilt storage, 8 MP rear and 2 MP front camera. The battery is only 2500 mAh. The Asus Zenfone 2 ZE500CL is the single SIM variant with 4G LTE radio. The screen size is 5 inches HD with 294 ppi. It runs on android 5.0 lollipop.

Which Variant Of Zenfone 2 Should You Buy

1. ZE551ML
As you can see there are a total of 6 variants in Asus Zenfone 2 series with the ZE500CL being the cheapest and having the lowest specs. The model number ZE551ML has two variants with same spects except the difference in RAM (2/4 GB). So, its up to you whether you go for the 2 GB or 4 GB model because the rest of the specs are same. These two variants will have slight price difference. It also has notification light next to the selfie camera. It is NFC compatible.

asus zenfone 2 notification light

Verdict : I will go for this cell phone because of 4 GB RAM, Quad core CPU and most of all a Full HD 5.5 screen with 403 ppi. I will mostly use it for gaming and typing work. The Asus ZenUI over android 5.0 lollipop is very simple to use. You can buy the 4 GB model and use it for around 2 years without hassles. This is the best smartphone in this series. Buying this phone comes under good phone deals.

2. ZE550X
The Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX550 is also having the same specs as that of ZE551ML and there is only difference in camera. With ASUS Zenfone 2 ZX550 you can click awesome pictures with 3X optical zoom and few other optical sensors.

Verdict : This will costlier than any other zenfone 2 model. If you do not like photography much then buying this phone is a waste of money because it has all the same specs as that of ZE551ML, so you are paying extra money just for the camera. So buying this model is not recommended according to me

3. ZE550ML
This Zenfone 2 version is another mid performer with 64 bit quad core 1.8 GHz intel atom CPU and 2 GB RAM. The GPU is PowerVR G6430 which is same in high end zenfone models. Its internal storage is 16 GB. The screen size is 5.5 inches 720p with 267 ppi. The rear camera is 13 MP and front camera is 5 MP. The battery is 3000 mAh.

Verdict : The ZE550ML model is different than other high end zenfone smartphone in terms of CPU, Data Rate and screen only. Well its a good choice if you are low on budget. But there won’t be much diference in price of ZE551ML and ZE550ML. So if you can expend some extra money then go for the Full HD model ZE551ML. Otherwise if your budget doesn’t allow you to cross then you can buy it.

4. ZE500CL
This is the cheapest model of Zenfone 2 series with a 1.6 GHz dual core intel CPU. It has PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU and 2 GB RAM. The screen size is only 5 inches, 720p with 294 ppi, yet better than the ZE550ML. The rear camera is 8 MP and selfie camera is 2 MP. The battery is non-removable, 2500 mAh. It doesn't have NFC.

Verdict : Only buy if you are very low on budget and looking for cheap phones that runs on android 5.0 lollipop and 2 GB RAM. Well this cell phone will be good for gaming at cheap price due to the the PowerVR SGX544MP2 because I have used PowerVR SGX540 in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and it played most graphics hungry games like NFS Most Wanted, Asphalt Airborne, Real Racing 3, Modern Combat 5 etc.

Common Features In All Zenfone 2 New Smartphones 2015

  • Storage : All Zenfone 2 series smartphones has atleast 16 GB inbuilt storage which can be further upgraded to 64 GB via micro Sdcards. Out of 16 GB around 11 GB will be user available. So in 11 GB we can install lots of apps and games that require large storage.
  • RAM : All Zenfone 2 models has atleast 2 GB RAM.
  • CPU : All Zenphone 2 phones has 64 bit Intel processors.
  • Camera : The camera resolution is same in ZE551ML, ZE550ML and ZE550X except the ZE500CL.
  • Network : All Asus Zenfone 2 models are 4G LTE enabled, with minor differences in data rate. The ZE551ML, ZE550ML and ZE550X have dual SIM but ZE500CL do not.
  • Android version : All Zenfone 2 cell phones run on android 5.0 lollipop with ZenUI.
Asus Zenfone 2 All Variants Smartphone Comparison

CPU 64 bit Quad Core Intel Atom Z3580 @ 2.3 GHz  64 bit Quad Core Intel Atom Z3560 @ 1.8 GHz 64 bit Dual Core Intel Atom Z2560 @ 1.6 GHz
GPU PowerVR G6430 PowerVR SGX544MP2
Screen Size 5.5 inch, 1920x1080 pixels (Full HD), 403 ppi 5.5 inches, 1280x720 pixels (HD), 267 ppi 5.0 inches, 1280x720 pixels (HD), 294 ppi.
Storage Internal : 16/32/64/128 GBUpgradable : 64 GB Internal : 16 GB

Expandable : 64 GB
Camera 13 MP rear and 5 MP front. ZX550 has better camera with 3X Optical Zoom 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front
Battery 3000 mAh, non-removable 2500 mAh, non-removable
Android OS Android 5.0 Lollipop
Networks GSM/HSPA/LTE 4G
SIM Dual Miro SIM Single Micro SIM

This is the complete buying guide for Asus Zenfone 2 top smartphones. After reading this guide you will be able to choose your Zenfone 2 according to your needs which best suits your requirements.

How To Play Flash(.flv) Videos On Android

Flash Videos having the extension .flv is the most used video format for online video streaming. They directly play in the web browser with the help of adobe flash player plugin. However you can also download these flash videos and play them on your computer but they can't be directly played in the default android video player. Suppose you are watching a flash video(.flv) online and you want to download it on your phone then you can do this but you can not play it on android phone or android tablets in the default video player. First you have to convert the video format to .mp4 then it will work. This process is very time consuming and requires the file transfer between your computer and your smartphone. I have tried a number of media players including MX player and they can't play flash videos. Also you don't to install any other flv player for android phones or video flash player.

But is there any way to directly watch flv videos on android phones without converting them to another format. The answer is YES, because in this tutorial I am going to teach you how you can play any flash video (.flv) on your android phone or android tablet offline. And good news is that there is no need to root your phone and no need to download flash player archive. Browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Chrome can't play flv videos but UC Browser can.

Downloads Required

How To Play Flash(.flv) Videos On Android Phones (Offline)

  • Download and install the UC Browser 10.3.
  • Copy your flash videos to either internal storage or sdcard of your smartphone or 7 inch android tablet.
  • Rename the videos names to simpler names like "myvideo", "video1" etc.
  • Now open UC browser 10.3 and tap "Enter URL". Now type the following address according to storage location.
Internal Storage : file:///storage/emulated/0/video1.flv
SDcard : file:///storage/sdcard1/video1.flv

  • After entering the above URL according to the storage location where you stored your flash videos hit "Go" on the phone's keyboard.
  • A popup will open, tap "Play Online".
UCWeb media player

  • At this time the video will not play and you will see another popup in UC video player saying that "You are not using Wi-Fi network. It will cost data usage"
  • Tap "Continue" and tap the back key to exit the UC player.

  • Now again enter the same URL in browser and hit Go. This time you won't see any warning in UC player for data usage and the video will start playing. 
  • Don't worry you will not be charged for any data usage from your network provider. Below is the flv video from TMNT 2014 featuring Megan Fox.
flash(.flv) videos on android
  • The UC player can play full HD flash videos on any smartphone or tablet.
  • The video watching experience will be awesome on a 7 inch android tablet as you can directly watch flv movies/clips/videos on your android tablet without converting them to mp4 format.
Video Tutorial

This tutorial works great and saves time which you might be wasting in converting and transferring videos to other format. If you have any questions then ask via comments.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Update Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi To Official Android 5.0.2 Lollipop XXU1BOCC Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 model number SM-T800 has received the official android 5.0.2 Lollipop OTA update. The update was first released in France, US and Canada and users have already reported the update as totally bug free and smooth. If you haven’t received the update yet then don’t worry because I will teach you how you can upgrade your Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi  SM-T800 to latest android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware.


  • This tutorial is meant to be applied only on the international version of Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 model number SM-T800. If you do not know the model number then go to ‘Settings>About device>Model number’. Check here it should be T800 otherwise this tutorial is not for you.
  • Backing up the data is an good idea because if something goes wrong you will loose your precious photos, videos and other files. So copy all the data stored on your phone to PC. Use androzip to backup android apps apk. 
  • If your tablet is rooted then after upgrade your root access will be revoked, so you have to root it again if you want to.
  • Battery should be charged upto 80% level.
  • Enable ‘USB Debugging’ from ‘Developer options’. If ‘Developer options’ is not visible then go to ‘Settings>About device’. Here tap the ‘Build number’ 10 times to unlock the ‘Developer options’.

Do not try this tutorial except Galaxy Tablet S 10.5 T800 or your tablet will get bricked then do not blame us for your doings. By following the tutorial you agree that if something wrong happens to your Galaxy Tab S 10.5 then you will be responsible for it not us.

However this tutorial is written for the Cellular South version of Tab S 10.5 in united states but it will work on all regions.


Update Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi To Official Android 5.0.2 Lollipop XXU1BOCC Firmware

  • Download and install Samsung USB drivers.
  • Download the firmware according to your region and extract it on desktop. It contains a file with .md5 extension.
  • Open odin.exe on your computer.
  • Switch off your tablet and reboot it in download mode by pressing 'Home', 'Volume down' and 'Power key' at the same time until your tab vibrates. Press the volume up button to enter into odin mode.
  • Now connect IT to PC via USB cable.
  • Let odin recognize your DEVICE. When it is recognized by odin the field under <ID:COM> in odin will turn blue and you will see a message "<ID:0/016> Added!!".This means that your Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is recognized and is ready to be flashed.
odin upgrading Galaxy Tab S 10.5 to android 5.0.2

  • Make sure that only "Auto Reboot", and "F.Reset Time" options should be checked. Do not change other settings of ODIN.
  • Now check 'PDA' or 'AP' and click it and select the firmware file from the desktop. Wait for few seconds till ODIN finishes some checks.
  • Click 'Start' to initiate the flashing process.
  • When the process is completed odin will return a message 'PASS'. When your tablet first boots to home screen then disconnect it from PC.
Note: If your Galaxy Tab S 10.5 doesn't boot to home screen then force restart the tab in recovery mode by pressing home, power and volume up key simultaneously. Press the volume up key to continue. Here choose 'Wipe data/Factory reset'. Use volume keys to move up and down and use home key to select. Wiping will delete entire data stored on the phone so make sure that you have took a backup of your data in above steps.


galaxy tab s 10.5 wi-fi android 5.0.2 lollipop

You have successfully updated your Samsung Galaxy Tablet S 10.5 Wi-Fi to android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware.

Google Play Store 5.3.6 Released Download APK

Google has recently released the play store latest version 5.3.6 which comes with new material design, new search bar, lots of bug fixes, payment error fixes and UI like android 5.0 lollipop. Well this update comes with big bug fixes like the payment error when you purchase apps on Google Play Store, but still you may not notice any update notification on your android phone. However if you want to install it manually then we will provide you the play store 5.3.6 apk here.

play store 5.3.6

Updating the Google Play Store to the latest version is necessary because it directly affects the apps we are downloading. If the Play Store app is not updated to latest version then you will start getting Google Play Store Error 927 on android phone, see how to resolve error 927.

To avoid other errors and avoid situations in which you can't download apps from the Google Play, you have to install the latest version. Download from the link below.

Latest Google Play Store 5.3.6 APK Download

How To Install

To install the app just go to "Settings>Security>Device Administration>Unknown sources". Enable it and install the apk.

How To Unlock Bruce Lee In Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an endless running game developed by iMangi Studios for the android smartphones. It is one of the most played games on android. Since its inception iMangi is giving new rewards, features and surprises in the game via in-app purchases. The latest version of temple run 2 v1.15 contains Happy Easter which lets you collect delicious Easter artifacts and unlock aerodynamic bunny ears for your characters. Also the most popular character in temple run 2 till date is Bruce Lee and and can only be unlocked via in-app purchases.

In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to unlock Bruce Lee in temple run 2 without purchase. Also you will learn how to get unlimited coins and unlimited gems in temple run 2 v1.15.

Downloads Required 

How To Unlock Bruce Lee In Temple Run 2

  • First of all download and install the temple run 2 mod apk with unlimited coins and gems.
  • Download the data files and extract the files on your desktop computer.
  • The extracted file will contain a folder named "com.imangi.templerun2".
  • Now copy this folder to "internal storage>android". If you are using a files browser on your android then a warning will appear to replace the existing folders. Replace the existing files and folder with the above data files.
  • Now open temple run 2 and tap "Menu". Bruce Lee will be visible in characters section.

bruce lee in temple run 2                

Friday, March 13, 2015

Motorola Moto 4G (2015) Now Available In UK For £149

Motorola's latest version of the Moto G 4G (2015) is now available for sale in the UK. This is the upgrade to the Motorola's older Moto G 2nd Gen that debuted last year. The Moto G 2nd Gen 2015 comes with LTE/4G networks, improved camera an 8 MP rear and 2 MP selfie shooter, improved battery and being water resistant.

moto g 4g 2015 lte

The Moto G 4G has a 5 inch 720 HD screen with 294 ppi, IPS panel and corning gorilla glass protection. The Moto G 4G runs android 5.0.2 lollipop out of the box but on Motorola's UK website android 4.4.4 KitKat is mentioned which is not correct. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 with 1.2 GHz quad core Cortex-A7 CPU, Adreno 305 with 450 MHz GPU.

The Moto G 4G LTE unlocked can be yours right now for £159.99 if you check mobile phone deals at Motorola's UK site. That's just a £10 markup from the 3G-only model, which goes for £149.99. Have a look at the specifications.

Motorola Moto G 4G (2015) Specifications
Operating System Android 5.0.2 Lollipop
Processor Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
Graphics (GPU) Adreno 305 with 450 MHz GPU
Memory (RAM) 1 GB
Storage (Inbuilt/Expandable) 8 GB/Upto 32 GB with microSD card
Camera 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels with f/2.0 aperture, Tap anywhere to capture, LED flash, Auto focus,4X digital zoom, Slow motion video, Burst mode, Auto HDR, Panorama & Tap to focus.
Selfie Shooter 2 MP
SIM Card Dual Micro SIM
Display/Screen resolution/Panel Type/PPI/Protection 5.0” 720p HD, 720x1280 ,IPS, 294 ppi, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 protection, scratch resistant glass.
Battery 2390 mAh, non-Removable.
Water Resistant Yes
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
USB features Micros USB, OTG support.
Bluetooth 4.0 LE