How to Enable the New 'Take a Break' Reminder' in YouTube App

Launched at the Google I/O in May 2018 the new YouTube feature is named 'Take a Break'. This feature is especially rolled out for folks who spend too much time watching YouTube videos. Watching too many videos on your smartphone is actually not good for anyone's health. As the smartphone screen continuously emits blue light which makes our brain overactive. The 'Take a Break' YouTube reminder can save you from watching unnecessary videos. This way you can save a lot of time and mostly revert the bad effects of blue light.

Suppose you are searching a particular video on YouTube. Let's say you are searching the unboxing video for the latest budget laptop. The video may not be longer than 15 minutes. But after that video finishes then YouTube gives you other recommendations. You may keep watching those recommendations even if there is no need. However, if a 'Take a Break' reminder is set to 15 minutes then YouTube will ask you to stop watching and it won't show the video unless you close the reminder.

So the main motive behind the YouTube 'Take a Break' feature is to spread awareness about healthy usage of technology. Remember the famous phrase 'Wu Ji bi-fan' from the movie Karate Kid 2010. According to the film, it means 'too much of something is not good for you'. So too much of YouTube is actually not good for anyone. At a certain point, you have to stop watching it to prevent the ill effects of digital eye strain. It is also true that it is hard to live without technology today. But we should make a balance between this technology and our health.

How to Enable 'Take a Break' Reminder in YouTube App

This is a full feature roll out and is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). This feature is available in YouTube app version 13.17 and above. If you are using an older version then please update the app first. To enable the reminder just follow the steps below.
  • Open the app and tap your account icon just next to the 'Search' button.
  • Here tap 'Settings' and then tap to select 'General'.
  • Tap 'Remind me to take a break'. Select the time limit after which you want the reminder to appear. Currently, it can be set to 15, 30, 60, 90, and 180 minutes. Currently, no custom time limit is supported.
  • Tap the time limit and its done. Now when the time limit reaches, a reminder will appear on the screen just like this below.

take a break youtube
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How to Restore HD Photo/Video Quality of Scratched/Blurry Android/iPhone Camera

Ever wondered why your Android or iPhone camera's photos or videos come out to be blurry or foggy? The problem seems like if you are using a fog or blur filter for your photos or full HD videos. But actually, the problem is related to the android phone's camera glass. When we say that a phone's camera got scratched and it is not taking photos clearly then it means that the camera's glass has worn out. The glass gets too many scratches over time that it doesn't allow light to pass through it. That's why due to lack of light the android camera becomes blurry or foggy. With such a camera you can't even focus on objects. Every photo or video you take or shoot will just be blurry.

The easiest solution to this problem is to change the camera glass. This will restore the camera quality to original but just for few months. After that glass wears out you have to change it again. Many Android smartphone cameras are prone to get scratched when put in pockets. You can blame the weird phone design or the camera bumps that look different from the phone itself.

The camera lens has a glass protection. If you remove this glass then the camera will be able to take high-quality photos and videos. The quality will be even better than the original scratchless glass because the light is entirely hitting the lens and nothing is reflected. This complete light entering the camera lens makes the photos even sharper, brighter, and vibrant. So, I have created a video where I am teaching to restore the original quality of a scratched Android camera. You can watch the video below. This is a DIY video which teaches to remove the glass and make a temporary camera cover which protects it from dust and water when it is not in use. So, watch the video below.

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How to Fix a Scratched Android Camera and Restore Its Image/Video Quality

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Mi Power Bank 2i 10000mAh Review: Best Power Bank With Fast Charging

When it comes to power banks then most people find it hard to find a suitable one. Before purchasing a power bank like Mi Power Bank 2i one should take care of its safety, charging capacity, price, and the claims it makes about charging many smartphones. In today's world power banks have become a necessity if you own a smartphone with a big battery. Because power is something that won't be readily available everywhere if you travel a lot. Android smartphones consume a lot of battery especially the ones that run stock Android OS. Because these android smartphones don't have a significant power saving mode or ultra power saving mode.

And when you are shooting videos on your smartphone be it an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or OnePlus then the battery will discharge quickly because of the camera. So what will you do when your phone's battery gets exhausted and there is no availability of power nearby to you. Whenever you travel then you should use your phone less often for taking photos or videos. You can also carry a separate feature phone which will at least keep you in contact with your friends and family while traveling. But in case of an emergency, you should possess a power bank.

Buying a power bank is not enough because what's the use of a power bank that takes hours to charge your phone. Today most android and almost every modern iOS device support fast charging. Most modern smartphones support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which quickly charges a smartphone battery from 0 to 100 percent. If your smartphone supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 or even any kind of fast charging or quick charging, then buying normal power banks with no quick charging support would be a waste of time.

So, forget all kinds of power bank and check out the Xiaomi's Mi Power Bank 2i. It is the only reliable power bank that is cheap, safe, and has a fast charging support. A power bank with a fast charging support? Yes, you heard right. The Mi Power Bank 2i supports two-way fast charging. This means it can fast charge itself with a compatible fast charger and fast charge any smartphone which has fast charging support. Isn't it nice? you tell. The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2i comes in two variants which have 10000mAh and 20000mAh capacity. But in this post, we will talk about the 10000mAh variant and give you its review, price, specifications, and safety tips.

Mi Power Bank 2i 10000mAh: Reasons to buy

  • Dual USB output. Charges two smartphones at the same time. Please note that while charging two devices simultaneously the fast charging won't work.
  • Large battery capacity of 10000mAh. 
  • Two-way fast charging support for smartphones and the power bank itself. You can simultaneously charge the power bank and can still charge your phones, gadgets with it.
  • Low power charging mode for low power gadgets like a smartwatch, Bluetooth, fitness bands etc.
  • Contains flat lithium-ion battery cells which are also used in smartphones. These flat lithium-ion batteries have a longer life as compared to the 18650 cells which are found in most power banks. If a single 18650 cell fails then the entire power bank will fail. But there is no such issue with the Mi Power Bank 2i.
  • 4 LED indicators show the estimate of battery percentage remaining. One LED indicators correspond to 25% of Power Bank charge.
  • Have built-in safety measures to protect your smartphone from overheating, overcurrent, overdischarge, short circuit and overvoltage.

➜ Download Mi Power Bank 2i User Manual PDF - Download

Mi Power Bank 2i 10000mAh Review

What's in the box?

You get a nicely packed power bank with a flat USB cable and a users manual. That's all you get in the box.

Mi power bank 2i safety

Mi Power Bank 2i Design

It features an aluminum metal frame with a scratch resistant surface. It is 14.2mm thin and weighs only 245g grams. That much weight isn't heavy to carry and you can put it in your pocket or backpack. It has two USB type A slots on the front which both supports fast charging. A separate micro USB port is given for charging the Mi Power Bank 2i. The micro USB port supports fast charging which reduces power bank's charging time.

Mi power bank 2i review

You can also find a power check button on the front panel. On pressing this power check button the LEDs will start to glow. There are a total of 4 LEDs and each single LED light denotes 25 percent of battery backup. So 4 LED lights denote 100 percent of battery backup. This power bank doesn't have any switch off button. You can't switch it off but the LEDs will stop blinking after few seconds. You can check the following image to get an idea of battery percentage in Mi Power Bank 2i.

Mi power bank 2i tips and tricks

Mi Power Bank 2i Charging Capacity

As per Xiaomi's claims, the 10000 mAh variant of Mi Power Bank 2i can provide a maximum output of 6500 mAh. This is the reason why most people doubt its mAh capacity. The power bank has 2 lithium-ion batteries of 5000mAh each connected in series. But actually, I managed to get an output of 8100mAh while charging a 3000mAh phone battery. Technically it should charge a 3000mAh battery at least 3.3 times to fully utilize its 10000mAh. But it is practically not allowed. This might be because of the circuit which saves some mAh (say 1000mAh on each battery) to protect the power bank batteries from getting seriously discharged.

Mi power bank 2i 10000mAh

Experts say that if a lithium-ion battery gets discharged to less than 2.5 volts per cell then it is almost dead. At this point, the charger can't charge the battery. Only a battery booster may help. So, to avoid such situation the power bank's circuit might be saving 2000mAh (or more on each battery) to prevent serious discharge cycles.

As per my testing, I managed to charge an Android smartphone with a 3000 mAh battery exactly 2.7 times. You can understand by checking the following data.

1. First time: Charged to 100 percent
2. Second time: Charged to 100 percent
3. Third time: Charged to 71 percent

So from the above data, it is clear that the Mi Power Bank 2i is capable of giving 81 percent of its total charging capacity (10000mAh) which charges a 3000mAh phone exactly 2.7 times. While charging, the supplied USB cable was used. And no heating was administered. Considering its performance I can suggest anyone to blindly go for this power bank which costs only 899₹ rupees.

Note: When you charge two mobile phones at the same time from this power bank then fast charging will not work. It can charge two devices simultaneously but at normal charging rate. Fast charging works only for one device at any time connected to any of the USB port.

Time Taken to Charge Mi Power Bank 2i

Mi Power Bank 2i may take anywhere between 4 to 6 hours depending on the charger you are using. Xiaomi recommends 9V 2A charger to charge this power bank. Using a 5V 1A standard charger will take more than 6 hours to charge it completely. Also, there is a risk of incorrect charging, damage, and fire while using the non-recommended chargers.

It is not a good idea to waste 6+ hours in charging this massive power bank. So I recommend buying a separate Xiaomi 9V 2A fast charger for this power bank. This fast charger will charge this power bank in around 4.2 hours. This Xiaomi 9V 2A power adapter costs only 499 rupees and will save a lot of time. To greatly reduce the charging you can also use a 12V 1A charger. But it is hard to find such charger. You can buy this power adapter from the link below.

Time Taken to Charge Smartphones/Devices With Mi Power Bank 2i

There is not much discussion needed here. The Mi Power Bank 2i will work as a portable power adapter for smartphones and low power devices. So, if your phone supports fast charging/quick charging then it will get charged quickly. Pressing the power check button 2 times will enable the low power mode which is suitable for charging low power devices. The output values of Mi Power Bank 2i is as follows.

Standard Output: 5.1V 2.4A
Fast Charging Output #1: 9V 1.6A
Fast Charging Output #2: 12V 1.25A

The standard output of this power bank is 5.1 volts and 2.4 amperes which is more than enough to charge most smartphones much faster than their original power adapters. Because standard adapters have only 5 volts 1-ampere output but Mi Power Bank 2i is giving twice the current at the same voltage. However, charging time will still greatly depend on device's power input feed. If a phone is not capable of taking more than 1 ampere then charging time won't have much difference as compared to its original charger.

Because of three charging outputs, the Mi Power Bank 2i gives an option to charge a wide variety of smartphones and other devices that have different power requirements in volts.

Mi Power Bank 2i Low/High Power Mode

When you are charging your smartphones or iPhones then you don't have to do anything special. But if you want to charge your smartwatch, fitness band, Bluetooth headset, or any other low power device which have a battery capacity less than 500mAh then you have to use low power mode. To enter low power mode simply press the power check button two times. After pressing the buttons two times the LED lights will blink one by one which means that low power mode is activated. Press the power check button anytime to exit the low power mode.

Mi Power Bank 2i Safety Tips

With a power bank comes safety precautions that you shouldn't ignore at any cost. There have been cases where the power banks got exploded without giving any warning. This happens because of incorrect usage and charging habits. Here are some tips to safely use your new Mi Power Bank 2i.

  • Use only recommended charger. This recommended charger will not only charge the batteries faster but it will also protect the power bank from overheating, short circuit, overvoltage or any kind of electrical damage. You should buy the Xioami 9V 2A adapter.
  • If you are carrying your power bank in your pocket or a backpack then don't put any metal object with it like coins, keys, or any other metal object. A metal contact with USB terminal can cause explosion or fire.
  • Never ever leave the USB cable connected to the power bank. This may result in a fire if the USB cable comes in contact with another metal object.
  • Avoid putting the power bank with your clothes in your cupboard. Never keep it near your data backup devices like hard drives, laptops, or computers. Put the power bank in a ventilated and isolated area where you can see it anytime.
  • Don't put the power bank near water. Also never immerse it in water. This may result in immediate explosion or fire.
  • Only use the supplied USB cable for charging purpose. Don't use low quality and long USB cables as they have a high electrical resistance which increases charging time.
  • Never put the power bank near you while charging and sleeping.

Should You Buy Mi Power Bank 2i

Of course, if you are looking for a portable supercharger then Mi Power Bank 2i is highly recommended. This is because it supports fast charging, has good quality lithium-ion cells, has 9 layers of circuit-chip protection. And you have two options while buying this. You can either buy the 10000mAh variant or the 20000mAh variant depending on your charging needs while traveling. You can buy any of these from the links given below.

Buy Mi Power Bank 2i 10000mAh - 899₹  rupees
Buy Mi Power Bank 2i 20000mAh - 1599₹  rupees

Verify Product With Xiaomi

You can also verify your Mi Power Bank 2i with Xiaomi and check if it is genuine or not. Every Mi power bank comes with a unique 20-digit code printed on the back of the retail box. To reveal the code you first have to scratch it. After getting the code go to

Enter your 20-digit code here to get the details of your product.


Just like smartphones power banks have become a necessity today. This is a perfect portable power backup solution for your smartphone if you move out of your house every day. Situations may arise like when you forget to charge your phone while leaving your office to go home. In this situation, a power bank will save you and you can charge the phone in the way back to your home. Its a must have gadget and can be used in emergencies when your phone's battery dies and you don't have any power outlet or charger near you. The Mi Power Bank 2i also saves time because it supports two-way fast charging.

A 3000 mAh phone can last for a day if you use it for calling and a little bit of internet only. In case of an emergency enable ultra power saving mode on your phone and keep the power bank with you fully charged. I'll bet you will definitely know the worth of having a reliable power backup with you in an emergency. If you want a reliable power bank then don't think too much the Xiaomi's Mi Power Bank 2i would be the ultimate choice for any smartphone user.

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How to Play Android Games on Your Windows PC

The best Android games can be so interesting that you want to continue playing them on your PC. There are a few different options if you feel the need to play Android games on a Windows PC. Even if cube breaking games like Toy Crush are designed to provide entertainment especially attractive for mobile phones, they can certainly provide the same entertainment on a regular computer. Make sure to pick an emulator or online solution that is easy to use so that you don’t have to spend hours on configuration. One of my favorite game is Toy Crush, and besides my android phone, I want to play it on my PC too.

You can use free emulators or online services that will make your favorite Android game available on your PC. Some say that PC gaming is better than console gaming and if you like to see your games on a bigger screen, it might beat the experience on your smartphone. Here are some methods that you should be able to use.

Use the Nox App Player Emulator

This is an Android emulator that you can use for free. You install the Nox App Player and get virtual Android environment on your PC. You use your mouse to tap and swipe instead of swiping on the screen with your finger. It takes a little bit of getting used to but you will soon get the hang of it.

BlueStacks for Android Games on PC

One of the most popular Android emulators for PC is BlueStacks. This is a software that you can install on your computer. When the installation is done, you can use the program as a separate window that will let you play Android games. You can download games from the Google Play Store just like you would with your smartphone. Using this program, you can also install other apps like Whatsapp on your PC which is pretty cool.

Android SDK

Another well known Android emulator is Android SDK. This is an emulator developed by Google. If you can figure out how to configure SDK, it might be a good choice. However, some say that it runs too slowly for the Android games to be as fun on a PC as they are on a mobile phone.

Install Remix OS

Remix OS as the name suggests is an operating system based on Android. The Remix OS can be installed on a USB pen drive or you can install it on your Windows PC as a dual boot. Remix OS lets you sideload your favorite Android games and you can play them on a Windows PC. For more info check out the Remix OS website.

So these were some of the options that can let you install and play your favorite Android games on a Windows PC. If you are looking for simple android app player then check out the nox player or the BlueStacks app player. But if you want something like Android OS on a Windows PC then install Remix OS and start using your PC as another android device to play games or install another app.

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How to Change Audio Language in Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an internet on-demand video service. The Amazon Prime Video lets you stream thousands of movies on your smartphone and personal computer. It is also available for iOS platform. The service costs 999₹ rupees per year which also provides a subscription to Amazon Prime Music and Prime shopping.

So, if you shop a lot, listen to music a lot, and watch online movies a lot them Amazon prime is the right choice for. Different movie watchers have different tastes. Some people like to watch movies in English, some like to watch Hollywood English movies dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, or Telugu. The good news is that it is quite possible to watch Hollywood English movies in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. You just have to change the audio language as per your convenience.

First of all, let me tell you a little about a dual audio movie. A dual movie is a specially encoded movie/video file that has multiple audio streams. So you can watch this movie in more than one language. All you have to do is to change the audio language in the video player settings. If you do have a dual audio movie and want to watch it on your smartphone then check this article below.

➜ Change audio language in dual audio movies on Android

Now coming back to Amazon prime video. The prime video also hosts dual audio movies and sometimes dubbed Hollywood movies feature up to four audio languages. These dubbed Hollywood movies feature the most common languages of your country. So let's check out how to change the audio language in Amazon Prime Video app.

Change Audio Language in Dubbed Hollywood Movies in Amazon Prime Video App

The tutorial is applicable to Amazon Prime Members only. So if you have already installed the Prime Video app then follow the steps below.
  • Open the app and find movies listed as 'Movies in Hindi', 'Movies in Tamil', or 'Movies in Telugu'.
  • Right now I am looking to watch Hollywood movies in Hindi on Prime Video.
  • So, I'll check the 'Movies in Hindi' or 'Hollywood Movies' section. Amazon automatically lists Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies on this list. So no need to make special efforts in finding such movies.
  • Tap on your favorite movie and then tap 'Watch Now'. The movie will start playing.

  • When the movie starts playing tap the 'Subtitles & Audio' button in the top right corner.

  • In 'Audio' choose your favorite dubbed audio language. Under 'Subtitles' either select 'Off' or 'English'. Also, tap 'Subtitle Settings' to customize the font size and format.
  • If you picked a dubbed Hollywood movie from the 'Movies in Hindi' section then it will by default play in Hindi audio. However, you can later change the language to English.

Change Audio Language in Dubbed Hollywood Movies in Amazon Prime Video Web Interface

Amazon Prime Video can also be accessed from a PC or laptop. So you can view high definition movies directly on your laptop or computer screen. And the good thing is that you can even connect an HD TV to your PC or laptop via an HDMI connection and directly watch Amazon Prime Video movies on your TV via your laptop or PC, no need to buy Amazon Fire TV stick separately.
  • Go to
  • Login to your Amazon account.
  • Find 'Hollywood movies' or 'Movies in Hindi'. Click on the movie to see its description then click the blue play button.
  • Now when the movie starts playing click the 'Subtitles and Audio' button just before the 'Settings' button. From here select your desired audio language.

If you want to watch the movies on your HD TV then connect your laptop/PC to your TV via an HDMI cable and select the TV as your secondary display in Windows 10.

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HTTPS now Officially Available For Custom Blogger Domains

Good news Google has just officially released the HTTPS support for custom blogger domain. The service was previously available to only blogspot blogs. In the past blogger did provide the blogger draft to enable HTTPS on a custom blogger domain. But that feature was in beta and wasn't used by many bloggers who have a custom domain. Now Google has just officially released the SSL (https) support for custom blogger domains. This is not beta version and is fully tested.

ssl custom blogger domain

So, if your blog is being hosted on blogger with a custom domain then you should enable https for your blog's security. First of all the SSL certificate comes from Google and it is totally free. Having https on your website also helps it to improve its search rankings. Don't worry about the mixed content issues if all your images and content is on blogger. Because blogger uses https and if you enable this feature then mixed content issues won't affect your blog. You can also redirect http to https to prevent any 404 errors.

Enable HTTPS on Custom Blogger Domain

  • Login to your blogger account.
  • Go to 'Settings>Basic'.
  • Under 'HTTPS' enable 'HTTPS availability' by select 'Yes'.
  • Also enable 'HTTPS redirect' to prevent any 404 errors from your previous http hyperlinks.

official https for custom blogger domain

  • Wait for few minutes and that's it.
  • Your custom blogger domain now have a free SSL certificate that costs nothing and have a high security because it is provided by Google.

So let us know if you are enabling the HTTPS on your custom blogger domain or not.

Moto G4 Plus Gets February 2018 Security Patch Update With KRACK Vulnerability Fix

Motorola Moto G4 Plus has just received the latest update. This update is not Android 7.1 or Android 8.0 Oreo rather it is just a normal security patch update. This latest update has build number NPJS25.93-14-15 and weighs only 42 MB. It only takes less than 10 minutes to install this update. This latest Moto G4 Plus OTA fixes all the Android vulnerabilities up to February 1, 2018. It also fixes the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability. This update has already been launched in the USA last month.

KRACK is short of Key Re-installation Attack. Basically, this Wi-Fi security vulnerability exploits the WPA2 protocol in all Wi-Fi routers and devices. An attacker can intercept your unencrypted internet traffic and see what you are browsing on the web. However, the attacker cannot see anything if you are connecting to websites which use https.

Recommended: Check how many SIMs are activated on your Aadhaar card

So if an attacker who is in your Wi-Fi router's range gains access then the attacker can inject malicious codes or programs which will surely cause damage to your data and privacy. So, it's better to update your devices and routers. Using the KRACK exploit an attacker can't obtain your Wi-Fi password, and can't attack from miles away or from another city or even country. So always keep a check on your routers and see the number of clients attached. Update the router if firmware updates are available from your manufacturer.
moto g4 plus NPJS25.93-14-15 february 2018
To update your Moto G4 Plus with the latest February 2018 security patch update go to 'Settings>About phone>System updates'. If an update is available then tap 'YES, I'M IN'. Download the OTA and install it. Make sure that your phone is charged to at least 60%.

There is one problem with latest OTA update. After installing the update the phone reboots but doesn't boot to the home screen and gets stuck with a black screen. The phone won't start after this update. If this happens then manually restart your Moto G4 Plus by pressing and holding the power button. Release the button when the phone vibrates.

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How to check how many SIMs are activated on a single Aadhaar card

31st March 2018 is nearing and you should have done Aadhaar re-verification for your mobile phone number by now. Failing to link your Aadhar card number with your mobile number may earn a service deactivation from your mobile operator. As per government rules, one should link all his mobile phone numbers with Aadhar ID by 31st March. It doesn't matter how many SIMs do you own, linking them with Aadhar card is so simple. Just make a visit to the authorized customer relationship center of your mobile network operator and do the re-verification. The process is pretty safe and has an OTP based security which prevents Aadhaar details misuse.

Many people who possess Aadhaar card are worried about its potential misuse. They think that someone can use their Aadhaar ID to buy a new SIM in their name. But as per UIDAI website statements, it is impossible to do so. Because you can buy a SIM only when you can authenticate yourself through your biometric details (fingerprint). And nobody can have the same fingerprints. However, if you are still worried that someone else has activated a SIM on your Aadhar card number then it is quite easy to find.

How to Check How Many Mobile Numbers Are Activated On Your Aadhaar Card

The current tutorial is limited to AirTel, Jio, Vodafone, and Idea users. Any other users please directly contact your network service provider.

For AirTel users

AirTel made it simple to check how many AirTel mobile numbers are linked to your Aadhaar card. To check simply send a message ADCHK <space> <your UID> to 121. You will get an automated reply within a minute. However, if your AirTel number is already verified with Aadhaar then you can just send ADCHK to 121 without adding your UID. The message will be like this below.

how many airtel sim on my aadhar card

As you can see the image above shows that currently only one number is linked to the user's Aadhaar card and no other AirTel numbers are linked. So, if you are an AirTel user then you can check your linking status and number of SIMs linked to your Aadhaar by just sending only one SMS. You can use this service time to time to check for any unauthorized linking which is almost impossible as per UIDAI claims.

For Vodafone and Idea users

Vodafone and Idea don't have an SMS based service to check for Aadhaar linking status. So you can visit their customer relationship center and directly ask for the right information that you are looking for. The store executives will provide you the information related to the number of SIMs linked to your Aadhaar card.

For Jio users

If you are a Jio user and want to know how many Jio SIMs are activated on your Aadhaar ID then there are two ways to check it. And these are stated below.

Method 1

  • Go to
  • Click 'Mobility & JioFi' and enter your Jio number and click 'Submit'.

how many jio sim on my aadhar card
  • On clicking the 'Submit' button you will be shown other Jio numbers that are currently linked to your Aadhaar card.

  • If you find an unknown number then contact Jio care and ask for deactivation of these SIMs.

Method 2

  • Simply install My Jio app and open it.
  • Under your mobile number tap 'Link New Account'.

    how many jio sim on my aadhar card

  • This option will show you all the Jio numbers that are currently linked to your Aadhaar card.
  • If you see any number that you don't own then contact Jio care or visit Jio store and ask for deactivation of these unknown numbers.

So, these are the ways to check how many mobile numbers are linked to a single Aadhaar card. If you liked the article then please share it. And don't forget to comment if you find any unauthorized mobile number linked to your Aadhaar ID.

Honor 9 Lite Tips, Tricks, And Hidden Secrets

Honor 9 Lite has launched about a month ago. The phone features a quad camera setup. It gives you the bokeh effect in a 13MP camera at low cost. It also features 3 GB RAM and Hisilicon Kirin 659 chipset. The phone also features an 18:9 full view display and runs android Oreo out of the box. So, at just 10,999₹ the Honor 9 Lite is a nice phone with four cameras, full view display, and latest Android OS. In this post, we will list most of the Honor 9 Lite tips, tricks, and hidden secrets. So check these out below.

1. Take Screenshots: There are four ways of taking screenshots on Honor 9 Lite. The first way lets you capture screenshots by a tapping a dedicated ‘Screenshot’ button in the notification panel. Swipe the notifications panel down and tap the ‘Screenshot’ button to capture a screenshot. Secondly, you can just press the ‘power’ and ‘volume down’ button at the same time to capture a screenshot.
In a third way, you can use a three finger swipe over the screen to capture a screenshot. First, you have to enable the option in the Settings. Go to ‘Settings>Smart assistance>Motion control>Three-finger screenshot’. Here enable this option to capture screenshots by swiping three fingers over the screen.

Lastly you can also take a scrolling screenshot (scrollshot). This is useful if you are reading a web page and want to capture a longer section of the web page. To capture a scrollshot first capture the screenshot by any of the means mentioned above. Now a screenshot popup will appear on the screen. Tap ‘Scrollshot’, phone will automatically start taking a scroll shot. Tap the screen whenever you want to stop capturing the scrolling screenshot. The scrolling screenshots are only meant for web pages. To capture the entire web page with all of its content you may have to take 2 or 3 scrollshots.

2. Use Split Screen View On Honor 9 Lite: Honor 9 Lite boasts a 5.65 inches touchscreen with an 18:9 full view display. So it's a large screen and you can split it easily between two apps. You can either open two Google chrome tabs and read the web pages simultaneously. Or you can open any other apps that support the split view. To open the split screen view on Honor 9 Lite first open an app of your choice then long tap and hold the ‘overview’ button for a while. When the split view gets enabled you can open the second app in the space given below. Tap and drag the blue button in the middle of the screen up or down to resize the split screen view of the apps.

3. Change Screen Resolution On Honor 9 Lite: Full HD screens have more power requirements then HD screens. So phone’s having HD screens are more battery efficient than phones having Full HD displays. But in Honor 9 Lite you can lower the screen resolution from Full HD+ to HD+. This will increase the battery capacity at the cost of screen clarity. To change the screen resolution go to ‘Settings>Display>Screen resolution’. Under ‘CUSTOM’ select HD+ (1440 x 720 (low)) to lower the screen resolution. Select FHD+ (2160 x 1080 (high)) if you want to set the resolution to full HD. Enable ‘Smart resolution’ if you want to let the phone automatically select the best resolution to save the battery. When the battery gets low the resolution will be auto set to HD+ if ‘Smart resolution’ is enabled.

4. Enable Power/Ultra Power Saving Mode: Huawei Honor 9 Lite comes with two modes when it comes to battery saving. One is the normal ‘Power saving’ mode and another is the ‘Ultra power saving’ mode. The ultra power saving mode is capable of saving more battery juice by turning the screen black and running only necessary apps like phone call app, messaging app, SOS app, and any two apps of your choice. To enable the power saving mode go to ‘Settings>Battery’. Here you can enable both the settings. If you are using ultra power saving mode then you can only use necessary apps.

5. Show Battery Percentage In Honor 9 Lite: To show the battery percentage next to the battery icon go to ‘Settings>Battery’. Here tap ‘Battery percentage’ and select ‘Next to icon’. You can also select ‘In icon’ if you want to show battery percentage inside the battery icon. You should enable this feature as it will always keep you updated about how much battery is left. Keeping an eye on the battery percentage will also let you know when it is the right time to enable the power saving or ultra power saving mode.

6. Change Screen Colour Temperature: Honor 9 Lite gives you an option to change the screen’s color temperature. You can set the color to warm or a cool range temperature to suit your viewing experience. To change the screen color temperature go to ‘Settings>Display’. Here tap ‘Colour temperature’. You will see three options ‘default’, ‘warm’, and ‘cool’. Select any option and tap OK. For custom screen color just touch the colored circle and drag the plus sign anywhere to select your desired color. Finally tap OK.

7. Enable Eye Comfort In Honor 9 Lite: As your smartphone screens emit blue light which is not good for our eyes in the dark. So to protect the eyes from the blue light you should enable the ‘Eye Comfort’ option. To enable it go to ‘Settings>Display’. Here tap ‘Eye comfort’ and again tap ‘Eye comfort’ to enable it. You can also schedule the eye comfort for start and end time. Use the slider under ‘Colour Temperature’ to increase or decrease the intensity of the eye comfort filter. You can set the filter’s intensity between the warmer and cooler color temperature range. You can also enable this from the notifications panel.

8. Change Home Screen Style In Honor 9 Lite: Honor 9 Lite has two types of home screen styles. One is the standard one in which the app drawer is not available. The seconds one is the ‘Drawer’ which enables the app drawer with home screen button in Honor 9 Lite. To change the home screen style go to ‘Settings>Display>Home screen style’. Choose the style which you want to apply.

9. Change Text Size and Style: A larger text on the screen is easy to read. Also, it puts less stress on our eyes because eyes will have to make fewer efforts in focussing the large text. To change the text size in Honor 9 Lite go to ‘Settings>Display’. Scroll down and tap ‘Text size’ then adjust the size by swiping the text size slider either left or right. Go back and tap ‘Text style’ to change the text font style.

10. Use Storage Cleaner on Honor 9 Lite: Honor 9 Lite comes with a built-in storage cleaner. The storage manager will let you remove junk files from your phone. You can always free up space by using the storage manager. Open ‘Phone Manager’ app and tap ‘Cleanup’. Use the ‘Deep Clean’ functions to find even more junk files and unused app.

11. Encrypt Your Files on Honor 9 Lite: With ‘File Safe’ you can encrypt your photos, videos, audio, and other files and lock them with a password. Files once added to this safe will be hidden from their original location and can only be seen in the ‘File Safe’. To create a safe go to ‘Settings>Security & privacy’. Here tap ‘File safe’. Tap ‘Enable’ to start the setup. You will have to provide a password and two security questions. After creating a file safe you just have to add files into it. Just add files and encrypt them so no one can access them except you. When required you can delete the safe from its settings and permanently delete files in it. However, before deleting the safe you can export your files to your desired location.

12. Use App Lock on Honor 9 Lite: Honor 9 Lite has a built-in app lock which is a system level app. You can lock your android apps without downloading any third-party app lock. To start using app lock go to ‘Settings>Security &  privacy>App lock’. You will be asked to set a password and a recovery question during initial setup. After setting up the app lock you can lock your sensitive android apps like WhatsApp, messaging app or any other app.

13. Use One-Handed Mode on Honor 9 Lite: If you find the screen of Honor 9 Lite then you can use it in one-handed mode. To enable one-handed UI just go to ‘Settings>Smart assistance>One-handed UI’. Here enable ‘Mini screen view’. Now to enter the one-handed UI just make a swipe at the navigation buttons either from left or right. To exit, tap the black area and return to full-screen view.

14. Double Tap to Wake Screen: This is a very nice feature and is also available on Xiaomi phones. With this feature, you can wake the phone’s screen with a double tap without having to press the power button. To enable double tap to wake screen on Honor 9 Lite go to ‘Settings>Smart assistance>Motion control>Screen off gestures’. Here tap ‘Double touch’ and enable ‘Double touch to turn the screen on or off’.

15. Three Finger Screenshot on Honor 9 Lite: We have discussed this trick in our first tip. Scroll above to check it at the beginning of this article.

16. Change, Hide, Show Navigation Buttons: In Honor 9 Lite you can change, hide, or show navigation buttons. To change, hide, or show navigation buttons go to ‘Settings>Smart assistance>System navigation>Navigation bar’.  Tap ‘Settings’ and select the combination on navigation buttons to change the buttons order. Enable ‘Navigation bar’ to enable the hide/show button. To hide the navigation bar just tap the tiny arrow on the left in the navigation bar. This will completely remove the navigation bar from the screen. To bring it back just swipe up the screen from its bottom where the Honor logo is located. In the navigation bar, you may see a fifth button and arrow with two parallel bars above it. This button is for opening the notification panel.

17. Enable Simple Mode In Honor 9 Lite: Simple Mode provides an easy way to use the phone. It provides large icons on the screen which are easy to see. You can also add your favorite apps. To enable simple mode in Honor 9 Lite go to ‘Settings>System>Simple mode’. Tap ‘Apply’ to start using it. To add your favorite apps in the simple mode just long tap any app tile and swipe to left two times unless you see multiple ‘Add’ option. Tap ‘Add’ and select the apps which you want to add in the simple mode. To exit simple mode go to ‘Settings>System>Simple mode’. Tap ‘Exit’ button.

18. Use Hidden Bar/QR Code Scanner:  Honor 9 Lite has a hidden QR and barcode scanner. But it is not available as an app. To access this QR scanner just make a swipe on the screen in a downward direction. It will open a search box. Tap the QR scanner button in the search bar. You can also scan QR or barcodes in an image and can enable flashlight while scanning a QR or bar code in the dark.

19. Force Restart Honor 9 Lite: Sometimes it may happen when your phone may hang or freeze completely. A restart is required to fix a frozen android smartphone. To force restart your Honor 9 Lite press and the power button for more than 10 seconds.

20. Enter Recovery Mode In Honor 9 Lite: In recovery mode, you can hard reset Honor 9 Lite. Hard reset will wipe the entire data stored on the phone’s storage. To enter recovery mode watch this video. Also, read about factory reset protection.

21. How to Change Themes: You can download and apply themes in your Honor 9 Lite. Simply go to the ‘Themes’ in the phone’s app list.

22. Use Sound Recorder: Stock Android smartphones don’t provide basic apps like a sound recorder. We have to download such apps from the Google Play Store. But Honor 9 Lite has a built-in sound recorder app. Go to ‘Tools>Sound Recorder’ to access this app.

23. Use Torch: To enable torch on your Honor 9 Lite go to the ‘Tools’ folder or hit the torch icon in the notification panel to turn it on.

24. Use Phone Manager: Honor 9 Lite has a phone manager that provides functions like cleaning the cache, managing the battery, system junk files, defragmenting your phone’s internal storage, and providing virus scan using the Avast cloud security engine. You can optimize your Honor 9 Lite with this phone manager app by just a single tap of a button. Open the app and see what performance improvements are being shown to you.

25. Convert Images to PDF: To convert images to PDF in your Honor 9 Lite go to ‘Gallery’ and open your favorite photo. Tap ‘More’ and select ‘Print or export to PDF’. On the top tap ‘Select printer’ and select ‘Save as PDF’. Just below the ‘Paper size’ tap the blue half arrow icon and set up the page settings. Finally, tap the ‘Save’ button which looks like a floppy. By default, all your PDF converted images will be saved to the ‘Downloads’ folder.

26. Enable Object Tracking in Video Camera: If you are shooting a video and just want to track a single object then enabling the object tracking will give you good video recording results. Simply open the camera app and switch to a video camera. Now swipe left on the camera screen and enable ‘Object tracking’. This feature works only with the rear camera.

27. Change Screen Transitions: To change screen transitions on your Honor 9 Lite first of all go to the home screen. Here long tap on the empty space where no icon or widget is located. Tap ‘Transitions’ and select your favorite transitions for the home and app screen.

28. Access App Shortcuts: You can access app shortcuts for any android app installed on your phone. For example, if I want to open a new tab in the chrome browser then I will long tap its icon in the app or home screen and select ‘New tab’.  Similarly long tapping the ‘Settings’ button will give you four network connectivity options. The good thing is you can even put a shortcut of these app shortcuts on the home screen. Simply long-tap an app to open the shortcuts, then long tap any shortcut to make its shortcut on the home screen.

29. Use App Twin: With app twin, you can install two same android apps on your Honor 9 Lite. You can have two WhatsApp accounts with different numbers on your Honor 9 Lite or you can have two Facebook apps installed, or two Snapchat apps installed on the same phone. You can also install two Instagram apps on this phone. Simply go to ‘Settings>Apps & notifications>App twin’. Here you will see a list of the apps which can have a twin. Simply enable the app twin to install its second instance.

30. Enable Screen Recording: Honor 9 Lite has a built-in screen recording function. This is a very nice feature as you don’t have to install third party recording apps. But there is a problem with this built-in screen recorder as it is not even customizable. You cannot change its resolution or apply a watermark. Before using the screen recorder you first have to enable it. Go to the notifications panel by swiping down the top of the screen. Here the ‘Pencil/Pen’ icon for editing the icons layout. You will see many icon tiles here. Drag and place the ‘Screen recording’ tile to the main notification icons list. Now go back and tap the ‘Screen recording’ button to start recording your phone’s screen. Use the built-in ‘File Manager’ to locate these videos. The videos are located in ‘Internal storage>Pictures>Screenshots’. Check the date and time stamp of the videos to find your latest recorded video.

31. Enable Ride Mode On Honor 9 Lite: With a new OTA update (LLD-AL10 the Honor 9 Lite has received a new built-in feature known as ride mode. Whenever you want to ride your two-wheeler vehicle then you can enable ride mode on your phone. This will let the calling person know that you are currently riding a bike and cannot take a call. To setup go to ‘Settings>System>Ride mode’. Before enabling it configure it like ‘Preferred answering method’, ‘Auto answer by voice’, ‘Ride tracking’ and analytics. After configuring enable ‘Ride mode’.

So these were some of the tips and tricks for the Huawei Honor 9 Lite. If you liked the article then please share it.

Windows 10 Cumulative Updates Aren't Installing: How to Fix?

A Windows 10 Cumulative Update is a collection of more than one updates. These cumulative updates contain all the new and previously released fixes. The good thing about these cumulative updates is that they don't duplicate any installed update. When a new update package is available for Windows 10 then only those files will be downloaded that aren't installed.

Windows 10 users have been facing a serious issue with these cumulative updates. Most of them weren't able to install a single Windows 10 quality update since December 2017. Even if you download the package from Microsoft update catalog and install it manually then it will not install at any cost.

I remember Microsoft released some dangerous Windows 10 updates in the previous month including KB4056892 (16299.192), KB4074588, and KB4058258 (16299.214)KB4056892 broke my Windows 10 PC and dropped the system in an unbootable state. The computer started but was unable to go past the Windows 10 logo. It returned an error stating "Your PC didn't start correctly" every time I switched it on. These cumulative updates returned error codes which are 0x80073715, 0x80070bc2, and 0x80070422. However, a Microsoft patch was released later.

So, what could be the problem with these cumulative updates? I don't have an exact answer for this but running the Windows update troubleshooter notified me a serious error known as 'Windows Update Database Corruption Error'. To repair the database I tried the DISM tool and the System File Checker (SFC /scannow) tool. But none of these tools fixed the problem. Then I decided to do a clean install of Windows 10 which worked with one cumulative update only. Even a clean install didn't fix the problem.

The only solution to this Windows update problem is to clean install Windows 10 without reusing the old 'System Reserved' partition for a new and clean installation. During a second clean installation round, I deleted the C:\ drive partition and the 'System Reserved' partition. 

Windows 10 Cumulative Updates Aren't Installing: A Permanent Fix As Of Now

To prevent any data loss situation always make sure that you have multiple copies of your data stored on your computer. You can use external hard drives. We recommend WD My Passport Ultra.

  • To do a clean install of Windows 10 you should be having a bootable USB. 
  • Always check the partitioning style of your current Windows 10 installation before doing a clean install. If your computer is using a GPT partition style then making a bootable USB with MBR partitioning style would be illogical.
  • To check the partition style. Type the following command at the command prompt.
diskpart <hit enter>
list disk <hit enter>
If under the 'Gpt' field you don't see any * (asterisk) then your computer's partition style is MBR otherwise GPT.
  • Now after knowing the partition style go on creating a bootable Windows 10 USB. Read this article - create a bootable USB Windows 10 with MBR or GPT.
  • After creating the bootable USB restart your computer and go to BIOS settings. In BIOS change the boot order and select the USB to boot from. Exit the BIOS.
  • When the BIOS boots the USB it will ask you to press any key to load the Windows 10 installation files. That's it now go on installing the software.

  • During the setup, Windows will ask you where to install the new OS. This is the most important part.
  • Here the disk partitions are labeled 0, 1, 2 and not C:\, D:\, or E:\. So be careful while formatting the right partition.
  • To identify the C:\ partition in the Windows setup it is always better to note its size and free space before installation.
  • You can get the drive info by right clicking the C:\ drive partition and checking 'Properties' in 'My PC'.
  • This will help us identify which is drive C:\ partition by checking its size and free space. So be careful in this.
  • Now select the C:\ partition after identifying it and delete it. Also, delete the 'System Reserved' partition.
  • Now create a new C:\ partition with all the unallocated space (including the System partition space).
  • After creating the new C:\ partition there would be no 'System Reserved' partition. But don't worry Windows 10 will automatically create a new 'System Reserved' partition on installation.
  • Start the installation and wait till it finishes.
After complete installation, check for Windows updates and let Windows install updates automatically. After this clean install, I hope all the latest cumulative updates will install on your Windows 10 PC as they are working fine on mine.