August 26, 2016

How to Restart a Frozen Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the upcoming flagship phablet in the Galaxy note series. It would be not wrong to call it the king of phablets. The Galaxy Note 7 is expected to release on September 2, 2016. The Galaxy Note 7 comes with the much-awaited iris scanner which would be best security feature ever given to an android smartphone. Apart from this, it will feature Exynos 8890 Octa chipset with 4 GB RAM. The battery has improved to 3500 mAh and supports fast charging and wireless charging. Though the battery is non-removable.

A non-removable battery can now be found in most android smartphones. Since it is necessary if the phone is dust-proof and water resistant. Having a non-removable battery has an only disadvantage of not being pulled out to soft reset the phone. And it may bother you if your Galaxy Note 7 has become unresponsive. If your Galaxy Note 7 has frozen and doesn't respond then it may reboot automatically after few seconds. Your phone may hang or the screen may become unresponsive due to several unknown reasons.

Restart a Frozen Galaxy Note 7

However, if your Galaxy Note 7 doesn't reboot on its own then you have to trigger the manual override. A manual override is done by pressing combinations of buttons to prevent battery drainage and bringing the phone back to its normal state after a reboot.

How to Restart a Frozen Galaxy Note 7

The steps below only apply when your phone becomes unresponsive and you can see the home screen.
  • If your Galaxy Note 7 is not responding to your inputs then just wait for 30-40 seconds. The automatic reboot should come into play.
  • If nothing happens then just press and hold "Power Button" and "Volume Down" button at the same time for at least 10 seconds.
  • The phone will boot to home screen thereby fixing the problem.

If The Display Shows Nothing (Blank Screen)

If the display shows nothing and you only see a blank screen. It is possible that your Galaxy Note 7 has been switched off. So to confirm it just press any button like the home button or the power button just once. If the screen doesn't wake up then the phone is switched off. Press the "Power" button to switch it ON. If power button doesn't work then follow the steps below.
  • Press and hold the "Power" and "Volume Down" button unless the phone vibrates. Release the buttons when the device vibrates.
  • You have entered the "Safe Maintenance Mode".
  • Here you will see multiple options. Possibly "Normal Mode" would be on top. If it is not selected then use volume up or down to navigate to this option.
  • When the "Normal Mode" is selected then press the "Power Button" to reboot the phone to home screen.
  • After this, everything will work fine on your Galaxy Note 7.

Warning: In the maintenance mode do not accidently select "Factory Reset" otherwise, it will delete the entire data stored on the phone. Also, it will initiate factory reset protection on your Galaxy Note 7 after that you will be unable to use your device for 24 hours. Know more about factory reset protection.

You have successfully learned to restart a frozen Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

August 23, 2016

How To Play Playstation [PS2] Games On Android

Sony PlayStation 2 was a sixth generation video game console that was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was the successor to the Sony PlayStation [PS1/PSX] gaming console. PS2 was so popular that it reigned the gaming world for 13 years and have received game releases even with the seventh generation gaming consoles. The best selling game of PS2 till date is GTA San Andreas which sold over 17.33 million copies. PS2 was a major upgrade over its predecessor. Since it featured the ability to upgrade its storage with a hard drive. It also supported USB ports and the gaming media was DVD instead of CD-ROM. One of the best things about PS2 is that it fully supports PS1/PSX games. So if you have original PS1 game discs then you can run them on your PS2. Hence PS2 is backward compatible with PS1.

Sony discontinued the PS2 in 2013 and it is not available in retail now. So if you don't have a PlayStation 2 console and still want to play PS2 games then your smartphone can help you. Now it is possible to play PS2 games on your android smartphone with the "Play Emulator". I previously wrote about playing PS1 games on android, read tutorial that became a hot topic on the internet. Now I want to do the same for PlayStation 2.

Downloads Required

  • Play Emulator APK: Download
  • PlayStation 2 ISO: Download from emuparadise

How To Play Playstation [PS2] Games On Android

  • Download and install the Play app, PS2 emulator for android.
  • Download any PlayStation 2 ISO.
  • Copy the ISO file to this directory on your android smartphone "Internal storage>Play data files".
  • Open the emulator app and tap the menu icon on top left corner and tap "Unsorted" to list all games. See this image below.

ps2 games on android
  • Tap any game to start playing.
  • Since this emulator is in developing phase so there are no specific settings to make.
  • The emulation will be very slow on low end phones. We recommend to play only if you have a high end phone like Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 7, Nexus 6P or Nvidia Shield tablet.
metal slug anthology ps2 android

Note: If you don't see any image cover on your games then long tap the game ISO in emulator and tap "EDIT". Scroll down and tap "DEFAULT" to bring back the game cover art.

Currently this PS2 android emulator works only on android 5.1 Lollipop or above. This emulator also doesn't work on low end android phones as the emulation will be very slow. You should wait until developers give frames kipping feature in this app.

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How To Unlock Hidden System UI Tuner In Moto G4 Plus

Motorola Moto G4 Plus is a budget android smartphone with an outstanding camera. It is the latest smartphone in the moto G series that is known for its stock android experience and simplicity. The moto G plus features a Snapdragon 617 chipset which is actually an octa-core CPU with 3 GB RAM. From camera point of view, Moto G4 Plus currently has the best camera in its price range offering laser focus and PDAF and is one of the good android smartphones.

The phone runs android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with stock UI. No modifications have been made to the UI. The UI experience is smooth on this phone. And unlike other phones, it is very easy to run service tests on Moto G4 plus. There are many hidden features and apps on this phone. Recently we found a hidden amazon app on Moto G4 plus. Now we are going to uncover another hidden feature of this smartphone which is system tuner.

System tuner may not be useful to most users. But still, it is good for customizing the status bar and the quick settings tray. You can hide many icons from the status bar like the Wi-Fi, cellular networks, flight mode etc. You can also remove unnecessary shortcuts from the quick settings tray. This will let you manage only those shortcuts that you use frequently. Some unused settings shortcuts are Bluetooth, invert colors, hotspot, etc. Finally, you can enable embedded battery percentage inside the battery icon.

How To Unlock Hidden System UI Tuner In Moto G4 Plus And Moto G4

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to access quick settings shortcut.
  • Here you will see the "Settings" a gear-like icon.
  • Long tap this icon for 5 seconds. It will start rotating and automatically unlock "System Tuner".
  • Now open app drawer and go to Settings and scroll down to the end. Tap "System UI Tuner".

Show Embedded Battery Percentage

Tap "Show embedded battery percentage". When this option is enabled then the battery percentage can be seen in its icon. So you no longer need to swipe down the system tray and see the battery capacity.

moto g4 plus system ui tuner

Customize Status Bar

Tap status bar and disable all the options here that you do not want to appear in the status bar. Suppose if you disable Wi-Fi here then when Wi-Fi gets activated then its icon will not appear in the status bar. Similarly, you can enable or disable more options.

Customize Quick Settings Tray

In quick settings tray, you can see many shortcuts like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data connection, SIM status, flight mode, flashlight etc. Some of the shortcuts like hotspot, invert colors, cast, do not disturb are merely used. So you can remove this shortcuts from the quick shortcuts tray. Just tap "Quick Settings" the shortcuts tray will open.

From here you can drag and drop any icon to change its location. To remove any icon first scroll down until you see "Add tile" then long tap any icon and drag it to the delete icon below to remove it. Tap "Add tile" and select the shortcut that you want to use again in the shortcuts tray. If you don't like this hidden feature then go to "Settings>System UI Tuner". Here tap the menu icon on top right corner that is three vertical dots and tap "Remove from Settings".

Watch Video Tutorial

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August 19, 2016

Golden Frog VyprVpn Review: Secure Internet Usage With Anonymous Identity

A VPN means Virtual Private Network that is actually a server that provides an encrypted tunnel for communication between your device and itself. The information passing through this tunnel is completely encrypted and can only be used by the providing server. This security tunnel cannot be breached and no one has access to it. This is a basic idea how VPN works and what it is.

The main reason for using a VPN is privacy, security, and anonymity. When you browse the internet through your ISP's DNS then it is easy for anyone to track your identity. Based on your identity your ISP may build a profile of you which may include your browsing habits and data. If you want to hide your online identity and prevent your ISP from tracking you then use a Virtual Private Network Setup. The Internet is not a safe place and once you get connected to it you are in an unknown world where your privacy and security is always at risk. So, in this post, we will be reviewing VyprVpn by Golden Frog.

Golden Frog VyprVpn Review: Secure Internet Usage With Anonymous Identity

VyprVpn by Golden Frog is a VPN service available for android, iOS, MAC, Microsoft Windows and routers. It is the world's first VPN service that incorporates a built-in firewall and a special service knows as the chameleon. Here is a brief review of VyprVpn.
1. Buy Once Use Anywhere: When you buy VyprVpn then it will work on all your devices like android, iOS, MAC, Windows 10, or even routers. It also supports PPTP/L2TP configurations which are supported by most devices and routers. You can simultaneously connect a maximum of 5 devices to these service in the premier plan.

2. NAT Firewall: NAT firewall is an additional layer of security which blocks unrequested inbound traffic. An unrequested inbound traffic means when your computer haven't requested the traffic and still it tries to reach your network. These types of requests may come from unknown sources that may try to access your identity via open network ports. With NAT firewall this kind of requests is blocked before reaching your device.

3. Prevents VPN Blocking: Some countries or corporations now have a potential to block VPN services by recognizing them via deep packet inspection. To defeat this VyprVpn server uses the Chameleon technology which encrypts OpenVPN packet metadata which is not recognizable via deep packet inspection. It is automatically activated for pro and premier accounts.

4. VyprDNS: Golden Frog uses their own DNS server to resolve the site's address. Instead of using the default ISP DNS VyprVPN uses the encrypted VyprDNS which prevents man in the middle attacks and prevent DNS filtering.

5. Unlimited Data Usage: There is no limit for data usage. Once you purchase a plan then you automatically get unlimited access to worldwide servers.

VyprVPN Control Panel

After you purchase their service you will be given a dedicated account. You can login in to your account on Golden Frog's official website. From here you can download VPN software for Windows, MAC, and iOS. You can anytime upgrade your account. Read tutorials for configuring the service on routers and PPTP/L2TP enabled devices. There is a Live Support option also. If you want quick support then you can quickly chat with the agents to resolve your problems.

vyprvpn control panel

VyprVPN Speed Test

Below is a screenshot showing downloading speed. The tests were carried on a 50 Mbps connection. You can see that after using the VyprVPN the speeds are greatly reduced but are still manageable. We had no problem while working at that speed. The speed greatly depends on the server locations. So you can tweak the data speed by choosing the right server which is nearest to your country.

vyprvpn speedtest

VyprVPN Android VPN App

The VyprVPN android app is easy to use for creating a VPN connection. You just have to login once. On the app's dashboard you can see three options "Connect to Untrusted Wi-Fi", "Kill Switch" and "Block Malicious Sites". All these 3 features can be turned ON and OFF by the user. When the "Kill Switch" is enabled then it automatically disables your data network when the VPN gets disconnected. It automatically blocks malicious websites and allow you to connect to public or open Wi-Fi networks with security. Swipe on the screen towards your left to access speed graph and connection logs.

Tap the location icon to select the desired server. The app will automatically give ping tests for various servers. You should choose the server will least ping value or you can tap 'Fastest server' for optimal connection.

In the 'Settings' you can select the network protocol from 'Chameleon - 256-bit Encryption', 'OpenVPN - 256-bit Encryption', 'OpenVPN - 160-bit Encryption'. In 'Connection per App' you can force every android app to use the VPN connection. See the image below to enable this feature.

Automatic Reconnect

The automatic reconnect feature has several options which are as follows.
  • Automatic Reconnect: If enabled then VyprVPN will automatically connect on disconnection.
  • Connect when android starts.
  • Connect when app starts: Automatically connects when any app gets started.
  • Connect on cellular: Automatically connects when cellular data is enabled.
When this feature is enabled then you don't have to connect the VPN manually. It will automatically reconnect on disconnection.

VyprVPN Pros

  • VyprVPN doesn't use any third-party services. They write their code themselves and totally own the servers worldwide.
  • You need to only buy it once and use it on every device you want. Apps are available for android iOS, MAC and Microsoft Windows with router configuration.
  • Ability to prevent VPN blocking technologies and has a built in firewall for additional security.
  • 700+ severs in 50 locations worldwide with 200,000+ IPs helps to protect your online privacy and connections.
  • There is no limit for connecting to any server. You can switch to any server of your choice without any restriction.
  • Excellent internet speeds. No drops in data speeds.

VyprVPN Cons

  • Highly priced. The monthly subscription costs $19.99 which is almost $7 more than ExpressVPN.
  • No refund policy. After purchasing you can't get refund.
  • They log your data. Check Golden Frog's complete privacy policy.

I would personally recommend Hide My IP (Read Review) or ExpressVPN (Read Review). These two VPN apps are much affordable than VyprVPN. Hide My IP is a clear winner when it comes to price and speed. However ExpressVPN is also very good and we didn't face any speed issues with VyprVPN also. However if you want flexible VPN servers with unlimited access then you should check Hide My Ass!

Should You Buy Golden Frog VyprVPN

There are many VPN apps available for android, iOS, MAC and Windows that have a low price. But if you want the tightest security in the form a virtual private network then VyprVPN is the best choice. I am pretty much impressed by their technology like the NAT firewall and Chameleon. These two technologies completely encrypt every single bit of your network traffic even the DNS so nobody can spy on you.

If the price is the only judging point then you should go for Hide My IP which is much affordable. But I admit that for the price VyprVPN is giving much better security features than others. However, I personally recommend Hide My IP or ExpressVPN to any average internet user.

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August 16, 2016

How To Open Service Tests On Moto G4 Plus

Motorola Moto G4 Plus is the latest android flagship in Moto G series. This phone was launched in May 2016 and the basic variant launched two months later. Moto G4 Plus comes with the Snapdragon 617 chipset with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB inbuilt storage. The main attractions of this phone is the 16 MP laser auto focus camera with PDAF technology. Motorola has improved the fourth generation G series while greatly compromising on the build quality. However this is the best budget smartphone that you can currently buy. Since it is offering flagship features like a Full HD display, camera with laser focus, 3000 mAh battery with turbo charging, fingerprint sensor, lots of space and RAM.

In this post we will be discussing about launching the service tests on Moto G4 Plus. But what actually service tests are? Service tests on any android phone are directly related to the phone's hardware. Service tests allow us to test the specific hardware component of an android phone. Service tests tell us whether your phone's hardware is working properly or not. These tests don't fix any error but they can report malfunction associated with your phone's hardware. These tests are extremely useful when you want to find a fault on an android phone.

Suppose you are buying a used phone and you are not sure about whether the phone has some issues or not. In this case you should launch the service tests on that phone and check the touchscreen, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, SIM, sensors, camera, speakers and battery. The hardware component having a problem will not respond or work as expected.

How To Open Service Tests On Moto G4 Plus

  • First of all open play store and search "Device Help" from Motorola Mobility Solutions. Update this app to the latest version.
  • Open the app after updating. Tap the "Fix" tab.
  • Here you will see four options. Tap "Hardware Test" to continue.

moto g4 plus service tests

  • You will see all hardware components of your phone listed as "Audio", "Imaging", "Sensors", "Hardware", and "Network".
  • All options will have a light gray circle initially.
  • Tap "Speakers" then tap "BEGIN TEST". A sound will be played.
  • After a popup will open asking you whether you have heard the ringtone or not. Tap "Yes" if you heard the ringtone.
  • If you heard the ringtone from the speaker and did tap "YES" then the light gray circle will turn green with a white check mark. This means speaker is working properly.
  • Similarly you can carry out other tests for headset, microphone, audio jack, camera flash, cameras, proximity sensor, gravity sensor, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, display, backlight, multi touch, battery, vibration, volume button, cellular network and GPS.

Basic Information

Open this to see the basic information of your Moto G4 Plus like the model number, IMEI number, android version, root status, number of sensors and serial number. Tap any number with an underline to see more information.

Device Information

Tap this to see your device information like CPU usage, RAM usage and storage. Tap the "i" icon on CPU usage to see more info.

System Software

Open this to see list of all apps installed on your phone. You can also see apps that launch on startup and apps that are currently running. Underlined numbers represent more information. So you should tap these numbers.

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July 24, 2016

Moto G4 And G4 Plus Has Hidden Amazon Appstore: Here's How To Enable It

Motorola's G series smartphones have proved to be the best budget smartphones that any android user can have. The latest Moto G4 and the G4 Plus is no exception. Motorola has done it again and their Moto G Plus smartphone has earned descent accolades worldwide. Finally, we can say that the Moto G4 Plus is currently the best budget stock android smartphone with almost no bloatware. Recently Amazon USA has launched the discounted variant of the Moto G4 base model with lockscreen ads and offer. For a discounted price of $50 the phone is loaded with Amazon bloatware that can't be removed. However, you can purchase the phone without this discount and skip the bloatware.

If we talk about which variant is more suitable to an average android user then we will suggest buying the Moto G4 Plus which comes with 32 GB onboard storage, 3 GB RAM and a 16 MP camera with laser autofocus and PDAF. Rest of the specifications are same in both the phone models like the screen resolution, octa-core CPU, Lenovo logo during bootup and android OS. It should be noted that Moto G4 and G4 Plus are currently being sold through and its country-specific sites. So it's quite possible that you have got one from online shopping. The interesting thing is that these phones don't have amazon bloatware apps except the hidden Amazon shopping app and the hidden amazon appstore.

Basically, the Amazon appstore is not accessible by any means on the Moto G4 and G4 plus. The app is also hidden from the app drawer and cannot be accessed. The amazon shopping app on the Moto G4 and G4 Plus cannot be uninstalled. It is there just to promote amazon appstore and to show official partnership with Motorola. If you just have bought a Moto G4 or G4 Plus and willing to install the amazon app then there is no need to do this since the app  v6.4.0.200 is preloaded. You only need to enable through a trick that I am going to tell you now.

Moto G4 And G4 Plus Has Hidden Amazon Appstore: Here's How To Enable It

  • Open the chrome browser on your phone and go to -
  • Download the APK file.
  • After download completes install the app.
  • Finally, open the app to check its working.
  • Now go to 'Settings>Apps'. Here you will see "Amazon" at the top.
  • Our goal is to revive the preloaded app with version
  • To revive the preloaded app just tap "Amazon" app. On the top left corner tap the three vertical dots and then tap 'Uninstall updates'.

  • The app will be restored to its factory version saving around 99 MB that the new app was taking.
  • You will be able to use the amazon app to shop and view products. And the app will now be visible in the app drawer.

How To Access The Amazon Appstore

Please note after following the above tutorial the amazon app will open just like a shopping app specific to your country. You can only shop from this app. You can't download any apps or games because you will not see any of them, To access the appstore open the chrome browser and again go to this link on your Moto G4 - Tap the button stating "Get Amazon Underground". The appstore will automatically open. You can see the screenshot below where it is showing the appstore which was normally opening as a shopping app previously. From here you can download and purchase apps.

hidden amazon appstore in moto g4

You have finally enabled the hidden amazon shopping app on the Motorola Moto G4 and the G4 Plus. If you liked the article then please share it.

June 30, 2016

Samsung Releases Unlocked Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge In The US

Samsung has finally released the unlocked versions of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in the USA. Previously both the phones were being sold as the carrier specific device in the US. Now finally the unlocked versions of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are official, users can now switch among US carriers like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and US Cellular. The unlocked versions have less bloatware and they get updates pretty fast.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge both are equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 820 processors with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. The also have 12 MP dual pixel camera and run the latest android Marshmallow with TouchWiz UI.

Supported Bands On Unlocked Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge In The US

Following is a list of supported bands by these two Samsung android flagship smartphones.

  • CDMA 1x & EVDO Rev 0/RevA: BC0, BC1, BC10
  • GSM Band: 2/4/5/8
  • UMTS Band: 1/2/4/5/8
  • FDD LTE Band: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/18/19/20/25/26/29/30
  • TDD LTE: Band 38/39/40/4

Where To Buy

You can buy any of the smartphones from official Samsung US site and from BestBuy or Amazon. The unlocked Galaxy S7 is priced at $669.99 and the unlocked Galaxy S7 Edge is priced at $769.99.

[Latest] Google Play Store 6.8.20.F APK Free Download

Google Play Store 6.8.20.F has been released and it is the latest play store app update. The update comes with a new feature called the "Early Access Program" in which you can try android apps while they are still in development phase. This update is being rolled out to everyone. And anyone can try beta apps by downloading or purchasing them before their actual release in the Google Play store. However there are no major UI tweaks and the app's design remains the same. There's a new "BETA" option in 'My apps & games" section. From here you can see the list of all installed beta apps.

The app size is 16.34 MB. You can download it and install the APK file. After installing you will see the early access program depending on your location.

Keeping the Google Play Store app updated is an essential task. Older versions of this app become unable to download apps and give error 927. So to prevent such errors always keep the app updated.

Google Play Store 6.8.20.F APK Free Download

June 29, 2016

WhatsApp Gets Two New Features: Reply To Specific Messages And Unseen Chats Are Labeled As Unread Messages

WhatsApp 2.16.136 has added two new features including reply to specific messages and unseen chats are now by default labeled as unread messages. While chatting you can reply to a specific message by quoting it with your message. So the entire message will show a quick conversation of the two messages only. This is quite useful since you don't need to type the whole message when you are just clearing some doubts regarding some messages that you may find unable to understand or you have sent them by mistake.

The second feature automatically labels the unseen messages under a "Unread Message" label in chats. This label will be there until you see all these messages. All unseen messages will come under this label. This is another quite useful feature from WhatsApp. See the image below.

whatsapp unseen messages

How To Use The Quick Reply In WhatsApp

  • Open the chat with your friend.
  • Now long tap any message.
  • Tap the reply button on top left corner.
  • After tapping the reply button the message will be quoted automatically.
  • Type your message as a reply to that specific message and tap the send button.

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June 28, 2016

Update T-Mobile Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge To Android 6.0.1 With Latest Security Patch

T-Mobile has released an incremental update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T) and the Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925T). Both these devices have already been updated to android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. But this new update brings the latest June security patch, anti-theft update, bug fixes and improvements. The update is being released as OTA starting from June 27th 2016. The update weighs 247.41 MB and should be installed as soon as possible.

After this update the software version will upgrade to G920TUVU4EPF1 in Galaxy S6 and G925TUVU4EPF1 in S6 Edge. You shouldn't ignore this update because it contains the June security patch for your Galaxy devices. An android security patch fixes harmful vulnerabilities that can infect your phone. Recently Godless Malware has been reported in phones running android 5.1 or below. An android security patch fixes these vulnerabilities.

However if you still haven't received the update notification on your phone then you can use our manual tutorial. We will be using odin to install the android 6.0.1 firmware with June security patch on T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Note: If you have received the OTA notification then there is absolutely no need to follow this tutorial.

Before You Begin

Please note that the manual update tutorial is same for both the phones. So it doesn't matter which T-Mobile Galaxy device you have. You just have to download the right firmware for installing on your phone.

  • This is an official upgrade tutorial so you won't loose any data. But backing up your data entirely is a very good idea.
  • Charge your phone to at least 60%.
  • Remove any SDcard from the device.
  • Remove any Google account from the settings menu.
  • Enable 'USB Debugging' from 'Developer Options'.
  • Do not hard reset your phone when there exists a Google account on it. Doing so will trigger Factory Reset Protection.
  • Before following this tutorial please read about Factory Reset Protection.
  • If you haven't read about FRP in the above step then do not follow this tutorial, otherwise your Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be locked. Then don't blame us.


Update T-Mobile Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge To Android 6.0.1 With Latest Security Patch

  • Download and install Samsung USB drivers.
  • Download and extract odin to your computer's desktop.
  • Download the appropriate firmware for your T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge from above links.
  • Extract the firmware file in a new folder on desktop. This file has a size more than 1 GB and has an extension of tar.md5. Never rename this file otherwise odin will not recognize it.
  • Switch off your Samsung Galaxy S6 and boot into download mode by pressing 'home', 'power' and 'volume down' button at the same time.
  • When the phone vibrates release the buttons.
  • A warning sign will appear. Press volume up button to continue.
  • Now launch odin.exe on your PC and connect your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Odin will show a recognition message in the 'Log' and <ID:COM> will turn blue.
  • Now click 'AP' and grab the appropriate firmware file.
  • Let odin finish some checks.
  • When you see these messages in the 'Log' tab "<OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully" and "<OSM> Leave CS". Then click the 'Start' button to start the update process.
  • Let the update process to finish. It may take few minutes.
  • A message will be displayed as 'PASS' in odin when the update process completes.
  • Now disconnect the phone and switch it ON.
  • Your phone may take longer to boot to home screen.
  • Finally when you see the home screen you can add a Google account and a fingerprint to take control of your phone.

You have successfully updated your T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with latest June 2016 security patch.