Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Download GeForce Experience 2.1.3

Nvidia has released GeForce Experience 2.1.3 update today. GeForce experience is a smart way to keep your Nvidia drivers updated and also it automatically optimizes your games stored on your computer's hard drive. For GeForce experience tutorial read this.

GeForce Experience 2.1.3

Release highlights Nvidia GeForce Experience 2.1.3

  • Adds support for battery optimized games settings.
  • Makes games run longer when playing on battery.
  • Per-game adjustable settings for plugged-in and battery mode.
  • Automatically applies battery settings when unplugged and optimal settings when plugged-in.
  • Requires GeForce GTX 800M or GeForce GTX 900M series GPUs.
Download GeForce Experience 2.1.3

How To Update iPhone 6 To iOS 8.0.2

iPhone 6 is the latest flagship iOS device from Apple. It comes in two variants iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Both differ in screen size however their performance is almost same. Both these iPhone models run the latest iOS 8.0 which is the best ever smartphone OS according to Apple. iOS 8.0.1 has a bug which is loss of cellular service or ability to use Touch ID after updating to iOS 8.0.1 on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. If you are encountering this error then your phone's network signal strength is not good and you are unable to use the Touch ID. To resolve this issue update your iPhone to latest iOS 8.0.2 OS.

How To Update iPhone 6 To iOS 8.0.2

  • Before you get any updates, back up your device to iCloud or iTunes.
  • Make sure your device has enough available free space to install the update. Tap Settings > General > Usage to see how much space your phone has.
  • If you use your device's Personal Hotspot for your computer's Internet connection, update your device wirelessly or connect your computer to another network.
  • Plug in your device to a power adapter.
  • Tap Settings > General > Software Update.
ios 8.0.2 update

  • Tap "Download and Install" to download the update. Updates might download automatically while your device is connected to Wi-Fi and a power source.
  • Tap Install when the download completes if you want to complete it now. Tap Later to install the update later. If your device is passcode enabled, it will ask you to enter the passcode before installing the update.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Manually Update Sprint Galaxy Note 3 To Official Android 4.4.4 Kitkat N900PVPUDNH7 Firmware

Users of Samsung Sprint Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P in USA has received android 4.4.4 KitKat N900PVPUDNH7 OTA update. Its an OTA update, so you have received the notification but if you haven't received the notification then do not worry because you can update it manually by using ODIN. You should update your Note 3 to this firmware to be able to receive android L 5.0 firmware upgrade.

Sprint Galaxy Note 3 VPUDNH7 Android 4.4.4

Changelog Of N900PVPUDNH7

  • Android 4.4.4
  • HD voice Icon support
  • International Wi-Fi Calling support
  • Google Security Patches
  • Knox 2.0
  • Kids Mode

Before You Start

  • This tutorial can only be applied on Sprint Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P. Other users please stay away if you do not want to brick your phone.
  • After update the root access will be revoked.
  • Enable USB debugging in 'Developer Options'.
  • The custom recovery will reset to stock.
  • The custom rom installed on your Sprint Galaxy Note 3 will return to stock.
  • Use Helium app to backup android apps data so that later you can restore it.
  • Backup contacts, photos, videos and other important data.
  • Battery should be charged to at least 60%.
  • Use this tutorial at your own risk.
  • You won't loose any data if you running stock ROM but its a wise decision to backup your data before anything wrong happens.

Manually Update Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P To Official N900PVPUDNH7 Android 4.4.4 Kitkat Firmware

  • Download and install Samsung USB drivers.
  • Download the N900PVPUDNH7 firmware and extract it on desktop. It contains a file with .md5 extension.
  • Enable USB debugging on your Galaxy Note 3 from developer options menu.
  • Open odin.exe on your computer.
  • Switch off your tablet and reboot it in download mode by pressing 'Home', 'Volume down' and 'Power key' at the same time until your phone vibrates. Press the volume up button to enter into odin mode.
  • Now connect tablet to PC via USB cable.
  • Let odin recognize your tab. When it is recognized by odin the field under <ID:COM> in odin will turn blue and you will see a message "<ID:0/016> Added!!".This means that your Galaxy Note 3 is recognized and is ready to be flashed.
odin upgrading sprint note 3 to android 4.4.4

  • Make sure that only "Auto Reboot", and "F.Reset Time" options should be checked. Do not change other settings of ODIN.
  • Now check 'PDA' or 'AP' and click it and select the firmware file from the desktop. Wait for few seconds till ODIN finishes some checks.
  • Click 'Start' to initiate the flashing process.
  • When the process is completed odin will return a message 'PASS'. When your phone first boots to home screen then disconnect it from PC.
Problems After Updating Sprint Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P
If your phone does not boot post the splash screen then it might be stuck in a boot loop. So to resolve this reboot the phone into recovery mode by pressing the volume up, home key and power button at the same time.

  • The device will automatically boot in recovery mode. You can move up and down by pressing volume up and down buttons. Now select “wipe data/factory reset”. This action will wipe all the files and data stored on your phone, make sure that you have made a backup of your data.
  • The device will be wiped and factory reset. Then go back and select “wipe cache partition”.
  • After wiping cache partition go back and select “reboot system now”.
You have successfully updated your Sprint Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P to N900PVPUDNH7 android 4.4.4 KitKat firmware.

Sony Movies 7.3.A.0.2 Update Rolled Out: Download APK

SONY has recently rolled out Movies 7.3.A.0.2 update for Xperia smartphones. With this new Movies app we can play videos full screen from details page itself. The app comes with improved stability. Check the update center to download this update on your Xperia. It is available for android 4.2 and above. Recently SONY has also updated its media apps to latest versions of Album 6.3.A.0.12 and Walkman 8.4.A.4.4.

Sony Movies 7.3.A.0.2

Sony Movies 7.3.A.0.2 update size is just 13.3 MB.

If you haven't received the notification then you can download the apk file from here.

Sony Movies 7.3.A.0.2 APK Download

SONY Walkman 8.4.A.4.4 Update Rolled Out: Download APK

SONY has just updated its Walkman app to the latest version Walkman 8.4.A.4.4. With this new update we can see which music is currently playing from Walkman home section itself. The app size is just 11.8 MB and can be downloaded via Update Center in SONY Xperia Z3. The app comes with several bug fixes and is available for Xperia smartphones running android 4.2+.

SONY Walkman 8.4.A.4.4

To download the app update open Update Center and tap refresh button. When update appears tap the arrow to download.

If you still haven't received the update then you can download the apk file from here.

SONY Walkman 8.4.A.4.4 APK Download

SONY Album 6.3.A.0.12 Update Rolled Out: Download APK

SONY has recently updated its Album app to latest 6.3.A.0.12 version. The app is available to download on all Xperia smartphones. The app comes with a major screen flickering fix that was present in the previous version. Other features includes

  • Hide pictures from main grid and top area.
  • Added "Select all" for pictures selection.
  • Favourites and rotation will now work in PlayMemories Online content.
  • Bug Fixes.

Sony album 6.3.A.0.12

To download the Album 6.3.A.0.12 just go to Update Center app and tap the refresh button. You will see updates. Tap the vertical arrow to start downloading.

If you still haven't received the album update then you can download the apk file.

Sony Album 6.3.A.0.12 APK Download

Friday, September 19, 2014

List Of All Status Icons In Apple iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus

Apple recently launched its flagship smartphone in two variants as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both these iPhone models arrive with iOS 8 out of the box. iOS 8 is Apple's best ever OS for iPhone. Both these iPhone models have common hardware specs like 1.4 GHz Apple A8 CPU chip, PowerVR GX6650 GPU (hexa-core graphics), 1 GB RAM and 16/64/128 GB on board storage. iOS 8 is a new OS and you have get to learn more about it. In this tutorial I am going to tell you about all the status icons appearing on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus's status bar. This status icons indicates about several services and error messages. Most of the time people won't figure out why the icon keep displaying in the status bar. If you know about the status icon you will better solve the problem associated with it.

List Of All Status Icons In Apple iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus

 : Cell Signal : Your phone is in range of cellular network and you can make or receive phone calls.
  • Airplane Mode : This airplane icon indicates that you can't make or receive phone calls. Also all wireless signals will be disabled except Bluetooth.
  • LTE : This status icon will appear as it is and indicates that LTE is activated on your iPhone 6 and you can connect to internet.
  • 4G : UMTS, Your carrier’s 4G UMTS (GSM) or LTE network (depending on carrier) is available, and iPhone can connect to the Internet over that network.
  • 3G : UMTS/EV-DO, Your carrier’s 3G UMTS (GSM) or EV-DO (CDMA) network is available, and iPhone 6 can connect to the Internet over that network.
  • E : EDGE, EDGE/GSM network available.
  • GPRS : GPRS network is enabled and iPhone 6 Plus can connect to internet.
  • Wi-Fi : Wi-Fi Call, this icon means that iPhone 6 is making a call via Wi-Fi.

 : Wi-Fi network is enabled.

do not disturb icon iphone 6 : Do Not Disturb is turned ON. Icon is similar to a half moon.

 : Personal Hotspot icon which means iPhone 6 is acting as a hotspot for other devices.

 :  iTunes sync is in progress.

 : Network Activity, this icon looks like a loading icon which means that there’s network activity.                      Some third-party apps may also use it to show an active process.

 : Call Forwarding is enabled.

 : Your iPhone 6 Plus is connected to network via a VPN.

     :  TTY, iPhone is set to work with a TTY machine.

 : Portrait Orientation Lock which means iPhone 6 screen is locked in portrait orientation.

 : Bluetooth is enabled. 

  • Blue or white icon: Bluetooth is on and paired with a device.
  • Gray icon: Bluetooth is on. If iPhone is paired with a device, the device may be out of range or turned off.
  • No icon: Bluetooth is turned off.

 : An Alarm is set.

 : Location Services, an app is using location services.

: Indicates battery level.

 : Battery level of paired Bluetooth device. It is like a small secondary battery icon.

That was the list of all status icons for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Is Your Gmail Account Safe: Tips To Increase Security

Recently Google's GMAIL has been in news that approx 5 million gmail accounts credentials are hacked, leaked and posted in a forum with their respective email addresses. But according to Google only less than 2% of accounts were found to be hacked. Google officially said that this was not a breach in their system and the passwords leaked online has something to do with other resources. Most people use same passwords across various social networks like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook that is the reason why their credentials got hacked. If your gmail account is still working then it doesn't mean that you are safe. Its your duty to make your gmail more secure than ever. In this tutorial I will teach you how to increase security on your Gmail account.

gmail security

Tips To Increase Gmail Security

1. Change Passwords: First of all change your passwords on a timely basis. Doing so will add security to your account. Your password should be a combination of upper case letters, numbers and special characters. The longer and complex your password is, more it will be difficult for someone to crack or guess it. Read my Guide To Create Strong And Unhackable Passwords.

2. Enable 2-Step Verification: Google's 2-Step Verification is an extra layer of security added to your gmail account. In 2-Step verification you have to enter a verification code sent on your mobile phone via sms after entering the password and hitting enter. You can't login unless you enter the verification code, so if a hacker gets your password he can't login unless he access your cellphone to see the code. The code can be generated offline via authenticator app or you can print 10 codes for future use. Read How To Enable 2-Step Verification On Gmail

Note : After enabling two step verification you will be unable to login in to gmail for android. It will say wrong password entered every time. But don’t worry this is due to 2-step verification. You need to create application specific passwords to login into gmail android after enabling 2-step verification for Google account. You can learn by checking how to create application specific passwords for Google account.

3. Setup Recovery Options: You should setup recovery options now if you never did. In recovery option you provide a mobile phone number and an alternate email address to Google to recover your account in case you forget your password. Click to Update your Recovery Options.

Also in recovery options enable notifications for 'Password Change' and 'Suspicious Activity'. Google will notify you on your phone number and alternate email when your Gmail account's password is changed or something suspicious happens with your account.

4. View Recent Activity: Google keeps track of your Gmail account login history. You can check it here. Go to the link and click 'View all events' in 'Recent Activity'. If you find anything suspicious immediately change your passwords.

After following the above security tips you can secure your Gmail account.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How To Extend The Life Of Laptop USB Ports

Laptop’s USB ports are prone to quick damage due to over usage. A laptop has basically 2-3 three USB ports out of which one or two ports may be USB 3.0. The USB 3.0 port is extremely useful while transferring data at high speeds. The laptop’s USB ports are prone to damage because of device connection and disconnection again and again within a day. If this situation continues then the USB receptacles on laptop start to malfunction because they get loose overtime due to usage. If the port permanently fails then it needs to be changed and it is not an easy job to replace it. It is one of the costly method to get it changed also if you are submitting your laptop to your laptop manufacturer for repairing then it will take at least one week to get it repaired. So to avoid this situation we have to minimize the usage of the USB ports also you can preserve at least  one port so that it will stay alive until your laptop fails completely. I am going to tell you some tips to extend the life of the laptop USB ports.

How To Extend The Life Of Laptop USB Ports

1. No USB Hubs : Say NO to USB hubs because they use a single port to power many USB devices. This situation is like connecting many pen drives in one port. This can heat up the port and eventually it can fail.

2. Use Wireless Mouse : A wireless mouse comes with a USB nano receiver which needs to be connected to any of the USB ports of laptop. This nano receiver wirelessly receives signals from mouse. The wireless works exactly the same way as a wired mouse. After connecting the nano receiver you are actually preserving the USB port because the nano receiver can be left connected to your laptop everytime, this will prevent the connection/disconnection as you do in a wired mouse. Also the nano receiver will prevent dust from entering the port. This USB port will work until the laptop stops working.

3. Use USB Extension Cable : If you your laptop has only two USB ports then you should use a Extension cable. Just plug the cable in laptop-USB-port, now on the other end of wire you can connect/disconnect any device multiple times. This wire eliminates the wear and tear on the laptop’s USB ports and takes the damage itself. Because it is much cheaper and easy to buy a USB extension cable rather than buying and replacing a USB receptacle.

4. Cleaning : Keep the USB ports clean and remove any dust.

What Mobile Developers Have In Their Minds All The Time

The trend of mobile apps development is at the peak level. Every businessman is running to hire a creative and unique mobile app developer for their business but has anybody ever wondered what all is going through a mobile app developer for designing best quality apps which is different from all other? There are a hell lot of things that are going into a developer’s mind and they have to keep themselves updated with every new thing in their mobile world.

The job is not at all easy, though it looks very simple. Creating, designing and framing logic needs a lot of efforts and skills. Your experience and your outlook to the world and new things can only help you in designing the best. Let us have a look at what all a mobile app developer have in his/her mind that makes them in their competing spirit always.

If the mobile developer is an iOS developer and is dealing with iPhone, then Swift and the iBeacon are the two things that they must have been working with.

Swift: This new language by Apple is a big change in the working ways of iOS. The barrier towards the entry into iOS and Mac programming has gone a little high because of its objective C. Objective-C is something really of one of a kind. No developer can find an easy way as an alternate to C++ to objective C or Java to Objective C. But this new language is completely different from all these. Swift is much closer to Java therefore the programmers with Java background can enter the iOS field.

iBeacon: This was released when the new update of iOS 7 was introduced. This new Bluetooth feature offers you various possibilities for providing you proximity based content. There is something really exciting stuff that is happening with all the proximity based stuff. These devices are so fast that they are even capable of having 3D content.

Android Mobile App Developers

June 26, 2014, Google launched Android L for the developers of Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. It is believed to be working on 5,000 new APIs for a new design. Google has given a kind of different attitude in terms of its user interface and they have realized it to take more of its ownership. With Android L you can enjoy a colourful and depth based and shadow based interface and this gives us an idea that Apple seems to be going in some other direction moving more towards the flat look.

Wearable Technology : Despite of some useful efforts that Apple and Samsung have made, Google is making its way towards the wearable technology. The company has introduced a number of smartwatches at Google, though their first reviews describe them as rough drafts.
Every mobile app developer is going through something in their mind and every time they have to fight for something to make something new. The technology is evolving every now and then and there is something exciting every time to work with.

About The Author: Being a well-talented App developer& blogger from App Xperts, Macy Jones provides her readers with the best tips on App Development. She also likes to share her knowledge by writing various blogs and articles for contributing her ideas and quality write-ups to the other websites. Join Her At Google+ And Facebook.