How to Convert a Dual Audio Movie to Single Audio

A dual audio movie is a specially encoded video file which has more than one audio languages. Modern Blu-ray movie discs are now coming with multiple audio languages support. So, you don't need to buy the same movie again if you want to watch it in some other language. Media players, DVD, and BD players provide an option to select the desired audio language with 5.1 or 7.1 Dolby digital surround sound.

Older media players may or may not support dual audio movies. However, they play the movie with the default language only without giving an option to change the audio track. Dual audio movies perform well also on android smartphones and iOS devices. The only thing you need is a compatible video player app. Most of the time it may happen that you do not need the multiple audio languages and just want to convert the movie to a single audio. This is the case when you try to convert movies or videos for your android or iOS devices.

However, there is actually no need to convert a dual audio movie to single audio because you can still convert any dual audio movie for your smartphone, tablet or iOS devices while preserving all the audio languages. In this tutorial, we will teach you how you can convert any dual audio movie to a single audio of your choice.

How to Convert a Dual Audio Movie to Single Audio With DVDFab 10

  • Download and install DVDFab 10 from this link. Please note that DVDFab 10 is shareware software. To get the full functionality of this software you have to buy it.
  • After installing DVDFab open it. Now you will see the main program. See the image below for important functions.

convert a dual audio movie to single audio
  • Now click the '+ Add' button and load your favorite movie or video file with dual audio.
  • Then click the 'MP4' button to select the output video format. You can select the right format from a list of various video formats. DVDFab also supports device specific video conversion. Read DVDFab 10 review here.
  • After loading the video in DVDFab converter click the audio language selector button 'EN AC3/5.1'. Select the desired audio language. You have to select at least one audio language. However you can select all audio languages so that the original audio languages remain preserved in the converted video.
  • Click the 'wrench' icon to modify video settings like resolution, frame rate, video quality and volume. Volume can be increased to 500%.

  • Finally select the save location and click the 'Start' button to convert the video.
  • After conversion go the location where the converted video is saved.

The converted video can be played on your PC, android or iOS devices. Read this tutorial.


Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Standard: Password Recovery Tool For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Recently you have changed the login password of your Windows PC, but forget to memorize it. Now you are unable to login to your administrator account. Without the password you can not unlock your Windows PC and will suffer problems. In this situation you may try to re-install the Windows OS, because doing this will wipe the entire C:/ drive which also contains the password, or you may try to find some password recovery tool for Microsoft Windows. But re-installing and re-configuring the Windows software is time consuming and you do not want to loose all your installed programs and settings, secondly unauthorized Windows password recovery tools doesn’t have 100% success rate.

Review: Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Standard

There is an useful software known as the Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Standard Tool that works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 which can be used to reset lost Windows admin passwords. It is quiet easy to use and works with all desktops and notebooks.

Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Standard: Download or Buy

How To Use The Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Standard

  • Download and install the software on another computer which is not locked.
  • You should have a blank CD/DVD or a USB flash drive for creating a bootable recovery image.
  • Open the program and either choose CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive to create a bootable media. After selecting the media click ‘Burn’.
  • You can also select the Advance Recovery Wizard in which you can choose the right Windows OS. After making your selection click ‘Burn’.
  • After creating the bootable media insert/plug in to the older locked computer and change bios settings to boot from the CD/DVD or USB that you have created.
  • After booting you will see a password manager screen like this below.
  • Choose the user account whose password you want to remove. Click "Reset" to proceed.
  • You have removed the password, Click ‘Reboot’ and logon to your system without any password.
  • After successful login take control of your PC from the control panel by setting a new password.

This is the review of Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Standard which is an excellent tool to remove your lost Windows computer password. It is best suited for home and office use, however it has some limitations like you can not create bottable USB, no support for Windows Domain users etc.

But if you want more functions than you can choose from ‘Professional’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Ultimate’ versions of the same software which provides different functions, the Ultimate version is the top most product with all functions.

Give It A Try Or Buy

Before you can buy it you can try it. After using it makes you feel that it works for you then you can buy it, the product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. It costs only $19.95 for 1-3 PCs and this 50% offer is valid till 31st March 2017.


  • Easy to use password recovery tool for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows server 2012/2011/2008/2003.
  • 100% success rate.
  • Works with USB flash drives.
  • Support almost all file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, etc.
  • Windows password recovery process is completely safe and non-destructive with no data loss.

If you have any doubts then reply via comments.


SurfEasy VPN Review: Make Internet a Safer Place, Hide Your IP and Browse Anonymously

SurfEasy is a Canadian based VPN service provider which is now a part of Opera Software ASA. Opera is the developer of the Opera Mini web browser which was the only browser for multimedia phones in the past. SurfEasy is the only free VPN that officially works in a modern browser as well as on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. By default, the free version can be found in the PC version of the Opera browser. It is the only VPN that is also available for Google chrome as a browser extension. In this post, we are going to review SurfEasy VPN but first, we should start with an introduction of the Virtual Private Network.

What is a VPN and what it does?

VPN abbreviated as Virtual Private Network is a network security technology which encrypts your internet traffic. It not only encrypts your internet traffic but also hides your original IP address. Basically, a VPN uses a private server address which lets you connect to the internet in a secure manner. Whenever a request is made from a VPN-enabled device then the request gets encrypted. This encrypted information gets transferred to the VPN server via your original ISP. When this encrypted request reaches the VPN server it gets decrypted which in return delivers search results on your phone or PC.

The interesting thing here is to note that when your internet traffic gets encrypted then it is almost impossible for someone to see what actually you are viewing on the internet. This technology prevents spam attacks and man in the middle attacks. Even your ISP doesn't know what sites you have visited. Another benefit of a VPN is that you can safely connect to unsecured open public Wi-Fi networks without worrying.

And the final and most important use of it is to remove internet censorship. Some websites and services remain blocked in various countries. If a website is blocked in your country then you can't visit it via your original IP address. But a VPN can unblock websites by changing your IP address that points to some other country other than yours. With a Virtual Private Network you can watch region specific content that may be blocked without a VPN.

SurfEasy VPN Review: Hide Your IP Address, Unblock Websites, Browse Internet Anonymously

1. Encryption Technology: SurfEasy uses bank grade OpenVPN protocol for encrypting your internet traffic. The same encryption technology is used by US military and big financial institutions to protect sensitive information. At present, SurfEasy supports IPSec for iOS, OpenVPN for Android, Amazon, Desktop and HTTP Proxy for Browser Extensions. SurfEasy currently provides 256-bit encryption on iOS only. It will be available soon for other software platforms also.

2. Multi-Device Support: When you purchase SurfEasy then you can use it on 5 devices simultaneously with 99.95% uptime. So with SurfEasy you can secure your smartphone, PC, gaming console or your smart TV at the same time.

3. Multi OS Support: SurfEasy has dedicated apps and software for android, iOS, Amazon, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Chrome browser extension. You can download the right VPN client software for your device to secure it from internet threats. Opera browser for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS comes with free VPN service provided by SurfEasy. However, in Opera browser, you can't select your VPN location because it is auto selected.

4. SurfEasy Account: You can create a SurfEasy account to manage your VPN service. After logging in to your account you can download apps and software for various operating systems. You can also see the list of devices that are using your VPN account. You can add/remove devices anytime to make room for newer devices. If SurfEasy registers 5 devices in your account then you can't use it on a sixth device. To use it on a newer device you have to delete at least one device from your SurfEasy account. You can also upgrade your existing plan from your account anytime.

5. Servers List and Location: SurfEasy has a total of 25 server locations. They claim to have 1000 VPN servers operating in these 25 locations. All the major locations are covered including the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France, Germany etc. The servers have 99.95% uptime so you will not face any connectivity problems.

6. Plans and Pricing: SurfEasy VPN offers only three plans. Ultra ($6.49/month), Total ($3.99/month) and Mobile ($2.49/month). The 'Total' and 'Ultra' plans secure up to 5 devices while the 'Mobile' plan is only for one mobile device. The 'Ultra' plan includes additional regions and torrenting support. So you are free to choose among these two plans. If you only want to use SurfEasy VPN on your android or iOS device then choose the 'Mobile' plan. This plan is a little bit expensive than Avast secureline for android which comes at $1.99 a month and works on more than one mobile phone. You can read avast secureline review.

7. Try Before You Buy: You can use free 500 MB VPN data from SurfEasy before actually buying their service. You can earn extra data if someone buys their service from your referral link. SurfEasy doesn't provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

8. Logging Policy: SurfEasy doesn't log your browsing history. They can not identify you via your originating IP address because they do not log it. However, they monitor some bandwidth to assist you with billing and support. They use temporary usage data for troubleshooting. This data is completely deleted once the troubleshooting is finished. Read their full privacy policy here.

9. Unlimited Data: All plans of SurfEasy VPN provide unlimited data, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited server switching. You don't need to worry about data capping because it doesn't exist.

10. Customer Support: SurfEasy VPN has a friendly customer support. The customer support can be contacted via your account or any app for a particular device. Your SurfEasy account lets you chat live with a support agent during working hours. If live chat is unavailable then you can submit a request to receive support via email.

11. IP Leakage-Proof: Some VPNs leak your original IP address. If your original IP address is leaked then there is no point of using a Virtual Private Network. But SurfEasy VPN is IP leakage proof. We have tested this with Roesler's WebRTC test page.

12. P2P Support: SurfEasy VPN supports P2P file sharing and torrenting on its 'Ultra' plan. This is the only VPN after avast secureline that support peer to peer connections.

SurfEasy VPN for Android

The SurfEasy VPN app for android creates a secure encrypted internet connection with just a single tap. The android app is easy to use and have all the functions located at one place. In the app you can select any VPN location from 25 locations anytime. Also you can enable 'Wi-Fi' security for unsecured, public, and open Wi-Fi. Whenever this option is enabled then you can connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks without worrying.

surfeasy vpn android review   

You can also use a widget on the home screen to quickly change the VPN server. From the app, you can also select SurfEasy optimized VPN server which will automatically select the location.

SurfEasy VPN Pros

  • Strong encryption technology with OpenVPN protocol.
  • Supports 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Supports P2P file sharing and torrenting.
  • Also available for a single mobile device.
  • It is a no log VPN. Your browsing history is not logged at all.
  • Dedicated user account to control your service. Add or delete devices anytime in your account.
  • Unlimited data transfer on every plan.
  • 25 VPN locations with around 1000 servers.
  • Only one of the best VPN service which supports a wide list of operating systems.
  • Friendly customer support with live chat option during work hours.

 Buy SurfEasy VPN

You can buy SurfEasy VPN by going to this link below.


WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Review: Reliable External Hard Drive With 256-bit Hardware Encryption

WD (Western Digital) is the world's largest computer hard drive manufacturer. WD provides all kinds of storage solutions from desktop hard drives to surveillance storage. If I am not wrong then your PC is running a WD internal hard drive while you are reading this post. Western Digital makes reliable hard disk drives that can store your personal data for over a decade without getting failed. WD hard drives have the lowest failure rate when compared to other hard drive manufacturers.

It is said that a hard drive runs perfectly for the first three years of its life. After 3 years a hard drive's failure rate keeps on increasing on a yearly basis. So if you are running a hard disk drive that is more than 3 years old then you should be careful about your data stored on it. An HDD can fail anytime thereby corrupting all the data stored on it. In this situation, the HDD stops spinning and nothing can be read from it. So it is a wise decision not to get yourself into such situations. As you can purchase a new hard disk for your PC anytime but you can't get your personal data once lost.

So having multiple backups of your sensitive and personal data is necessary to avoid data loss. You should either use cloud services like DropBox or Google Drive. But data on the cloud is not safe. If you are storing your personal data on the cloud then you should encrypt it before uploading. Saving data on the cloud is a very cumbersome process if your data counts in GBs and you have a slow internet connection. Uploading, downloading and restoring your data from the cloud takes a considerable amount of time which highly depends on your internet connection speed.

The second alternative is to burn your data into DVD or Blu-ray discs. But these discs won't last long. As they may corrode due to moisture or a scratch on their shiny surface will ruin the data. Finally, you are left with taking data backup on flash drives, SSDs or external hard drives. Flash drives and SSDs are the best options to take data backups as they are fast and have a long life. But they are expensive and if you can't afford SSDs, then external hard drives are the second best option for data backup which is your personal offsite backup solutions.

WD My Passport Ultra 1TB (2015) External Hard Drive Review

You can buy your first external hard drive from Seagate, Hitachi, Transcend or ADATA. But these hard drives will only store your data without any security. WD My Passport Ultra is different from any normal hard drive because it provides 256-bit AES hardware encryption. You can lock your My Passport Ultra with a password so that no one can access your personal files. After setting your password the entire data on the disk gets encrypted with your password which gets stored in the ROM chip of My Passport Ultra.

wd my passport ultra 1tb retail pack

wd my passport ultra review and unboxing

1. Design and Build Quality: WD My Passport Ultra 2015 model comes with a very good design. The plastic body looks premium and can prevent minor scratches. On the front side, you can find a USB 3.0 port and a micro LED light. This LED light keeps blinking whenever the drive performs read/write functions. On the back side, you can find 4 rubber stoppers which provide extra grip to this portable hard drive on any surface. If you compare this 2015 model with the newer model then you will find that the newer design is not that good. WD My Passport Ultra is available in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB. The 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB variants are thicker than the 1TB model.  It comes in colors like classic black, brilliant white, noble blue and wild berry. WD My Passport Ultra is not a SSD. It is a normal 5400 RPM hard disc with a custom USB 3.0 interface. The hard drive is sealed inside the plastic body.

wd my passport ultra 1tb review

2. Data Transfer Rate (Speed Test): WD My Passport Ultra offers around 109 MBps read and 101 MBps write speed on USB 3.0 when benchmarked on NTFS file system. And we saw around 33 MBps read and 25 MBps write speed on USB 2.0 on NTFS partition. But file transfer speed depends upon file types and the computer hardware (RAM, CPU, internal hard disk) to which the drive is connected. On average I am getting around 70 MBps read/write speed on USB 3.0. The speed reaches up to 90 MBps when you transfer ISO files.

wd my passport ultra speed test

wd my passport ultra speed test usb 3.0

➜ Actual Data Transfer Speed Test

Watch this video below to see the actual read, write, copy and data transfer speed of WD My Passport Ultra 1TB.

3. WD Drive Utilities Software: The WD drive utilities software lets you manage your My Passport Ultra hard disc. You can check the drive for bad sectors via quick and complete scans. It also tells about the drive health. You can control the sleep timer and can set the LED light to OFF or ON. You can also secure erase your My Passport Ultra. Secure erase function will completely wipe the data and nothing can be recovered even via data recovery software. You can also backup your data to Dropbox from My Passport Ultra.

wd drive utilities

4. WD Security Software: With WD Security you can set a password for your My Passport Ultra. You can also use this software to remove the password. When you set a password then it gets stored on the ROM chip of the My Passport Ultra. Now, whenever you connect this portable hard drive on any Windows or Mac system then it will ask for a password. Without unlocking the drive you can't view files stored on it.

5. File System Compatibility: The WD My Passport Ultra is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS, and android (exFAT). WD My Passport Ultra supports NTFS, exFAT and OS X (Extended). It doesn't support FAT32 directly unless you use a third party FAT32 format utility. If you want this portable drive to work on Windows, Mac, and android at the same time then you can use the exFAT file system. While bigger file systems like NTFS and Mac file system works greatly you can still use exFAT if you want compatibility between multiple devices because exFAT is supported by most devices than NTFS or HFS. However, if you are going to use the My Passport Ultra only on your Windows PC then use NTFS.

6. WD Backup Software: Another most import feature of the My Passport Ultra is the automatic backup. With WD Backup software you can set this portable drive to take automatic backups of your data on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. If your portable drive is partitioned then you can choose any partition to take automatic backup with restore option.

7. Price: WD My Passport Ultra 1TB costs around $66. You can buy this from various sources online like Amazon or you can directly buy this from Western Digital which also comes with 30-days money back guarantee in the United States.

Handling External Hard Drives

The reason why internal hard drives have a very long life is that they run inside a desktop cabinet at a fixed place. The internal hard drive does not move here and there and keeps working at a fixed place. You don't need to take it places. But this is not the case with an external hard disc. External hard drives are reliable just like internal ones but they can stop working anytime if they are mishandled. Suppose you dropped your portable drive from a height and after this, it stopped working which corrupted all of your precious data. In this situation, you can't blame the portable drive because they are not shock proof and they can stop working if they hit a hard surface when falling from a height.

wd my passport ultra hard drive case

You need to put your My Passport Ultra inside a shockproof case which will protect the drive from damage, water, and moisture. A shockproof hard drive case will protect the drive from the force of gravity. If you have previously dropped your external hard drive many times and if it is still working then don't rely on it completely. Buy a new one and replicate your data because the previous one can fail anytime. These external hard drives are very delicate and require proper care if you want them working for a long time just like internal hard drives.

WD My Passport Ultra 1TB External Hard Drive Pros

  • Easy to carry portable hard drive with slim design.
  • Comes with 256-bit AES hardware encryption.
  • The password protection feature prevents anyone from accessing your files.
  • Comes with WD drive utilities which also lets you secure erase your My Passport Ultra.
  • Good file transfer rates.
  • Works with several android phones with exFAT support.
  • Built in security software.
  • Automatic backups with WD Backup software on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.
  • Secure erase function works well. After a secure erase no file can be recovered.
  • Comes with 3 years replacement warranty.

Watch the Video Review and Unboxing

Buy Now

You can buy the WD My Passport Ultra from amazon by going to this link. You can also purchase the secure case for your My Passport Ultra, go to this link.


Moto G4 Plus Gets Latest Update (NPJ25.93-14) With December Security Patch and Stability Improvements

Good news Moto G4 Plus has received a latest update having build number NPJ25.93-14. This update fixes the low notification sound problem and comes with latest December security patch. The low notification sound was a real problem in the Moto G4 Plus and it started after the July patch update. But with the December security patch update the low notification sound problem has been resolved. The notification sound on Moto G4 Plus is now very loud.

The update weighs only 114.8MB and takes only 10 minutes to install. This update also fixes the 2G connectivity problem. In the android 7.0 nougat update we were unable to select the 2G network. But with this latest update we can now select 2G in preferred network type. But the screen burn issue is not yet resolved, but you can fix screen burn on Moto G4 Plus. If you haven't received the update then go to 'Settings>About phone>System updates'. If you have received the update then tap 'YES, I'M IN' and select 'Wi-Fi or mobile network' then let the update to finish download. After downloading tap 'INSTALL'.

moto g4 plus NPJ25.93-14

Motorola has been fixing various bugs via OTA since the launch of Moto G4 Plus. With the December security patch update the low notification sound problem also got fixed. So we can hope that Moto G4 Plus can get android 7.1.1 update soon, because on the Moto G4 Plus launch date Motorola said that it will releasing the next update also after the android N which is android O.


Moto G 2015 Gets Two Maintenance Updates With July and October Security Patch

It is clear that Moto G 2015 also known as Moto G3 is not getting the android 7.0 Nougat update. But recently Motorola released two maintenance updates for this 3rd generation of Moto G at the same time. These two updates are just security patches which fix the android vulnerabilities up to October 2016. These two updates also come with stability fixes. The first OTA update has the build number 24.71.2.en.03 and weighs only 12.9 MB. This is the July 2016 security patch update and hardly takes 10 minutes to install.

Moto G3 July 2016 security patch update

The other update having build number 24.201.5.en.03 is the October security patch update and weighs 63.7 MB. This OTA update installs in 10 minutes. These are the important security updates for your Moto G3 and you shouldn't skip these updates at any cost. So if you are seeing a notification on your phone then tap 'YES, I'M IN' and let the phone update itself. Make sure the battery is charged to 60% or above.


How to Unlock Easter Eggs (Android Neko) Cat Game on Android 7.0 Nougat

Just like every other android OS the android Nougat has a hidden game. This game is Neko Atsume-style game in which you collect cats by serving them food. The android nougat cat game is simple to play. You put food in an empty dish and after some time. You can choose from four food items that are Chicken, Fish, Bits and Treat. Whenever a cat comes and eats the food a notification appears on your phone. From there you can add that cat to your collection. Chicken and Fish attract the cats faster rather than Bits and Treats. You can catch many cats as the number is not confirmed.

Unlock Easter Eggs Android Nougat Cat Game on Android 7.0

  • Go to 'Settings>About phone'. Scroll down and tap 'Android version' several times until it opens the Nougat logo.
  • Now keep tapping the android Nougat logo unless you see an orange cat emoji on the screen.
  • Now tap the home button and access the quick settings panel by swiping the notifications panel down.
  • Tap 'EDIT' and scroll down to find '????Android Easter Eggs'. This icon is a cat emoji.

  • Drag and drop this icon on to the main quick settings shortcuts. Then go back.
  • Now you will see an empty dish icon in the quick settings panel.
  • Tap this empty dish icon and it will give you four food items.
  • Select Fish or Chicken because the cat will appear faster if you use this food to bait it.
  • A notification will appear as 'A cat is here'. Tap this notification and android Easter Eggs will open.
  • Here you can find all your cats.
  • Tap any cat to rename it. Long tap it to share or delete it from the collection. I have collected 17 cats now.
android nougat cats

Watch The Video Tutorial


How to Use Google Chrome in Split Screen View on Android

With the launch of android 7.0 Nougat, we have got a new feature known as split screen view. In split screen view, we can simultaneously run two apps on the same screen. This is indeed the best feature of android 7.0 Nougat. The biggest advantage of this feature is that we can work on two apps simultaneously. Split screen view is by default supported by most android apps. But Google chrome for android doesn't go into split screen view directly.

If you have used chrome on android 7.0 then you might have seen that the long tapping the recent apps button don't send the chrome tabs in split screen view. But for other apps this method works. It is possible to run two chrome browser tabs in split screen view. The benefit is that you can work on two websites at the same time and no need to switch tabs. Split screen view also prevents page reloading when you switch between tabs. This saves your data and time.

How to Use Google Chrome Tabs in Split Screen View on Android 7.0 Nougat.

  • Open chrome browser and open two tabs.
  • Long tap the recent apps button unless it open the split view.
  • Now tap the 'Options' button in chrome browser. It looks like three vertical dots on the top right corner.
  • From the options tap 'Move to other window'.
split screen view on android 7.0 nougat
  • On selecting this option the chrome browser will open two tabs in split screen mode.
  • If you previously just opened one window then the upper split screen view of Google chrome browser will become empty.
  • To open the new tab in the upper view tap the plus '+' button.

    • Now you can browse two websites at the same time.
    • Note that, by default the chrome tabs will split vertically but you can rotate the screen to let the tabs split horizontally.
    split screen on chrome for android

    You can check out the video tutorial below.


    2G Network Option Missing From Moto G4 Plus After Updating to Android 7.0 Nougat: How to Fix

    Moto G4 Plus is the only android smartphone in the Moto G series that has faced many software and hardware problems since its launch. The very first notable problem was of overheating. Then Motorola took this seriously and released a series of OTA updates to fix this. Then a new problem arose during the July security patch update in which the notification sound became very low. The notification problem still exists in android 7.0 Nougat and most of the time the sound is inaudible.

    Now after updating the Moto G4 Plus to android 7.0 Nougat, the users are reporting screen burn-in issues and a very rare problem related to the cellular network. Users of Moto G4 Plus are unable to select 2G network on any SIM. The 2G network option is nowhere to be seen under network type selection. 2G network is not banned in India then why Motorola is dissuading the Moto G4 Plus users from selecting it. If you have upgraded your Moto G4 Plus to android 7.0 Nougat then you will find that you can only select either 4G or 3G network for any SIM. The access to 2G network is either intentionally or accidently removed.

    Why 2G Network is Still Necessary for Smartphones

    If you own a smartphone then it may have the capability to operate with different network technologies like 2G, 3G or 4G (LTE). Since 3G and 4G networks are new in India therefore there coverage is much far behind than 2G in most areas. In India, these high-speed networks (3G/4G) do not work properly inside a building. If your house is located near skyscrapers or tall house buildings or there are not enough cellular towers in your area then you are definitely having connectivity problems with the 3G or 4G network.

    2G is present worldwide since 1999 and it operates at 900MHz frequency band compared to 2100MHz 3G band and 2300MHz 4G band. Due to lower frequency 2G signals can penetrate building walls providing better in-house signal reception. So you remain connected all the time. On the other hand, 3G uses UMTS 2100MHz frequency band which is not good at all for getting good reception inside a building. However, 4G networks use three bands which somehow provide better network reception than 3G inside a home.

    If you live in an area where 3G/4G signal reception is weak then you should select 2G network on your phone. Weak 3G/4G signals drain the phone's battery at a very high rate and make the phone to overheat.

    Unable to Select 2G Network on Moto G4 Plus After Android 7.0 Nougat Update: How to Fix?

    I must tell you that it is true that 2G option is missing from Moto G4 Plus after upgrading to android 7.0. But we can still select the 2G GSM network with a simple trick that I am going to share. Weak 3G and 4G signals are not good both for your phone and your health. So you should immediately select GSM on your Moto G4 Plus for good network reception, preventing unusual battery drain and ill effects of weak signals on one's health.

    Note: Don't use the code '*#*#4636#*#*'. When you dial this code from your Moto phone then it will let you select the network type from 2G, 3G or 4G. But it does not work at all.

    The trick I am going to share here works on both SIM cards and you can select 2G network on any SIM any time. But do note that only one SIM will work on 2G at a time. This trick works on AirTel SIM and Vodafone SIM doesn't allow connection to 2G network sometimes, but it connects when we repeat the process 2-3 times. If we do so the phone app force closes itself. This makes us think that 2G network in India is slowly reaching its end.

    • Open 'Settings' and go to 'More>Mobile networks'.
    • Select the SIM which you want to operate on 2G. This SIM would be in slot 2 or it may be the SIM which is not using data network.
    • Now keep this 'Mobile network settings' screen open and swipe down the notifications panel and tap 'SIM 2' to open SIM card settings.

    • Tap the green button to disable the slot. Then enable it few seconds.
    • Now go back quickly after enabling the SIM slot and quickly start tapping 'Preferred network type' multiple times. Select '2G' from the list.

    • After selecting 2G the option will become unclickable and the network will be locked to 2G GSM.
    • If you want to change to 3G then you can repeat the process.

    ➜ Split Screen Trick

    If you are finding the above procedure too fast then you can use the split screen view to enable 2G network. Basically, we run 'Mobile network settings' window and 'SIM card settings' window in the split screen view for quickly accessing the 'Preferred network type' on the same screen without going back.

    • Open 'Settings' and go to 'More>Mobile networks'.
    • Scroll down the notifications panel and tap 'SIM 2'. It will open SIM cards.
    • Now long tap the recent apps button to activate split screen view and select the 'Mobile network settings' window which was opened previously. Your split screen view will look like this below.

    • Now tap the green button in front of SIM slot to disable it. Then enable the slot again.
    • Now immediately keep tapping the 'Preferred network type' in another window of the split screen view.
    • Select 2G from the list before the network gets locked again.

    This trick may or may not work on all networks. Because sometimes the cellular network reaches the phone instantly after enabling the SIM slot. In this short span of time, we can't tap the 'Preferred network type' option and it becomes unclickable. This trick is currently working with AirTel only., but you can try this trick below.

    For Vodafone Users

    Insert Vodafone in SIM slot 2 and make sure that the SIM in slot 1 is using 4G network. Now follow the steps below.
    • Remove the SIM from slot 1.
    • Now a popup will open asking you to switch your Vodafone SIM for data network. Tap 'No'.
    • Now follow the split screen view method given above to select the 'Preferred network type' 2G on Vodafone SIM.
    • Now insert any SIM in slot 1 and set the network to 4G.

    ➜ Watch the Video Tutorial

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    How to Fix Screen Burn-In Problem on Moto G4 Plus

    Moto G4 Plus is on the list to receive android 7.0 Nougat. The update will arrive soon. After finishing the soak test in Brazil, Motorola is conducting the same in India. Users in India are expecting the latest software update for Moto G4 Plus, but right now the android 7.0 for Moto G4 Plus is under soak testing. Moto G4 Plus had received the July security patch update which came with build number MPJ24.139-63. This update has notable bugs and we already mentioned some in this article.

    The most notable bug of this July security patch update is the low notification sound. The notification sound is inaudible in a crowded place. But if you are watching a video or listening to music on your Moto G4 Plus then the notification sound is loud enough and can be heard easily.

    Now some Moto G4 Plus users are reporting that after updating their phones to this July security patch update they are seeing screen burn-in problems.

    What is Screen Burn-In Problem in Moto G4 Plus

    Whenever you watch a video or the screen is constantly active for a long time say 20 minutes or more then you will see some discoloration in various parts of the screen. This discoloration is visible when you access quick settings panel by swiping down the screen. You can easily see ghost image of icons that actually doesn't exist on the phone.

    screen burn issue moto g4 plus

    These icons are mostly visible on top, left and right side of the screen. The problem gets worse when the phone starts to heat. The more your Moto G4 Plus heat the more discoloration and screen burn-in will happen on the screen.

    Is Screen Burn-in Problem Related to Hardware or Software of Moto G4 Plus

    We are not sure whether this screen burning problem is arising due to faulty screen or the phone's software. But we haven't noticed this issue on the previous software builds that Moto G4 Plus was running. We only came across this problem when we updated the Moto G4 Plus to MPJ24.139-63 firmware. So possibly the screen burn-in issue may be due to an OTA update that is the July Security Patch update.

    How to Fix Screen Burn-in Problem in Moto G4 Plus [100% Working]

    If you are experiencing screen burning problem on Moto G4 Plus then we suggest you to wait for official launch of android 7.0 Nougat. This latest update will fix all software problems in Moto G4 Plus. We also suggest you not to install apps like 'Screen Burn-in tool' as this app will damage your phone's screen pixels. To fix the screen burn-in follow the steps below.

    • Download the color filter app from this link.
    • In phone settings make sure that 'Adaptive brightness' is 'ON'.
    • Install the color filter app on your phone.
    • Open color filter app and set the opacity to '20'. You can increase this value, but twenty is working fine. This value can be set to as low as '5' and it would also work fine. At value '5' the bluish color on screen will not be seen. However, the bluish tint is also not noticeable at value '20' either.
    • Now tap 'Color'. A list of colors will open. Scroll down to the last color and select the 'blue-gray' color just before the yellow color. See image below.
    • Now tap 'OK' to select the blue-gray color filter. Now enable 'Lockscreen'. If you enable lockscreen filter then the color filter will be applied to whole screen including the status bar.
    • If you do not enable the 'Lockscreen' filter then the status bar icons will cause screen burn. So enabling the 'Lockscreen' option is must to avoid Moto G4 Plus screen burn-in completely.

    • This fix is a 100% working solution for the Moto G4 Plus screen burning problem. We have tested this fix and the screen burning is nowhere to be seen.

    Note: The above fix just prevents the Moto G4 Plus screen burn-in issue. If your phone requires a screen replacement then go for it.

    ➜ Update: Even after updating to android 7.0 Nougat the burn-in problem didn't go. Whenever we use the phone to browse or watch videos on YouTube app then after few seconds we can see status bar icons visible on notifications panel. The screen retention can also be seen on both sides of the screen. It would be better to visit the Motorola service center and have your phone checked. But if you want to fix this problem by yourself then this tutorial is for you.

    ➜ Update 2: If you have updated your Moto G4 Plus to android 7.0 then 2G network option is not accessible anymore. You can't select 2G network, but we have found a trick to enable 2G network on Moto G4 Plus after android 7.0 update.

    ➜ Update 3 : Moto G4 Plus gets the December Security Patch update which fixes low notification sound problem and brings stability improvements. The newer build is NPJ25.93-14. This is the first maintenance update after the android 7.0 nougat update.

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