How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving a Contact

WhatsApp is the number one instant messaging service app. Since its launch, WhatsApp has added a lot more useful features in it like free voice call and video call. And it gets new features soon. WhatsApp is a convenient way to share media files, document files, and quick messages. With WhatsApp, you can chat with anyone and send files to anyone. The only thing you have to do is to save that person's contact number in your phone and sync it with the app.

But most of the times you may want to chat with a person just for a few times like sending a file or document. So for this, it isn't necessary that you store that person's contact number in your phone to initiate a WhatsApp chat. In this tutorial, we will teach you to send WhatsApp messages to anyone without saving his contact number to your Android or iPhone. Please note that this trick will only work if the recipient is an active WhatsApp user.

Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving a Contact

  • Copy this link
  • Replace the 'contact_number' with the recipient's contact number with country code and without the plus sign.
  • So if a user is from India and has contact number '0000000000' then this link will look like this as below. '91' is the country code for India
  • When you modify the above link with your contact's number then on going to this link a message will appear on the screen in the browser. The above link will redirect to this link.
If you use the above link then this will also work just like short link mentioned above.

  • The page will ask you to send a WhatsApp message without saving his/her contact. Tap the green 'MESSAGE' button to start the chat.
  • This method also works in WhatsApp mobile application, iPhone, and WhatsApp Web.

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How to Bring Back Missing WiFi Network Profile Options in Windows 10

Windows 10 automatically sets a WiFi or Ethernet network to public. Windows 10 by default applies the ‘Public’ profile for every network you connect the first time. The WiFi network profile will remain set to ‘Public’ unless you change it to ‘Private’. Windows 10 provides three network profiles which are ‘Public’, ‘Private’, and ‘Domain’. The ‘Domain’ profile is only available to the enterprise version of Windows 10. Windows 10 considers the ‘Public’ profile more safe and strict because in this profile the PC isn’t discoverable by other PCs on the same network and file and printer sharing is also disabled by default.

However, if you want to change your WiFi from public to private then it can be done in just a few clicks. But make sure that you only set your home network as private. Never set a public WiFi network to private which is freely available in coffee shops, airports, or railway stations. So, changing a WiFi network from public to private can be done by changing the Windows 10 network profile. Network profile gives two options for every WiFi or any other type of network which are ‘Public’, and ‘Private’.

But the problem is that many users complain that the network profile is missing. The network profile should be there in network properties and between the “Connect automatically when in range”, and “Metered connection” options. But for many users, this Windows 10 network profile is missing and they can’t set their WiFi from public to private. The Windows 10 version 1803 and 1709 both have this problem. See the image below.

Windows 10 public private wifi options missing

How to Bring Back Missing Windows 10 Network Profile Options

There is a reason why network profile options are missing in Windows 10. The reason is simple if you are using a third party firewall or an antivirus with a built-in firewall like ‘Avast Internet Security’ rather than the Windows defender firewall then the network profile options get hidden. The only thing you can do to bring back these options is to disable the third party firewall for a few minutes. After disabling the third party firewall the network profile options will come back again. Now you can easily set your WiFi network from public to private or vice versa. When you enable the third party firewall the options will disappear again.

To change the network profile for a particular WiFi first connect to it and follow the steps below.
  • Make sure you have disabled the third party firewall for a while.
  • If you are using Avast Internet Security then go to ‘Protection>Firewall’. Disable it for 10 minutes.
  • Now in Windows 10 go to ‘Settings>Network & Internet>Status’.
  • Click ‘Change connection properties’.

  • Now you’ll see two options here. Set the WiFi from public to private if it is a home network.

  • To be on a safe also disable the network discovery and file and printer sharing if you are not going to use it in ‘Network & sharing centre’ by changing the ‘Advanced sharing options’.
  • Now you can re-enable the third party firewall.

Check Out The Video Tutorial

Here's a video tutorial on our YouTube channel. You can check this tutorial for even more understanding.

You don’t always have to disable your third-party firewall to change the network profile. You can change it via multiple ways like from using the secpol.msc, using the registry editor, and using the Windows PowerShell. We will discuss these options in the next article.

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How to Import Windows Live Mail Messages to Mozilla Thunderbird

Windows Live Mail has bee discontinued by Microsoft and it is no longer available for download. If you try to run your existing Windows Live Mail client then it will keep crashing. Microsoft has retired it finally and now you have to move on to some other email clients. If you are looking for a free email client for Windows 7 or Windows 10 then you can try Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client with all the necessary features that you'll require in a Windows mail client. Mozilla Thunderbird also supports Add-ons or extensions which bring several impossible works to reality. One such task is to restore the Windows Live Mail backup on Mozilla Thunderbird. This task seems impossible because there is no direct way to import Windows Live (.eml) messages to Mozilla Thunderbird. EML is the file format of the email messages exported as a backup by the Windows Live Mail.

Import Windows Live Mails Messages to Mozilla Thunderbird With ImportExportTools

  • Make sure you have the backup of your old Windows Live Mail messages. I can't show you how to take a backup as eml because the client is no longer working.
  • If you are currently running Windows Live Mail then try to export your messages from Windows Mail in .eml format.
  • Now save the backup to your desktop and download and install Mozilla Thunderbird from this link.
  • Open it and click the hamburger menu in the top right corner. Here go to 'Options>Account Settings'.
  • Now click 'Account Actions' and then click 'Add Mail Account'. A dialog box will open asking you to enter the username and password of your email. Enter the details and follow the instructions to add the mailbox to Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • Now after setting up the mailbox download the ImportExportTools from this link.
  • Now open Mozilla Thunderbird and click the hamburger menu in the top right corner and then select 'Add-ons'. In the 'Add-ons Manager' click the 'Extension' tab on the left side.
  • Now click the gear/settings icon just before the search button and click 'Install Add-on From File'. Pick the ImportExportTools add-on from where you saved it to install. After installing the add-on restart the program.

  • Now we are ready and it's up to you where you want to import the eml messages to local folders or the original mail account.
  • Currently, I am importing the Windows Live Mail eml messages to local folders in Thunderbird.
  • To import right click on 'Local Folders' and select 'New Folder'. Create a new folder for convenience and import the eml messages to this folder.
  • Right click on this newly created folder and open the submenu of 'ImportExportTools'. Click 'Import all messages from a directory' and then select 'also from its subdirectories'.

  • Locate the Windows Live Mail backup folder and open it.
  • Your all eml messages will be imported to Mozilla Thunderbird in this new folder.
Note: The ImportExportTools has a problem importing very large eml backups. It doesn't work with multiple subdirectories. So if you have a large eml messages backup then this will not work. In this case you have to manually import each subdirectory which is nothing but just a collection of folders and Windows Live messages in eml format. So, this manual importing process will be time consuming but is definitely worth spending time. Because you can see all the emails in one place.

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YouTube For Android Gets Incognito Mode iOS Version Coming Soon

YouTube has just got the incognito mode feature update. Now you can watch YouTube videos without getting tracked by Google. This simply means that you are now able to watch YouTube videos anonymously. Your watch history and search history will not be saved in your Google account. Google won't track you in the incognito mode and you won't see any video recommendations based on your search history because of the incognito mode.

The incognito mode feature is currently available to Android users only and will be available soon for iPhone users to. Prior to the introduction of the YouTube incognito mode it was and it is still possible to permanently pause your search and watch history in YouTube. But this won't save you from Google's tracking. If you don't want yourself to get tracked by Google then use the incognito mode.

While YouTube's incognito mode provides some sort of anonymity while searching and watching videos. But it is still not completely tracking proof. Your Wi-Fi administrator may track your online presence and may see what you have watched in YouTube. So you have to be careful while connecting to Wi-Fi networks. Completely avoid public Wi-Fi connections. If possible then use a paid VPN service to completely avoid tracking.

How to Go Incognito in YouTube for Android

  • Open the YouTube Android app and tap your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Then tap 'Turn on Incognito'. This will activate the YouTube incognito mode.

  youtube incognito mode

  • Now you can watch and search for videos and the watching and the searching data will not saved anywhere in your phone or Google account.
  • To exit tap the incognito icon in the top right corner and select 'Turn off Incognito'.

Things You Can't Do in The Incognito Mode

While using the YouTube's incognito mode you aren't allowed to perform certain tasks. Here is the list of these tasks.
  • You can't comment on videos while watching them in incognito mode. To post comment you will have to exist this mode.
  • Your Library will be completely empty. Library basically contains your uploaded videos and purchases.
  • Your 'Messages' and 'Notifications' will not appear.

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How to Play and Watch DVD Videos on Different Devices

DVD videos were popular some years ago which replaced the VCD format and introduced high quality video format for a CRT TV. DVD videos have a maximum resolution of 480p. 480p videos are good enough to watch if you talk about the video quality. Being an old video format DVD videos can still deliver good quality entertainment on HDTVs too. But DVD videos have a strange format (.vob) which is not cross compatible. You can’t play DVD videos directly on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone except for some HDTVs which support the .vob format.

To watch DVD videos across multiple devices one should convert them to a compatible format like MP4. MP4 is the default video format of Android devices and is supported by iPhone, iPad, and HDTVs. So to convert DVD to MP4 you will need a reliable video converter which can give you good video conversion features, multiple device support, and faster conversion. In this tutorial we will talk about Movavi Video Converter.

How to Convert DVD Videos to MP4 With Movavi Video Converter

  • Download and install the Movavi Video Converter from the Movavi’s official website.
  • Open the Movavi Video Converter and click the ‘Add Media’ button then click ‘Add DVD’. Finally click the sub option ‘Open DVD’ and select the ‘Video_TS’ folder on your DVD because it contains all the media files that we will be converting.
  • Click the ‘Video’ tab and select ‘MP4’ from this list. When you click it then the pre-configured setting will show up. Select the best setting which you want to choose.
  • If you still want to customize the video settings then click the ‘Customize’ button (gear icon) in the bottom left corner just next to the ‘Output format’. Here you can customize video settings further like changing the resolution, bitrate, frames per second etc.
  • After making the customization settings click the ‘Convert’ button.
  • Please note that if you are converting multiple DVD videos to MP4 then you can also combine them by enabling the ‘Merge’ option just before the ‘Convert’ button.
  • Other quality features include video editing tools like crop, trip, watermark, rotate, stabilization, and video adjustments.


At just $39.95 for a lifetime license the Movavi Video Converter is a nice choice if you are looking a cheap reliable video converter that is small enough in size but provides great features for video conversion. It nearly supports more than 180 video formats so you don’t need to worry about the formats. Apart from videos you can also convert videos to popular audio formats and can also convert images to another formats. Movavi Video Converter comes with a 7-day trial period and a 30-day money back guarantee. So before buying you can always try it for 7 days.

Best Free Emulators to Play Sony PlayStation [PS1/PSX] Games on Android

Sony PlayStation also known as the PS1, PSONE, PSX was the most popular gaming console in the 1990s. It was later discontinued in the year 2006 but it has over 23 years old legacy that led to the development of many popular gaming consoles today. Well you can't find and buy a real PS1 console today because there development was ceased long ago by Sony.

But you can emulate PS1 games on your Android smartphone and PC (Windows 10). Currently there are two best PS1 emulators available for Android. These are ePSXe and FPSe. Check ePSXe tutorial below.

 ePSXe Android tutorial

Both these PS1 emulators for Android are highly compatible with most Android phones and PlayStation Roms ISO games. But there is only one problem with these emulators that prevent Android users from using them. The problem is that these emulators are not free in Google Play store. You have to buy any of these PS1 ISO emulator to enjoy PS1 games on Android. But most Android users don't feel like buying these emulators and end up downloading malicious APKs of these apps. We don't recommend anyone to download Android apps from unknown sources.

So, if you don't want to purchase ePSXe or FPSe and still want to play PS1/PSX games on your Android phone then we will teach you how you can do it. In this tutorial we will be discussing two best free Sony PlayStation emulators for Android.

Two Best Free Emulators to Play Sony PlayStation [PS1/PSX] Games on Android

How to Play Sony PS1 Games on Android With ClassicBoy Multi Console Emulator

ClassicBoy is a free multi console emulator for Android. It can easily let you play games from popular consoles like PS1, NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, and Neo-Geo. But will discuss only Sony PlayStation games on it. ClassicBoy emulator is free to download from Google Play store but it may show ads while you use it. So keep the data connection off on your phone while playing. ClassicBoy offers additional paid features but the free version also doesn't have any game playing limitation. So there is no need to buy these additional features and you can continue using the free version without any problem.

  • Download and install the ClassicBoy PS1 emulator from the Google Play store.
  • Make sure you have at least one PS1 game ISO or BIN file to start playing. You can check this tutorial -- download PS1 ISO games.
  • After you download the copy the ISO or BIN file to a folder named 'PS1' on your phone's internal storage. The directory looks like '/storage/emulated/0/PS1'.
  • Open the ClassicBoy app and tap 'PlayStation 1'.

  • Tap 'Select game' and keep tapping 'Parent folder' unless you see 'Current DIR: /storage/emulated/0' written in blue on the top of the popup. Select the 'PS1' folder and then tap the game ISO or BIN file to select it.
  • Tap the 'OFF' button next to 'Cheats' and turn it 'ON'. Then tap 'Cheats' and enable the cheat codes that you want to use in the PS1 game. You can also add GameShark codes.
  • Tap 'New game' to start the game. From here you can start playing the game without any customizations and in default mode.
tekken 3 android
  • Now exit the game by tapping the back button and selecting 'Exit'.
  • Tap 'Advanced' and make sure 'Touchscreen' is set to 'ON'. Now tap 'Touchscreen'. You will see the controller buttons. Just drag and drop the buttons anywhere you want on the screen. This way you can customize the controller buttons.
  • Long tap any button and increase the scaling to increase the button size. Tap the back button and select 'OK' to save your settings.
  • In On-screen D-pad mode select 'Digital D-pad' and in On-screen D-pad directions select '8-way'.

How to Use Cheats in ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy automatically loads the cheats for a particular PS1 game. You only have to select and activate certain cheats. You can also add GameShark cheat codes if you know any. To use cheats in ClassicBoy first open the app and select 'PlayStation 1'. Make sure 'Cheats' are set to 'ON' and game is already selected, then tap 'Cheats'. You will see a list of cheats for that game. Just put a check on every cheat that you can want to activate. Tap return and start playing the PS1 games with cheats enabled.

How to Connect a USB Joystick or Keyboard

You can also connect a USB keyboard or Android joystick to play PS1 games in ClassicBoy. Follow the steps below to connect a USB controller to Android.
  • Use an OTG cable to connect the keyboard. Both the Wireless and wired keyboards work on Android.
  • After connecting the keyboard open the ClassicBoy emulator and tap the 'Settings' icon just next to the shopping cart. In Global settings tap 'Controller'.
  • Now tap 'Player 1' and it should be enabled.
  • When you tap it then the game input mapper will open. Touch any key on the screen. A popup will open. Press any key on the keyboard to assign. Repeat the process for all the key.
  • You will be able to play games with keyboard now.

How to Play Sony PS1 Games on Android With Matsu Player

Matsu player is another free emulator for PS1. It is a multi platform emulator just like ClassicBoy and is good at emulating PS1 games absolutely free. Check the tutorial below to use Matsu player for playing PS1 games on Android.
  • Download and install Matsu player from Google Play Store.
  • Copy the PS1 ISO or bin game file to your phone’s internal storage.
  • Open the Matsu player app and tap the ‘EMU>>’ button. From the list select ‘PSX’.
  • Tap ‘SEARCH GAMES’ and put a check on ‘Internal storage’ and ‘External storage’. Tap ‘OK’. Wait till the emulator finds your PS1 games.
  • When the game search finishes a list of games will be returned. Tap the PS1 game that you want to play. Then tap ‘New game’ to start palying. If bios warning pops up tap ‘CONTINUE’.
  • The game by default runs in portrait mode. Enable auto rotate in Android settings and rotate the phone to play the game in landscape mode.
  • Before properly playing the game we first have to make correct settings. Tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner and select ‘Quit game’ to go back. Save your game before quitting by tapping ‘SAVE’.
  • Now tap ‘Advanced settings’ and scroll down to the end and enable ‘Enable Cheats’. Then go back.
  • Now tap ‘Edit Layout’ then tap ‘Layout Landscape’.
  • Now a controls editor will open. Just touch any button and drop it anywhere on the screen as per your convenience.
  • Touch a button and then swipe up and down over the knob (four arrows) to increase or decrease the button size. Finally tap the Android back button and select ‘Exit and save’.
  • Scroll down and tap ‘Game screen size’. Choose the option which best suits your phone’s screen.
  • You can also use a VR headset to play PS1 games in Matsu player. You can also use Occulus Rift or Samsung Gear VR. Tap ‘VR Settings’ and put a check on ‘Enable VR Mode’. Increase or decrease the ‘VR screen size’ as per your needs.

Save and Load Game State in Matsu Player

While playing a game tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner and select ‘Save state’. Then select the slot to save your current game state and progress. If you want to load that saved game state anytime tap the menu again and select ‘Load state’ then select the save state slot that you want to load.

Add PS1/PSX Cheat Codes in Matsu Player

While playing a game tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner and select ‘Cheats’. Tap the plus button and add a cheat code if you know any. Enter the code and tap ‘NEXT’ to add and activate the cheat for the game.


So these were two best free PS1 emulators for Android. You can play most PS1 games on these two PS1 emulators. However if you want a standalone PS1 android emulator then you can go for ePSXe which is a paid app.

How to Use Android Messages On PC with Messages for Web

Android messages has just got the newest update which is known as 'Messages for web'. The messages for web feature is just like the WhatsApp Web. The Messages for web feature will let you use the Android messages app on your PC. With this feature it is quite quick and easy to manage, compose, and reply to SMS messages from your PC. The feature has been globally rolled out and you just need to update your Android messages app to the latest version. Here is a quick tutorial to use the messages for web feature in Android messages.

How to Use Android Messages On PC with Messages for Web

  • On a PC or a Mac open the browser and go to
  • A web page will open with a QR code in it.

  • Make sure that your phone and PC are connected to same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now open the Android messages app on your phone and tap the menu button in the top right corner just next to the search button.

  • From this menu select 'Messages for web'. Tap 'SCAN QR CODE' button. A QR code scanner will open.
  • Scan the QR code in the PC web browser.
  • Wait till the syncing completes.
  • When the sync gets completed you will be able to see the Android messages in your PC web browser.

  • When the browser first opens the messages it will ask for notification access. Click 'ALLOW' if you want to get desktop notifications for new messages.
  • Tap any conversation to send messages to. Tap the 'SIM' icon to change the SIM for sending messages.
  • Tap the menu button in the top left corner and select 'Settings'. Here enable 'Notifications', 'Message preview', and you can also activate 'Enable dark theme' to protect your eyes.
  • To logout simply click the menu button in the top left corner and select 'Sign Out'.
  • You can also remotely sign out by going to 'Messages for web' option and tapping 'SIGN OUT ALL COMPUTERS'.

Messages for Web Keyboard Shortcuts

When the Android messages open in the PC browser you can hit 'Shift + /' keys to see all the keyboard shortcuts supported by the web interface. See the image below for keyboard shortcuts in Android messages web interface.

Messages for Web Hidden Easter Eggs

The Android messages for web has hidden Easter eggs. You can unlock the Easter eggs by typing this command in the message box '/word'. A forward slash followed by the word is the command used to unlock the Easter eggs. Below is the list Easter eggs.
  • /shrug or /shruggie — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • /sunglasses or /dealwithit — ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
  • /tableflip — (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • /tableback — ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ
  • /that — (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
  • /this — ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
  • /wizard — (∩ ` -´)⊃━━☆゚.*・。゚
  • /yuno — ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
  • /success — (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
  • /happy — ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  • /facepalm— (-‸ლ)
  • /disapprove — ಠ_ಠ
  • /algebraic — | ( •◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
  • /praisethesun — \`[-|-]/

Easter egg tricks: Source

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PMI PMP Certification: Change your future IT career

PMP (Project Management Professional) by Project Management Institute is a globally recognized and popular certification for the project management professionals and also who want to build a career in project management. This certification prepares you to meet the demand of project world. This certification has a huge demand in the market and prepares you to effectively handle the real –world needs of the organizations.

PMP certifications validate your skill and knowledge as a project manager to superbly handle the projects and team. As a project manager, you are required to manage teams such that you deliver the project within the constraint budget and time frame. PMI PMP empowers and teaches the technique to be a better project manager. PMI PMP certificate holder is widely recognized in the world and gets a handsome salary.

Prerequisites of PMP Exam

There are two sets of requirements for PMP Exam
  • A secondary degree (associate’s degree, high school diploma, or the global equivalent).
  • 7,500 hours of leading and directing the projects.
  • 35 hours of project management education.
  • Four-year degree.
  • 4500 hours of leading and directing the projects.
  • 35 hours of project management education.

Benefits of PMP Certification

  • The PMP certification opens the door for many job opportunities.
  • The project managers can heighten their job prospects.
  • There is a boost in current salary.
  • It is observed that the salary of a PMP certified professional is 23% more in comparison to a non-certified professional.
  • A PMP certified professional can work virtually with any industry all across the world.

Average salaries of PMP certified professional

The estimated salary of a project manager having 20+ years of experience is near about $133,000 and a professional with less than 1 year is near about $95,000.

Details about the PMP Exam pattern

  • The exam has 200 multiple choice questions.
  • The time allotted to complete the exam is 4 hours.
  • The questions are divided into two groups: 25 pretest unscored questions and 175 scored questions.
  • The distribution of the exam section wise is as follows

Exam Section % of the exam
Initiating section 13%
Planning section 24%
Executing section 31%
Monitoring and Controlling section 25%
Closing section 7%

Preparation strategy of PMI PMP certification 

You could follow the prescribed steps by PMP themselves to clear the certification in the very first attempt. Following are the steps you can take
  • Go through the PMP handbook thoroughly.
  • Review the content and follow closely.
  • Revise the PMP sample questions for a better grasp of the content.
  • Take formal courses for the certification, you could follow the PMI chapters, PMI prep cast exam stimulators and the PMP prep apps in your phone is a great place for preparation.
  • Study the PMBOK guide, go for the latest guide.
  • Tips for clearing the PMI PMP exam in the first attempt.
  • In addition to the above steps, you could also follow some tips, which will help you clear the exam.
  • Break down the PMBOK guide into small segments and focus one at a time, this will ensure that you will cover every section and focus on the key points.
  • Do not rush and study only at the preferred time when you are relaxed.
  • Take regular breaks while studying, this will help in better preparations. 
  • Avoid talking about the certifications before the exam as varied options can create confusions, take ample rest just before the exam.

As a PMP manager following will be your role

  • You will be a very capable leader who can direct projects.
  • You could control and regulate all aspects of the team.
  • You could manage teams effectively and complete the project within the constraint budget and time slot.
  • Apply sufficient knowledge and methodology to the project.


PMI PMP is one of the valued project management certifications in IT organization, no wonder this requires real hard work and dedication for clearance, if you adhere to the guidelines and follow the PMBOK guide rigorously then you could ace the exam in the very first attempt. Remember to take the course as per your convenience as it is available in both materials and videos, decide which learning method is well suited for you. 

How to Download and Offline Update Avast Antivirus With Latest Virus Definitions

Avast antivirus is the number one computer security software developer based in Czech Republic. It has the highest antivirus market share with 20.5% percent. Avast's free antivirus is so popular that it can be found on almost every Windows PC because of it high malware detection rate. Avast software provides a range of products including the Avast Internet Security, Avast Premier, and Avast Pro Antivirus. They also provide VPN service namely SecureLine. If you are currently looking for a reliable antivirus then you can go for Avast free antivirus. And if you want top-notch computer security then go for Avast Internet Security which is a paid antivirus program.

For an antivirus to work properly it should be updated regularly. When connected to the internet the Avast antivirus gets streaming updates. These updates are tiny virus definitions that protect your PC from malware, trojan, and viruses. Avast keeps receiving these streaming updates many times in a day if connected to the internet. But sometimes Avast virus definitions won't update automatically. This can be due to slow internet. The antivirus program also does not update the virus definitions if they are tool old. If the automatic updates aren't working then you can manually download and install the latest definitions update file for Avast antivirus.

Download and Offline Update Avast Antivirus With Latest Virus Definitions

  • Go to Avast offline update file page - go here
  • Scroll down a little bit and check the links for 'Avast VPS update'.
  • Download the update for versions 12+
  • To check your program's version open the antivirus and click 'Menu'. Click 'Settings' and then click 'Update'. Check the program version if it is greater than 12 then download the 12+ VPS update.
  • After downloading the Avast update file(ypsupd.exe) simply double click on it to install it.

  • The antivirus definitions will updated within few seconds.
  • And you can use the same file to update the same program on another Windows PC.
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How to Find Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in Windows 10

Wi-Fi passwords become quite difficult to remember when you are using a couple of Wi-Fi networks to connect your multiple devices. It is crucial that you don't use easily predictable weak Wi-Fi passwords as they can be guessed by anyone. The first step for securing your Wi-Fi is to use a strong password. A strong password may contain special characters, capital letters, or weird strings of words. Initially you may memorize the password but later you will forget it.

The only way to connect a device to a Wi-Fi network without manually entering the password is to use the router's WPS key. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) key will automatically insert the password in the device which is requesting network access. WPS should be used carefully though. But if your router doesn't support a WPS key then the only way left is to find and retrieve the saved Wi-Fi password from Windows 10.

How to Find Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in Windows 10

  • Make sure your Windows 10 PC is connected to that Wi-Fi network which is saved in your PC.
  • Go to 'Settings>Network & Internet'. Click 'Change adapter options'.

  • Double click the Wi-Fi adapter icon with green signals.
  • Then click 'Wireless properties'.

  • A dialog box will open. Click the 'Security' tab.
  • To show the password click 'Show characters' just below the 'Network security key'.
Find Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in Windows 10

The password will be visible and you can note it down. Use this password to connect other devices to this same Wi-Fi network

➜ Also Read

Find Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in Windows 10 using CMD Command Prompt

  • Open the command prompt. In the Windows 10 search box type 'run' and hit enter. In the 'Run' dialog box type 'cmd' and hit enter.
  • Now in the command prompt enter the following command and hit enter.
netsh wlan show profile
  • This command will show the list of all saved Wi-Fi networks in Windows 10.

  • Now enter the following command in the command prompt.
netsh wlan show profile “Wi-Fi SSID” key=clear 
  • Make sure to replace the "Wi-Fi SSID" with your Wi-Fi network's name. Repeat this command to find the saved Wi-Fi passwords of all the networks in Windows 10.
  • After executing the above command scroll down to 'Security settings' and check the 'Key content'. The key content holds your saved Wi-Fi network password. Note it down and use it on other devices to connect.
Find Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in Windows 10 cmd

So this is how you can find saved Wi-Fi passwords of all the connected networks in Windows 10. If you liked the trick then do take two minutes to share it.