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How To Recover Deleted Data From iPhone 6S

Have you recently lost your iPhone 6S data? If Yes, then you are not the only one who face this problem in day to day life. As you know that iPhone 6s does not have a sd card slot, so its internal storage  is the only medium left to store your precious photos, videos, Whatsapp data, notes and app data. This internal storage of iPhone 6S sometimes get deleted due to misoperation or while getting a new iOS update. Other factors include resetting your device, jailbreaking iPhone, iPhone stuck at Apple logo, black/white screen of death, iPhone is locked permanently because you forgot the password and finally when iTunes does not recognize your device and you are unable to restore from iTunes backup.

All these factors lead to a common conclusion which is ‘Lost iPhone Data’. It is very annoying situation when you are unable to restore even from a iTunes backup, then you are only left with iPhone data recovery option. For this you may approach a data recovery expert which may cost you a good amount of money. But do not worry as do not need to seek any data recovery expert when there is a handy tool available for MAC and Windows PC named ‘Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery’.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery as the name suggests is a software specially developed for MAC and Windows PC which lets you recover lost iPhone data like photos, videos, contacts, SMS, notes, Whatsapp/Viber/Tango messages, voicemail, call history, app data and totally 20 types of files. It supports all iPhone devices ranging from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 6S Plus. The Tenorshare iPhone recovery software provides 3 modes of recovery which are as follows.

  • Directly recover deleted data from iPhone 6S.
  • Recover data from iTunes backup file.
  • Restore iPhone data from iCloud backup.

We are going to tell you the step by step procedure involved in the above 3 recovery modes. But before doing anything download this software on your MAC or Windows PC. The links are given below.

Download Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Software

Recovery Mode #1: Directly Recover Deleted Data From iPhone 6S

This method scans the internal storage of iPhone 6S and directly recovers lost data from it like photos, videos, contacts, Whatsapp chat history, notes, call history etc. Now follow the steps below.
  • Launch the program and connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable. Let the program detect your device.

  • You will get a pop-up in your iPhone, asking you to tap ‘Trust’ this computer. Tap it to move on.
  • When you iPhone is detected , you need to click ‘Start Scan’.

  • After a complete scan, all scanned files will be listed in the program according to their category. You can choose to "Check all" or "Only display the deleted items" and then decide which to recover.

  • If its an image you can double click it to view in full size.
  • Check the files you need to recover. I suggest you to choose ‘Check All’ and later select what to keep and what to delete after recvoery, as this will save time.
  • Now after selecting all the files click ‘Recover’. Before recovery you can click ‘Output Setting’ on top right to select the destination folder and select file format for files.

  • You can directly sync recovered contacts, messages, and notes directly to your device. Just select "Recover to Device" after you click on the "Recover" button.

Recovery Mode #2: Recover Data from iTunes Backup File

An iTunes backup files is a SQLITEDB file that can not be viewed on PC, because it is a binary file and needs some sort of data extraction. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Software converts this SQLITEDB file in a viewable format and extracts all your stored data. Here is a step by step guide to use this mode.

  • Launch the Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program and connect your phone to pc. Click the music tab ‘Recover Data from iTunes Backup File’.  Wait till the program searches all the synced iTunes backup on your computer.

  • Now you will see a list of all the synced backup file. Choose the desired one and click ‘Start Scan’ to proceed.

Import iTunes backup to extract: If your iTunes backup is not saved in the default path, the program will not automatically list the backup file. However, Tenorshare iOS Data Recovery allows you to import the iTunes backup file and extract data from the backup.

Restore deleted iTunes backup: If you deleted your iTunes backup and later found important data in that backup, just click on "Go get back deleted iTunes backup". A window will pop up asking you to select a disk and click "Start Scan" to scan. Select the C:\ drive as it is the default path where iTunes backup is stored.

  • After scanning the deleted backup will appear in the list. Select the backup file and click ‘Recover’.

  • You can preview deleted files before recovering. Finally selecting the files click ‘Recover’.

Recovery Mode #3: Restore iPhone data from iCloud Backup

This mode teaches, restoring data from iCloud backup.

  • Make sure that iCloud for Windows and MAC is installed and you have logged in to use the software access feature in Tenorshare.
  • Open Tenorshare iPhone Recovery Software and click the iCloud recovery tab.
  • Log in with your apple ID or click ‘Software Access’ if you have logged in from the iCloud for Windows or MAC.

  • Scan the iCloud backup. After scanning a list will appear. Select the backup file you need and click ‘Next’ to confirm.

  • After that, a window would pop up as the picture below. Then just tick those file types you want to recover and click "Next" to download them from the iCloud backup.

  • Finally preview files and recover them.

Advantages Of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

  • Best tool for iPhone 6S lost data recovery.
  • Supports iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus, iTunes 12.2 and iOS 9.
  • Scans for deleted iTunes backup and recover files from it.
  • Preview files before recovery.
  • Comes with a 90 days money back guarantee.

Buy Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Software

You should buy the pro version of this software as this can save your precious data even if you reset your iPhone or your data is lost due to misoperation or iOS updates. It can even recover deleted iTunes backup file and scan your iCloud backup. This software comes with a 90 days money back guarantee. Click the link below anytime to buy it. Secure your iPhone 6S data now.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hide My IP - Best VPN Software For MAC And Windows PC

What is vpn, A VPN is an extension of Private Network that provides an encrypted security tunnel between your android device and the VPN server to send and receive information, so that no one can pry upon your network activity. A VPN is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, virtual tunneling protocols, or traffic encryption. Major implementations of VPNs include OpenVPN and IPsec.

hide my ip 6.0

VPN is best suited for unsecured Open WiFi networks that can compromise your personal data anytime you connect to them. Employees of an Organization should also use the company's VPN in order to access the intranet, to prevent security breaches. VPN services are not free, but they are also not much costly. Cost depends on the type of the device you are using. Currently a popular VPN service is Avast VPN which costs you around $45 per year. Yes it is costly. But if are looking for a free VPN service then Hide My IP PC/MAC VPN is the best choice, because it is most easiest to configure and its license is valid for lifetime, no yearly renewals required.

Is Your PC Safe

Few years ago when computer security came into existence, experts recommended use of antiviruses and internet security suits to protect our PCs and MACs from viruses and spyware. Yes, antivirus software greatly help to reduce the damage caused by viruses, but again these security software doesn't have control over your network identity until you buy their VPN service. Such antivirus software can not protect your network identity and your computer's IP address is publicly available to be seen by anybody. Anybody can find your location from the email you sent with your original IP address.

Once your IP gets compromised then your PC becomes more vulnerable to online threats. Hiding your IP behind a VPN is the best way to protect your network identity, since nobody can see your original IP.

With a VPN like Hide My IP you can access blocked websites, hide your IP address, surf anonymously on the web and can send anonymous emails to anybody without getting tracked. If you want that nobody can track your online activity then you should install the Hide My IP PC VPN software for PC and MAC.

Click the image below to download or buy it at $29 whose license is valid for lifetime.

How To Use The Hide My IP VPN For MAC OSX And Windows PC

  • Download and install the VPN software by clicking the image above.
  • Open the program and click 'Hide My IP' button. Your original IP address will be instantly hidden and VPN will be activated.

hide my ip pc vpn

  • Put a check mark on 'Require US Based IP', if you want.
  • You can select the required proxy server.
  • The trial version is valid for seven days. I recommend you buy the product, click here.

Advantages Of Hide My IP VPN For PC/MAC

  • Easy to use software.
  • Provides you a list of 90 worldwide proxy servers.
  • Does not slow down your browsing experience.
  • Best VPN software for hiding your IP and provide security even on public and open Wi-Fi networks.
  • There is an app for android also. Check Hide My IP android VPN.
  • Comes with 30-Day money back guarantee.
  • You can use this VPN with all internet programs on your PC or MAC.

If you have any questions feel free to ask via comments.

[Latest] Google Play Store 5.9.12 APK Free Download

Google Play Store 5.9.12 APK has been released which is the latest version of play store app which comes with several new features like fingerprint readers, GPS precise recommendations and an uninstall manager and several bug fixes. If you are using a Google Nexus device running on android 6.0 Marshmallow then you should grab it to see all the updated features.

What's New In Google Play Store 5.9.12

  • Fingerprint Reader : A fingerprint reader support on a device like LG Nexus 5X will let you purchase apps with just a tap on the fingerprint sensor, thereby eliminating the passwords prompts for transactions.
  • Uninstall Manager : With Uninstall Manager you can easily uninstall apps that take up more space on your smartphone and prevent you from installing newer apps. The Uninstall Manager will most likely appear when an app fails to download or install due to shortage of available space.
  • GPS-Precise Recommendations : Allows you to enable or disable the use of "precise location" to generate recommendations.

App Details

File name:
Version: 5.9.12 (80391100)
File size: 13.14 MB (13,779,969 bytes)
Minimum Android version: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API 9)
MD5: b4b682f2bafd16e6de5e9356db83e5e9
SHA1: 9ccd891cbc9eba64040d4b0a39faf91612f6ea55

Google Play Store 5.9.12 APK Free Download

Sunday, September 6, 2015

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 9.0 : Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a data recovery software to recover deleted and formatted data from any kind of storage device like computer or laptop hard drive, external hard drive, pen drives and memory cards, digital camera, mobile phone, music player and other storage media.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful file recovery software because it supports all kinds of storage devices and their formats whether they are FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT etc. The best part is that it provides two types of scans one is ‘Quick Scan’ and other is more advanced the ‘Deep Scan’. Quick Scan quickly scans for the recently deleted files so that you save yourself from scanning your storage devices for a long time, when Quick Scan fails, ‘Deep Scan’ comes into play.

The deep scan intelligently scans the sectors of hard drives to recover lost data, but it takes much time to scan and the time depends on the storage capacity.

It does not matter whether you are a MAC user or Windows user, you may have lost your important data at least one time. Media files like pictures and videos taken from digital cameras or phone are number one to come in the data loss category.

But EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is good at recovering your lost, deleted and wiped photos or videos from a corrupt or formatted disk or pen drives. It can also recover files from wiped partition.

About EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 9.0 Free

This recovery software for MAC and Windows is free to use but limited to only 1 GB data recovery. You have to buy the pro version to recover unlimited lost files.

Buy EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 9.0 Pro

How To Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 9.0

  • Download the software here for MAC | Windows.
  • Open the program and start a scan. You should select the file type before scanning. You can choose from ‘Audio’, ‘Video’, ‘Graphics’,  ‘Email’ and ‘Documents’.

  • Now select the location which you want to scan for lost files. It can be C:\, D:\ or E:\ drive.
  • You can also connect USB drives for pen drive data recovery and click the refresh button. Here all your removable and non-removable storage media will be visible. You have to select one location and click ‘Scan’.

  • By default quick scan starts. After scan is completed it shows you the files with a red ‘d’ mark on them which means that they are previously deleted.
  • Put a check mark on the those file and click ‘Recover’.

  • A popup will open to select the location to save your recovered files. Do not choose the same location from where files were deleted.
  • If you do not find your desired files then click deep scan. It will take a long time but will show you more files that can be possibly recovered.

Preview and Recover the Files
The scan result interface is divided into 3 parts. At the left is the Directory Tree list, which offers you 3 methods ( by Path, types and Time) to quickly filter the files. The window in the middle displays all the files and folders under the folder selected in the left window with more info (date and type). The window at the right side displays a thumbnail and info for the file selected in the middle window. It provides a Preview option to preview some specific file types in the program.

Features Of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

  • Installs quickly and easy to use interface.
  • Works on MAC and Windows.
  • Allows you to preview your deleted files before recovery.
  • Recover whatever you lost, it is not file dependent.
  • May at any time to pause and continue, the scanning results can be saved and imported to perform another recovery without scanning again.
  • The software is completely safe and does not overwrite your files.

Let us know if you have any queries about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Whatsapp 2.12.258 APK Free Download For Android

Whatsapp 2.12.258 has been rolled out and you can update it through the app. You can also download the Whatsapp 2.12.258 apk from here. Recently we have seen some new features in Whatsapp like custom notifications, mark as read/unread and Chat backup to Google Drive. All these features are available in this new play store version. Also smileys are new and improved and you can choose from different colours for the same smiley. The app size is just 22.61 MB.

App Details

File name: com.whatsapp-2.12.258-450673-minAPI7.apk
Version: 2.12.258 (450673)
File size: 22.61 MB (23,709,341 bytes)
Minimum Android version: Android 2.1+ (Eclair, API 7)

What's New

  • Bug Fixes.

Download Whatsapp 2.12.258 APK Free For Android