How to Secure Yahoo Mail for Android with a Fingerprint Lock

Yahoo Mail for android is a versatile email app which also allows you to configure almost any email account including Gmail and Outlook. If you have an email account on any server then you can set it up in the Yahoo Mail android app. With a recent yahoo app update the Yahoo Mail for android can now be secured  with a fingerprint or a pattern lock. The app uses the already configured fingerprint or pattern lock on your phone. It’s a useful feature since you don’t need to lock the app with third party apps to secure it. All you have to do is to enable the security in the app settings.

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How to Secure Yahoo Mail for Android with a Fingerprint/Pattern Lock

  • First of all your phone should be using a pattern or fingerprint lock.
  • If you haven’t configured the pattern or fingerprint lock then go to ‘Settings>Security’.
  • After setting the pattern lock and the fingerprint go to Yahoo Mail app and open it.
  • Tap the “Menu” icon on top left corner and scroll down to “Settings”.
  • Here tap “Security” and then tap “Immediately”. Now go back.
  • Now whenever you launch the app you will be asked for your pattern lock or fingerprint to access the app.
  • This security feature prevents unauthorized access to your Yahoo Mail app without using third party app locking apps.

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Motorola Moto G4 Plus Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Secrets

Moto G4 Plus is the latest budget android smartphone from Motorola. Besides having the mid-range smartphone tag it features some flagship hardware specifications like a laser autofocus camera and a fingerprint sensor. The chipset is still an older one which is the Snapdragon 617 which supports Qualcomm quick charge 2.0. This makes Moto G4 Plus to use the quick charging feature and turbo-charger is being shipped along with this phone. It boasts an octa-core CPU with Adreno 405 GPU which is capable of handling graphics intensive android games, thanks to 3 GB RAM and onboard 32 GB storage. This tutorial talks about several tips, tricks, and hidden secrets in Moto G4 Plus.

Motorola Moto G4 Plus Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Secrets

1. Take Screenshots

Taking screenshots is extremely easy on Moto G4 Plus. Just press ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Down’ button at the same time to capture a screenshot. The screenshots will be saved in ‘Storage>Pictures>Screenshots’. Alternatively, you can also record Moto G4 Plus screen with clear audio.

2. Use Moto Actions

Moto G4 Plus has four actions or gestures that let you quickly access phone shortcuts. These are as follows.

➔ Karate Chop: You can need the LED flashlight anytime in the dark. This is a very useful function in Moto G4 which allows us to turn ON the LED flash that can be used as a torch in the dark. It activates the LED torch even when the phone is locked. To enable the torch just perform a Karate chop twice. To switch it off perform the Karate chop again.

➔ Twist for Quick Capture: This feature lets you open the camera quickly even when the phone is locked. To launch the camera anytime simply hold the phone and twist your wrist twice to activate the rear camera. When the camera app opens then again twist your wrist twice to open the front camera.

➔ Flip for Do Not Disturb: Whenever your phone rings then you can flip it face down to silence notifications and voice calls.

➔ Pick up to Stop Ringing: During a voice call when your phone rings you can lift it in a shaking manner to immediately switch the vibrate mode.

To enable all the above gestures go to “Moto” app then tap “Actions”. You can disable them if you don’t want to use.

3. Prevent Camera Overheating

Most people have complaints about camera overheating in Moto G4 Plus. Whenever the camera app is launched the left side of the rear camera starts to heat. This is because the circuit board is situated here. To prevent overheating go to camera settings and set the video resolution to ‘VGA’ if you are not recording a video at the current moment. Change the video resolution back to ‘Full HD’ when you want to shoot a video. Setting the video resolution to ‘VGA’ prevents overheating during camera usage. However your Moto G4 Plus will still heat up, but that is completely normal.

4. Prevent Overheating due to Turbocharging

Moto G4 Plus ships with a turbocharger which charges the phone’s battery at a much faster rate than conventional charging, thanks to Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. You may have seen then your Moto G4 Plus quickly overheats when you start charging it at 15% battery level. If this happens then read how to prevent turbocharging overheating.

5. Enter Recovery Mode

Read enter recovery mode on Moto G4 Plus. The given tutorial is for Moto G3 but it will also work for G4 Plus.

6. Enable Hidden System UI Tuner

System UI Tuner is a hidden feature. System UI Tuner can let you customize quick settings tray. You can remove or add quick shortcuts in this settings tray. Read Enable System UI Tuner on Moto G4 Plus.

7. Setup SIP Calling

SIP calling or internet calling allows you to make voice calls over any network like Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. For this, both users should have setup SIP accounts on their android smartphones. Moto G4 Plus supports SIP calling and you can read about configuring SIP on Moto G4 Plus.

8. Access Call Settings

When you go the ‘Settings’ then you will not find any option to change call settings. Call settings are required to change call forwarding details, enabling incoming call notification, enabling voicemail etc. To access call settings open the 'Phone' app and tap the menu button on top right corner which is 'three vertical dots'. Then tap 'Settings' and again tap 'Calling accounts'. In calling account tap 'SIM 1' or 'SIM 2' to access call settings like voicemail, fixed dialing, call forwarding and call waiting.

9. Enable/Disable Factory Reset Protection

Factory Reset Protection is a Google’s security feature that protects your android phone from unauthorized access. Whenever a hard reset is done then the phone automatically locks itself. Read more about factory reset protection. If you disable this then you can hard reset your phone anytime without your phone getting locked. Go to "Settings>Developer options". Here find "OEM unlocking" and enable this to disable factory reset protection. If OEM unlocking is disabled then FRP will be active.

10. Enable/Disable EIS in Video Camera

Moto G4 Plus’s camera has EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). EIS basically corrects image distortion caused by unexpected camera movements. EIS helps to stabilize the image so that you can record a video with less distortion.

EIS electronic image stabilization moto g4 plus

11. Unlock Hidden Amazon App

Moto G4 Plus comes with a hidden amazon app. You can read this article to unlock it.

12. Download Voice Recorder

Moto G4 Plus doesn’t have a voice, sound or audio recorder. However, we have found the best voice recording app for this phone. This app can record high-definition stereo audio and have built in functions for clipping audio. You can download this app from this link.

13. See Available RAM

Moto G4 Plus 32 GB model comes with 3 GB RAM. Even after installing 17 apps about 1.5 to 2 GB or RAM is always free. To see available free RAM go to “Settings>Developer Options>Running services”.

14. Setup Fingerprint

A fingerprint adds an extra layer of security to your android phone. It is also faster to unlock the phone instead of using pin, pattern or password to unlock the phone. To setup the fingerprint go to "Settings>Security>Fingerprint". Here follow the instructions and keep tapping your finger on the fingerprint sensor when you see this image below. You can add up to 5 fingerprints.

15. Use Guest Mode

You can enable “Guest Mode” and give the phone to anyone whom you don’t want to access your personal files. A guest mode creates a separate android environment on your phone which is totally unaware of the data stored in the administrator’s account. In Guest Mode, anybody can use your phone just like a new phone and can’t see or access any single bit of your personal data. To enable guest mode go to “Settings>Users”. Tap "Guest" to enable it. To go back to the original account go to "Settings>Users" and tap the "You" owner icon.

16. Clear Recently Opened Apps

This is something new that is not found on all android phones. You can clear all recently closed or opened apps at once. Simply tap the recent apps icon and scroll down to the last apps. Tap the app clearing button.

moto g4 plus tips, tricks, and hidden secrets

17. Fix Low Call Recording Sound

There is a problem with Moto G4 Plus while call recording. Whenever a call is recorded then our voice’s sound is low. To increase our voice in the recorded conversation just put your index finger on the secondary mic next to the camera to block unwanted sounds from the background.

18. Fix Blurry Images in Default File Manager

Moto G4 Plus has an inbuilt file manager. But when we open camera photos in this file manager then the photos look blurry. We suggest you to use “Google Photos” app to view your captured photos in high definition.

19. Use Hidden Service Tests on Moto G4 Plus

Service tests are required to identify any hardware problem associated with the phone. Previously service tests can only be activated via some secret codes. But now Motorola has unified these service tests in their “Device help” app. Read unlock hidden service tests on Moto G4 Plus.

20. Quickly Uninstall Android Apps

To quickly uninstall any app just long tap it in the app drawer and drag it to “Uninstall”.

21. Save Webpages as PDF in Chrome Browser

To save web pages as PDF files on your Moto G4 Plus please read this article.

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iSkySoft PDF Editor Pro Review: Best PDF Editor For MAC OSX

A PDF is a Portable Document Format that is platform and hardware independent. It is a specially designed file format used for representing fixed-flat layout. It is the most used text file format after the Microsoft Word (.docx). It is best used to share text and image information which is not editable. That means unlike a word file the PDF file cannot be edited without help of a editing software.

PDF files exist everywhere from smartphones to desktop PCs and MacBooks running on MAC OSX. Due to the portability a PDF file can also be viewed on a smartphone. From creating bills to eBooks creation and sharing information in rich text format with images the PDF is the desired format. Now unlike a word document we can’t directly edit a PDF document. It requires a special set of tools for making appropriate changes.

Suppose you have published an eBook in PDF format and after some time you want to add some more info to it. So, there are two ways, first one is going back to your original word file then adding more info it. Then finally you have to convert it from Word to PDF. This process may alter the formatting of your text or images during conversion. However, when you can directly edit the PDF file then what’s the need to go back and start things from scratch.

So, the second way is to directly edit the PDF document with a specialized software. When you search the internet then you will find many of them. But here we are recommending you iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for MAC. iSkysoft is a professional PDF editing software having all the essential editing tools. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require much expertise. When you use iSkysoft then editing PDF files will be more interactive and interesting then ever before. Because of its wonderful interface you will love editing your documents on the go on your MAC computer or MAC OSX. Because of its highly specialized professional PDF editing tools it actually turns you into a professional editor without taking much of your time.

From price point of view iSkySoft PDF Editor Pro is currently the best PDF editor for MAC OSX after adobe acrobat. So, we are going to provide a review for this software which will let you know what makes iSkySoft the best PDF editing software for MAC.

iSkySoft PDF Editor Pro Review: Best PDF Editing Software For MAC OSX

 Quick Features of iSkySoft PDF Editor Pro For MAC OSX

1. Professional Editing Tools: Easily edit the text in your documents. Add or remove images with options to crop, rotate. or extract images. Easily split up and merge PDF files.

2. Annotation: Easily annotate your PDF documents. Highlight, underline or strikethrough text. Adding sticky notes adds more information to your files.

3. Create and convert PDF files to other formats: You can easily create new PDF documents from existing ones. Also you can convert PDF files to other formats like word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, EPUB, rich text format, plain text, and images.

4. Support for scanned PDF documents: With OCR (Optical Character Recognition) it is now possible to convert numbers and symbols to texts. An OCR plugin will better identify the text in a scanned PDF document.

5. Create and fill PDF forms: iSkysoft provides a built in PDF form creator in this software. These forms can be created to generate bills and invoices for official purposes. The editor is of drag and drop nature and you can put any number of text fields in a form.

6. Secure files with e-Signatures and passwords: Easily secure your PDF file with a password and also you can place custom stamps to identify and clarify your ownership. Files can be digitally signed with an image signature or personalized handwriting.

➔ Download iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for MAC

➔ How to Use iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro For MAC OSX

How To Import PDF

Before editing you PDF document you have to import it in the program. Open the program and click “Open File”. Locate the file and load it. On the main screen you will see four options which are edit, convert, create, and combine. So, choose the right option whichever you would like to work upon.

How to Create a Blank PDF Document

On the main menu click on File then Create and scroll down to create from Blank Document. The edit the document. You can add text, images and put watermarks.

How To Edit PDF Documents

You can perform following functions in the editor.

  • Edit text and images.
  • Edit pages.
  • Merge and split pages.
  • Put watermarks.

➔ Edit Text: After loading the file in the editor click the "Edit" on the toolbar. Now double click on any text in file to edit it. You can also delete the existing text.

To add text in your PDF file simply click the "Edit" on the toolbar then click the "Add Text" icon below the "Zoom" option. This icon has a letter "T" in it. After clicking on this icon click anywhere in your PDF file to add text.

➔ Image Editing Tools: To manage an image click the "Edit" button then click "Add Image" button. Then click anywhere in the PDF file to add where you want the image to be. A file browser will open select the desired image to add. You can adjust the image to fit in the space. Clicking on the "Edit" button will also give you three more image editing tools like "Replace Image", "Extract" and "Crop".

➔ Split and Merge PDF Files

You can easily split a PDF file in a number of different pages. Simply go to the options pane on the right side and scroll down to find "Split Document". Then finally choose to split by number of pages or in an odd even manner. Then click the OK button.

For merging PDF files go to the main screen and click "Combine Files". Then click "Add Files". Finally click "Combine". After this your multiple PDF files will be combined to form a single document.

How To Create Forms

To create a form first create a blank document by going to "File>Create>Blank Document". The click the "Form" button on toolbar to access form creating and editing tools. With this feature you can easily create registration forms and invoices.

How To Convert PDF

Converting PDF files to other formats is necessary feature since it saves your time and makes different copies of the same file that work with different text editors. You can easily convert a PDF file to word, PowerPoint, Excel, EPUB, HTML, plain text, rich text format, word processing pages and images.

Open the document in the editor and click the "Convert" button on top right corner. Then select the output format.

How to Encrypt Your PDF Files

Encrypting PDF files with a password ensures that no one can view them except you. iSkysoft encrypts PDF files with 128-bit AES encryption. You can also set permissions for editing.

To encrypt a document click "Encrypt with Password" on the right side of the editor. Then enter your password. If you have multiple PDF files to encrypt then you can use the "Batch Encrypt" facility which will encrypt multiple files at once. You just have to enter passwords for these files for encryption.

If you don't want someone to edit your PDF file then you can also set permissions by going to "Permission Details" and enable both the options as shown below.

How to Use OCR Plugin

With the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) plugin the editor can recognize texts and symbols from a scanned PDF file. It also supports different languages. Follow the steps below to use OCR plugin.

After loading the document click the "OCR" button on top right corner. After clicking the button a popup will open asking you to choose the preferred language. Then click "OK". The PDF will be instantly converted to an editable format.

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro For MAC in a Nutshell
  • Best PDF osx editor tool for MAC OSX 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • Has all professional editing tools to manage your PDF files.
  • Creating forms is one of the most outstanding features of this software.
  • OCR plugin can identify text from scanned documents.
  • Allows you to encrypt your documents and sign pdf on mac digitally.

Buy iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro For MAC OSX

You can buy iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for MAC OSX without thinking much. The software provides all essential PDF editing tools. There is a 30-day money back guarantee on your purchase. Click the image below to buy this software.

Moto G4 Plus Gets Latest Update With July Security Patch and Bug Fixes

Motorola has just pushed an OTA update on its latest Moto G4 Plus smartphone. The update corresponds to July security patch, bug fixes and stability improvements. This is a security update which fixes all the android vulnerabilities that were identified in the month of July 2016. The latest update version is MPJ24.139-63 and has a downloadable size of 508.4 MB. After updating to this version you can't go back to the previous version. This is the first time when we have seen a security patch update on a Moto G. We should remind you that this is not android 7.0 Nougat update.

Moto G4 Plus Latest Update Details

  • Update Type: July security patch and stability improvements.
  • Download Size: 508.4 MB
  • Build Version: MPJ24.139-63

: Your phone should be fully charged before getting this update. If the phone shuts off during update then it may not start again. So, take care of the battery percentage.

 How To Update

  • On your Moto G4 Plus go to "Settings>About phone". 
  • Make sure that your phone is charged to at least 90%.
  • Here tap "System updates". Now tap "YES, I'M IN". Then select your data network then tap "DONE".
moto g4 plus july security patch update

  • Wait for the update to finish downloading.
  • After downloading the update your Moto G4 Plus will automatically reboot to recovery mode and apply the update.
  • After few minutes you can use your phone with latest update applied.

Should You Update Moto G4 Plus to MPJ24.139-63

MPJ24.139-63 is just an android security patch update. So, you should update your phone. However if you have any doubts like how your phone will perform after applying this update or will it slow down the phone, then wait for others to update their phones. After this you can easily choose whether to update your G4 Plus or not.

Warning: After updating to this latest software version some users are complaining that the Moto G4 Plus notification sound has become very low. However, the ringing sound is just fine. So, we suggest you not to update your phone as of now or unless more users post positive reviews about this latest update.


Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Review: An All In One Data Recovery Solution For Android

Android smartphones and tablets sometimes bear a common problem which costs user data. At most times it happens that you accidently delete your personal data from the phone. It is an annoying situation since after getting the data deleted from the android phone it is hard to recover. The deleted data mostly consists of photos, videos, contacts, and WhatsApp messages. However contacts are not prone to accidental deletion but photos, videos, and WhatsApp messages are. Whenever the internal storage is nearly full then android will warn you to move the data to external Sdcard. When the storage gets full nothing can be stored on it and the phone becomes slow.

So you go on to tackle this situation and try to find out unusual photos and videos. But what actually happens that you select the whole folder in the gallery instead of several unusual images and tap delete. As a result, all your photos and videos get deleted. I have heard seen similar problems where users say that they deleted the entire album accidently because of confusing android gallery app. Some android gallery apps show all photos as a folder and most times you take this folder as a single image. This misunderstanding leads to android data loss.

The same case goes with WhatsApp chat history. WhatsApp stores its chat backup on internal storage in a folder named “WhatsApp>Databases”. This folder contains daily data backup files. Deleting this folder will delete all the backup files and media files that you have shared on WhatsApp. However, you can again take chat backup if you haven’t cleared the chats. If you have deleted the folder and also cleared the chats then android data recovery is the only solution to get back the chats.

So, if you have lost your android data either by accidental deletion or a factory reset then we are going to teach you how you can recover your deleted photos, videos, and WhatsApp chats within few minutes.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Review: Recover Deleted Data From Android's Internal Storage

Here we present the Tenorshare Android Data recovery software that has the full potential to recover your lost android data without hassles. You do not need to get expensive data recovery services. Just use the Tenorshare android data recovery and recover your deleted photos, videos, contacts and WhatsApp chats with ease. Notable features of this software are given below.
  • Recovers lost data from android internal storage.
  • Can recover photos, videos, WhatsApp chats, and SMS messages.
  • Can perform data recovery on SD card also.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports a wide range of android smartphones from manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, LG, Asus, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, Nexus, AT&T and Verizon etc.
  • Supports android data recovery after factory reset.

How to Use Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Note: The trial version doesn't recover all files. So to recover your deleted android data you have to purchase a licence key of this software.

Important Note: While using Tenorshare android data recovery we found that the software was unable to root a Motorola device. Without rooting it can't scan the internal storage. So, if this software is not able to root your phone then you have to root it manually. If you know nothing about rooting an android then do not buy this software. But Samsung, Sony and HTC phones are fully supported.
  • Download Tenorshare android data recovery.
  • Install the software on your PC.
  • Now enable "USB debugging" in "Developer options".
  • Now launch the software on your PC. You will be asked to connect the device via USB. Connect the phone to PC via USB.

tenorshare android data recovery
  • Then after connecting the phone the software will move to "Scan Device" tab.
  • Here you will be asked to grant Super user access to this software so that it can scan the internal storage of your android phone.
  • Click "Next" and allow the software to root your android device. It can take 3-5 minutes.

  • On successful rooting your phone will show you a Superuser request. You should tap allow to grant the access.
  • Now after allowing the Superuser access you have to select the file types which you want to recover.

  • We suggest you to select the all file types for recovering. Finally, click "Next".
  • Now let the software scan your phone's internal storage for deleted files. It will some time to show the list of deleted files.
  • When the scan is completed then you will given a list of deleted files that can be recovered.
  • The files are organized on the left panel according to different categories. You can individually select contacts, messages, photos, videos, WhatsApp chats, call history, audio and other files. See image below.

  • After selecting the files click "Recover" and select the location on your PC where you want to restore deleted data android.
  • You have just recovered your deleted files from your phone's internal storage.

Should You Buy Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Tenorshare android data recovery is a useful and affordable software when it comes to android tablet data recovery. But we can't be sure that it will support your android device or not. Most of the times this software was unable to root our android devices. So, we have to manually root the phone. Since rooting is an advanced process. Doing it wrongly can damage your phone permanently. So, before buying this software use the trial version and check whether it is able to root your phone or not.

If after using the trial version you are sure that Tenorshare android data recovery fully supports your android phone or tablet then you click the link below to purchase it.

Buy Tenorshare Android Data Recovery


Leawo DVD Ripper Review: A Versatile Video Converter, Creator, and Ripper

DVD video is a common video format that is specifically developed to work on home-based DVD players. Except for the traditional compact disc, the DVD can hold large data which is 7 times the data that can be written on a CD. With the use of DVD video discs, we can get high picture quality and Dolby digital sound. As of now the DVD video format has grown older and has been succeeded by Blu-Ray disc. A Blu-Ray is similar in appearance to a DVD disc but can hold 6 times more data than it. Blu-Ray is perfectly  suited for Full HD videos and 4K videos that are intended to be played on ultra high definition displays.

DVD video has lost its popularity over time because of more high definition video formats like MP4 and MKV. MP4 has become the default video format for most digital media players because of its high-quality picture and theater-like surround sound. If you are the one who has a DVD library then you can rip those discs into latest video formats so that they can be directly played through USB play. Well, a DVD video file has .VOB format. This .vob file can be played on most players through USB play. The only problem is that the video quality will not be that great due to some missing high definition codecs.

The only way is to rip those DVDs into a high definition format and build your new digital movie collection. After ripping you can store all the DVD movies on your laptop/desktop or external hard drives. Most video players do support external hard drives through USB. DVD ripping has another benefit of reaching high video quality on high definition displays. When you a rip a DVD in an HD video format then the video will be converted according to the format like HD, Full HD. These formats are automatically set to work on HD displays. So you don’t need to manually set the aspect ratio. Many video players also support HD upscaling when connected to a display with HDMI cable. So, in this case, your ripped DVD videos will perfectly work on high definition displays without much loss of picture quality.

In this post, we are going to review Leawo DVD ripper and Video Converter software which is a combined part of Leawo Prof. Media. Leawo Prof. Media is an all in one suite for converting videos, creating DVDs, making copies of the same disc and downloading videos from the internet.

Leawo DVD Ripper Review: A Versatile Video Converter, Creator, and Ripper

DVD Ripper is a part of Leawo Pro. Media which is a bundled software package containing all the features like DVD/Blu-ray ripping, Video converter, creator and downloader. So, we are actually reviewing Leawo Prof. Media with DVD Ripper and converter.

1. What Is Leawo Prof. Media Capable Of?

I have used many video converter software in the past. But most of them had limited functionality. But if we talk about Leawo Video Converter then we are actually getting 8 tools in one software package. These tools include Blu-ray ripper, DVD ripper, Blu-ray creator and copy, DVD copy and creator, video converter and downloader. These are essential video conversion and ripping tools that are actually not found in most software. DVD and Blu-ray creator is a useful component that can let you create awesome videos of your digital memories.

2.What Can Leawo Prof. Media Do?

Leawo Prof. Media provides four functions which are a copy, burn,  convert, and download. You can copy an entire DVD or Blu-ray disc to a new disc of the same type. It is required when are making copies of your discs. A built-in “DVD disc Burner” is also a great tool which is nothing but the DVD creator. You can just directly select video files and drop them in this software. Choose any template and click burn. It is this simple. It also supports different disc types with different storage capacity. Like you can select DVD-5, DVD-9, BD-25 and BD-50 according to the amount of data that are going to burn on that disc. This feature is not found in most DVD rippers and converters.

➔ Video Conversion

I would say this is the best feature of Leawo Prof. Media. I mean when it comes to video conversion then we actually try to find the desired format. But you don’t have to worry because Leawo video converter supports all major formats including 4K. So, I can convert and watch the same movie on my smartphone, desktop, Xbox One console and 4K televisions. Below is a list of video format that Leawo Prof. Media supports. It can convert any movie or video to below-mentioned formats.

► Common Video: MPEG-2, WMV, DV, ASF, VP8 (WebM/Libvp8), MP4, MKV, H.265(MP4 & MKV), AVI, MOV, RMVB, FLV, F4V, TS, VOB, MPEG1,

► Common Audio: AAC, AC3, WAV, MP3, WMA, FLAC, M4A audio, M4R, MKV audio, AIFF, MP2, AMR, OGG and AU audio.

► HD Video: MP4, AVI, VOB, MKV, TS, MOV, MPEG-2, ASF, WMV and TRP video. The resolution is by default 1280x720 pixels in all formats.

► 4K Video: 4K MP4 and MKV with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels.

➔ Device Specific Video Conversion

Leawo Prof. Media also support device specific video conversion. If you have an iPhone 6 then to convert video for your phone you just to select the iPhone 6S profile. All the video conversion will be done automatically with this software. It also supports most mobile phone from Samsung, LG, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Apple, Microsoft, Kindle, Nexus. Good thing is that it also supports gaming consoles like Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PSP and PS Vita. If your device is not listed then you can manually convert any video according to your device’s screen size. The sound and video quality can also be manually configured, we will see later in this article.

➔ Download Videos 

You can download online videos from YouTube and any other video hosting sites. You only have to put the link in the downloader and when the video starts playing then click an option to download the video in the desired format.

These were all functions of the Leawo Prof. Media software. Now we will see how to convert, rip DVD and download a video.

➔ How To Use Leawo DVD Ripper

  • Download Leawo DVD Ripper. After installation open the program.
  • Now click “DVD ripper”. Now enter your DVD disc into the DVD-ROM drive and wait for few seconds.
  • Now click “Blu-ray/DVD” and select the disc from the ROM drive.

  • Now an options window will open asking you to make choices for video files on the disc.
  • If you are ripping the entire DVD then select “Full Movie”. You can also select the files that you only want and skip rest of the videos in “Custom Mode”.

  • After making the choices click “OK”. Now you will see a new window listing all your videos at one place like this below.
  • Before ripping the DVD we have to make the appropriate choice for conversion. Click the “MP4 Video” to proceed.

  • Then click “Change”. From here you can select your desired conversion format like MKV, 4K, H.265.
  • Click the "Device" tab if you are ripping this DVD for your smartphone, or gaming console.

  • Suppose you have iPhone 6S then click the “Device” and select "iPhone 6, 6S, Plus". And that’s it. No special settings are needed.
  • To change the video settings click “iPhone 6, 6S, Plus” then click “Edit”. Here you can set video quality to maximum. Click “Best” in both “Audio” and “Video”. Click “Resolution” to change or you can manually enter your desired screen resolution.

  • You can also change the frame rate.
  • Similarly, you can modify settings for different formats and make the video conversion according to your needs.
  • After making all settings finally click “Convert”. Wait for few minutes. The conversion will depend on the video size.
  • Your converted videos can be found in “My Documents>Leawo” folder within a folder having the same name of DVD label. You can also click the “Folder” icon to directly access that converted video.

➔ Intel Quick Sync Video Support

Leawo DVD Ripper supports Intel Quick Sync Video which is a built-in feature in 3rd generation Intel core processors. The Intel Quick Sync uses dedicated video processing for converting them at a faster rate. So, this is an added advantage which will unlock the full video converting potential of your Intel CPU. To enable GPU acceleration go to Leawo “Settings>Performance”. Here set the CPU cores to maximum and put a check on “Enable GPU Acceleration”.

➔ How to Edit a Video In Leawo Prof. Media

  • Firstly add a video to this software. Then click the language button if your video/movie have a dual audio like “English” or any other language. Choose the desired language.
  • Then click the “Edit” button.
  • A video editor will open giving options like “Trim”, “Crop”, “Watermark”, “Effect” and “3D”.

➔ Trim a Video/Movie In Leawo Prof. Media

  • Load a video then click the “Edit” Button. Either enter the “Start” and “End” time or drag the trim slider as shown in this image below. After selecting the trim portion click “OK”.

  • Now the converter page will open. Click “MP4 Video” and choose the desired format and make configurations for resolution, frame rate, quality and bit-rate as we have taught you above in DVD-ripping section.

➔ Add a Watermark to Your Copyrighted Videos

You can add a watermark to your copyrighted videos. It is necessary if you want to prevent someone from copying your video on the internet. To watermark, a video follows the steps below.
  • Load the video then open the video editor. Click “Watermark”.
  • Click “Text” to enable it and enter your watermark text. You can also change the “Font” and “Color” and use an image as a watermark. See the image below.

  • After creating the watermark click “OK” then make video configuration like changing resolution, frame rate, quality etc.
  • Finally, click convert.

➔ Converting Videos to 3D and for VR Headsets

This feature is extremely useful for converting videos to 3D format and making them ready for VR headsets.
  • Load the video then click the “Edit” button.
  • Click “3D”. Then click “3D Mode” to enable it.
  • Click “Red/Cyan” and set the “3D Depth” to “2”.
  • Finally, click “OK” and then convert it. You can watch this 3D movie with help of “Red/Cyan” glasses on any HDTV.

➔ For VR Headsets

  • In the “3D” option click “Side by Side”. The video will split into two frames. See image above.
  • This side by side video works great on a VR headset.
  • Click “OK” then make changes to video resolution, frame rate, audio and video quality. If your phone is listed in the “Device” section then select it for optimal performance.
  • After converting transfer the video to your smartphone then views that video on VR headset. You don’t need any other app on your phone. Just enjoy the movie with VR experience.

➔ How to Convert a Video to Another Format

The process is exactly the same as we did above in the DVD ripping section. You just add a video then select the conversion format. If your device is listed then you select to automate the conversion process. However, if your device isn’t listed then head to “MP4” video format. Make changes to resolution, frame rate. Set the video and audio quality to “Best”. Finally, click “OK” then start converting. It is this simple.

➔ How To Download Videos in Leawo Prof. Media

Leawo Prof. Media can let you download streamable videos. By default YouTube will open when you click the "Download" tab. To download videos just follow the steps below.
  • Click the "Download" tab. YouTube.com will open.
  • Search for your favorite video and play it.
  • Click the green button on right side.
  • Click any video with highest resolution to download. Before downloading make sure you play YouTube video in its full resolution. See the image below.

Leawo DVD Ripper And Converter Pros

  • Currently the best and affordable DVD ripper and video converter for Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.
  • Fully supports Intel Quick Sync Video which can utilize all the CPU cores for faster video conversion.
  • Have a built-in video conversion profiles for iPhone 6S, Xbox One, PS4 and smartphones from manufacturers like Sony, HTC, Samsung, LG, Nexus etc.
  • Video conversion doesn’t put much load on the CPU. The CPU usage only remains at 50-70 percent.
  • Extremely useful video converter for converting videos to side by side format for watching on VR headsets.
  • Can convert any video to 3D and 4K video.
  • Allows you to download videos directly from YouTube or any other video hosting site in various resolutions.
  • No application crashes during conversion.
  • Supports dual audio movies. Audio language can be changed before conversion.
  • No need to purchase the the entire suite. Just purchase the required component at just $29.95.

I think I have covered the Leawo DVD Ripper review in depth. Now it is your time to test this software. Just download it from the link given above.

Note: Please note that the trial version only allows 5 minutes of video conversion and most its premium features are not available in trial version.

Buy Leawo Prof. Media With DVD Ripper and Converter

You can purchase Leawo DVD Ripper for only $29.95 for just one year. However, if you want all tools like video converter, DVD creator, Blue-ray ripper etc. then you can purchase the entire Leawo Prof. Media bundle at just $119.95 for one year. Leawo gives you a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the software then get your money back.

Buy Now

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How to Record Android Screen With Clear Audio

Android screen capture is a wonderful feature that lets you capture your android phone’s screen and save it as an image. This feature is useful because you can capture a screenshot of whatever is being displayed on the screen. This is a useful feature as most of the times you will need the screenshot to show something important to others. As picture says more than words, android screen capture makes your work even easier.

With the advancement in android hardware, we are now able to record android screen without having the device rooted. There are some android screen recording apps available in Google Play Store that can record your android phone or tablet’s screen in high resolution. You can also record in full HD or 4K resolution depending on your device’s screen resolution.

Android screen recording comes into play when you want to make a tutorial of an app. You can also record your gameplay and share the recorded video with your friends. Since it is not always possible to make the game playing strategy clear on paper so it is always better to record a video and show others for a better understanding.

But any android recorder app does not record clear audio. Suppose if you are recording a gaming video then you will find that there is lots of noise in that video. This noise is the sound recorded by your phone from your surroundings. So in this tutorial, we will teach you how you can record android screen with clear audio without any background noise.


  • AZ screen recorder: Download
  • Earbud shaped earphones with inbuilt MIC.
  • Android phone running android 5.0 Lollipop or above.

How to Record Android Screen With Clear Audio

  • Download and install the AZ screen recording app for android.
  • Tap the app to open. You will see a bar with five options like this below.
  • Tap the gear icon to access “Settings”.
  • Here tap “Resolution” and select the appropriate size. I prefer Full HD 1920x1080.
  • Set the “Frame rate” to 30 FPS. You can tap it to select 60 FPS.
  • Do not make changes to "Bit-rate" and “Orientation”. They should be set to auto.
  • Scroll down and make sure that “Record audio” is enabled.

  • Then enable “Show touches”. This will let others know that where you are touching the screen.
  • Now exit the app. You will still see the recording controls on the screen. To start recording android screen tap the “Red Button”. After a countdown, the process starts.
  • Now whatever appear on your screen will be recorded as an MP4 video. So you can now use your phone or play any game and it will be recorded continuously while you play it.
  • When you want to stop recording then swipe down the notifications slider and tap “STOP”.
  • Now to access the recorded video just open the app and tap the gallery icon. It will show you all the recorded videos at one place. You can play them from here.
  • To copy these videos from your phone to PC just go to “Phone>Internal Storage>AZRecorderFree”. Here you will find all the videos. You can copy files from this location.
  • You can edit these recorded videos in any video editor software like Windows Movie Maker. However, these recorded videos will not be recognized by Windows Movie Maker. So you have to convert them to customized AVI format.
Now you have learned to record android screen without root. Now we will teach you to record the sound free from any background noise.

Record Clear Audio From Headphones During Android Screen Recording

The android screen recording apps record the sound that is picked by the microphone of your phone. These apps can’t differentiate between sounds by default record all sound that is picked by the phone’s mic. Suppose you are recording a gameplay so the app will record the gaming sound coming from your phone’s speaker. With this gaming sound, the app will also record the background noise made by anything in your surroundings like the sound made by your table fan, TV etc. So we have to minimize this unwanted background noise. Follow the steps below to record clear sound during android screen recording.

  • Connect 3.5mm in-ear headphones having earbud shaped earphones and a built-in mic to your phone.
  • When you connect the earphones then the phone’s default mic will not be used. The sound will now be recorded from headset’s mic.
  • You have to locate the headphone's mic. It is a tiny hole found on the volume/call button of the headset.
  • Now what we do is that we will stick any earphone with this headset's mic and fix them with the help of some tape.

  • Now what will happen is that the microphone will only record the sound coming from the earphone and due to the applied tape the background noise gets totally suppressed.

  • The earbud makes a perfect seal around the headset mic which prevents sound leakage and you record a clear sound in your gaming videos.
  • Before recording the android screen make sure that you make the sound level to full. To increase the sound level go to “Settings>Sound & notification”. Here set the “Media volume” to full.
  • That’s all now launch the AZ screen recorder app and record your tutorial or gameplay with clear sound without any background noise.

We have recorded a video with the AZ recorder and used the same sound recording technique above. What we found? A high-quality video with clear sound.

Android Screen Recording Video Sample With Clear Sound

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How to Secure Erase an Android Smartphone

Over the past several years android smartphones storage has grown from fewer MBs to massive GBs. For this specific reason, the need of SDcards is slightly vanishing. Whenever you sell or donate your phone then you simply factory reset the phone after taking an entire backup of your data. You simply wipe the phone which deletes all of your personal data. But are you sure that simply wiping any android phone deletes your data permanently?

If your answer is Yes, then it is wrong. Whenever we factory reset an android phone then the system only deletes the file references. A file reference is a particular address in the storage for accessing that file. A thorough wipe only removes these file references and all the files are still present on your android smartphone’s internal storage. Whenever a file is deleted some storage space is released which is equivalent to the size of that deleted file. Now that deleted file still exists in the internal storage and will only be removed when new files are added to the internal storage. This is the physical working principle of any storage device existing around us today.

So if you are selling or just planning to donate your android cell phone after performing a factory reset then beware. Your deleted data can still be recovered from your phone by using several android data recovery software. These type of software has an ability to access the internal storage of an android phone by gaining root access. After gaining root access any android data recovery software can recover data from phone including all of your personal data like photos, videos, emails or WhatsApp chat history. So, in this tutorial, we will teach you how you can secure erase your android phone so that you can sell it and no one can recover your data by any means.

Warning: Never wipe an android device from recovery mode when there exists a Google account on it. If you reset the device in recovery mode then factory reset protection will be activated and your phone will be locked for 24 hours. Read more about factory reset protection.

How to Secure Erase an Android Smartphone

  • First of all backup entire data stored on your phone’s internal storage. A PC or an external hard drive is a good option for data backup.
  • After backing up your photos, videos, emails, contacts, call logs and WhatsApp folder we are ready to factory reset the phone.
  • You should only factory reset the phone by going to “Settings>Backup & reset”. Tap “Factory data reset” and draw the unlock pattern or enter PIN to confirm the deletion.
  • Now your phone is completely wiped and reset to its factory state. Nothing exists on it except some apps and your previously deleted data.
  • Now, I told you earlier that deleted data can be recovered by scanning the internal storage with help of a recovery software after gaining root access. We have to make your previously deleted data completely unrecoverable and inaccessible.
  • We can only do this by overwriting random data in the internal storage by copying random files to the phone’s internal storage until its completely full.
  • You can just copy junk files or your favorite movies or game ISOs or any file that has specifically no important use.
  • In my case, I will copy movies or large files like game files that have random extensions and bigger size. You can find these files in your PC games folder.
  • Once you have copied multiple unknown files to the internal storage then again perform a factory reset from android “Settings”.
  • Repeat the overwriting and factory reset process 3-4 times to completely delete your personal data from the phone’s storage. If possible use different random files each time.
When you do this 3-4 times then there would be no chance of your deleted data recovery because it doesn’t even exist on the storage because you did secure delete data. And it is not possible to recover data that doesn’t even exist on your phone because it was replaced by the junk files that you had copied 3-4 times earlier. If someone gets to recover the data then it will only find the junk files and nothing else.

Using the Android Encryption For Even More Security

If after performing 3-4 overwriting operations on your android phone you are still not convinced then you can use android encryption. Believe me, this is an overkill for this situation and after full encryption, nothing can be recovered, not even the junk files. To enable full disk encryption android first connect the charger to your phone then go to “Settings>Security>Encrypt Phone”. Make sure to remember the PIN or password that you enter during encryption setup. Now let the phone encrypt itself. Once the encryption completes just switch off the android smartphone. It will ask you to enter PIN or password to decrypt the phone when you power it.

Enter the PIN/password to decrypt then again go to “Settings>Backup & reset”. Here tap “Factory data reset”. After this, you will achieve the highest security level where nobody can ever recover your personal data since it was non-existent on the internal storage. You can now sell or donate your phone to anyone.

How to Convert PDF to Word on Windows 10

At some point, it is possible that you may need to convert PDF to word especially on Windows 10 if you have already upgraded or about to do that. However, it becomes very difficult or impossible for most people if the PDF editor is not compatible. Note that there is always a way around it and you can easily convert PDF to word on Windows 10 if you use the right tool. This article will unveil that special tool so that it becomes easy for you especially if you use Windows 10.

What Tool Do You Really Need?

In order to successfully convert PDF to word on windows 10, you need a compatible editor and fortunately, the ever reliable Wondershare PDFelement is compatible with Windows 10.This software is one of the best Windows 10 PDF to word Converter as well as a PDF editor with the capability of creating, editing, converting PDFs so easily. In addition, it boasts of an industry leading OCR tool which is capable of turning image based PDF into selectable, searchable and editable document. Converting PDF to word is so easy on this platform, however, you can also convert PDF to other formats like text, PowerPoint, excel, PPT, Epub and images format. Other outstanding features of the PDFelement include digital signature, password protection, annotation, redaction, extraction among others. In fact, Wondershare PDFelement is an all in one solution to your PDF issues. If you have ever used Adobe before then it is safe to say that the PDFelement is a suitable alternative for Adobe.

How to Convert PDF into Word on Windows 10

Below is the step by step guide on how to convert PDF to word using Wondershare PDFelement for Windows

Step 1: Load PDF You Want to Convert

You are expected to have installed the software on your computer. Open the Wondershare PDFelement and get the files imported. Go to the home window and Click “Convert PDF”. Another way is to go to the top tool bar, under Home, click “To word”.

Step 2: Convert PDF to Word

Check for the pop up conversion window then to add multiple files for conversion just click the “Add File” button. The next thing to do is to select the word format you want. Note that you have the option of choosing between the docs and doc format. Then specify the range of the page as well as the output folder. It is important to note that for scanned files, you are expected to tick the “Enable OCR” checkbox. Ensure that all the settings are okay and then click the “Convert” button and begin the process of conversion. Note that this conversion will be done in just one swoop. Go to the output folder after the conversion and see the output word document arranged by PDFelement.

Finally, after all said and done, there is no better PDF to word converter for Windows 10 than this great software, why not try it today and see the difference.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Review: Free Disk Partition Manager For Windows

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a free disk partition management software for Microsoft Windows. With AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard you can extend the partition in which the operating system is installed, that is you can extend the space of drive C:\ without losing any data. This is not it as AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard provides various useful disk management tools that any other software may not provide. Over time the C:\ drive will fall short of space due to the installed software and you may need to increase the space to prevent sluggish computer performance. The most useful feature that I have come across is the 'Migrate OS to SSD'. As an SSD is much faster than a typical HDD, you can entirely move your current OS onto a new SSD in few minutes with the default MBR record and registry entries.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard provides various unified useful Disk Partition Management tools in a single software that I am going to tell you. After reading about its features and useful tools, you will know why you should use the AOMEI Partition Assistant for all kinds of disk management operations on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10.

Review: AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Free Disk Partition Manager For Windows

1. Extend Partition Wizard : The default windows disk manager is a bit tricky and you may find it difficult to use. But the AOMEI Partition Assistant comes with an 'Extend Partition Wizard' which will guide you throughout the whole process to extend the space of any drive partition without losing any data.

AOMEI extend partition wizard

2. Disk/Partition Copy Wizard : For the purposes of protecting your data when program crash or unexpected situation comes or the data migration, AOMEI Partition Assistant upgraded new features to copy disk and copy partition. If you got a new disk and want to move all data on the older disk to the new disk, the disk copy function is ready for you. If you would like to migrate a part of the whole disk (only a partition, not an entire disk), partition copy function is right here. You can boot OS from target disk after all data copied from the original to target disk.

With this feature, you can make copies of a single partition on other SSDs and HDDs with a quick copy (file by file) and complete copy (sector by sector) method.

3. Migrate OS To SSD : It is very cumbersome to move your data between older HDD and a newer SSD because first, you need to install the OS on the new SSD and then move your data. But with AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard you can completely migrate OS to SSD from the older HDD. Now after migration you can boot the OS from the new SSD. You can use the partition copy wizard to copy the remaining older partitions on newer SSD or HDD. This feature will save much time.

4. Partition Recovery Wizard : If you accidently deleted any partition then you can retrace it back on a repartitioned disk. It supports FAT32, FAT, NTFS, Linux file systems,

5. NTFS To FAT32 Converter : If you ever need to convert NTFS to FAT32 then AOMEI PAS can do it for you and the reverse is also applicable. The process is done without losing any data. It supports all kinds of storage devices.

6. Make Bootable Media : Situations may arise when your computer fails to boot. Then AOMEI Partition Assistant comes into play, as you can create a bootable Windows PE disk or USB to boot the OS from CD or USB. All the AOMEI Partition Assistant tools will be available in the bootable media. But make sure you make the bootable cd before the problem actually happens so that your PC can stay future proof against this problem. After booting to OS you can fix the problem by replacing the missing files or using the partition recovery wizard.

7. Windows To Go Creator : With the wizard, you can install your customized Windows 8 or 8.1 on removable USB flash drives and external hard drives to boot it from any computer on which you want to use Windows 8 or 8.1. You don't have to buy Windows 8 Enterprise Edition to create a Windows To Go USB drive. It is recommended that you use USB 3.0 port for faster data access.

Disk Management Tools

1. Basic Operations : The basic disk management operations includes deleting a partition, copy disk and wipe an entire hard drive.

2. Disk Surface Test : The disk surface test checks the disk sectors and tells whether or not a bad sector exist that gives a read-write error. However, it can't attempt recovery of bad sectors. There are dozens of ways to fix bad sector, the most effective one is to subdivide the bad sector into an independent unallocated space or use other repair tools.

3. GPT to MBR Conversion :  MBR disks only support up to 2TB partition size, so if you have a disk which is MBR formatted and larger than 2TB, you could only use 2TB disk size among it, but the rest of it could not be used. Converting MBR disk to GPT disk is considerable necessary to make full use of the disk space.

4. Rebuild MBR : From time to time you may get the error message “system missing” or "operating system not found" when you boot up your system. Actually, this means not your system was run away; such errors are most likely caused by damaged Master Boot Record (MBR). In this case, you need to use some special tool to rebuild correct MBR to the computer without destroying any data.

Partition Management Functions

1. Basic Functions : Clicking on a partition opens several functions like resize partition, move partition, merge partition, split, copy, delete, format, change the drive letter, hide partition, wipe partition and create a new partition.

2. Partition Alignment : Align Partition, as it is generally understood, is to indicate the proper alignment of partition. This function is specially designed to accelerate the reading and writing speed for your hard disk, both Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD). Thus, it greatly improves the operating speed of your disks and furthermore increases the efficiency of your computer. Therefore, it is of great importance to align partition.

Verdict : If you are currently looking for a free disk partition management software for Microsoft Windows then AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is currently the best option as it is providing more useful tools for managing your disk partitions. If you want the buy the pro version then go to link given in 'Download' section above.