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How To Use a Laptop Without Battery (AC Power Only)

Laptops or notebooks are portable computers that you can carry almost everywhere you go. They are quite easy to carry and handle. For a laptop to work longer the battery should be in perfect condition. But laptop batteries aren't that reliable and they hardly last for more than 2 years. These batteries are made up of independent lithium-ion cells. These cells or batteries are connected in parallel or series connections to deliver the required voltage.

Most laptops today use 4 cell lithium ion battery and if any of the cells get damaged then you have to replace the entire battery pack. In this case, the battery won't get charged completely. So you have to replace it if you want your laptop to perform normally.

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Most people have a question that whether they can use their laptop without battery but plugged in. The answer is yes, as far as the electricity in your building is trouble free and properly grounded. Many PC gamers prefer gaming on adapter power only and they remove the battery to prevent excess heat. Laptops, their charger, and battery get hot when you use them simultaneously for gaming or for any other task that requires heavy computing.

Reasons Why You Should Use Your Laptop Without Its Battery

  • Using a laptop without a battery keeps it and the power adapter cool all the time. The power adapter becomes hot when it charges and powers the laptop simultaneously. This reduces its life.
  • Your laptop can work longer hours.
  • If your laptop never leaves home and you use it like a desktop.
  • You have a good power backup source like a Sinewave inverter or you use a UPS for the laptop for power backup.

Why Is UPS Necessary?

There is no problem in using a laptop without its battery but you should a use a UPS as a power backup. If you don't have any power backup source then in case of a power cut your laptop will shut down immediately and you won't be able to save your unsaved tasks. This scenario is not recommended at all. This is the only disadvantage of using a laptop only on AC power and removing the battery.

Using a UPS is 100 percent necessary as it will not only provide the power backup but will also save your laptop and its power adapter from electrical surges, current leaks, overcurrent, and short circuits. Make sure that the UPS you are using does have a fuse that will break in case of overvoltage thereby saving your laptop.

A laptop power brick converts the 240V AC power to 19V DC power (this power rating may vary). This 19V DC is a pure power that a laptop needs. But most adapters are not capable of filtering electrical surges and spikes which can damage your laptop. In this case, a UPS will do the trick. A 600VA UPS can power up to three laptops simultaneously. UPS filters out electrical surges, spikes, and overcurrent. It is highly recommended that you use a sinewave compatible UPS backup system but a normal one is also enough if you can't afford the prior.

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How To Use a Laptop Without Battery (AC Power Only)

  • Remove the battery first.
  • Connect the power adapter to laptop, then connect the adapter to UPS. Feed the UPS with mains supply.
  • Now you are ready to use your laptop without battery.
  • Just power it on and use it normally without fearing the power failure.

Advantages Of Using a UPS for a Laptop Without Battery

  • Keeps the laptop and the power adapter cool.
  • Provides power backup in case of power cut.
  • Protects against electrical surges, spikes, overvoltage, and overcurrent that most laptop adapters fail to protect against.
  • Acts as an inexpensive new surge protector.
  • Much cheaper than a laptop battery.
  • Can significantly last for years. I have seen UPS working for as long as 10 years. No laptop battery or even the laptop itself will not last that long.

So if your laptop's battery has failed then don't buy a new one if it hardly leaves the home. You should better invest your money in buying a UPS instead.

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