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[Latest] Google Play Store 8.5.39 APK Free Download

Google Play Store app has been updated to the latest version 8.5.39. Google keeps pushing out the updates to the play store app. But not all users get the update at the same time. So, its better to manually download and install update to the play store app. Keeping the play store app up to date is essential as it is the sole downloader and updater of android apps on your phone. It also checks for security threats with a built-in feature known as play protect.

Play protect scans the installed android apps on your phone and may report malicious behaviour of android apps. Also keeping the app up to date will also prevent downloading problems. Most times the Google play store app doesn't download any app and returns several errors, the most famous being the error 927.

Download Google Play Store 8.5.39.W-all APK

The above app version will work on all android architectures like, x86, arm, android wear, and mips.

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