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Moto G4 Plus Gets Latest Update (NPJ25.93-14) With December Security Patch and Stability Improvements

Good news Moto G4 Plus has received a latest update having build number NPJ25.93-14. This update fixes the low notification sound problem and comes with latest December security patch. The low notification sound was a real problem in the Moto G4 Plus and it started after the July patch update. But with the December security patch update the low notification sound problem has been resolved. The notification sound on Moto G4 Plus is now very loud.

The update weighs only 114.8MB and takes only 10 minutes to install. This update also fixes the 2G connectivity problem. In the android 7.0 nougat update we were unable to select the 2G network. But with this latest update we can now select 2G in preferred network type. But the screen burn issue is not yet resolved, but you can fix screen burn on Moto G4 Plus. If you haven't received the update then go to 'Settings>About phone>System updates'. If you have received the update then tap 'YES, I'M IN' and select 'Wi-Fi or mobile network' then let the update to finish download. After downloading tap 'INSTALL'.

moto g4 plus NPJ25.93-14

Motorola has been fixing various bugs via OTA since the launch of Moto G4 Plus. With the December security patch update the low notification sound problem also got fixed. So we can hope that Moto G4 Plus can get android 7.1.1 update soon, because on the Moto G4 Plus launch date Motorola said that it will releasing the next update also after the android N which is android O.

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  1. HI,

    After Updating in System Update NPJ25.93-14 My motO G 4Plus Was Not Working Properly. I Have Face Some issues like:
    1) Mobile Network Contentiously Fluctuation.
    2) G4 Internet not working Properly.
    3) Some Time Mobile Network showing full but If someone trying to call that time my Mobile showing out of coverage.
    4) Internet contentiously showing error

    Please help me with the solution.

    Adi Mac

    1. Have you tried factory reset? Do backup data before performing a factory reset. Go to 'Settings>Backup & reset>Factory Data Reset'.

  2. Camera more Short pless
    Add next update