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How to Unlock Easter Eggs (Android Neko) Cat Game on Android 7.0 Nougat

Just like every other android OS the android Nougat has a hidden game. This game is Neko Atsume-style game in which you collect cats by serving them food. The android nougat cat game is simple to play. You put food in an empty dish and after some time. You can choose from four food items that are Chicken, Fish, Bits and Treat. Whenever a cat comes and eats the food a notification appears on your phone. From there you can add that cat to your collection. Chicken and Fish attract the cats faster rather than Bits and Treats. You can catch many cats as the number is not confirmed.

Unlock Easter Eggs Android Nougat Cat Game on Android 7.0

  • Go to 'Settings>About phone'. Scroll down and tap 'Android version' several times until it opens the Nougat logo.
  • Now keep tapping the android Nougat logo unless you see an orange cat emoji on the screen.
  • Now tap the home button and access the quick settings panel by swiping the notifications panel down.
  • Tap 'EDIT' and scroll down to find '????Android Easter Eggs'. This icon is a cat emoji.

  • Drag and drop this icon on to the main quick settings shortcuts. Then go back.
  • Now you will see an empty dish icon in the quick settings panel.
  • Tap this empty dish icon and it will give you four food items.
  • Select Fish or Chicken because the cat will appear faster if you use this food to bait it.
  • A notification will appear as 'A cat is here'. Tap this notification and android Easter Eggs will open.
  • Here you can find all your cats.
  • Tap any cat to rename it. Long tap it to share or delete it from the collection. I have collected 17 cats now.
android nougat cats

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  1. How many cats are there and will anything else happen?

    1. You can collect as many as you want. The cats will appear very slowly when the number gets above few hundreds, say 300 cats or above.