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WhatsApp Gets Two New Features: Reply To Specific Messages And Unseen Chats Are Labeled As Unread Messages

WhatsApp 2.16.136 has added two new features including reply to specific messages and unseen chats are now by default labeled as unread messages. While chatting you can reply to a specific message by quoting it with your message. So the entire message will show a quick conversation of the two messages only. This is quite useful since you don't need to type the whole message when you are just clearing some doubts regarding some messages that you may find unable to understand or you have sent them by mistake.

The second feature automatically labels the unseen messages under a "Unread Message" label in chats. This label will be there until you see all these messages. All unseen messages will come under this label. This is another quite useful feature from WhatsApp. See the image below.

whatsapp unseen messages

How To Use The Quick Reply In WhatsApp

  • Open the chat with your friend.
  • Now long tap any message.
  • Tap the reply button on top left corner.
  • After tapping the reply button the message will be quoted automatically.
  • Type your message as a reply to that specific message and tap the send button.

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