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Hide My Ass! Pro VPN Review: Anonymize Your Identity With The World's Largest VPN Service

Hide My Ass! is a UK based VPN service provider which currently has 920+ VPN servers at 350+ locations in 190+ countries with 120000+ IP addresses. These metrics make Hide My Ass! the world's largest Virtual Private Network. No other VPN can beat them in this regard. When you connect to the internet then your device either a computer or a smartphone is assigned a unique address called IP address. This IP address is publicly visible on the internet and anyone can track your details through this address. So to hide our identity on the internet we should use a VPN.

Now the question arises which VPN to use since the smartphone apps store is already flooded with VPN apps. It's hard to say which is the best VPN app for your PC and smartphone. Most of them free but doesn't provide much security. Using a VPN service greatly affects the internet bandwidth if the server location is too far from your own country. In this case, the best VPN would be, that provides great speeds from international servers.

Why We Use Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network provides an encrypted tunnel between your devices and the server itself. All internet traffic goes through this encrypted tunnel. The information sent through this tunnel is decrypted at the server side. So if any hacker somehow gets into this tunnel then he would only see some scrambled information which is of no use to him.

Well, this situation is totally impractical because encrypted internet traffic can't be decrypted without the original VPN server. Hide My Ass! Pro VPN is good at hiding your original IP address and encrypt your internet traffic so you can browse safely. You can even connect to public WiFi while using HMA. In this post, we are going to review the HMA Pro VPN android app and will tell you whether you should buy it or not.

HideMyAss Pro VPN Review: Anonymize Your Identity With The World's Largest VPN Service

1. Price: Hide My Ass! one month licence costs $11.52 which is 7 times expensive than Avast SecureLine. But when you are getting 920 servers in 190 countries with 1,20,000 IP addresses then $11.52 is not a big price. Once you purchase it then you can use the same licence for your PC, router and on an OpenVPN client.

To use it on a PC or a MAC you have to download the appropriate software client. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee but you should read their refund policy before buying. But the same licence can be used across multiple devices and Avast SecureLine app doesn't allow this. Avast SecureLine should be purchased separately for every device you want to secure.

2. App UI: Hide My Ass! for android provides the simplest UI. You only have to login in the app with your registered account. The navigation is also simple. On the main screen, you can connect or disconnect, view your IP address and see account details. To change location tap 'LOCATION' anytime and select from a list of 350+ locations worldwide. There are no confusing settings to make. You just have to connect, that's it. Tap 'ACCOUNT' to view your

Hide My Ass Pro VPN Review           

3. Built-In Customer Support: The app has built in customer support form. You can go to the menu and tap 'Contact Support'. You can directly send your messages from within the app to get support about any problems that you face. You will get response on your registered email.

4. Speed Test: When you use a VPN then your browsing speed will reduce depending on the server location. But while using HMA Pro VPN app we saw a negligible difference in browsing and downloading speeds. Because Hide My Ass! provides 920+ servers worldwide so you can easily choose a fast server from this list. With 920+ servers worldwide internet speed is not a problem at all while using a Virtual Private Network.

5. Built-In Network Monitor: Hide My Ass! app provides a built-in network monitor that displays your downloading speed and how much data you have downloaded in the android notification panel.

Why Should You Buy Hide My Ass! Pro VPN

  • Provides one month account. You are not bound to purchase a yearly.
  • It is the world's largest VPN with 920+ servers in 190+ countries worldwide.
  • Internet speeds are not affected much. You can enjoy fastest VPN connection with 920+ servers.
  • Change your IP address anytime.
  • Watch geo-locked websites in your country. By using this VPN you can watch US NetFlix in the UK.
  • The same licence works across a PC, android phone, iPhone, MAC, L2TP/PPTP and with OpenVPN client configuration.
  • Unlimited bandwidth allows you to send /receive unlimited data without restrictions.
  • Built-in customer support.
  • Ideal VPN for NetFlix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.
  • Browse safely on public and free WiFi.

The only reason why you should not buy it is the price. One month subscription of HMA costs $11.52. The price is justified since you are getting 920+ servers to access worldwide. You can use the same license across iPhone, a router, a MAC, a PC, android, OpenVPN client, and L2TP/PPTP configurations. Avast VPN doesn't allow this since you have to purchase it separately for a separate OS. In our opinion if you want to use a VPN only on your android phone then go for Avast SecureLine otherwise if you have many devices and you want to secure their online identity then Hide My Ass! is the best choice.

What We Say About Hide My Ass! Pro VPN

Well, we have reviewed many VPN apps like ExpressVPN, Hide My IP, Avast SecureLine etc. All these are good at what they are offering. But all these VPN providers have only less than 100 servers worldwide. Also, you are not allowed to change the IP address anytime just like in HMA Pro. I personally recommend ExpressVPN because this is the only Virtual Private Network that can be used with any device that supports the internet, it even works on gaming consoles.

But at the same price of just $12 a month Hide My Ass! is providing much more features than any other VPN app. It allows you to manually change your IP anytime, the desktop app provides 'Secure IP Bind'. You can access 920+ servers worldwide without getting internet speed problems.

One thing you may not like is that HMA logs your internet data associated with your real IP according to laws in the UK. But it is necessary to identify hackers who also use VPN to hide their identities. But you don't need to worry because your data will be kept safe and never be used or shared anywhere.

Well if you are looking for a fast VPN service that you can use on every device connected to the internet then Hide My Ass! is the best choice which comes with speed, reliability, and better virtual private network security. If you need an affordable VPN then read Avast SecureLine review.

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  1. I would rather suggest Hide My IP VPN, its is a better deal than HMA, $2.95/mo includes VPN + Smart DNS to unblock any streaming site, up to 5 devices allowed per account.

    1. Yes its good. For an average user Hide My IP is good at low cost and few devices.