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How To Use Bold, Italics And Strikethrough In WhatsApp

The largest messaging service WhatsApp is day by day coming with a new feature. Recently WhatsApp added support for PDF sharing. With this feature we can now PDF files quickly with our friends or groups without having to upload them and sharing links. We can directly share PDF files now. Previously WhatsApp gone completely free and stopped charging its users on a yearly basis.

Now in the version 2.16.4 WhatsApp has given text formatting features. We can now highlight a word, text or paragraph in bold, italics and strike through styles. However you will not see any specialized options for text formatting. But you can do this by using several symbols. You can either format your entire message or just some words. It is also possible to use the combination of these formatting symbols.

How To Use Bold, Italics And Strikethrough In WhatsApp

To use the formatting please follow the steps below. You can also highlight words in WhatsApp with this tutorial.

  • For Bold: To send a text message in bold just type it between two asterisk. Like this *my message*.
  • For Italics: To send a text message in Italics just type it between two tilde. Like this _my message_.
  • For Strikethrough: To send a text message in Italics just type it between two underscores. Like this ~my message~.

                             whatsapp formatting codes

How To Use Formatting Combinations In WhatsApp

You can use formatting combinations in WhatsApp. You can send a message that is bold, italics and strike through. Lets see all the possible combinations.

  • Bold, Italics and Strikethrough: Just type this following ~*_Your Message_*~. The order of the symbols doesn't matter. It will send your message as Your Message.
  • Bold and Italics Only: Type _*Your Message*_. Your message will be sent as Your Message.
  • Bold and Strikethrough: Type ~*Some Text*~. The result will be Some Text.
  • Italics and Strikethrough: Type _~Some Text~_. The message will be sent as Some Text.
You can use these formatting option to customize your WhatsApp messages and highlight some text if needed.

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  1. Are you sure this is right, or have I got it wrong?
    Should it not be ~ for strikethrough and _ for italics?

    1. Thanks for telling this to us. Article is updated.