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How To Convert Word(.doc, .docx) To PDF On Android

Recently WhatsApp released the PDF document sharing in the app. Its an useful feature for android users because a PDF file can be sent to other users without any alteration. A PDF viewer app will render the file in same way as it is rendered by other software. A MS word document on the other hand can be edited and has no guarantee that will appear the same way on another device as it appears on on e device. Basically most android word document reader apps may not correctly display the word file.

Some may show improper characters, missing characters or non-aligned text. However these doc files works perfectly on a tablet or a computer but may not display properly on smaller screens. Smaller screens may display the whole file in a single column which may make the paragraphs difficult to read.

While a PDF file doesn't have such problems. Once you create a file it will universally appear the same on any device you use. It can't be edited and works as a screenshot of the pure text. There are many ways for android in which you can convert webpages as PDF files, these webpages may contain anything from text to images. But we are here to talk about MS word documents having the extension .doc or .docx.

How To Convert MS Office Documents (.doc, .docx) Word To PDF On Android

  • Download the app WP Office.
  • Open the doc file, it will automatically open in the WP Office app.
  • Tap 'Tools>Export to PDF'. Then choose the location either 'Phone' or 'SD Card'. You can also select 'Cloud Storage'.

     word to pdf android
  • The enter the file name and tap the green button.

    doc to pdf android
  • Now go to the WP Office app's main screen and see here that the new file will be listed here.
  • You can open it to view in the app.
  • To share on WhatsApp see this article.

Advantages Of Converting Doc To PDF

  • Easy and quick to share with WhatsApp users.
  • PDF files are more secure than word (.doc, .docx) files.
  • Renders exactly the same on different devices.
  • No text errors.
  • Can be viewed in Chrome Browser for android which can also be used as a pdf printer.
  • No need to use pdf editor.

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