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How To Use Android Phone As A Mouse/Keyboard For MAC And Windows

Have you ever thought of using your android smartphone as a mouse or keyboard for Apple's MAC or a Windows computer. If not, then I will teach you in this post. Most times it happens with us that the USB mouse of our MAC computers and Windows PC stops working. If you do not want to buy a new USB mouse then you can convert your android phone in a computer wireless mouse and use it exactly the same way as the USB computer mice. Your android phone will help you if in case your regular computer stops working or the laptop touchpad stops working.

There is an app in Google play store called the ‘Remote Mouse’. This app is available for android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and Windows phone and its communication software is available for MAC and Windows 10. To get the things done, you should install this app on your phone and install the remote mouse communication software on your computer. So, you can also convert your iPhone into a wireless mouse.


  1. Remote Mouse android app|iOS|Windows Phone
  2. Communication Software for MAC|Windows

How To UseYour Android Phone As A Mouse/Keyboard For MAC And Windows

  • Download and install the respective app and software on your phone and MAC/Windows computer.
  • Make sure that your phone and the computer should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Run the communication software on your PC.
  • Now open the app on your phone. Your PC’s name will be available here with the IP address.

  • Tap the PC name to connect to it over Wi-Fi. You will be shown a basic tutorial.
  • Keep swiping towards left unless you see ‘Got It’. Tap it to close the tutorial.
  • Now tap the ‘Menu’ icon on below left corner ‘three horizontal lines’.
  • In ‘Panels’ menu make sure that ‘Mouse’ option is enabled. Tap it so that its button gets green.
  • This option will show mice buttons on the phone’s touchscreen.
  • Tap the ‘Settings’ tab to adjust ‘Tracking speed’ and ‘Scrolling speed’.
  • Now go to the main screen it will look something like this image below.

remote mouse for android, ios, windows phone

Controls Scheme

  • You can use the onscreen buttons to control your PC with this remote mouse app. There are two buttons left and right. They will work the same way as a computer mice should work.
  • You can use shortcuts also. Use two fingers on the touchscreen to scroll up and down.
  • Tap two fingers on the screen to simulate the right click.
  • Consider your phone’s touchscreen as a laptop touchpad.
  • Tap the keyboard icon next to the menu icon to use your android phone as a wireless keyboard for MAC and Windows 10 that works over Wi-Fi.

wifi keyboard android

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  1. Yeah that's all well and good but if your mouse is not working, how the h*** are you going to install the software on your computer

    1. Why would you need a mouse to install the software. Use the keyboard to install the software. Use 'Tab' key to select the file then hit enter to run the installer. You can use the 'Tab' key to select the 'OK' and 'Cancel' buttons.