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'Touch To Search' Missing In Chrome For Android: Quick Tip To Get It Back

Recently many android phone users have reported that the 'Touch to search' option is missing from their chrome browser. The 'Touch to search' option allows anyone to search for a word, phrase or a sentence by just long tapping it. This can be done without closing the current tab. This feature was present in chrome for android since March 2015 but recently it has disappeared from many android phones. It is still working on some phones. Nexus smartphone owners have also reported on their phones.

How To Get Back 'Touch To Search' In Chrome For Android

If you are unable to see this useful feature on your chrome browser then following the tips below will solve the problem.
  • Open chrome and type 'chrome://flags/#contextual-search'.
  • You will see 'Enable Contextual Search' highlighted in yellow color.

  • Tap 'Default' and select 'Enabled'. Then tap 'RELAUNCH NOW'.
  • Now go to 'Settings>Privacy', scroll down a little bit and check that 'Touch to search' should be 'On'

    touch to search chrome android

  • This trick will work on chrome beta, standard and developer versions.
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