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How to Install Sony Walkman Music Player For Moto G 2015

Motorola Moto G 2015 is a best budget smartphone that was recently launched with some unique features in the Motorola Moto G series. The biggest update is the 5 inch HD touchscreen, Water resistance, 13 MP camera and 4G LTE connectivity. Moto G series line of smartphones are known to run pure android OS as we see the vanilla android in Moto G 3rd Gen. Running the stock android OS means that we are getting less apps .Useful apps like standalone music player, video player and file manager are not available on Moto G 2015. The gallery app can play videos but does not have any controls. We are also going to review the Moto G3 soon.

We will talk about other apps later. As you know that Moto G3 has Google Play Music app which lets you play music on it. But the UI of this app is not good and its missing useful control like swipe to change song and set any song as a ringtone.

I have managed to extract Sony Walkman app from a Xperia smartphone. This Walkman app runs on Moto G 2015 giving all useful functions that a music player should have like creating playlists, viewing songs list, search music, set any song as ringtone. And good news is that there is no need to root your Moto G3, you can directly install the apk on your phone without any apk parse error.

Download Sony Walkman Music Player APK For Moto G 3rd Generation

How To Use The Sony Walkman On Moto G3

  • Download and install the app.
  • Open it and you will see music categories on the app's homepage.

sony walkman music player for moto g3

  • Tap the record icon below left corner to play the music in full screen, here you will have all basic functions like repeat, shuffle and create playlist.

sony walkman app

  • To set any song as a ringtone just tap the playlist icon below search button. Here find your desired song. Then tap the tiny triangle icon and choose 'Set as ringtone'.
  • Go to Settings>Sound enhancements and here adjust the audio effects for speaker and wired stereo headset.
  • The equalizer has modes like extreme bass, bass punch, balanced, brilliant treble, and vocalizer. Extreme Bass works best for speaker.
  • For wired stereo headset you can choose from 3D stereo, Home theater, Live stage and Custom.
  • There are three surround options Live, Wide and Ambient. And finally comes the equalizer.
  • You can adjust the audio effects to your requirements.


  • Easy to use.
  • No need to update again and again. Just install once and forget.
  • Provide options to set any song as a ringtone.
  • Search any song within Walkman app from your SD card or internal storage.
  • Swipe left or right to change music.

Sony Walkman is a better music player for Moto G 2015 than the Google Play Music, because it is simple to use and doesn't require any updates. If you liked the article please share it.

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  1. I didn't find it in google play store

    1. Sony Music will only appear for Xperia devices. Download the apk from the link given in the post.