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UC Cleaner Review : The Best Android Junk Cleaner, RAM Booster And Battery Saver

Since the launch of UC browser 8 in 2008, UC revolutionized the internet browser with the launch of UC browser for mobile platforms. Since then the UC browser has gone through thousands of improvements and finally what we got a browser that has smart features that any other browser app fail to deliver. Now with the launch of UC cleaner, UC is going to revolutionize the android junk cleaner, RAM booster and optimizer apps.

This tutorial is a review of the recently launched UC cleaner app for android which offers some unique features that other android apps never implemented. In this review article you will know why UC cleaner is the best android junk cleaner and RAM booster app.

UC Cleaner Review : The Best Android Junk Cleaner, RAM Booster And Battery Saver

Light weight

The app size is just 1.3 MB. It is not like other cleaner apps that have app size of more than 20 MB on play store. So, I have to download less data to install this app. This app downloads quickly from play store due to its small size. The reason behind small size is that UC cleaner is designed to only clean your android and free up memory, it doesn’t have useless functions like weather reports, daily news, recommended apps, and own apps promotion till yet, which reduces the app size and save your internet data.

New Features

Shake To Clean : This is a new feature that is only found in UC cleaner. When ‘Shake to clean’ is enabled then you can shake your android phone every 30 seconds (by default) to clean up the memory (RAM).

Super Boost : Super Boost frees up the android memory by force stopping the apps running in background which slow down your phone. Super Boost takes more time to free up space then regular boosting but it frees up more RAM and make your android phone or tablet much faster. To enable 'Super Boost' go to android phone 'Settings>Accessibility>Services>UC  cleaner'. Enable it.

Advanced Clean

The ‘Advanced Clean’ features scans all types of files like ‘Large files’, files stored on your sdcard like photos and videos, APK files. It also scans the junk and tells what app has what type of junk stored on your android. However ‘Advanced Clean’ will only tell you about cache, junk and unwanted files, photos and videos, and the total space size that can be freed. You have to manually select them and clean. Because it contains your photos, videos and APK files that UC cleaner is not designed to clean automatically because it may cost you personal data loss.

uc cleaner main screen

App Manager

Uninstall : You can uninstall downloaded apps one by one. Just go to ‘App Manager>Uninstall’. Select the apps and tap ‘Uninstall’.

APK Manager : APK Manager scans the apk files stored on your phone’s internal storage and sdcard. From here you can delete the duplicate files and save space. Just select the apk files and tap ‘Boost’.

Boost Box : Boost box is not a new feature but its a useful tool to launch apps or games at a faster rate. When apps are placed in boost box then when they launch from this boost box, UC cleaner frees up some memory before the apps can launch. So that apps can access required RAM to run smoother without lags. Just go to ‘APP Manager>Boost Box’. Tap the plus sign and keep adding apps by tapping the ‘Plus’ sign. Then finally tap ‘Done’. Move to home screen to access the boost box.

Battery Saver Feature

UC cleaner has ‘Lock screen power save’ feature in which when the phone is at standby it kills apps running in background that consume your phone’s battery juice. UC cleaner increases the battery by continuously killing these apps while the screen is locked.  You can enable ‘Task ignore list’ so that it won’t kill apps that you want to run even when the phone is locked like ‘Whatsapp’, ‘Gmail’ or ‘Messenger’. But also make sure that ‘Settings’ is also on the ‘Task ignore list’.


The UC cleaner automatically alerts us about ‘Junk’, ‘Low RAM’ and ‘Low Space’. So you do not need to scan the phone sometimes.

Floating & Boost Widget

There is floating widget available in UC Cleaner which tells the percentage of RAM being used. This floating widget can be dragged to any side of the screen. Tap this floating widget to instantly boost the phone.

The Boost widget is awesome and it features a red rocket animation that smoothly goes up the screen and boost the phone’s RAM.

Notification Toggle

You can enable the ‘Notification Toggle’ in status bar and access shortcuts like ‘Quick Boost’, ‘Wi-Fi’, enable/disable ‘Mobile Data’, enable ‘Flashlight’ and ‘Camera’. Yes it has a ‘Flashlight’ Option. So, you do not need to install any other flashlight apps.

Known Issues

The UC cleaner has 2 known issues on some Sony Xperia smartphones. First one is the ‘Camera’ key is not working in the ‘Notification Toggle’ and secondly the ‘Sharing’ option is not working in the options menu. But don’t worry these two issues will be fixed soon.

Design Issue

Then app’s main screen showing you the percentage of RAM and storage has a black background which is irritating because it is hard to see the info which is also written in light black over dark black. You have to bring the device close to your eyes to see the RAM in MB and storage available in  GB. This issues should be fixed and the black background should be replaced with a lighter color.


UC Cleaner currently is the best android junk cleaner, RAM booster and battery saver with a newer feature ‘Shake to clean’. It is a light weight android app which is better than Clean Master and Ccleaner. If you install this app, then I can promise that Junk and low RAM issues will become history on your android phone and tablets.

Download UC Cleaner

If you have any queries feel free to ask via comments.

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  1. I use All-In-One Toolbox to clean junk files. Very nice app to clean and boost Android devices. Top rated and 29 system tools attached. Get it on Google Play.