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How To Use YouTube Offline Videos Feature On Android

YouTube has recently added a new feature in the YouTube app in which you can watch YouTube videos offline or without an internet connection. Seems interesting, but you will still need an internet connection on your android to watch the videos in offline mode. Google promoting it under the tag line ‘Goodbye buffering, Hello YouTube Offline’, but remember you still need an internet connection and the default used connection is Wi-Fi. This feature is rolled out may be to avoid YouTube video downloads from third party apps.

youtube offline

How Does YouTube Offline Work

YouTube Offline isn’t any new technology, it just downloads the videos to your android phone’s internal storage. From there you can watch the downloaded videos in offline mode only in YouTube, because the videos are encrypted and can not be played in android media players. You will also need a Google account for this. Also I have previously written about how to download YouTube videos on android, that article proved useful to many users because it is the legal way. You can find the offline YouTube videos in ‘sdcard>Android>data>>files>offline>a folder with long string>streams’. In this folder all the offline videos are saved as encrytped files.

How To Use YouTube Offline Videos Feature On Android

  • Your android version should have YouTube 10.0+ on android and 2.16+ version on iOS.
  • Open the app, and play any video. Tap the ‘Offline button’, a vertical arrow on a horizontal bar.
  • Watch the downloading process in notifications bar.
  • Remember that at present only limited videos can be made offline.
  • To watch your saved videos in app, tap the ‘Menu>Offline’.
  • Also in offline videos under the videos I saw ‘2 days remaining’.  I don’t know what it exactly mean, may be after two days the video will be automatically deleted.
  • If this happens then you should permanently download YouTube videos on your android phone, see this article.

Note : The offline feature is by default set to work only with Wi-Fi but if you want to use your mobile data then head to app ‘Settings’, three dots on top right. And go to ‘Offline>Add over Wi-Fi only’. Uncheck it.

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