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Weird Things Happening On Google's Blogger : Might Be A Bug

Since 4th May 2015 Google's Blogger having some template related issues in which many bloggers are experiencing template related problems. This might be due to a bug in or some other technical issue. I am listing the problems in blogger that are currently annoying bloggers around the globe.

Problems In In May 2015

  • We are unable to Edit HTML code of our templates. If we do so the changes are not saved by blogger template.
  • The homepage of our blogs got corrupted and we can't see the "Read More" link. The whole post is visible instead of Read More page break. This can't be fixed right now.
  • The post-body of my blogger blog is behaving like as if it is a default blogger template, however the changes can be made in right side bar and footer.
  • We can't add Google Adsense ads below post title and immediately below where post ends that is above comments section. <data:post.body> tags are missing in templates.
  • The blogger blogs are loading slower.
  • There is a slight increase in traffic on blogs hosting on
  • Some say that their blogger posts overlap each other.
  • Wallpaper can't be seen on some blogs.
  • Widgets doesn't appear.
  • bX-pkvvio error annoying some blogger following mobile template not working.
  • The blogger post editor is not making realtime changes in post's html code.
Note: It is crucial to download your entire blogs to prevent any unwanted consequences.

These are known issues that are annoying blogspot bloggers since May 4th 2015. If you having these issues then wait till Google fixes it.

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