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How To Enable Whatsapp Calling Feature Without Invitation

Whatsapp recently launched the calling feature on to compete with other messaging apps like Viber, Line in order to allow users to make free voice calls over internet calling in the app itself. Whatsapp is the best messaging app for smartphones and now it is providing voip calls to Whatsapp users. However the calling feature has a drawback that it do not work correctly on slow networks. To use the Whatsapp calling feature (voip) properly on your smartphone you should have fast data network like a Wi-Fi or HSPA(3G) network. Whatsapp Calling will prove useful to users that use heavy usage internet on their smartphones also this is a good option for business voip. Also you can now make international calls absolutely free on Whatsapp.

Well enabling this feature is not a difficult task. Previously this feature can only be unlocked via an invitation i.e. in order to unlock Whatsapp calling you need to receive the call from a user that has already activated this feature by someone's invitation. And for this the mobile data connection should be enabled in order to receive calls.

But in this tutorial I am going to show you how you can enable Whatsapp calling feature on your android smartphone without receiving any invitation call from your friends.

Whatsapp has officially declared the calling feature in version 2.12.23 which is available for everyone. So you need to download the latest version of this popular messaging app.

Warning & Tips

  • This is the official tutorial and doesn't contain any cracking or modding of app.
  • Do not get trapped in scams which claim to enable this feature.
  • Do not download Whatsapp Calling Feature Enabler Apk. It is a virus.
  • Do not follow any other tutorial if you want to be on a safe side.

Downloads Required

How To Enable Whatsapp Calling Feature Without Invitations
  • First of all backup the 'Whatsapp' folder stored on the internal or external sdcard of your android. Copy this folder to some other location or to your MAC/PC.
  • Now uninstall the older version of app and install the latest version 2.12.23 apk. If install is blocked then enable 'Unknown sources' in 'Settings>Security'.
  • After installation, do not 'Open' the app. Now copy the 'Whatsapp' Folder that you backup and paste it on your cell phone's internal sdcard. Replace the old folder with this one.
  • Now open the app and set it up by entering your cell phone number. During this Whatsapp will ask you to restore your messages. You can read how to setup whatsapp.
whatsapp calling feature
  • Now after complete installation you can see there are 3 tabs showing "CALLS", "CHATS" and "CONTACTS"
  • You have successfully enabled Whatsapp Calling Feature on your cell phone.
How To Make Voice Calls In Whatsapp
Now that you have enabled the voice calling feature, then its time to learn how to make voice calls in Whatsapp.
  • Open the app and tap any contact to open the chat. Now tap the 'Telephone' icon on top right to place a voice call to that contact.
  • A calling window will open showing the ongoing Whatsapp call to your friends.
  • The calling window has 4 buttons. The speaker button will enable loudspeaker, the message button will let you open chats for the contact that you are calling, a mic button to disable inbuilt mic and finally a red telephone button to end the call.
  • Tapping the message button during a call will let you chat and talk simultaneously i.e. it will allow you to chat and talk at the same time in Whatsapp. Read Whatsapp Tips, Tricks & Hidden Secrets.
  • To see the call logs tap the 'CALL' tab to see all the received and outgoing calls.
  • If your friend is not online when you called him/her then he/she will see a missed Whatsapp Call when he/she will come online.
  • Save money on voice calls if you make heavy usage of internet on your phone.
  • Whatsapp can now turn your cell phone into a voip phone.
  • Good option for business voip.
  • Place international calls to users worldwide that use Whatsapp.

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