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Galaxy S6 : How To Use Fast Charging

Galaxy S6 yet to be released will be coming with a special battery feature known as fast charging in which charging the phone for just 10 minutes will give you 4 hours of HD video playback on your Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S6 Edge. Your Galaxy S6 support Adaptive Fast Charging and Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. With this special battery charging feature your Galaxy S6 will be charged at more than 75% rate compared to non AFC smartphones. This battery feature is useful because when the battery juice becomes low and you don't have time to charge it then use the fast charging on Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge to get battery charged quickly. A 10 minute fast charging the Galaxy S6 can give you 4 hours of HD video playback.

Galaxy S6 : How To Use Fast Charging

  • Plug in the charger and connect it to your cell phone.
  • This is not a normal charger but is Adaptive Fast Charging compatible.

    fast charging adapter of galaxy s6
  • For faster charging switch off the phone.
  • If you don't want to switch off the phone then turn off the screen as the fast charging won't work when the screen is on.
  • When phone is switched off then the fast charging icon will be visible on the screen.
  • You can check the remaining charge time on the screen. The actual remaining time may vary depending on the charging conditions.
  •  You cannot use the built-in fast charging feature when you charge the battery using a standard battery charger.
  • The charging speed may decrease if Galaxy S6 overheats. 
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