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List Of All Indicator Icons In Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is the upcoming flagship android new galaxy phone from Samsung which features the powerful Exynos 7420 chipset. Galaxy S6 and samsung edge are the two best android smartphones that Samsung has ever made. With Galaxy S6 you have lot more to learn about its hardware and software features. Its software features are so vast that it would take even few days to quickly learn the all tips and tricks. The most important thing that catches eye of every smartphone user is the indicator icons that appear in the notification bar, these are also known as notification icons. This indicator icons tell us about the services activated on your galaxy S6 or even tell something that is not correct or a problem that your phone is having. There are a total of 21 notification icons in galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, however Samsung may have removed smart screen option that shows an "eye" icon in notification bar from galaxy s6.

List Of All Notification Indicator Icons In Samsung Galaxy S6

galaxy S6 indicator icons

  •  : No Signal
  •  : Signal Strength
  •  : Roaming
  •  : GPRS network enabled
  •  : EDGE enabled
  •  : UMTS enabled
  •  : HSDPA connected
  •  : HSPA connected
  •  : 4G/LTE enabled
  •  : Wi-Fi enabled
  •  : Bluetooth
  •  : GPS activated
  •  : Call in progress
  •  : Missed call
  •  : New Text or multimedia message
  •  : Alarm activated
  •  : Mute ON
  •  : Vibration mode
  •  : Flight mode
  •  : Error occurred or caution required
  •  : Battery power level

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  1. I have a "down arrow" next to a lightening bolt, to the left of my WiFi indicator. What does this mean please?

    1. Basically it signifies a download in progress.

  2. I have a s6 and the Icon I would like to know about is a circle with a plus sign in the middle the circle is a bold colored half way around... Any body know what this icon means?

  3. a new icon has appeared on my S6, top right, it's shaped like the battery with what looks like the "radio active" symbol in it. What does it mean

    1. Please upload the image somewhere and post a link here. Without seeing the icon we can't help.