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How To Cut/Trim Videos In Whatsapp Before Sending

This is the latest WhatsApp trick in which you can crop videos in WhatsApp before sharing with your friends. WhatsApp has a built in video cutter which interrupts video sharing and asks you to trim it if required. Video trimming means cutting and extracting only useful scenes from a video. If you are willing to send only a part of a video quickly then WhatsApp's built in video cutter will prove itself useful to you as it will save your internet data for large videos and also it will reduce overall video size.

How To Trim/Cut Videos In Whatsapp

  • Open Whatsapp chat with any contact. Tap the attachment icon. Select 'Gallery'. Grab the video file that you want to cut/trim before sending.
  • A sharing pop up will open in Whatsapp tap 'OK' to proceed.
  • Now the video cutter will automatically open and you will see two blue sliders.
  • The movie between these two sliders is the cropped video. Move these sliders away from each other to increase the video size and bring them closer to shrink the size of the video.

Inbuilt whatsapp video cutter    Cut/Trim Videos In Whatsapp

  • Whatsapp automatically defines the trimming size of video and in some videos the two sliders can't be taken farther more than the default setting.
  • You can move the two sliders any where in the video length and select which part you want. Just long tap in between the two sliders and move it anywhere on the video to select your desired part.
  • After selecting the video tap 'Send' and the video will be automatically trimmed before sending.

Now you have learnt to cut/trim videos in Whatsapp before sharing/sending. Read Whatsapp Tips, Tricks And Hidden Secrets

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