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DeepCool IceDisk 2 HDD Cooler Review

DeepCool IceDisk 2 is a cooler for desktop hard drives. The DeepCool icedisk 2 is compatible with all 3.5 inch desktop hard disks. This HDD cooler has two 60mm fans to cool down the data storage. It cools the hard drives efficiently to prevent overheating. It fits below the hard disks and throw a jet of cool air which keeps the storage device cool. In this tutorial I will teach you how to install DeepCool IceDisk 2 on your computer’s hard drive.

Build Quality

The body of this cooler is made of aluminium metal in which two 60mm fans are fixed. The fans has a single molex power connector which require 12V DC and can be directly connected to female molex connector of the power supply unit. There is no specific noise coming from fans.

deepcool icedisk 2 molex connector

deepcool icedisk 2 hdd cooler

Steps To Take Before Installing DeepCool IceDisk 2

Before installing this cooler monitor the hard drive temperature with a software program Speccy.

Download Speccy

Now after installing the IceDisk cooler you will notice drop in HDD temperature.

How To Install DeepCool IceDisk 2 HDD Cooler

This tutorial will include opening the ATX computer’s cabinet and disassembling the hard drive. If you know how to install computer components and make motherboard connections then you can easily do this. If you are not aware of these things then take someone’s help who know about it.

  • Open the ATX computer cabinet and look for the hard disk.
  • Disconnect the Sata power connector and data connector. Do not touch the hard disk circuit board.
  • After removing the HDD from cabinet put it at a safe place.
  • Now at the bottom of the hard drive you will see 4 screw holes. See the image below.

  • Place the DeepCool IceDisk 2 above these screw holes and secure it with 4 screws that came with it. The screws will attach the cooler to the hard disk.
  • After installing the IceDisk your storage device will look as follows.

deepcool icedisk 2 fixed on a hard drive

  • Now re-install the hard drive in computer’s cabinet and make sure that the fans should face downwards.
  • Connect the power connector and data connector of the hard drive and connect the fan power cable with power supply molex connector.
  • Close the cabinet and start the PC.

Hard Drive Temperature After Installing DeepCool IceDisk 2 HDD Cooler
Before installing this fan the normal temperature of hard disk was 38 degree celcius but after installing the idle temperature was only 36 degree celcius. This is a 2 degree celcius drop in temperature. The hard drive that has low temperature has a longer life. But after playing games the HDD temperature rose to 37 degree celcius which is just 1 degree lower than actual temperature. So this cooler is not doing any miracles. Its a waste of money

DeepCool IceDisk 2 HDD Cooler: Cons

  • There is only one problem with this cooler that it will catch dust overtime and also spread it in the bottom of the drive. This problem exists with every cooling fan, you have to clean the HDD on a monthly basis for a dust free operation.
  • It creates strong vibration in the hard drive which will reduce its life overtime. This product will damage the hard drive in long run. 

This is Not A Worth Product
This product is a waste of money because it is creating strong vibrations in the hard drive and that can be felt in the wooden desktop table. Instead of using this install two 120mm fans in the computer cabinet one at front and one at the rear end to maintain airflow.

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  1. use any kind of rubber gromet to stop the vibration

    1. There is no use of rubber grommets because the fans doesn't even cool the HDD. The temperature always remain the same, better install a case fan. Icedisk 2 is a total waste of money.