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How To Identify Fake Profile Pics And Cover Photos On Facebook, Google+ And Twitter

Facebook is a social networking site which have more than 80 Million users worldwide, while Google+ is a social network and identity service, and Twitter is a micro blogging site. Today we mostly use Facebook for connecting with friends and same applies to Google+. We make new friends on Facebook by just viewing their profile pic. If we like their profile pic then we send them friend requests, because the profile pic is the only thing that is visible to the public. So to know more about that person you should send a friend request. But you should not make unknown friends on Facebook because these people might be hackers or the persons who want to track you with your Facebook account.

You should investigate more about that person. The most easy way is to identify whether its profile pic is original or fake. Most people use the profile pic of most famous Hollywood actors that can be easily identified. But if the picture seems to be original and you still have a doubt then its better to investigate about it. I am telling you a trick through which you can identify fake profile pics on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Identify Fake Profile Pics And Cover Photos On Facebook, Google+ And Twitter

  • Open your Facebook account and search for that profile.
  • Right click on that profile pic and select 'Search Google for this image'.
  • Google will show all the possible results about the picture.
  • Now you are intelligent enough and can say on the basis of Google search results whether that Facebook profile pic is original or fake.
  • You can apply the same procedure to check fake profile pics of Google+ and Twitter
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