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Download NVIDIA GeForce Experience 1.8.2 With New Shadowplay Features

NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a GPU utility by NVIDIA which lets you manage the GPU performance. With GeForce Experience we can auto optimize pc games for optimal performance, automatic NVIDIA drivers update, capture HD gameplay footage (videos) with Shadowplay and streaming PC games via NVIDIA shield wirelessly over Wi-Fi. The GeForce Experience 1.8.2 is available to download and this is the latest version.

Download NVIDIA GeForce Experience here.

nvidia geforce experience logo

GeForce Experience New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes "Installation is corrupt" bug when attempting to install a new driver.
  • Fixes incorrect reporting of the PC's monitor resolution.
  • Fixes an issue where log files consume excessive disk space over time.

  • Adds option to change the directory of the ShadowPlay buffer.
  • Fixes missing audio when playing in 5.1 surround mode.
  • Adds 30 FPS recording option.
  • Adds custom bit rate control.
  • Adds output resolution control.
  • Adds microphone on push function.

  • Improved streaming stability and quality of service.
What Does GeForce Experience Does

1. Automatic NVIDIA Driver Update
The GeForce Experience application automatically notifies you of new driver releases from NVIDIA.

2. Auto-Optimize PC Games
GeForce Experience connects you to NVIDIA's cloud datacenter to download optimal game settings tailored  made for your PC, CPU, GPU and monitor. This means you always get the best image quality while maintaining great performance. Plus, a built-in interactive screenshot viewer tells you about each setting and its benefit. A built in interactive screenshot viewer tells where zagged lines can become smooth, improved shadows and anti-aliasing. All games are not supported.

3. Capture HD Gameplay Footage Video With Shadowplay
With shadowplay you can capture HD gameplay videos without loss of performance and can broadcast your favorite gaming moments on

4. Stream PC Games To NVIDIA SHIELD Portable
With the help of GeForce Experience, the NVIDIA SHIELD gaming portable gives you the power to wirelessly access your GeForce GTX-powered computer from the comfort of your couch. Play your favorite PC games on a full-size controller with ultra-low latency thanks to SHIELD's game-speed Wi-Fi and the blazing-fast performance of GeForce GTX GPUs.

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