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Easiest Way To Change Graphics Between Intel HD And Nvidia On Any Laptop

Most laptops have two types of graphics, one of them is the integrated graphics and other one is the dedicated graphics. Integrated graphics are integrated in the CPU chip while the dedicated graphics has a separate chip on the motherboard with its own memory which is more superior to the integrated graphics. Integrated graphics mostly includes the Intel HD graphics with shared memory which means it takes the memory from system memory (RAM) while dedicated graphics includes Nvidia GeForce graphics with dedicated memory which doesn’t use system RAM much.

Now if your laptop or notebook has two types of graphics that is integrated and dedicated then you want to know how to change graphics to Nvidia because integrated graphics do not perform well while gaming. Nvidia GPU is high performance graphics chip and its performance can be noted while playing games at full resolution and max settings.

Now question arises is there any way to switch to Nvidia graphics from Intel HD 4000, 4200, 4600 integrated graphics. Well the answer is yes, firstly if your Nvidia GPU supports ‘Optimus’ technology then you don’t need to switch graphics from Intel HD to Nvidia because Nvidia’s Optimus technology automatically selects Nvidia graphics when you play games on laptop.

Now I will tell you the easiest trick to switch laptop graphics from Intel HD 4000, 4200, 4600 to Nvidia graphics GT 720M, GT 740M, GT 750M, GT 755M, GT 630M without changing Nvidia PhysX settings. This trick will work on any laptop like HP, ASUS, LENOVO, DELL running either windows 7 or windows 8 with Nvidia GPU.

Change Laptop Graphics Between Intel HD Graphics And Nvidia GeForce 720M

  • Right click on any game’s exe file.
  • Choose ‘Run with graphics processor’. Expand it by pressing right arrow key.
  • Choose ‘High- performance NVIDIA processor’.
switch laptop graphics between integrated and dedicated

  • The game will run on Nvidia graphics and not use integrated graphics.
  • And the interesting thing is that you can use Nvidia processor to run any application. Just right click on the application and choose ‘Run with graphics processor’ and choose Nvidia GPU.
Advantages Of Changing To High Performance Nvidia Graphics While Gaming

  • It doesn’t completely run on system memory (RAM) because it has its own dedicated memory.
  • Games run at full resolution without any lag.
  • No overall laptop heating due to high usage of cpu.
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