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File Shredder : Leaves No Trace Of Deleted Files On Computer Hard Disk

Deleting a file from a computer’s hard disk does not mean that the file is gone for forever. When we delete a file from a hard drive on a windows based pc then only the references and access paths to that file are deleted while the file still resides in the computer’s hard disk with deleted references and access paths. The file can be recovered easily by using various file recovery softwares for Microsoft windows, you can see how to recover deleted files. Its always a good idea that you delete your private data and files from a computer’s hard disk permanently leaving behind no trace of it that may help to recover it back.

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Well permanently deleting a file from a hard drive, leaving behind no recovery trace of it is called file shredding. Shredding is a process in which you delete a file by using some shredding algorithm so that it can’t be recovered. In this tutorial I will teach you how you can shred your private data and files and prevent them from recovering again by any means. I will be using ‘File Shredder’, it is a software for Microsoft windows that is used for file shredding purposes.

Use File Shredder To Permanently Delete Files From Computer Hard Drive
1. Download and install file shredder from here.
2. Now right click on any file that you want to delete and choose ‘File Shredder’. It will expand then choose ‘Secure delete files’.

3. That file will not be sent to recycle bin and will be permanently removed without leaving any trace of being recovered.
4. You can shred multiple files at once also. Just open file shredder and click ‘Add Files’. Choose multiple files and click open. Then finally click ‘Shred Files Now..’.

5. To save more time on selecting multiple files instead use a folder and move all files to be shred in it. Now click ‘Add Folder’ and select that folder. Finally click ‘Shred Files Now..’ and you are done.

Benefits Of Using File Shredder For Windows
1. Permanently deletes files from hard drive without leaving behind any recovery trace.
2. Good for deleting private data and files.
3. Saves disk space. Hard disk will work faster if it is free from deleted files.

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