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Tata Photon Plus Prepaid Review 2013 : Buy It Or Not

Hello friends today I am going to review TATA photon plus prepaid broadband dongle which gives download speeds of 3.1 Mbps and upload speeds upto 1.8 Mbps. Tata photon plus is a broadband service owned by Tata Tele Services and is famous mostly all over India due to its impressive internet speeds. In this post I will tell you about Tata photon plus prepaid service. After reading this post you can easily decide whether you should buy Tata photon plus or not. Basically Tata photon plus is available in two flavors, prepaid and postpaid connection. So I am going to review only the prepaid one, don't worry because both types of connections have similar internet speeds but only difference is the billing cycle which highly depends on your internet usage.

Why To Buy Tata Photon Plus

You should buy Tata photon plus if you want a high speed internet connection at affordable prices. Below are some points that will clear your doubts.

1.Download Speed : Tata photon plus offer download speeds upto 3.1 Mbps, so you can download files at a fast rate. In google chrome browser you can get download speed of more than 200 KB/s which is more than 1.6 Mbps, which is best among all the broadband internet service providers in India. The download speed highly depends on the coverage and the building in which you stay.

2.Low Price : The Tata photon plus prepaid kit is available at a price of 1299 INR in which you get a prepaid kit and the mobile broadband device. The price is also affordable. But you have to pay additional money for the internet data, this is known as FRC. There are five FRC available, their prices are 125, 300 ,350, 2501, 5000. These plans are only for new subscribers.

3.Fully Supports Wi-Fi Hotspots : You can share your tata photon plus internet with other laptops, tablets and smartphones having wifi functionality. To see how you can turn your tata photon plus in a wifi hotspot see this tutorial.

4.Roaming Free : Tata photon plus has free roaming across India and you don't need to pay extra when you browse out of your circle.

5.Non Tata Photon Regions : If by chance you enter in a non Tata photon region then the services won't stop but you will be able to browse the internet at a speed of 153 Kbps. In your circle it will operate on photon plus mode.

Where to Buy

To buy a Tata photon plus prepaid connection visit any Tata indicom store and submit your ID proof with a photograph and fill the prepaid application form and submit it. Don't forget to mention your mobile number and email id in the application form. The service will be activated exactly in 3 days. On activation you will receive a message on your mobile phone. After receiving the message from Tata Docomo dial 1800-266-121 from your mobile phone and enter the photon number when asked. Photon number can be found on activation kit, it is a 10 digit number and can be seen in front of  'MDN'. Verify your details with the customer care executive. After verification Tata photon plus will be activated within half hour.

How To Setup Tata Photon Plus On Windows 7 And Windows 8

tata photon plus prepaid

  • Simply connect the device to any USB port of your pc or laptop. The setup will automatically open. Run the tata photon setup.exe.
  • After installation the dialer program will open. Click activate to activate your device. Don not enter any pin and click 'OK'. Activate the device without pin. PIN is not needed at all. Activation will take few seconds, do not interrupt the process. After this you will get a message 'Activation successful'.
  • Now click connect to connect to the internet. After connection is made the default browser will open automatically and you can start browsing now.

Tata Photon Plus Speed Test

Tata photon plus speeds vary in day and night and also depends upon the area and structure of the building you are staying in. I tested Tata photon plus prepaid in same area at two different locations and the speed was half in first location as compared to second location. Below are details of Tata photon plus on in daylight. It is slight slow because of low coverage but I got speed upto 2.66 Mbps in night at other place in same area where coverage is good.

Data Plans

Data plans are available as unlimited and basic data plans. See the details below.

Unlimited Data Plans

In unlimited plans the speed will be 3.1 Mbps till the defined data speed after that it will become 153 Kbps. For example if you recharge with 710 INR for 2 GB then you will get 3.1 Mbps speed for the 2 GB data after 2 GB you can browse unlimited data at 153 Kbps only.

Basic Data Plans

tata photon plus data plans

My Account

In My Account you can see the data usgae and can recharge it online anytime you want. To check the usage details click 'My Account' in Tata photon plus dialer. You will be redirected to your account details. Here you can see the data remaining in your account. Click 'Register / Login to My Account' to register for a Tata photon account.


Tata photon plus is the best high speed broadband service currently available in India. The customer care service is also very good. The prepaid plans are very good and are divided into two categories, unlimited data plans and basic data plans. The minimum rechargeable amount starts from only 99 INR and you can get 15 % extra data every time you recharge your account online. So its a worth buy. If you face any problems do let me know via comments.

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  1. Is 153 kbps is enough to see videos on youtube ?? How much download speed will I get at 153 kbps browsing speed ??

    1. No its not good speed. Only videos at 240p may be playable but they will greatly stuck while playing.

  2. thank u for your reply. Can you suggest me any wireless broadband better Unlimited plans ?

    1. Unlimited plans are not good because they have their peak limit upto which you can use high speed internet beyond which speed becomes low. Try airtel 3G. Airtel has also launched night packs in which you get 1 GB for 49 Rs valid for 12 AM- 6AM only one day.

  3. Hi,
    I’m compelled to write this review after repeated disappointments and “shocks” from TATA PHOTON MAX WIFI team.
    Learning about its innovative feature first time in the market, I placed an order for TATA PHOTON MAX WIFI, A plug-in dongle which is designed to be accessed by 5 persons simultaneously, by making Rs.2,300/- payment. I was repeatedly explained and assured about the tariff by the sales team, customer care and the service provider about a plan I chose. It was 1GB of free bundled usage with speed 6.2mbps for a monthly rental of Rs.300+taxes. I even have the call recordings of our conversations where they explained me about my tariff. After just a week’s usage I got a msg that my free usage limit is totally consumed & I have to recharge to renew the free data. I called up the customer care and they told me that I had chosen 512mb plan! When I told them I have the call recordings for the evidence, they promised me to waive off Rs.200 on the bill amount and grant me 1GB free usage as promised at the time of connection from next month.
    After 15 days the same drama repeated! Got a msg>Spoke to customer care> This time the service team had chosen 750mbps as my plan without any notice (Unilateral bargain!).
    I get a msg that my payments should be made before the due date but they have neither sent me the bill to my address nor e-mail. I was shocked to hear it from customer care that my bill amount is double the plan amount id chosen (for 20days).
    It has just been 1 month I purchased and I have spent nearly 10+ hours with the customer care. There are lot more complaints which goes on...
    Now I realize that BSNL is relatively better when it comes to service, speed and reliable network after going through this experience. If you have a problem with the BSNL network it’s advisable to approach a higher authority! I did that and got my problem fixed within minutes.

    Pros: New feature of WIFI.
    Cons: 1. Highly unreliable. They change your tariffs without your notice. Make false assurances till you opt in.
    2. The speed they claim is big time false.
    3. The network is most often interrupted! Need to plug out and plug in every few minutes! The network is often slow than other networks I’ve been using.
    4. Customer care executives indifferently hangs the call in between the conversation if they sense that you’re intention of calling them is to complaint!!! (Happened to me and my friends innumerably)

    1. Network speed is a big problem. I also didn't get 3.2 Mbps as told. I stopped using it, because it is wasting my money.