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Backup Windows Phone 8 Apps Without Installation

Creating a backup of your useful windows phone 8 apps relieves you of the work of again downloading and reinstalling. App backup is necessary if you have much apps installed on your phone. You can set a backup of your favorite windows phone 8 apps before installing them. Backup of apps can be done either on pc or the windows phone itself, so you decide where you want to store the backup.

Backup Windows Phone 8 Apps Without Installation

There is only one way to backup windows phone 8 apps without installing them and that is downloading them as xap files from the windows phone apps store. You can directly download the apps to your pc or the phone.

  • Just go to ''.
  • Search for your favorite apps.
  • Scroll down the page completely.
  • Click 'Download and install manually'.
  • The app file will be downloaded to your computer or phone as xap file.
  • Now you can save the apps for backup either on your pc or phone's SD card.
  • The good thing is that you have backed up the apps before installing them on your windows phone 8.
If you don't know how to install .XAP files on your windows phone 8 then check this tutorial.

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