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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 With Android 4.1.2 Jellybean Full Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 is the wifi only version of the galaxy tab 2.This android tablet runs on android 4.1.2 jellybean.The galaxy tab 2 p3110 is the best android tablet at $168 dollars.This tablet has a very good hardware specifications.The galaxy tab 2 p3110 has a 1 GHz dual core processor,1 GB RAM and PowerVR SGX 540 GPU.These specifications are enough for intense gaming on this tablet and apart from gaming this android tablet acts like a handheld computer.At an affordable price this tablet is a multimedia powerhouse from Samsung.

galaxy tab 2 gt p3110 screen shot

Notable Specifications Of Galaxy Tab 2 P3110

  • 1 GHz dual core processor.
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • PowerVR SGX 540 GPU for 2D and 3D gaming.
  • 7 inch touch screen with 16 M colors display.
  • HD camera.
  • 16 GB storage.Out of which 11.5 GB is user available.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 With Android 4.1.2 Jellybean Full Review


1.CPU : The galaxy tab 2 p3110 has a 1 GHz dual core processor.This processor is powerful enough to handle android system and tasks.This tablet performs fast due to this cpu.Android apps install quickly due to this dual core cpu.You can run multiple apps simultaneously.

2.RAM and GPU : The galaxy tab 2 p3110 has 1 GB RAM,which is enough to run multiple apps simultaneously.No app will become RAM hungry because this tablet has got enough of it.The GPU of this tab is powered by PowerVR SGX 540 GPU which is very good at gaming and handling 2D and 3D graphics on this tab.Almost any game can be played on it with smoothness.

3.Storage : Galaxy tab 2 p3110 has an inbuilt storage of 16 GB out of which 11.5 GB is user available.This much of space is enough to install too many android apps.Also you can store your personal data on this tablet without the need of external sd card.

4.Camera : It has 3 MP secondary camera and VGA primary camera.The 3 MP camera can record HD videos at 1080p.The camera doesn’t have a led flash also the camera doesn’t have the autofocus feature.So pictures taken under dim light look blurry.The camera can take good pictures in sunlight.The front camera is just VGA and you can take pictures and record self videos from it.

5.Screen : It has a 7 inch WSVGA capacitive multi touch screen with 16 M colors display and having a resolution of 1024x600 pixels.The screen is very bright and can deliver HD content.We can play HD videos at 1280p without converting them to 1024x600 pixels.The touch screen can identify 10 finger touches simultaneously.The screen is very responsive.

6.Connectivity : The galaxy tab 2 p3110 doesn’t have GSM sim slot so we can’t use data network on it except wifi.This tablet works very well in slower wifi networks whose speed can be compared to GPRS.The only way to use data networks on this tab is by using wifi or wifi hotspots.It has Bluetooth 3.0,wifi direct as other connectivity options.

7.Battery : It has 4000 mAH battery which can power up this tablet for more than one day.Also this battery is capable of powering a usb drive,usb keyboard or a mouse.The battery takes full 4 hours to recharge completely and can withstand a whole day with intense usage.


  • Affordable android jellybean tablet at $168 dollars.
  • 1 GHz dual core processor,1 GB RAM and PowerVR SGX 540 GPU.
  • 11.5 GB user available storage.
  • Big 7 inch LCD touch screen with 16 M colors which is ideal for HD content playbanck.Other tablets in this range are only having 262K colors only.
  • Good battery backup.
  • Full support for usb drives,keyboards and mouse via OTG cable.

  • It shows RAM of only 770 MB while Samsung says it is 1 GB.
  • No led flash and autofocus feature in camera.
  • This tablet becomes very heavy if you are using a book type case for it.
  • No gyroscope sensor.But most websites are saying that it has gyro sensor.
This tablet is the best deal in this price range.You won’t get so much features from any other brand.If you are looking for a wifi tablet with gaming and casual computing then the galaxy tab 2 p3110 tablet is made just for you.Now check samsung galaxy tab 2 tips and tricks here.

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