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Guide To Create Unpredictable Strong Passwords For Online Accounts And Services

Creating a password doesn't ensure that your email accounts are more secure.Simple passwords can be easily predicted and hacked by just few attempts.A password is the only way to log in into your online accounts and make them more secure.You think that without entering the password no one can log in to your accounts no matter whether it is a google account,microsoft account,yahoo account or a facebook account.But what will you do if your password is vulnerable and can be easily predicted by anyone that is close to you.In that case you might not know that these people might be accessing your accounts without your concern.

use strong passwords that are unpredictable

So in this post I will tell you some facts about creating strong passwords for all your online accounts like google,facebook,itunes,yahoo and facebook.Creating an unpredictable strong password will ensure stronger security to your email accounts.

Guide To Create Unpredictable Strong Passwords For Online Accounts And Services

1.Avoid Personal Info : Always avoid personal information to be used as a password.Your personal info can be your birth date,your mobile phone number,driving license number,your spouse name,her birthday etc.This information can be easily predicted by anyone close to you.So never use personal information in passwords.

2.Use Words Which You Never Heard : Most people choose words that they use often.For example a person having an interest in sports will choose a password like 'barcelona','realmadrid' etc.So anyone who knows about his favorite sports can easily predict this simple password in just few attempts.So to create a strong password use topics that you are not familiar with,for e.g 'wu-ji-bi-fan'.This is a chinese proverb and is a strong password due to special symbols in it.So nobody can predict it.To find these kind of words search on google like 'proverbs in chinese or japanese' and choose some tough words from it.

3.Use Of Special Characters : To create strong passwords use of special symbols is must.Without these special symbols and characters your password is just a normal one.You can use any special symbol visible on your computer's keyboard.Avoid @,The dot(.),underscore( _ ) because these are used the most.Try using *$!%^.

4.The Uppercase Letter Phenomena : Using an uppercase letter in your password string will make it highly secure.Because suppose if somebody gets your password and it enters your password then he/she will always get a password error because he/she will never know which letter of the password is uppercase.So make some letters in your password uppercase at alternate positions like A....b..B..M.kK.

5.The Password Length : Your password should have a good length more than 20 characters including a combination of letters,symbols and numbers.Short passwords are always vulnerable no matter how strong they are.The longer the passwords the more secure they are.A 20+ characters password is almost unpredictable if it has been chosen wisely.

6.Don't Forget Numbers : How can you forget numbers ranging from 0-9.These numbers have equal importance to special characters.Their combination is more strong than using simple words.You can use any number ranging from 0-9 to create a strong password.

7.Check Password Strength : While creating an account on google and microsoft you can check the strength of your password by just looking at the password strength meter.The more green the password strength meter the more stronger is your password.

Example of a strong password : Honda.Cbr15x^&.Ghost2Racer$.%%

What's The Use Of Creating A Strong Password If You Can't Remember It

Yes there is no use of creating strong passwords if you can't recall them when you want to login into your online accounts.To avoid this problem write these passwords on a piece of paper and try to memorize them daily for 2 to 3 days.Within no time you will be able to remember these long and strong passwords without having to write them again on paper.The more you use them the more you remember them.You can take a test of yourself every week to ensure that you still remember each and every strong password associated with your google,yahoo,itunes,microsoft or facebook account.

What If You Still Feel That Strong Passwords Are Not Enough

If you think that these strong passwords are not enough to secure your online accounts then you are not wrong.If you want a 2-layer security on your google,microsoft accounts then you can enable 2-factor authentication on these accounts.

You can check the following 2-step verification articles.

1.Enable 2-step verification on Google accounts.
2.Enable 2-step verification on Microsoft accounts.
3.Enable 2-step verification on Facebook account.

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