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How To Backup,Restore And Transfer Whatsapp Messages From One Android Phone To Other

A majority of android users is now using whatsapp.Well whatsapp is an android app that is widely used by android users for instant messaging and file sharing.Whatsapp has replaced the traditional sms messages of the phone today.Whatsapp is easy to use,you can learn more about it here.In this tutorial I will teach you to backup,restore and transfer whatsapp messages from one android phone to another android phone.

How To Backup Whatsapp Messages On Android

Backing up whatsapp messages is good as you will have a message database that you can restore anytime on your android.Whatsapp backup is required is your message list is huge and you want to save some space on your phone.The backup file can be stored on your pc and the android phone itself.Follow the steps below to backup and restore whatsapp messages.

  • Open Whatsapp and click the menu button of your phone and click "Settings".
  • Now select "Chat settings" and click "Backup conversations".
  • Your message history will be backed up on your phone's sd card.
  • The message backup database can be found in sd card>WhatApp>Databases>msgstore.db.crypt.
  • This msgstore.db.crypt is the backup of your whatsapp messages.

How To Restore Whatsapp Messages On Android

Now you want to restore the whatsapp messages on the same android phone you used previously.To restore the messages follow the steps below.

  • First of all backup the whatsapp android apk to your sd card.You can see how to backup android apps here.
  • After backing up the app uninstall whatsapp from your android phone.
  • Now re-install the whatsapp apk again. You can download the latest version here
  • Now follow the app's instructions.Enter the same mobile number and do not use a new one.After few seconds you will see a page in which whatsapp will ask you to restore your messages.See the image below.Click the "Restore" button.

whatsapp chat history restore

  • Now your messages are restored and can be easily seen within whatsapp.
Note : Contact numbers deleted from your phonebook after the backup will be visible in the app after restore.You can save their contact numbers again or delete their messages.

How To Trasnfer Whatsapp Messages From One Android Smartphone To Other Android Smartphone

Before transferring your whatsapp messages from one android smartphone to other you should be careful about the mobile number that do not use same mobile number on two different android phones,otherwise your whatsapp account associated with that mobile number will be banned or blocked.If you are transferring your messages on a new android phone then make sure that it should have a different mobile number,or if you are using the same number then put that sim in the new android phone.Now proceed as follows.

  • On your new android phone's sd card make folder directory like this WhatsApp>Databases.
  • Now put the msgstore.db.crypt backup file in the "Databases" folder you created in the above step.
  • Now install whatsapp and follow the instructions given by the app.Make sure to enter a different mobile number on new android phone.If you want to use the old number then move that sim to new android phone.
  • After few seconds you will see a page in which whatsapp will ask you to restore your messages.See the image below.Click the "Restore" button.
  • Now your whatsapp messages has been transferred from your old android smartphone to new android smartphone.
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  1. I was using Xperia mini and had my chats stored in its SD card. My phone suddenly stopped working, and I could not take a recent backup. However, all my chats till 4am that morning, were stored in the SD card.

    I bought a Moto G, and copied the WhatsApp folder, and installed WhatsApp without putting in the SIM. When it asked for my number, I gave my old phone number. It did not even ask me for a backup then.

    Later on, after putting my SIM, I deleted the WhatsApp contents of my new phone, and uninstalled WhatsApp. After reinstalling it, it did ask me for restoration, which I did. But I got messages which I had received that very day during the previous installation! And not my old ones. My original file is still intact, so please help me in restoring the messages.

    1. Hello Anupreet, after reading your problem I get to know the following.

      You have deleted the whatsapp content after reinstallation on new phone. This means that your old chat backup is also deleted or overwritten by new one. So don't worry if you still have the old chat backup follow the steps.

      1. Copy the whatsapp folder on your pc from new phone. Now uninstall whatsapp and the delete the whatsapp folder from sd card.
      2. Now again make folder directory on your sdcard as 'WhatsApp>Databases'. And put the old chat data base in this folder. Its name should be 'msgstore.db.crypt' only. This folder should have this file only.
      3. Now reinstall whatsapp on your new phone and restore the chat backup. This will restore you old xperia chats on moto g. But the chats that you made on moto g will not be restored as this belongs to another chat database.

      I am working to restore whatsapp chats from more than one database, when I found a solution I will let you know, but in the mean time you can restore your old chats on new phone. If you need more help, then feel free to ask,,

    2. If you want to transfer whatsapp chats wthout losing current messages on new phone, you can try a 3rd party tool called Backuptrans Android WhatsApp Transfer. It can help you to restore and merge messages from old backup file to your new android phone. Hope it helps.

    3. Thanks for the help Tomas..

  2. How do i transfer photos and videos that I have downloaded on whatsapp to my pc? unable to figure out ... how to transfer!

    1. Go to Whatsapp>Media. Copy this folder to your PC, this Media folder contains all the images that you share on Whatsapp.

  3. Hi
    i have some important data in wts up in samsung galaxy ace (model;GT-S 5830i android version 2.3.6 Baseband version S5830iDDMC1 Kernal version
    Last year i change my phone but wts up data not recovered.350 archived conversation stored in phone.
    pls help me how can i get these into my i phone6s

  4. hi, how to backup the whatsapp status?

  5. how to restore accidentally deleted massages

    1. You can try Wondershare Fr. Fone for android to recover Whatsapp messages. From now onwards always save your chat backup to Google Drive to prevent accidental deletion.

  6. hi, i had been using my whats app on my windows laptop, but when i changed my windows phone to iphone the previous whats app msgs got deleted! the what app asked the barcode to be scanned in the new handset and the old msgs are gone!!! how do i get them back? could any one please advice on it? would be really grateful. Thankyou