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How To Delete Picasa Albums From Android Gallery

Picasa is a web image organizer and editor owned by Google.Picasa is available for desktop pc's also and you can use it on the web also.Picasa is a Google account service that is associated with your Google account.Any photos that you store in your Google account will automatically move to picasa.In this post i will let you know that how to remove or delete picasa albums from android gallery.

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Picasa albums will become visible in your android gallery if you have synced the picasa web albums associated with your Google account on your android phone.After syncing these albums they will be visible in your android phone's gallery.Initially these albums are stored as network files but they reside in phone's storage after they are downloaded completely and they may decrease internal phone storage if the images are too many.

So if you don't want them to see in your android gallery then you can remove them very easily.

Delete Picasa Albums From Android Gallery

  • Go to Application settings in android and click "Manage applications".
  • Click the All tab which will show you all the apps stored on your phone and sd card.
  • From this list choose "Gallery" and then click "clear data".
  • After clearing the data the picasa albums will be deleted immediately.
  • Now if you are using android 2.3 gingerbread then disable "Auto Sync" in accounts and sync settings.
  • For android jellybean you can manually disable picasa sync in accounts and sync options.
You have successfully seleted the picasa web albums from android gallery.

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