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How To Make A Computer Case Fan From A CPU Fan

A case fan is a cooling fan which provides fresh air inside the computer case to keep the motherboard and other components cooler.It also maintains the air flow and prevents overheating inside the computer case.Case fan can be found in different sizes according to the computer case.Every desktop pc should have at least one case fan to maintain the air flow.In this tutorial I will teach you to make a case fan for your pc from a cpu fan.A cpu fan is the cooling fan which rests above the cpu heatsink to keep the cpu cooler.

What You Need
You will need a cpu fan which is removed from the heatsink.Removal of fan from heatsink should be done carefully to prevent any damages to fan.I have a spare cooler master cpu heatsink so I removed its fan and modded it to use as a case fan.If you do not have a spare cpu heatsink then do not buy it separately,because in this case you should buy a case fan to keep your pc cooler and to prevent overheating.

Warning : Follow this tutorial only if you have a spare cpu heatsink otherwise do not perform.However if you are willing to install a case fan for your desktop pc then you can take the help of a technician.

Remove Fan From Heatsink
Firstly you have to remove the fan from the heatsink.To remove it you need to break the screw holders with the help of pliers or cutting tool.These screw holders keeps the heatsink and the fan together and they can't be separated without breaking these holders.See the image below.

cpu heat sink

CPU Fan Removed
In the screenshot below you can see that the fan is removed from the cpu heatsink without damaging the fan.After fan removal you can clean the dust from it for a cleaner operation.

cpu cooler fan

Install The CPU Fan As Case Fan
Now you have successfully removed the cpu fan and it is ready to be installed on the case cover.This fan should be installed on the right of the computer case cover or on the cover which is in front of the motherboard.Every computer case's right cover has a space to install the fan.See the image below.

Warning : Before you perform anything on your pc I am assuming that you have sufficient knowledge about computer hardware and how to open the computer case and use the connectors.If you do not know anything about computer hardware then don't do anything otherwise you may get an electric shock or permanent damage to your computer.So novice users please do not try.I can't be held liable for anything wrong that happens with your desktop.However you can take help of a hardware technician.

computer case
  • Remove all the power cords and cables from the desktop.
  • Open the computer case.The right cover should have space for fan to be installed.I installed the fan on my desktop's right cabinet cover.
  • If you can arrange for screws then you can fix the fan on the case cover very well.For example my computer cabinet has a space for 120 mm fan but the fan I have is of 80 mm so the screw holes are wide apart.So I tied the fan on the computer case cover with strong plastic coated wires to keep it in place.If you are going to tie it then tie it well to prevent the fan from falling.
  • Make sure the top part of the fan should be attached to the case cover.Then it will throw air inside the pc.If you fix it in reverse position then it will remove air from the case which will overheat the motherboard.Take care of this step otherwise it may damage the motherboard due to overheating.See the image below.

  • On the motherboard you will see two fan connectors one is CHAS_FAN and other is PWR_FAN.
  • You need to connect the case fan to the 3 pin/4 pin CHAS_FAN connector.You need to lookup your motherboard manual to locate the connector.You can use a 3 pin case fan connector on a 4 pin connector but reverse is not possible.Connect the fan only to CHAS_FAN connector to take readings in hardware monitor.
  • Now you are all set.Make sure the fan wire cable doesn't lie here and there on the motherboard otherwise it may burn and catch wire.If possible tie it with power supply wires or any other place to keep it away from the motherboard.
  • Re install the cover and cables.Start your pc,you will see that the case fan starts running and pumping air inside the computer case.Below is the screenshot showing successful installation of cpu fan as a case fan.

Results Of Installing A Computer Case Fan
  • The motherboard components like RAM,GPU and the heatsink fan was cooler than before.
  • The motherboard itself is cooler.
  • There is a constant air flow to prevent overheating.
  • The Hard Disk Drive temperature came down by few degrees.
  • The power supply unit is running cooler than before.

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