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Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 Tips And Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos is a dual sim android phone with a 3.5 inch touchscreen and many more decent features.It runs on android 2.3.6 gingerbread and have a single core 832 MHz processor and 397 MB RAM.This phone has an inbuilt storage of 2.5 GB and 0.98 GB is available separately for installing android apps.So in most of the times you won’t need a sd card.You can enjoy android games on it’s big screen and can run higher resolution apps.Here are some tips and tricks for galaxy ace duos S6802.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 Tips And Tricks 1.Add Power Control : A power control is a widget that allows you to turn on and off some connectivity features of your phone.A power control widget is a shortcut to access Bluetooth,wifi,gps,sync and brightness adjustment.By using a power control widget you can turn on or off these connectivity features and can increase or decrease brightness of your phone’s screen with one press of an individual button.To add a power control on your phone’s homescreen click the menu button on homescreen then select Add>Widgets,then scroll down a little bit and select Power control.The widget will be automatically added to your phone’s homescreen.

2.Advanced Calculator : Samsung galaxy ace duos has a built in advanced maths calculator including the trigonometric ratios.You don’t need to download the real calculator app separately because your phone has an inbuilt advanced panel for maths calculations.To enable advanced panel on  calculator open the calculator app then click the menu button on your phone then select “Advanced panel”.Advanced calculator with trigonometric ratios,exponents and logarithms will open.

3.Backup Apps On Galaxy Ace Duos : Galaxy ace duos has an inbuilt storage of 4 GB out of which 2.5 GB is user available and 0.98 GB is reserved for apps what you install on your phone or sd card.So in 0.98 GB of space you can install many apps.Also you can backup the android apps installed on your phone either to phone storage or sdcard.To backup apps you need to install android assistant which is freely available on playstore.

Download it from play store.After downloading it open it and move to tools ,you will see apps and backup.Click on this icon and you will be shown a list of apps you wish to backup.Select the apps you want to backup.The apps will be backed up to the memory card in apk format.Later you don't need to download them from play store.You can directly install them from memory card.Apps will be backed up to AndroidAssistant_appbackup folder.

4.Install Android Apk : Apk is the extension of android apps and stands for android package.Android apps can be installed outside of google play store.First download the required app’s apk file to your phone or memory card and click it to install.But the installation will be blocked due to non playstore apps.To install apk first enable unknown resources by going to Settings>Applications>Unknown resources and check it.Then navigate to that app and click it then select install.After few seconds the app will be automatically installed.

5.Trim Video On Galaxy Ace Duos : You can crop or trim videos on your galaxy ace duos S6802 without installing any app.The video trimming option is inbuilt in galaxy ace duos’s video player.To trim video on galaxy ace duos S6802 you should follow the instructions below.

1.Play any video that you want to trim.

2.While playing a video on galaxy ace duos you will find a scissor icon in the player.You need to click this scissor icon to trim the video.

3.When you click this scissor icon a trim program will open showing you the trimming options and the video itself.You will see two marks one is at the start and other at the end of video.You can adjust these slider according to your needs by sliding them left or right.When you finish selecting the video to trim,click Trim below the sliders.
4.When you click Trim a popup will open.Select “Trim as new video”.
5.The trimmed video is stored in sdcard/phone storage>Output folder.

6.Install Flash Player On Galaxy Ace Duos : Galaxy ace duos is an armv6 android phone.So we can install the armv6 version of the adobe flash player on it.Flash player is needed to play flash content in browser while browsing on your android phone.Check this full tutorial to install flash player on galaxy ace duos.

7.Switch Between SIMs : Samsung Galaxy ace duos is a dual sim phone so you can select the sim for incoming,outgoing calls and data network.Slide down the notification slider and click SIM 1 or SIM 2.When you select any sim then it will be the default sim for outgoing calls however you can receive calls on both sims.Also you can set on which sim you want to use the data network.To do this goto Settings>SIM card manager.Click Data service network and select your desired sim.

8.Smart Dual SIM : With smart dual sim you can receive calls from both SIM cards even during calls.To enable this feature goto Settings>SIM card manager>Smart Dual SIM.Click it then click ok then enter your sim card mobile numbers and follow instructions to enable smart dual sim.

9.Clear RAM On Galaxy Ace Duos : To free up RAM on galaxy ace duos you can use the inbuilt task manager.Open the task manager and click RAM.Then click Clear memory.The android apps wasting phone’s RAM will be killed and RAM will increase.

10.Access Sdcard : Insert a memory card in galaxy ace duos.All files stored on the sdcard can be viewed in My files>external_sd.This folder contains files stored on your memory card.

Hope you liked the tricks for galaxy ace duos S6802.

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  1. hello, thank you for this tricks,
    can i upgrade my ace duos to Android 4.0 (ICS)?

  2. Thanks for tips, really very helpful. I am using Galaxy Ace Duos. This phone is equipped with some others excellent features. You can check at Samsung India Site.