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How To Transfer Files To Windows Phone 8 From Windows Pc

This tutorial will teach you to transfer files from windows pc to your windows phone 8.This tutorial will work on windows 7,windows xp only and if you have windows 8 then you have to first download windows phone app from windows phone app store.The procedure is simple and reversible which means that you can files from pc to windows phone 8 and windows phone 8 to pc.So follow the steps below to copy files.

windows phone 8 file transfer

  • Connect your windows phone 8 to pc via usb cable.
  • It will be visible under portable devices in my computer.
  • Double click the phone icon under portable devices and you will see some folders in it.
  • These folders include photos,music,videos and documents.
  • Now there are two ways to transfer files from your windows pc to windows phone 8.The first one is “copy and paste” and other one is “drag & drop”.
  • To copy a file goto its location in other drive then copy the file.Now paste it in any one folder of windows phone 8 storage.You can create your own folder and can copy and paste multiple files.
  • To drag a file expand the file explorer under your favourite drive suppose “D:/” then click and hold and drag it to the windows phone 8 folders in the same explorer below.That file will be copied to your phone.
  • You can also check the space left on your windows phone 8.Just right click on the phone icon under portable device and select “properties”.The phone space used and left will be shown.
  • The reverse is also possible that is copying files to windows pc from windows phone 8.You can drag & drop or copy paste the files.

For copying files from windows 8 you need windows phone app installed on your phone.This app will not work in windows 7.Once you install this app on your phone you need to connect it via usb to windows 8 pc then you will see three options when you start the app.These options are “on the phone” ,”from app store” and from “search links”.You need to select the first option then proceed accordingly to copy files to your windows phone 8.

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