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SEO Tips To Optimize Website For Bing

SEO Tips To Optimize Website For Bing SEO is a method of optimizing any website to rank well in search results.Without a good seo a website cannot rank well.Optimization requires several factors like correct usage of keywords,html tags,image optimization,internal links etc.Every blogger only optimizes his or her website for google only.Well it is natural as google is the internet giant and controls over 60 percent of the searches made worldwide.So its the prime duty of any blogger to optimize his/her website for google first then for others.

If you cannot learn to optimize your website for google then optimizing for bing will not help you.If you are new to blogging then first learn the basic working of search engines that is how they crawl,index and rank webpages.Start with learning about google's search engine first then for bing.However if you know about the prior then it is better to talk about bing search engine.Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft.Most of you don't even have a Microsoft account to learn about bing services.Bing is ranked number 2 in the world after google.So it is worth to optimize your website for bing alongside with google.

Optimization Tips For Bing

bing search engine

1.Submit Website To Bing
Before you can start optimizing your website for bing you need to submit it on bing.To submit your website goto the below link and enter the address of your website.Unless you submit your site to bing it can't be indexed by it.This is the most important step and submission should be done regularly not only once in a lifetime.

Submit website : Click To Submit

2.Title Tags
Always use title tags <title></title> within your blog posts' html.A title tag tells the search engine what the blog post is about.Bing search engine spider reads this title tag and learns about the content.It then crawls and indexes the pages accordingly to reach right audience.

3.Quality Content
Write high quality which is knowledgeable and helpful to your audience.Search engines love high quality unique content.If you practice this regularly then you will notice traffic from all major search engines including bing.Also keep updating your website on a daily basis.Keep all your website's posts interlinked with each other with hyperlinks to one another and never add a "no follow" attribute to it otherwise search engine won't crawl it.Interlinks helps to index more pages of your website.The search spider crawls to various pages through interlinks and indexes them.

4.Use Bing Webmaster Central
Like google webmaster tools bing also provides its own webmaster tools.To register for bing webmaster central you need to have a Microsoft account.Then you need to login and add your website.On adding your website you need to verify ownership for your site.Bing will provide you three ways to verify you can choose the best that suits you.By using webmaster central you can know get detailed information about how your website is performing in bing,what keywords drawing traffic to your site and from where the audience came.You will know when you will login.

5.Use Bing Keyword Research Tool
Use bing keyword research tool to get keyword ideas for bing search.It is like google keywords tool.Also to use it you need a Microsoft account to login.By getting keyword ideas you can rank well in bing but don't forget google.

6.Flash Files And Objects
Google doesn't love flash content much but if you want to use it then you can but do not overuse.Flash can add interactivity within your website which is a plus point to be crawled by bing.

You won't notice anything effective until you apply above tips.Also you won't get results as you get with google.But optimizing your site for both is good practice to reach more and more audience.Always be aware of search engine algorithm updates.

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