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How To Create Pdf Files Using Google Chrome

How To Create Pdf Files Using Google Chrome Creating pdf files with this tutorial is as easy as creating a word document.This tutorial will let you to know how to create pdf files,convert other files like text,doc files and images to pdf format.We will discuss two aspects of this tutorial.First tutorial is about saving any web page as a pdf and I also wrote about this that how to do it on android,so if you find it interesting on android then check it here.The first aspect is complete now the second one is how to create your own pdf files which should include images and your favourite stuff.The best part is that you wont be needing to create pdf files online,you can do it offline while using google chrome only,yes right google chrome.Don’t be amazed as this tutorial will make these things utter.So lets start with the first one,I mean saving web pages as pdf.

Save web pages as pdf files using google chrome : this task is just simple.To save your favourite web page as pdf follow the steps below.
  • Just press ctrl+p,this command is for printing the web page and can be invoked by clicking the wrench icon on the top right below close button in the browser.
  • A print dialogue opens and you will see on the top left “Destination”.
  • Click the “change” button and another dialogue box opens.
  • You can select “save as PDF” and choose your destination to save the file.Also you can save the file as xps document writer.
Creating pdf files using google chrome : in this task you will learn to create your own pdf files.I will tell you that how to convert doc files and text files into pdf files and also you will be creating your own pdf files.So suppose you have a doc file like I do and you want to convert it into pdf,then you should follow the below mentioned steps.
  • open that doc file and click “save as”.After clicking it click “other formats” and save the same file as “web page” by selecting from “Save as type” drop down list.
save as web page
  • now you have saved the file as web page now open it in google chrome and repeat the steps to save the web page as pdf which has been discussed in aspect one.

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  1. No doubt that it is an awesome resource but I liked this one much as it is with all advance features available in it that helps in converting the all file formats of
    images into PDF format. This resource has made my work much easier and faster as compared to others.