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What's The Best Antivirus For Windows:Free Vs Paid


Choosing the best


program for your pc always remains a problem of concern,because if you have bought a new pc and just started the abc of computing then finding the best antivirus program would be a little bit difficult.So you start searching aroung web and try to find out the best one.However you should know the difference between a free antivirus and a paid one.The free antivirus doesn't charge you anything and is free to download,but this free version has limited capabilities.It only provides basic security from malwares,trojans and spywares.It will not detect every virus in your pc.Most of the time your pc will work fine in presence of any virus and keyloggers and the free version may not report any problem.This version has a limited working period and it will stop working after the period has finished.It will not provide you much online security if it is free.Some of free antiviruses are.
1.Avast (One year free).
2.AVG (Lifetime and trial).
3.Microsoft Security Essential (Lifetime free for genuine windows).
4.Norton (Limited period).

If you are a genuine windows user then Microsoft Security Essentials would be best for you.It is best because it is free for genuine windows and you don't need to pay anything for it just download it here.If you want to make your windows genuine then click below.

make windows 100 percent genuine
Now we come to the paid version.If you buy an antivirus program then you will get more security features then the free one.The paid version is able to detect much viruses also you will get regular updates,24x7 online support and technical assisstance.But you have to renew it every year.

Now come to review of these above antivirus programs.

1.Microsoft Security Essentials: if you are using genuine windows then this is best for you.This program is easy to download and install.It's download size is just 7.7 MB for 32 bit (x86) pc and 9.7 MB for 64 bit (x64) pc.It has got a simple interface and you can easily use it.On the main page you will see its status and three scan options i.e. quick,full and custom.In quick scan the program will make a quick scan of your pc,under full scan it will scan your entire pc and under custom scan you can scan your desired files such as on usb drives,cd's etc.This antivirus is able to detect 55% of the unknown malware that is why it is called best among all.It provides realtime protection,monitors file behaviours detects trojans,spywares,rootkits and many other suspicious programs.It uses minimum system resources and makes your system much secure.It can work on xp,vista and windows 7.The hardware requirements are:
For xp : 500 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM
For Vista and 7 : 1 GHz processor and  GB RAM
It has only one disadvantage that it will work only on genuine windows,but don't worry i have told you that how to make your windows genuine.

microsoft security essentials

You can check the working of any antivirus.You can do this as follows.
copy the string below.
now paste it in notepad and save this as,your antivirus will report an immediate virus alert after saving this.But this file won't harm your pc.This files works for any antivirus.

2.Avast: Avast is the another popular security program used my most users.I myself used Avast many times in the past.It is a good antivirus that also provides you security against trojans,malwares and spywares.It also works in realtime and monitors your pc as well as your network.You can see the rotating avast icon in the system tray.It also provide information in audio format.The free version provides you the following features:
  • antivirus and spyware protection.
  • web shield
  • network shield
  • file system shield
  • IM/P2P shield
  • antiroot
but it doesn't give you firewall protection and is only valid for one year and after that you have to purchase it.It will work both on pirated and genuine version of windows.
avast antivirus
credit : wikipedia

3.AVG and Norton: AVG is also available as lifetime free and paid version and will work both versions of windows either genuine or pirated.The problem with this is that some users find that AVG makes their system slow,but this is not actually the problem is with your hardware.Most users use AVG with minimum requirements so they find their system running slow because of slower cpu and low RAM.Norton also known for using minimun system resources and providing you best security against malwares.Both AVG and Norton can be bought as antivirus and internet security.These programs are capable of capturing latest threats which are growing day by day.Norton is separately available for tablets and smartphones however it is only available for android platform.AVG provides a wide variety of features which inludes following.
  • custom scan
  • periodic scan
  • mail attachments scan
  • real time scan
  • file repairing
  • link scanner: scan links on a webpage and reports whether it contains suspicious links or not.
Features of Norton antivirus.
  • SONAR protects your pc from various malwares and spywares and provides realtime protection.
  • silent operation with minimum system resources.
  • faster access.
  • bootable recovery tool allows you to create a bootable cd,dvd or a usb to get your pc in working situation.
  • power saving technology which makes less usage of your laptops battery.
Based on the above features you can choose microsoft security essentials if you want free and reliable security otherwise you can purchase norton,avg or avast antivirus if you want much more security and if you store much more sensitive data in your pc.

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