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Don't Let Google Panda Update Affect Your Blog:How To Recover Tips

google panda

As we all know Google uses a search algorithm for displaying results on the web.Google panda is the change in this algorithm.This algorithm displays results according to the ranking of the website or blog.Google panda undergoes various updates within a single year.This new panda update can affect your website positively or negatively.Google panda is different from older algorithms because it considers the entire website instead of ranking websites on basis of several pages.If you see that your website's traffic is going down day by day then it might be affected by the latest panda update.However you can recover from it and restore your website to its previous state.Here are some tips.

1. Never ever publish copied content:

If you are regularly posting copied content to your website then your website will be a simple bait for google panda to affect it negatively.It will slap your website if you are regularly doing this.In most cases your website will be removed from google search listings.Google panda is not interested in copied content.So better be careful.Do make an internet research about what you are posting and what you are thinking about it.Match your thinking with the research if both matches then find different ways to post it.

2. Use internal links:

You can use internal links within your website post.Internal linking means that you are connecting your website's different posts through hyperlinks.These links make any post more detailed and informative.Most webmasters say that Google panda affect these links positively.

3. Regularly update your website:

Google and every search engine loves fresh content.You should update your website on a regular basis.Regularly updating your blog or website will improve your google ranking provided that the content is unique and fresh.Share on various social networks like google plus, facebook. Put a +1 button on your website.A +1 by anybody lets panda to see that content positively.It is good for your posts.Social networks can help increase your google ranking because likes,comments,follows and +1's are seen in a positive way after analyzing these variables google panda will think that something is special about what you wrote.

4.Write unique and quality content:

Think and think about what you write.Keep in mind the uniqueness and quality of your website's content.Your content should be unique,it should not be copies.Also write correctly avoid spelling mistakes and use technical words.Mistakes in words can limit your website traffic because in this case panda will prefer more accurate words.For example if you wrote google instead of google.

5.Optimize your website:

Choose a simple design and avoid spammy templates.Sometimes templates contain spam codes which can let panda to negatively affect your ranking.Remove any inappropriate links and content.Remove specially that content that is not under your website's niche.A simple and sober website helps to increase your ranking because a simple website with quality content loads faster.The faster your website loads the more it will be favoured by your readers.

6.Make your content SEO friendly:

If you are writing a post then it should be SEO friendly.Avoid too much of keyword stuffing.Too much of keywords will let panda to avoid your website thereby reducing ranking.You can use the H1 tags to highlight a heading also use of alt tag is preferable in images because the algorithm panda can read the text within images written in alt="" tag.So it is better to place an alt tag in the html code of image.

If you find above tips useful then reply with comments.Your comments will be much more important which will represent your views about this post.

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