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Keyboard And Mouse Errors And Hardware Faults

A pc without keyboard and mouse is like a gaming console without a controller.You will find that you can not do anything without mouse and keyboard,because keyboard and mouse are basically used in everything including pc games.These devices sometimes fail to operate.Some of the problems are generated due to worn out hardware,some of them are present from manufacturing time.There are two common problems of mouse and keyboard that we can rectify.
  • mouse double clicks when you single clicks: this is a  common problem,in this problem when you single clicks the mouse itself takes it as if you have double clicked.This problem may be present from the time of manufacturing.This problem arises due to errors in the south bridge which contains the I/O controller,the controller may be faulty.The solution to this problem is to switch between primary and secondary buttons that is make your left mouse button right and right button left.Do it as follows.
    Goto control panel,then click mouse a dialog box will open.check the option which shows "switch primary and secondary button".Now you can use your mouse normally but in an inverse way.
  • ps/2 keyboard not responding: you will find someday that your ps/2 keyboard is not detected during bios bootup.This is due to ps/2 ports failure which includes the failure of the fuse on the motherboard which reports a keyboard interface error during bios.If there is not an option of usb on your pc then you have to change the ports,but if you have usb ports then you can you can use a usb keyboard instead of ps/2 keyboard.

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