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5 Cool Facebook Tricks That Every User Should Know

5 Cool Facebook Tricks That Every User Should Know Facebook the number one social networking site is becoming popular day by day and it is inventing new features to make itself number one in the list the of social networking sites.Facebook has recently launched video calling,new chat box and now it is adding new features to its games.Every social network user should have one account on facebook.But most user do not know about some cool stuffs on facebook.Here is a list of some cool facebook tricks that every user should know. to find who logs in your facebook account : this is a cool trick which allows you to track who logs in your account without your permission.You can change your account settings and see who logs in your account.You can do this as follows.
  • log in to your facebook account
  • click account settings.
  • then click security on left side.
  • then you will see login notifications on right side.If you want to know who logs in your account simply enable this feature.Select notification method email or sms on your registered facebook mobile.Whenever someone logs in your account facebook will ask to enter computer or device name which can be seen in the recognized devices option.

  • click on recognized devices.If you do not recognize that device present in the list then you should change your password. to see pending friend requests on facebook : you have sent too many friend requests on facebook and forgotten and now you want to see the list of all pending requests and want to cancel them because nobody is responding to your requests.So proceed as follows.
  • go to this link while you are logged in your facebook account.
  • on opening this page your all pending facebook requests will be loaded.On the right side you will see few options such as cancel request,send reminder etc.You can use them as you wish. to find who deleted you on facebook : suppose you have 100 friends on facebook.One day you checked that it was 100 but next day it became 98.Somebody has remove you from his/her friend list.You can find who removed you on facebook.Just click the below link and follow the instructions. to disable new facebook photo viewer : the new facebook photo viewer might take much time to load in slow connections so you can disable it by doing the following.

this is a sample address of a photo on facebook in new photo viewer.Can you see the &theater written in the last of the address.If you remove this &theater from that photo's address and then reload the page then you will see old facebook photo viewer. to tag friends in facebook status updates : you can tag friends in status updates.Firstly write you message then type @you friend's name.Facebook will automatically show the list of friends.Just select the friends whom you want to tag and press share.

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