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How To Video Chat On Facebook

how to video chat on facebook facebook logo

We all are familiar with ,how to chat on facebook.But we can chat only in form of written text during older days of facebook but now facebook has launched new video calling and chatting feature which enables us to chat live with our friends,it is powered by skype.To use the video chat feature you have to install a plugin called 'Facebook Video Call Plugin'.

Video Call Setup

facebook video call setup

after downloading it start the installation and allow it download the plugin over the internet.After completion it will automatically quit.Now the plugin has been installed.Now go to: 

facebook video chat

with your facebook account logged in.This will set up your web account to be able to use video calling.Now log in your facebook account click on any person in the chat box with which you want to chat.You will see a small video camera on the top right of the chat box.Click on it to start the video call.You need a webcam to perform a video call.It is the newest feature of facebook,it makes chatting more simple because you and your friends are talking face to face.Now enjoy video chatting with any friend.

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