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Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android Phones

Android is the current leading mobile os in the market.It is a powerful os developed by google.However most android users find some issues specially battery.To keep your android phone free from malware you can use a variety of antivirus apps.There are number of antivirus apps available in the market some of them are free and some of them are available for few dollars.However in this post you will find some best antivirus apps for your android phone.

Five Best Antivirus Apps For Android :

lookout antivirus
image from : brothersoft

1.Lookout Mobile Security : it is an android app which is capable of identifying malware present in your has following features.
      1.1 antivirus and firewall : antivirus scans your android phone to find unwanted and malicious files or                                                                              programs.Firewall blocks and scan attacks.
       1.2 backup : save sensitive data to cloud.Restore your data in case if it is lost , by accessing it through a browser.
        1.3 missing device : helps to locate your lost device by representing it on gmaps through GPS.You can wipe all data if device is not located.

risk detector
image from : podnova

2.Risk Detector : risk detector is able to identify viruses,spywares,trojans and malware.It scans the installed apps in your phone.It also has bug fix.

3.Smobile Antitheft :

  • antitheft and identity protection provides protection from viruses and malwares.
  • you can remotely wipe out the device completely in case if the device is lost.
  • we can view the android phone's GPS location.
  • it also protects your device from spyware,trojans and worms.
  • trusted by US Federal Government.
  • Virus protection updates automatically defending your device in real time from harmful apps and content.
super security
image from : androidspin

4.Super Security : it is a free security android app that provides cloud based engine technology to help your device to fight viruses and malwares,It also provides a strongbox to hide your sensitive files.

Features :

  • mobile anti lost.
  • strongbox.
  • antimalware
  • taskmanager.

netqin antivirus
image from : vector-eps

5.Netqin Mobile Antivirus : netqin has following features,
  • performance and optimization : optimizes device performance by managing memory and cpu.Built in with automatic task killer which helps to increase battery life by closing unused apps.Also cleans up cache and unwanted files.
  • mobile anti lost : it provides global security for privacy leakage.Allows you to locate your lost phone.If the user can't get back his mobile then all the content can be deleted by simple remote commands which are sent to the device.
  • backup : backup and restore contacts to a memory card or to the netqin server.Allows users to restore their lost or deleted contacts.
  • antivirus : it is built with cloud and client twin engine technology which scans,detects and removes viruses.Provides full scan,scheduled scan and real time scan
  • traffic monitor : monitors the traffic to save you from paying money for excess data usage that you actually not use.It monitors that your data usage never go above the limit.

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