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How to Set Wi-Fi as Metered Connection In Android

Just like your cellular network the Wi-Fi network may also have a data limit. Wi-Fi networks are preferred over cellular networks (3G, 4G) when you are downloading large files. The reason being that a WiFi network setup is much faster than a cellular network. Also, the Wi-Fi connection is battery friendly as it doesn’t drain the battery or make it hot like the cellular network.

Android apps may consume a lot of data both in background and foreground. So it is better to set your Wi-Fi connection as a metered connection if it doesn’t have an unlimited plan. Whenever you try to download a large android app or a game from Google Play store then it asks you to switch to a Wi-Fi network. It makes me laugh though as Google thinks that all Wi-Fi networks are unlimited. But it isn’t the case, you shouldn’t be using your wireless networks to download large files if it is on a limited data plan.

The good thing is that you can set your WiFi internet service network as a metered connection and prevent apps from downloading unusual data.  Whenever you try to download a large file then Android apps will warn you to save your data.

Set WiFi as Metered Connection In Android

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi which you want to set as a metered connection.
  • Go to ‘Settings>Data Usage’.
  • Scroll to the end and tap ‘Network restrictions

  • Here you will see the list of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Tap the network name that you want to set as metered.

Now whenever you try to download large files or data then android apps will warn you before downloading. This way you can save a lot more data on your limited Wi-Fi network.

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